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                                                                    Volume 74, Issue #7/8— Jan/Feb 2012

                                                     TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
                                                                DG Sharron—Monthly Update
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District Governor                                           “A better world shall emerge based on faith and understand-
                                                                                                   General Douglas McArthur 
District Assembly 

                                                           1.3 billion people around the world live on less than US$1 a day
                                         DG Sharron Miles
District Conference                                        and that 10 million children die each year before they reach their
                                                           fifth birthday due to extreme poverty. Figures like these lead Ro-
Peace Fellows Update                 tarians all over the world to nurture the education, nutrition, health, and social develop-
                                     ment of children all around the world. We also provide clean water and sanitation to
                                     villages throughout the world.
Polio Plus Update 

                                     Although many Rotarians travel to have hand on experiences to meet humanitarian
Public Awareness Initiative 
                                     needs, the majority of us are given the privilege to provide assistance through our con-
                                     tributions to the Rotary Foundation.
District 5790 Alumni Association  

                                     This month is dedicated to world understanding and peace. We will be holding our
                                     District Foundation Gala on February 10, when Rotarians from all over our district will
4 Way Test Speech Contest            come to participate in the work of Rotary. Our guest of honor is Rotary International
                                     President Kalyan Banerjee and his wife Binota. We will have great food, fellowship,
                                     learn more about the impact that Rotary has on the world and have an opportunity to be
Arlington Great Southwest Mardi 
                                     part of making our world a better place for all. We are simple Rotarians, but I believe
Gras Event                           that we can make a difference by doing our share, no matter how small that may be.
Western Fort Worth Rotary Club 
                                     Those living in extreme poverty live with no hope in their hearts; they have no voice in
Loss of Bill Rainey—Husband of 
                                     their destiny or the ability to determine their future.
Myra Rainey 

December 2011 Attendance             It’s up to Rotary to make a difference in the existence of extreme poverty, Rotarians’
                                     actions are a perfect example of how the power of one can work, changing the life of
                                     one child, one community, one village at a time.
Upcoming Events 
Coming in March 

                                             TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                             “DISTRICT ASSEMBLY”
                                  “April 21st—Tarrant County College—Downtown”

                        District Assembly is just around the corner.

                        Just a quick reminder. The Assembly is all about   training!
                        And attendance is for   all    Rotarians - new members, long standing members, 2012-
                        2013 Club Secretaries and Club Treasurers, Club Officers, Board members and Club

                        The district assembly prepares incoming club leaders for their year in office. The meet-
                        ing is also an opportunity for club members to meet with district leaders (the district
                        governor-elect, incoming assistant governors, and district committees) who will support
Hollis Lackey is Dis-
                        club projects and activities. Six specific training tracks will be offered to all Rotari-
trict Governor Elect
                        ans throughout the district.
for District 5790 for
2012-2013.              Fun, food, and fellowship for just $18.00 per person!

He is a member of       Register now and save the date-April 21st.
the Arlington Sunrise
Rotary Club.            Register at
He can be reached       See ya’ll at TCC in Fort Worth!
by e-mail at:

                                  TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                 “DISTRICT CONFERENCE”

                            A Celebration of
Sharron Miles is Dis-
trict Governor for
                         Rotary District 5790 District
District 5790 for
2011-2012.                           Conference
She can be reached
by e-mail at:
                                 May 18-19, 2012

                            Fort Worth Sheraton Hotel
                                       and Spa
                        Greetings Rotarians,

                        We have already begun planning for your
                        2012 District Conference where we will be
                        celebrating our Rotary Champions. I am
                        excited to have this opportunity to honor
                        you and the work of your clubs. Mark your
                        calendars now to attend and share in our
                        celebration of Rotary District 5790!
                                            TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                          “PEACE FELLOWS UPDATE
                                             CODY GRIGGERS”
                       Greetings from Singapore, where the Chinese year of the Dragon is off to a rollicking

                       Along with the new year, I am also beginning the final
                       month of my internship with the Asia-Pacific regional
                       office of the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue. Needless
                       to say, even just sitting here surrounded by people
                       working on the ground in both high-level and grassroots
                       peace negotiations across Asia has been a learning ex-
Cody Griggers is a     perience far exceeding anything I could have ever gotten
Peace Fellows study-   in a classroom.
ing in Austrailia.
                       Because much of what the HD Centre does must be kept
He can be reached      confidential due to the sensitive nature of the ‘live’
by e-mail at:          peace processes in which we are involved, it is actually a
                       bit hard to talk about what exactly goes on. But for my       part, one of my biggest projects during my time has
                       been working with a team of experts from Asia, Austra-
                       lia, the US and Europe on an in-depth report examining
                       Asia-Pacific peace agreements for the degree to which
                       they include women and gender issues. A quick sum-
                                                                                    Visiting Angkor Wat, Cambo-
                       mary: they don’t. Unfortunately, this comes as no sur-
                       prise when you learn that out of 21 major peace proc-
                       esses since 1992, only around 2% of the participants have been women. Women may
                       make up half the population, may be heads of their households, may be the most vocal
                       activists for peace, and sadly, may suffer disproportionately as victims of rape and other
                       war atrocities. However, they continue to be left out of peace processes, which ironically
                       give much more attention to men with guns than women with ideas.

                       So, my work here at HD has been an effort to change that. With our organization’s deep
                       networks of active conflict negotiators, we are in a good position to exert some influence
                       that just might make a difference. Our report will make some tangible recommendations
                       on how peace agreements can be more inclusive of women and their concerns – which
                       turn out to be concerns that affect everyone in a community, be they about livelihood,
                       safety, access to resources or participation in local government.

                       These past few months have also been filled with travel around Asia, with a trip to
                       Bangkok to participate in the Asia-Pacific Mediation Leadership Summit, which was a
                       wonderful opportunity to network as well as to share some of my own growing expertise
                       in some of the panel discussions. I also visited Cambodia to learn about the past geno-
                       cide and the current UN war crimes tribunal that is now taking place. And finally, I just
                       wrapped up a brief trip to the UNESCO World Heritage City of Malacca in Malaysia. I’ll be
                       back in Brisbane for my final semester at UQ next month, but for now, I’m soaking up
                       every moment of this amazing experience!
                                          TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                         “BLOOD DRIVE UPDATE”

Walter Ott is Blood             Governors' Blood Challenge
Chair, District 5790.                 April 2011 - March 2012

He can be reached
by e-mail at:
                                                                 YTD Totals
                        Arlington Rotary - Downtown                       83
                        Arlington Rotary - Great Southwest                13
                        Arlington Rotary - North                          21
                        Arlington Rotary - South                          13
                        Arlington Rotary - Sunrise                        26
                        Arlington Rotary - Sunset                         13
                        Arlington Rotary -West                             1
                        Azle Rotary                                        7
                        Bowie Rotary Club                                113
                        Breckenridge Rotary                               80
                        Burleson AM Rotary                               157
                        Burleson Mid Day Rotary                           21
                        Cleburne Rotary                                   24
                        Colleyville Rotary Club                           23
                        Decatur Rotary                                    28
                        Denton Rotary Club                                18
                        Denton South Rotary                               22
                        Dublin Rotary                                     45
                        Eastland Rotary                                   27
                        Flower Mound Rotary Club                          40
                        Ft Worth North Rotary Club                         3
                        Ft Worth Rotary Club                              22
                        Ft Worth Rotary - East                             3
                        Ft Worth South Rotary Club                        23
                        Ft Worth Western Rotary                           13
                        Graham Rotary                                      1
                        Granbury Rotary                                   55
                        Grapevine Rotary Club                             31
                        HEB Rotary Club                                    5
                        Highland Village                                   3
                        Keller Rotary Club                                81
                        Lewisville Morning Rotary                          5
                        Lewisville Rotary                                 12
                        Metroport Rotary Club                              4
                        Mid-Cities Pacesetters                            32
                        Mineral Wells Rotary Club                          9
                        Sanger Rotary Club                                 3
                        Stephenville Rotary                               55
                        Weatherford Rotary Club                           31

                                                        Totals        1166
                                                  TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                                  “POLIO PLUS UPDATE”

                                                                                   $203.7 Million
                                                                         Raised since 12/01/07 to exceed the
                                                                                  Polio Challenge!

                                                                             Polio Plus: Rotary’s obligation to the
                                                                                  children of the world
                                                                            Our Goal is Global Polio Eradication!
                                                  6,000,000 Children Saved from Polio Paralysis since 1985!
Conrad Heede is
District Chair—Polio                                  Polio Eradication Update
Plus for District                                             For The Week Ending 02/04/12
5790.                                                 Year-to-date 2012 Total Cases 2011 Total Cases 2010
                        Total paralysis cases

He is PDG of District   Globally                             8                   652                 1,352
5790.                   - in endemic countries:              8                   342                  232
                        - in non-endemic countries:          0                   310                 1,120
He can be reached
by e-mail at:                              Numbers for 2011 are still being adjusted as lab results are confirmed
                                                        New Polio cases reported in the last week:
                                   Pakistan 5 (1-2011, 4-2012), Afghanistan 0, India 0, Nigeria 1 (2011), Niger 1 (2011)

                         That Leaves Three:            When all of the lab reports are in and it’s confirmed that India has had no
                                    Polio cases for one year, India will be removed from the list of Endemic Countries!

                                        2011 Polio Case Breakdown by Country (Green Numbers are 2010 Totals)

                                                Endemic Countries – 1 India (2010-42), 58 Nigeria (2010-21)
                                                198 Pakistan (+7-2012) (2010-144), 80 Afghanistan (2010-25)

                                    + Importation Countries – 5 Angola (2010-33),1 Cameroon (2010-0), 3 CAR(2010-0)
                                   132-Chad (2010-26), 21-China (2010-0), 1-Congo (2010-384), 36-Cote d’Ivoire (2010-0),
                            92 DRC (2010-100), 1 Gabon (2010-0), 3 Guinea (2010-0), 0 Kazakhstan (2010-1), 1 Kenya (2010-0), 0
                            Liberia(2010-2), 7 Mali (2010-4), 0 Mauritania (2010-5), 0 Nepal (2010-6), 6 Niger (2010-2), 0 Russian
                                             Federation (2010-14), 0-Senegal (2010-18), 0 Sierra Leone (2010-1),
                                             0 Tajikistan (2010-458), 0 Turkmenistan (2010-3), 0 Uganda (2010-4)

                                                                    Did You Know?

                        Heart and Soul - Bill Gates Jr. wrote in his Bill & Melinda Gates Annual Report released
                        01/25/12 "Rotary continues to be the heart and soul of polio eradication, supporting
                                            TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                               “ROTARY INTERNATIONAL’S PUBLIC
                                   AWARENESS INITIATIVE”
                       Although Rotary has high name recognition, not many people, especially in the USA,
                       really know what today’s Rotary does and is. To correct that, Rotary International es-
                       tablished grants for districts that are different from Foundation grants. These are public
                       relations grants, and Rotary Public Image Coordinators (RPIC) have been appointed to
                       help districts design programs that can be funded by these grants.

                       Dr. Sarah Maben, assistant RPIC, and I are responsible for Area 21B, which includes
                       nine of the ten districts in Texas. This year, five of those nine received such grants, in-
                       cluding our district. Taking District Governor Sharron Miles’ idea of champions, District
                       5790 and District 5810, DG Charles “Bud” McBrayer received a multi-district grant to
Doug Newsom is         take advantage of the power of the DFW media market. You’ll see this at work soon.
District Chair—        The preliminary step is to measure public opinion about Rotary before the campaign and
Public Relations for   afterward.   RI wants reliable metrics used to measure the effects of the grants and
District 5790.         other efforts to create understanding of Rotary’s work.

She can be reached     Another charge from Rotary International is to be sure that every district and every club
by e-mail at:          in each district has a public relations chair. All nine districts in Area 21B now have a         public relations chair, but not all of the clubs do. To help them the RPICs travel to areas
                       and give workshops to assist clubs and districts.

                       Rotary International sees the grants as support for Rotary’s strategic plan to tell Ro-
                       tary’s story, maximize limited funding and mobilize districts, clubs and Rotary members.
                       In 2012, the application date for grants has been moved up to March 4 to give a longer
                       time for campaigns after awards are granted.

                       Assisting the awareness process at the national level, RI is examining the revitalization
                       of the Rotary “brand.” There are so many versions of Rotary’s various activities, each
                       with its own symbol, that the image of the central organization has become fuzzy.

                       RI has now completed phase one of six phases for this revitalization. This was the re-
                       search phase. For assistance to RI’s PR staff, the firm of Siegel+Gale was hired and has
                       now completed Phase One at the international level.       Phase Two will consider brand
                       strategy and messaging. Members are involved the process will continue to be. Post-
                       ings are on the RI website, the latest being from RI Marketing Manager Paul Hydzik and
                       Cynthia Palmer-Kenzer, Public Relations Grants Specialist.
                                              TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                “ROTARY ALUMNI ASSOCIATION OF
                                        DISTRICT 5790”
Chris McLucas is        PDG Janet Holland, Rotary Foundation Alumni Coordinator Zone 21B-27, accepted the
President of the Dis-   challenge to establish an Alumni Association for District 5790. On November 3, 2011 The
trict 5790 Alumni       Rotary Foundation notified PDG Janet that our Association was chartered.
Association. He is
                        Associate members are included in the membership in addition to the Foundation Alumni.
also Assistant Gov-
ernor and member
                        These associate members are Rotarians who have paid their own way to participate in Ro-
of Arlington Sunrise    tary service internationally, such as delivering wheelchairs, water projects, and NIDs.
Rotary Club.            These projects can be sponsored by the districts or clubs in the district. Rotaracters are
                        also eligible to be associate members.
He can be reached
by e-mail at:           The third type of membership is for non-resident Alumni who were sponsored by the Dis-
                        trict for their Foundation program but are now living outside the district. This membership
Chris.mclucas@yah       gives those who want to stay in touch a way to be involved while living elsewhere.
                        The purposes of The Rotary Alumni Association of District 5790 are to:

                                a) provide support for Rotary International (RI) and The Rotary Foundation (TRF)

                                b) provide presentations and programs for Rotary and the district as well as rele-
                                vant non-Rotary groups in the district:

                                c) participate on service projects with clubs and the district;

                                d) provide fellowship and networking opportunities for the Association members;

                                e) be a source of members for Rotary clubs and financial support for TRF pro-

                                f) assist in creating and sustaining international good will;

                                g) instill a sense of pride in and identification with an outstanding group of men and

                        The charter certificate will be presented to officers at the Foundation Dinner February 10th.
                        Plans are underway for a fundraising event, the Spring multi-district GSE/Alumni event,
                        and the annual meeting which will be held in conjunction with the District Conference. The
                        Association will also partner with District events such as the End Polio Now Night at the
                        Ballpark and the GSE/Alumni reunions each year.

                        Officers are President Chris McLucas, Vice-President Juliana Felts, Secretary and District
                        Alumni Chairman Reyna Castillo, and Treasurer Lilian Rosales.
                                              TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                     “4 WAY TEST SPEECH CONTEST”
                                           “It’s Good News!”
                        We’ve all heard the “good news – bad news” lines, right? Well, when it comes to the Ro-
                        tary District 5790 Four Way Test Speech Contest, it’s all GOOD NEWS!

                        Clubs are jumping on the band wagon and promoting the contest with their local schools.
                        31 of our clubs have registered with Club Participation forms this year. That’s a 50% in-
                        crease over 2011 and that’s because some clubs are hosting a contest for the first time
                        this year, some are hosting one again after having taken a year or more away from the
                        contest, and some clubs are die hard, “every single year this is a priority” for the contest.
                        I don’t have figures on which club has held the contest the most years consecutively but I
                        know some don’t even question whether they’re doing it. They know they are.
Mike Pope is District
Chair— 4 Way Test       So between now and the middle of March there will be a lot of club programs dedicated to
Speech Contest.         the Four Way Test Speech Contest. A few clubs hold theirs at a different time and location
                        from their club meetings, like at the high school or at their City Hall. There’s a lot of flexi-
He can be reached
                        bility with this contest. As long as the contest rules are followed, where and when are less
by e-mail at:
                        significant factors (provided they’re completed prior to the March 31 Regional Contests).
                        Anybody who has ever heard a group of high school students give their 5 minute speeches
                        on “What the Four Way Test Means To Me” knows that those 24 words have far greater
                        significance than mere words recited at a Rotary Club meeting. And the speech contest
                        introduces students, their family and school faculty, to the guiding principles of the test.

                        Imagine a class full of students challenged to be the 4 or 5 who get to go to a Rotary
                        meeting to compete for cash prizes. Now that classroom learns about the Four Way Test.
                        Then they hear speech after speech, maybe a dozen or more competing for those 4 or 5
                        slots. Some speeches are very good, some are pretty good, and some are not so good,
                        about the significance of that Four Way Test in the students’ lives. Those students are
                        practicing their speeches at home in front of their parents, grand parents and siblings . . .
                        likely anybody willing to sit still and listen for 5 minutes. All those people hear about the
                        Four Way Test. And I’m betting some lives are changed, just from being introduced to
                        words we Rotarians see on a blue and gold banner and recite every week from memory.

                        The Four Way Test is not merely 24 little words. No. The Four Way Test is a set of life
                        changing ethical principles that should be shared with the masses. So if your club is not
                        hosting a Four Way Test Speech Contest this year, why not find a club near you that is.
                        Then do a make-up so you can see what it means to these kids. Then next year you can
                        champion holding a Four Way Test Speech Contest in your club too. Your club members
                        will love it. Your local high school will love it. And those student contestants will grow in
                        knowledge, understanding and ability as they offer us speeches written from their hearts.
                           TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
                                               Page 10


To purchase tickets, please click this LINK.
                                                  TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                   WESTERN FORT WORTH ROTARY CLUB
                                        “Celebrating 60 Years!”

AZ Rowland is Execu-       The Rotary Club of Western Fort Worth will soon be celebrating 60 years of service to our
tive   Secretary     of    community on the west side of town – chartered May 13, 1952. We have been involved in
Western    Fort   Worth    international service, helping to build a water well in Kenya, and helping provide for a hos-
Rotary Club.               pital in Budapest, among other things. We have hosted the Group Study Exchange Team
                           on several occasions, the latest being a year or so ago for the team from India.
He can be reached by
e m a i l         a t :
                                                              In addition to our long tenure as a Rotary Club, last
azl e@sbc gl obal . n et
                                                              April our club celebrated the 40th anniversary of Execu-
                                                              tive Secretary, A.Z. Rowland, Jr., having begun his work
                                                              with WFW in April 1971. Many past district governors
                                                              and presidents of our club
                                                              during the years were pre-
                                                              sent.    PDG    Dave      Mason
                                                              awarded A.Z. as a “Master
                           Rotary Builder”, a special honor to the recipient. The Rotary
                           Builder Award was inaugurated by PDG Dave during his term as
                           Governor of 5790.

                                                          Our club continues to be involved with the Salvation Army
                                                          Angel Tree Project just prior to the Christmas season. We
                                                          man the booth at Ridgmar Mall each weekend for about six

                                                          Another project with which our club has been involved for
                                                          the past six years has been Kid’s Club. The first Thursday of
                                                          each month at Ridgmar Mall we
                           sponsor this event. Children come and paint canvasses (often
                           making a donation to our club). These canvasses are then
                           pasted on the wall outside Macy’s Department Store. Over 900
                           such canvasses have been completed thus far. Unfortunately,
                           the mall leased the space behind “the wall”, so they are seek-
                           ing another location in the mall for our canvas paintings.

                           We are excited about an upcoming fundraiser. The seven local clubs in Fort Worth (along
                           with the Rotary Club of Azle) will be hosting a Wine Tasting at the T&P station in down-
                           town Fort Worth this April. Each club will provide a wine vendor, along with a restauran-
                           teur. Each club also will bring a raffle item for an auction. Proceeds will benefit each of the
                           clubs, as well as PolioPlus.
                                              TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                WESTERN FORT WORTH ROTARY CLUB
                                   “Celebrating 60 Years, Con’t”
We are happy to report that the Interact/AHHS club has been revitalized. A new faculty liaison, Cody Cox, has be-
gun his work with the students this year. The president of Interact is Jonathan Price, with Marissa Robles as vice-
president. They are going great guns and having a wonderful time. Over $700 was raised by the club by placing
containers in each of the classrooms at Arlington Heights High School for loose change and bills. These funds were
sent to PolioPlus. The club is also having bi-weekly meetings with a project of some kind each month. Some 35
students are involved at the moment.

The Freshman Committee at WFW has chosen to design and sell Polo shirts for PolioPlus. As part of the previous
tradition the first $1000 dollars will be donated to local charities of the committee’s choice. The choice for the
charity this year was for the Tarrant County Area Food Bank’s Community Kitchen Culinary School. The $1000 will
provide knife sets to the students with perfect attendance in each of the three classes this year. This committee
completed our first donation on 1/21/12 in which five students successfully had perfect attendance. The remainder
of the proceeds at the end of the year will be donated to The Rotary Foundation’s End Polio Now campaign. The
cost of the shirts is $40 with $15 of that purchase being a donation. There are a variety of colors to choose from
and we are selling both men’s and women’s designed polos. Our goal for sales is 100 polo shirts.

The Rotary Club of Western Fort Worth is strong and healthy. We welcome fellow Rotarians from around the dis-
trict to join us for lunch and fellowship any Tuesday at noon.


Myra Rainey, member of the Haskell Rotary Club, Monday, lost her husband Bill suddenly Monday, January 23rd.

Myra has been so involved in our District and in the Abilene and Haskell Clubs for many, many years.

Please keep Myra in your thoughts and prayers.
                                   TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
                                                                            Page 13

                      December 2011 Attendance
             RotaryClub            Members       %      Mtgs   Members       Add/Loss
                                   12/1/2011                   12/31/2011
    Abilene - F                       96       56.25%    3        95               (1)
    Abilene Southw est - T            58       84.48%    3        58                -
    Abilene Wednesday                 20       54.00%    3        21                1
    Arlington - TH                   121       74.69%    3        121               -
    Arlington GSW - W                 35       77.19%    4        35                -
    Arlington North - M                                                             -
    Arlington South - F               17       56.86%    3        17                -
    Arlington Sunrise - F             61       92.95%    5        61                -
    Arlington Sunset - T              15       86.67%    2        15                -
    Arlington West - T                35       64.00%    3        35                -
    Azle - TH                         32       54.00%    4        31               (1)
    Bow ie - W                                                                      -
    Breckenridge - T                  26       59.50%    2        26                -
    Brow nw ood - W                   24       57.97%    3        24                -
    Burkburnett - T                   42       59.20%    3        41               (1)
    Burleson - F                      52       79.00%    4        52                -
    Burleson Area Mid Day - M                                                       -
    Cisco - TH                                                                      -
    Cleburne - TH                     75       55.71%    3        75                -
    Coleman - M                                                                     -
    Colleyville - T                   13       77.00%    3        13                -
    Crow ell - W                                                                    -
    Decatur - TH                      19       67.00%    3        19                -
    Denton - TH                       87       62.40%    3        89                2
    Denton South - T                  37       88.82%    4        38                1
    Dublin - T                        24       69.00%    4        24                -
    Eastland - TH                     20       55.00%    2        20                -
    Flow er Mound - TH                77       79.39%    3        74               (3)
    Fort Worth East - M               34       66.00%    2        35                1
    Fort Worth International - W                                                    -
    Fort Worth North - W                                                            -
    Fort Worth - F                   455       56.00%    3        441             (14)
    Fort Worth South - T              58       66.92%    3        56               (2)

Club Attendance is to be submitted to the District Secretary within 15 days after the last
meeting of the calendar month. Club Secretaries should submit their attendance to Dis-
trict Secretary Richard Sherman at the following e-mail address: rsher-
                                   TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
                                                                                 Page 14

          December 2011 Attendance, Con’t
                RotaryClub           Members          %         Mtgs    Members      Add/Loss
                                     12/1/2011                          12/31/2011
      Fort Worth Southw est - TH        27          75.93%        4        27               -
      Gainesville - W                                                                       -
      Graham - F                                                                            -
      Granbury - TH                     56          52.75%        5        54              (2)
      Grapevine - W                     91          67.36%        3        88              (3)
      Hamlin - W                        21          65.00%        3        21               -
      Haskell - TH                                                                          -
      HEB - T                           65          86.00%        2        67               2
      Highland Village                  32          81.20%        4        34               2
      Iow a Park - W                                                                        -
      Keller - T                                                                            -
      Kennedale                                                                             -
      Lake Ray Roberts - T              14          78.57%        2        14               -
      Lew isville Morning - TH          28          95.77%        5        28               -
      Lew isville Noon - W              57          75.75%        3        56              (1)
      Mansfield - T                     32          89.06%        2        32               -
      Mansfield Sunrise - TH            20          65.85%        4        21               1
      Metroport - F                     27          94.23%        4        27               -
      Mid-Cities Pacesetters - F        48          55.56%        3        48               -
      Mineral Wells - W                 41          76.19%        3        41               -
      Nocona - T                                                                            -
      Southlake - T                                                                         -
      Stamford - T                                                                          -
                                                 Windows Explorer.lnk
      Stephenville - TH                 23          72.84%        4        28               5
      Vernon - T                        40          58.33%        3        40               -
      Weatherford - T                  106          54.58%        3        102             (4)
      Western Fort Worth - T            65          86.00%        3        64              (1)
      Wichita Falls North - F           30          74.00%        4        30               -
      Wichita Falls - TH                82          67.09%        3        82               -
      Wichita Falls Southw est - M      30          84.44%        3        30               -

Club Attendance is to be submitted to the District Secretary within 15 days after the last
meeting of the calendar month. Club Secretaries should submit their attendance to Dis-
trict Secretary Richard Sherman at the following e-mail address: rsher-
                                                       TALES & TRAILS OF 5790
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                                UPCOMING EVENTS—ARLINGTON CLUBS
                               February 18, 2012     Arlington Great Southwest Rotary Club – Mardi Gras Gala
                               (Cacharel) ($75 per person but $10 to the Club)

     ROTARY5790.ORG            March 22, 2012     at the Arlington Downtown Club they are holding a Blood Drive at
                               313 North Central First Methodist Church (10:30AM – 3:30PM)
The District 5790 News-
letter is edited monthly       March 31, 2012     Arlington Sunrise Adoption Awareness Picnic (Church on Rush
by Chuck Chambers, Ar-         Creek) (10:00AM – 2:00PM)
lington North Rotary.
                               April 3, 2012    Student Recognition Banquet TCC Southeast ($25 per person)
Chuck Chambers
900 E. Copeland Rd.,           (6:30PM-9:30PM)
Suite 130
Arlington, TX 76011            April 21, 2012    Arlington Downtown Club they are holding a Wine Tasting – Arling-
                               ton Museum of Arts ($30) (6:30PM- 9:30PM)
817-265-7446 (Office)
817-459-1000 (Fax)             April 23, 2012    Invitational All Arlington Rotary Golf Tournament, Great Southwest
817-721-0546 (Cell)            Golf Club – ($100 fee (cart, green fee, shirt, beer) +$50 Donation to PolioPlus in the
                               golfers name = $150.00

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                        COMING IN THE MARCH NEWSLETTER...
You’ll find articles about the District Conference, and the Assistant Governors will share what has happened with
their clubs.

Arlington West, Breckenridge, Burleson Mid-Day, Crowell, Fort Worth North and Highland Village will et us know
what is going on with their clubs.