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System Operation
•   Provide localized area or facility-wide coverage
•   Provide music in selected areas
•   Provide emergency employee security alert
•   Minimize response time by using any telephone for
    paging or message activation
•   Page everyone for quick evacuation or response to
    critical situations
•   Reduce installation costs by using existing telephone/
    datacom low-voltage wiring

                 Features                                                   Benefits
Alert & Evacuation Tones                 Use coded tones to signal emergency conditions or direct actions
All Call Emergency Paging                Notify everyone for quick evacuation or personnel relocation
Background Music                         Enhance environment and increase worker productivity
Battery Back-up                          Continue internal paging communications during power failures
Control of Facility Clocks               Synchronize facility clocks and payroll systems with paging work tones
Foreground Music                         Provide high-fidelity music reproduction using high performance speakers
Individual Volume Control                Adjust each speaker location for proper operating level
Multiple / Group Zoning                  Communicate with a specific group without disturbing other areas
Multiple Building Paging Integration     Network multiple buildings to create one system
Paging Over Existing Premise Wiring      Use existing facility wiring for lower installation costs
PBX Paging Telephone Access              Reduce response time to generate emergency page
Pre-Announce Tone                        Alert everyone that a page is about to begin
Pre-Recorded Automated Messages          Play messages automatically during the day or after hours
Pre-Recorded Emergency Messages          Provide clear and concise directions during critical emergencies
Public Address And Paging                Advise your customers of coming attractions or show schedules
Remote Call-In Of Emergencies            Push intercom button to report emergencies to security desk
Visual Messaging Notification            Complement ADA paging compliance with lights and signs
Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)      Extend paging signal over LAN or WAN to connect remote buildings

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