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                                                                                                                                        Dan Gerstein on Senator Clinton’s presidential prospects

                                                                                                                      How Hillary Can Win
                                                                                                                      he CNN/Gallup Poll released last
                                                                                                                      week on Hillary Clinton’s presi-

     Greenspan for Mt. Rushmore?
                                                                                                                      dential prospects showed the
                                                                                                                      former first lady is starting out
                                                                                                                      essentially in last place with

                                                                                                                      much of the American electorate
     nclude us out of the loosely organ- world with dollars. Until 1971, a suspi-                     — 51% said they would not vote for her under
     ized Greenspan for Mt. Rushmore cious foreign creditor could present him-                        any circumstances.
     Committee. And count us skeptical self and his dollars at our Treasury and de-                      But what this poll failed to illuminate, as
toward Ben S. Bernanke, who this day mand gold in exchange for greenbacks.                            have others on Senator Clinton, is exactly why
succeeds Mr. Greenspan as chairman of The statutory rate of exchange,starting in                      she is so unpopular with voters who are not
                                                                                                      part of the vast right-wing conspiracy.
the Federal Reserve Board. We just have the early 1930s, was $35 to the ounce. It                        To try to get a handle on that question, I
a hard time with the idea that downsizing was a monetary arrangement grounded in                      thought it would be an informative exercise to
of the dollar ought to be the basis of the spirit of Ronald Reagan — trust the                        ask non-insiders for their impressions.
American monetary policy — as it has dollar but verify that there was something                          So over the last few weeks, I conducted my
been, is now and, by every indication, will behind it. Gold convertibility stayed the                 own informal, unscientific, overcaffeinated fo-
                                                                                                      cus groups, avoiding the typical right-wing
long remain.                                  hand that cranked the U.S. monetary                     Hillary-haters and speaking with Democrats
   The departing Mr. Greenspan and the printing presses.                                              and independents.
incoming Mr. Bernanke are of one mind            Now that hand is free to crank until                    What I found is that Mrs. Clinton’s biggest
on this issue.They believe that the curren- the world cries “uncle.” As a matter of                   hurdle to becoming a viable presidential con-
cy in your wallet                                                         fact,     monetary          tender is not ideological, as much of the pundi-
                                                                                                      tocracy suggests, but personal.
should buy a little                                                          presses the world           It seems the prevailing perception that has
less with every                                                              over are working         taken hold is not Hillary the wild-eyed liberal,
passing year. Its                                                            three shifts a day.      but Hillary the ice queen. Indeed, the most
value should never                                                           The        United        common and visceral complaint I heard is that
                                                                                                      she comes off as cold, calculating, and fake.
appreciate. De-                                                              States, consum-             These same conversations suggest that this
basement, rather,                                                            ing much more            perception problem is, ironically, most acute
is the sine qua non                                                          than it produces,        with professional women, her supposed base.
of a healthy econo-                                                          sends dollars fly-           Some of this appears to be residue from the
my. Not a lot, mind                                                          ing east in pay-         Lewinsky scandal. I heard many women criti-                   lash that has accompanied Hillary’s so-called                                             To supplement these larger town hall meet-
                                                                                                      cize her for enabling her husband’s repeated                  repositioning as a centrist.The reality is that in                                     ings, and connect more directly with women,
you, just a little.                                                          ment for Asian           infidelities and staying with him after he dealt               most of these cases, she was just being consis-                                        she should set up a series of house parties at
This would be a                                                              m e rc h a n d i s e .   her a horrific public humiliation; their sneak-                tent, not cynical. But as is often case, the truth                                     the homes of friendly female supporters in the
dislogical doctrine                              KAREN BLEIER/AFP/GETTY      Asian producers          ing suspicion is that she tolerated Bill’s sneak-             is irrelevant, and the result is that the percep-                                      suburbs, with a heavy dose of them in red
even if the govern-                                                         sell these dollars        ing around to further her political ambitions.                tion of her as calculator-in-chief has only deep-                                      states.
ment could measure the                                              to their local central               Some of it just seems to be purely stylistic               ened.                                                                                     This would give her a chance to talk in a
                                                                                                      reaction. Many women say they find it hard to                     So how can Hillary break free of this damn-                                         more intimate setting about the historic na-
rate of inflation with                                               banks, which pay with lo-         connect with her because she rarely lets her                  ing trap? Not by trying to make herself over,                                          ture of her run, how this will be a test not of her
anything like the preci-                                            cal currency they have            emotions show in public and thus seems like                   but by opening herself up — and showing off                                            political power but of theirs, and what a
sion it pretends to.                                                printed for the very pur-         she’s hiding something.                                       the same warm, funny, and generous side that                                           Hillary victory (or an embarrassing defeat)
   The dollar is Ameri-                                             pose. The result is a                Either way, this helps explain why just 22%                has won her many admirers on both sides of                                             could mean for gender equity going forward.
ca’s greatest export.                                               world awash in money.             of the women surveyed in the CNN/Gallup poll                  the aisle in the Senate.                                                                  In these meetings and in all her interviews,
                                                                                                      indicated they would definitely vote for Mrs.                     The reality is, as I learned from watching her                                      Hillary should be open about her motivations.
Non-Americans accept                                                    No accident, then, that       Clinton for president at this stage.                          up close on Capitol Hill, Mrs. Clinton gets more                                       She should acknowledge that 15 years of vilifi-
the currency as their                                               the price of gold has been           It also reveals the crux of Hillary’s challenge            likeable the more you know her. She used this                                          cation has taken its toll, and make clear that in-
own. They send us mer-                                              appreciating in every cur-        in becoming a winning national candidate. It’s                to her advantage in her highly successful lis-                                         stead of running away from her image prob-
chandise, and we send                                               rency. In terms of the dol-       hard to see how a woman in general — and in                   tening tour in the 2000 campaign. And since                                            lem, she’s going to confront the caricatures and
                                                                                                      particular a woman with Mrs. Clinton’s politi-                then, her persistent efforts to personally touch                                       puncture them.
them dollars. The mer-                                              lar, it has doubled in the        cal and personal baggage — can get elected                    voters upstate has been widely cited as her se-                                           The conventional-thinking consultants and
chandise is costly to                                               past four years. Gold and         with a major chunk of her natural support                     cret weapon in maintaining her high state fa-                                          operatives will be aghast. But I bet average
manufacture, while the                                              currencies are forever            stronghold strongly predisposed against her.                  vorability numbers.                                                                    Americans will find her candor refreshing and
greenbacks cost next to                    WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY        competing for the mar-               There’s no way she can make it up with                        So if Hillary really wants to be president,                                         — lo and behold — real. Besides, it gives her a
nothing to print. No                                               ket’s favor. When gold             African-American voters — there’s just not                    probably the best thing she could do would be                                          rare opportunity to show strength and vulner-
                                                                                                      enough of them. And she’s certainly not going                 to quit the Senate — which is a graveyard for                                          ability in one fell swoop.
American could dream up a sweeter divi- gains the edge, as it is doing at a gallop to-                to make up for it with the white men who are                  presidential ambitions — and take her real-                                               All things considered, it’s a crapshoot
sion of labor.                                day, central banks are losing it.                       already fleeing the Democratic Party in                        people road show national. Unfortunately,                                              whether this strategy will ultimately work, es-
   But the dollar is also America’s most         As well they might. For reasons that                 droves.                                                       that’s not a realistic option at this point.                                           pecially given where the Democratic elec-
fragile export. It is a piece of paper, ex- have never persuaded us, short-term in-                      In fact, in the CNN/Gallup poll, only 11% of                  The next best thing would be to hit the                                             torate is right now.After losing two straight na-
changeable into nothing except pennies, terest rates are deemed too important to                      men said they would definitely vote for her,                   ground running with this focused outreach                                              tional campaigns with candidates who largely
                                                                                                      while 60% said they would not vote for her in                 strategy when her re-election campaign ends                                            failed to connect personally with average peo-
nickels, dimes and quarters. No collateral be discovered in the open market.Central                   any circumstance.                                             in November — and build her schedule in 2007                                           ple, primary voters may just write Hillary off
supports its value. Nothing stands behind banks must fix them, as, in unhappier                           I suspect that this hurdle, while formidable,              around it.                                                                             as unelectable and opt for a fresh, non-polariz-
it except the willingness of America’s times, governments fixed a whole assort-                        is not insurmountable. But it won’t be by con-                   Specifically, she should start ramping up a                                          ing face.
creditors to hold and invest it. Yet Mr. ment of prices, from rents to air fares. Mr.                 ventional political means.                                    series of town meetings in targeted states to                                             But two things seem certain. Her watchword
Bernanke wants to debase it — just a lit- Bernanke, taking up where Mr.                                  Indeed, typical targeted efforts to rehab her              discuss the country’s future post-Bush — and                                           isn’t liberal, it’s likeable. And Hillary won’t
                                                                                                      image are doomed to fail. These moves will be                 not the cynical contrivances that President                                            make history if she does not openly and com-
tle bit, of course.                           Greenspan left off, will try to set the                 so transparent, and so thoroughly chewed over                 Bush himself has staged, but totally open ses-                                         pellingly tell her story.
   Mr. Greenspan is the greatest central overnight interest rate just where it ought                  by the media, that they more likely than not                  sions with no pre-screened questions.
banker — possibly, the greatest human to be.                                                          will just reinforce the unfair image of Hillary                  This kind of forum can be risky, but I am                                             Mr. Gerstein is a political communications con-
being — who ever lived, his fans insinu-         With this inspired stroke of policy, it is           as a calculating power-schemer instead of de-                 afraid Mrs. Clinton can’t bust her crippling car-                                      sultant based in New York and
                                                                                                      flating it.                                                    icatures and win the presidency if she is afraid                                       the author of the Dangerous Thoughts blog
ate.They cite the macroeconomic record. hoped, the economy will grow, inflation                           As proof of that point, just look at the back-             to take chances.                                                                       (http://dangerstein.blogspot.com).
On Mr. Greenspan’s watch, there have will perk along at 2% or 3% (you will
been fewer recessions, and a lower aver- hardly notice the loss of purchasing pow-
age rate of price inflation,than under pre- er) and foreign dollar holders will contin-
vious chairmen. Why can’t Mr. Bernanke, ue to absorb the $700 billion or so that an-
who sat at the master’s feet, perpetuate nually falls into their laps via the U.S.
these blessings?                              trade deficit. Mr. Greenspan’s true legacy
   Feature this reason. It’s the accident- — which Mr. Bush, the Congress and Mr.
waiting-to-happen called the “world mon- Bernanke are buying into — is to have
                                                                                                                                                                                       LET TERS
etary system.” The Greenspan Fed had a proven, yet again, that the American
                                                                                                             ‘After the Election’                                                                                                                                                trian fatalities contained specu-
luxury that few of its predecessors en- economy can survive any system and any-                          The Hamas victory confirms                                                                                                                                               lation about why they were oc-
joyed. It was the freedom to carpet the body.                                                         that the issue between the Mus-                                                                                                                                            curring, with the implication
                                                                                                      lim Palestinians and Israel is no                                                                                                                                          that motorists were somehow at
                                                                                                      longer settlements, borders or                                                                                                                                             fault [“Andrea Bronfman Is
                     Dangerous Disease                                                                right of return [“After the Elec-
                                                                                                      tion,” Editorial, January 27,
                                                                                                      2006]. The issue is Israel’s right
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Killed By a Car As She Walks
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Her Dog on 65th Street,”
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Stephen Miller, Page 1, January

       he tort bar can boast of only limit-        enzyme that causes inflammation but                 to exist as a Jewish state. As the                                                                                                                                         24, 2006, and “Many Pedestrian
       ed success in its assault on Merck          that is also linked to some cancer cells.Al-       Gaza Arabs continue to acquire                                                                                                                                             Injuries at Site Where Bronfman
                                                                                                      weapons through Egypt at an                                                                                                                                                Died,” Lauren Elkies, New York,
       in the Vioxx sweepstakes, but the           most from the time the Cox-2 inhibitors            unprecedented rate, the Jewish                                                                                                                                             January 25, 2006].
lawyers have undoubtedly succeeded at              were developed, scientists have been ex-           people are uniting everywhere.                                                                                                                                                The main reason, to my mind,
one thing — scaring the pharmaceutical             ploring their ability to prevent tumors.              In Israel, whether one is iden-                                                                                                                                         was not mentioned, and it is
giant into removing a promising drug               The cardiac risks of Vioxx itself first be-         tified with Kadima, Likud, or La-                                                                                                                                           something easily observed at
from the market.With a fourth Vioxx trial          came clear in a study that was actually in-        bor is nearly a mute point now.                                                                                                                                            any street crossing: People wait-
                                                                                                      In the Americas and in Europe,                                                                                                                                             ing for the light to change do so
now underway, the contrast between tort            vestigating whether the drug can protect           Jews held meetings and rallies                                                                                                                                             while standing in the street, not
greed and the public good couldn't be any          against colon cancer.                              to come together and hear digni-                                                                                                                                           on the sidewalk. This seemingly
clearer, underscored by the release this              Researchers are still debating                  taries and leaders discuss the                                                                                                                                             New York habit is virtually uni-
week of a study suggesting that Vioxx and          whether Cox-2 drugs are more danger-               new realities.The American gov-                                                                                                                                            versal in the city.
other so-called Cox-2 inhibitors, like Cele-       ous than older drugs or whether instead            ernment, under President Bush,                                                                                                                                                I have seen pedestrians stand-
                                                                                                      has emphasized it will not talk                                                                                                                                            ing one lane into traffic (check
brex, could be effective at helping to pre-        the older drugs turn out to be more dan-           with an Arab government that is                                                                                                       DANIEL ACKER/BLOOMBERG               out East 77th Street and Lexing-
vent breast cancer.                                gerous than anyone had realized. But in            sworn to the destruction of Is-              THOMAS GOLISANO                                                                                                               ton Avenue), including mothers
   The study, conducted by three re-               our lawsuit-happy day and age, Merck               rael.                                                                                                                                                                      with infants in strollers. This is
searchers at the Ohio State University             executives apparently decided that they               Israel’s acting prime minister,                ‘Waiting for Golisano’                                recent condition of the State                                      not to touch upon jaywalkers at
College of Medicine and Public Health,                                                                Ehud Olmert, has declared that                 How would Thomas Golisano’s                              GOP, are weak, at best.                                            night wearing dark clothes. To
                                                   couldn’t take the risk and pulled Vioxx            Israel will not talk with the new            candidacy have been any differ-                               If Mr. Avlon is concerned about                                 this observer, were it not for
found that women who used a Cox-2 drug             from the pharmacy shelves. Now thou-               Palestinian government before                ent than Mayor Bloomberg’s in                              the Republican Party selling out                                   drivers being at least somewhat
for two years reduced their risk of devel-         sands of lawsuits threaten the company             it disarms and excises from its              terms of confirming the pres-                               to Mr. Golisano, he need look no                                   diligent, the toll on our streets
oping breast cancer by an average of 71%.          and drag on its bottom line, contributing          covenant its vow to annihilate               ence of a new plutocracy, where                            further than to City Hall to find a                                 would be much higher.
Patients who took 25 milligrams of Vioxx           to massive downsizing.                             Israel. So far the top leaders of            billionaires get elected by de-                            good example of a GOP sell out.
                                                                                                      Hamas have told al-Jazeera and               feating underfunded candi-                                 The whole bunch of them —Mr.                                                            FRED HARTMANN
every day reduced their risk by 64%,                  Meantime, researchers continue un-              the Western press that Hamas                 dates, who must follow cam-                                Bloomberg, Governor Pataki,                                                              Tuxedo Park, N.Y.
while patients who took 200 mg of Cele-            covering signs of benefits that could be            has no intention of doing either.            paign finance laws? [“Waiting                               Joseph Bruno, and Alfonse D’Am-
brex cut their risk by 83%. Patients who           worth the cardiac risk for some patients.             Israel and the Jewish people              for Golisano,” John P. Avlon,                              ato — have shown little interest
took regular doses of older, less potent           It’s a common phenomenon in medicine.              recall how eight Arab nations                Opinion, January 31, 2006]                                 over the years in building a
nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs                Even thalidomide, infamous for causing             swooped down on Israel to snuff                I agree that this is not good for                        strong statewide party.
                                                                                                      out its life right after it was born         politics: Jon Corzine, Mr.                                                                                                    Please address letters intended for publi-
like ibuprofen and naproxen (the active            birth defects when administered to preg-           nearly 58 years ago. That at-                Golisano, Mr. Bloomberg. But                                                             EVAN EDWARDS
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 cation to the Editor of The New York
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Sun. Letters may be sent by e-mail to
ingredient in Aleve) also enjoyed some             nant women for morning sickness in the             tempt at infanticide has not                 why single Mr. Golisano out?                                                                 Manhattan                        editor@nysun.com, f a c s i m i l e t o
risk reduction, but the results were less          1950s and 1960s, has been found effec-             been forgotten.                                I am simply suggesting that                                                                                                 212-608-7348, or post to 105 Chambers
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Street, New York City 10007. Please in-
dramatic and patients needed to take the           tive against leprosy and multiple myelo-                                                        some of the criticisms leveled at                           ‘Andrea Bronfman Is Killed’                                       clude a return address and daytime tele-
medicines for a longer period. The study           ma, a type of cancer, and is now legal in                          RAY KESTENBAUM               a potential Golisano GOP candi-                              The New York Sun’s articles                                      phone number. Letters may be edited.
                                                                                                                          Rego Park, N.Y.          dacy by Mr. Avlon, in light of the                         about the recent spate of pedes-
was funded by grants from Pfizer, which             America under tight controls. Thanks to
manufactures Celebrex, and by the Na-              the tort-bar culture, Vioxx is no longer
tional Cancer Institute.                           available to arthritis patients who need-                                                                                                 S e t h L i p s k y P r e s i d e n t & E d i t o r ; R o n a l d We i n t r a u b P u b l i s h e r
   This latest study is another link in a          ed a treatment that wouldn’t cause ul-                                                                    Ira Stoll Vice President & Managing Editor; Stephen Hastings V ice President & General Manager;

lengthening chain of research investigat-          cers, and other Cox-2 drugs like Celebrex            the new york sun                                    August Fields Vice President, Marketing & Circulation; Nancy Stuski Vice President, Advertising;
                                                                                                                                                                              John Loor Comptroller; Michael Moncrieffe Production Manager
ing whether drugs like Vioxx can be used           are under a litigation cloud.The latest re-                 IS PUBLISHED EVERY
                                                                                                                                                                                       John Seeley Night Editor; Alexander                                 Storozynski City Editor;
                                                                                                            M O N D AY T H R O U G H F R I D AY
for many conditions beyond the arthritis           search on the additional potential bene-                                                                                       Megan Mulligan National/Foreign Editor;                                  V i n n e e To n g B u s i n e s s E d i t o r ;
                                                                                                           AT 1 0 5 C H A M B E R S S T R E E T,                                        David Propson Cultural Editor; A . L .                             Gordon Society Editor;
they were originally marketed to treat.            fits of these medicines for women living                 NEW YORK CITY 10007 BY                                           J o h n P. A v l o n , P r a n a y G u p t e , A d a m K i r s c h ,           Gar y Shapiro Associate Editors
Some of the most promising research has            in fear of breast cancer only highlights
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The drugs work by blocking a particular            icans’ health.                                                                                      Sun e-mail address is newsdesk@nysun.com.

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