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									              Administrative Items
• Questions / Assistance
   – JoAnn Funk, Omen
   – Heather McCallum-Bayliss, ARDA SETA
• Demo’s
   – Questions concerning your Demo set-up? See Heather
• DVD of Center for Non-Proliferation Studies Workshop
   – 1 DVD per main project team + 1 DVD per subcontractor
   – Sign for DVD at Registration Desk
• Birds-of-Feather Sessions Wednesday Evening
   – 7-9 pm Wednesday Evening
   – Locations: La Jolla, Bay Conference Room, Del Mar &
     Point Loma 1
   – Sign-up for either a 1 or 2-hour time slot with JoAnn Funk
   – Proposed sessions announced from Tuesday afternoon on
   – Final Decision on which sessions will be made prior to
     Wednesday afternoon break                                    1
                       Scenario #1
     Group 1-1               Group 1-2              Group 1-3
Analyst:               Analyst:                Analyst:
Chris Wachter, DoD     Stephen Wiley, USNR     John Rogers, USNR
Researcher:            Researcher:             Researcher:
Dan Moldovan,          Kathleen McKeown,       Stefano Bertolo,
LCC                    Columbia Univ.          Cycorp
Oracle Analyst:        Oracle Analyst:         Oracle Analyst:
Mark Mollere, USNR     Robert Buelow, USNR     Stephen Plaisance, USNR
Oracle Researcher:     Oracle Researcher:      Oracle Researcher:
Bjoern Aldag, Cycorp   Bill Ogden, NMSU        Kevin Knight, USC-ISI
Facilitator:           Facilitator:            Facilitator:
John Donelan, US Gov   Ellen Voorhees, NIST    John Prange, ARDA
Recorder #1:           Recorder #1:            Recorder #1:
Pat Schone, DoD        Jean-Michel Pomarede,   Steve Maiorano,
                       US Gov                  US Government
Recorder #2:           Recorder #2:            Recorder #2:
Mark Maybury, MITRE    Chris Decker, DoD       Nahum Gershon, MITRE

                           Scenario #2
     Group 2-1                   Group 2-2                    Group 2-3
Analyst:                   Analyst:                     Analyst:
Anita Kulman, DoD          Margaret Dillard, DoD        Carmen Vazquez, DoD
Researcher:                Researcher:                  Researcher:
Tomek Strzalkowski,        Eric Nyberg, CMU             Daniel Marcu, USC-ISI
Univ. of Albany
Oracle Analyst:            Oracle Analyst:      Michael Oracle Analyst:
Donald Maixner USNR        Malone USNR                  Jay Peltz, DoD
Oracle Researcher:         Oracle Researcher:           Oracle Researcher:
Barbara Starr, SAIC        Sharon Small,                Boris Katz, MIT
                           Univ. of Albany
Facilitator:               Facilitator:                 Facilitator:
Scott Mardis, MITRE        Carol Van Ess-Dykema,        Richard Tong, Tarragon
Recorder #1:               Recorder #1:                 Recorder #1:
Grace Crowder, DoD         Jenny Underwood USNR         Bob Tarr, DoD

Recorder #2:               Recorder #2:                 Recorder #2:
Robert Means, Fair Isaac   Robert Irie, SPAWAR          Jean Scholtz, NIST:
                              Scenario #3
      Group 3-1                    Group 3-2               Group 3-3
Analyst:                      Analyst:                Analyst:
David Lee, USNR               Dennis Lair, DIA        Jeff Juhnke, DIA
Researcher:                   Researcher:             Researcher:
Ralph Weischedel,             John Prager, IBM        Ed Hovy, USC-ISI
BBN Technologies
Oracle Analyst:               Oracle Analyst:         Oracle Analyst:
Kelcy Allwein, DIA            Frank Hughes, DIA       Heather Long, DIA
Oracle Researcher:            Oracle Researcher:      Oracle Researcher:
Vasileios Hatzivassiloglou,   Jim Cowie, NMSU         Bruce Croft, UMass
Columbia Univ.
Facilitator:                  Facilitator:            Facilitator:
Donna Harman, NIST            John Burger, MITRE      Heather McCallum-
                                                      Bayliss, ARDA
Recorder #1:                  Recorder #1:            Recorder #1:
Ruth Gee, US Government       Duncan McCarthy, NIMA   Mike Blair, DoD

Recorder #2:                  Recorder #2:            Recorder #2:
David Salak, USNR             Michael Raine, USNR     Beth Sundheim, SPAWAR

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