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Women and Arthritis


An Overview of Arthritis

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									                                        Women and Arthritis
                                               Arthritis Pain Relief

Arthritis is a disease that knows no age, race, or social status. It affects old and young people,
girl or boy, and poor or rich. It is the kind of disease that strikes anytime and at any part of the
world. However, every disease always has its favorites. As for arthritis, women specifically get
hit by it the hard way. There are some statistics that can guide you towards understanding why
it mostly hits women.

It is a fact that two thirds of patients with arthritis are women from an estimated forty one
million Americans. An estimated amount of four millions six hundred thousand women have
limited daily activities because of the disease. Arthritis affects thirty seven percent from the
female’s population and twenty eight percent of men. Presently almost sixteen million women
have osteoarthritis which is a kind or arthritis that affects women thrice more likely than men.

Arthritis is a culprit in women’s lives because it usually develops a young age. Rheumatoid
arthritis which is also another type of such disease greatly affects women with over one million
five hundred thousand affected. There is twice as much woman than men have rheumatoid
arthritis. According to research African-American women are more predisposed with the
disease and a higher amount of them at the age thirty five are affected by arthritis as compared
to Caucasian women. Additionally, African-American women are thrice more likely to have
lupus than Caucasians.

Why does arthritis affect the daily activities of women? For one reason, the disease is painful
and affected women go through pain a lot along with long term disabilities. They also have
sleep disorders or difficulties and are less likely to have children or raise any at all. With this
regard, women with arthritis need help when completing their activities of daily living and such
issues get them depressed a lot. It is also a fact that it is less likely for women to have a job than
men with the same disorder

Generally arthritis seems to love women. The great news is that arthritis can already be
managed with the right care and medical program. Treating or managing the illness may take
some time but at least there are medical answers. Most of the time doctors help women and
other arthritic patients to manage the pain and then set up a diet plan and exercise schedule.
Medication and surgery are not the only answers towards surviving with the illness. Self
discipline is the best cure for it.

Other factors that can help alleviate the symptoms of arthritis include stress and anger control
and herbal dietary supplements. Safety measures at home have to be learned including joint
protection methods. The treatment for arthritis is a case to case basis depending on severity. In
most cases, the quickest way to help relieve its symptoms is by taking the right medications
usually pain killers or analgesics. These may only provide short pain relief but at least these are
methods that can help patients do some activities the pain free way.

                                       Arthritis Pain Relief

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