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									                   MAKE thE
                   DIFFERENCE !
                   New world class applications
                   for highly profitable business

                                                    for Contact Center

                                            Be the first
                        to offer innovative world class applications
                        at the best price to your customers

                       predictive dialer                    WeB scripter                         Native avaya cti

                        The most                            Powerful Web                         With
                        competitive                         based Scripting            
                        Avaya certified                     tools                                MS CRM
                        predictive dialer                                                        Oracle CRM
                                                                                                 Hermes CRM

                                         proactive WeB                        i-recorder
                                         customer services

                                          Live chat &                          The new
                                          social media                         “in-the-cloud”
                                          management                           call recorder for
                                                                               Avaya platforms

Vocalcom | 650,000+ users | 4,000 customers | 41 countries | the innovative market leader for proactive omni-channel contact center solutions.
                                        Join us and take the benefit of Vocalcom partner program
APAX Partners, one of the largest private VC in Europe with more than 25B€ of managed funds, have invested into the Vocalcom Group in 2011 to
strenghten and speed-up our worldwide growth with the ambition to have Vocalcom becoming one of the top 3 major players of the contact center industry.
of the customers
would like to be
                              thE KEy to

assisted when they visit
a web site.

ARE you READy ?
To celebrate our new
Devconnect Gold
certification, Vocalcom
is pleased to offer you       Octopus
                              Proactive Web
for free the solution which   Customer Service
will make true your
web customer service

meet your customer’s Needs
Increase your Business with VOCALCOM
Become a VOCALCOM StarAdvantage Partner

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