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									Costa Rica 5 Undetectable Treasures Off The Tourist Trail
Costa Rica is often a small Central national country located involving Panama and Nicaragua. It has
been well knownlike a tourist destination since the mid 1990's. Vacationers to CostaRica will typically
go to the well known locations regarding Manuel Antonionational Park, Poas Volcano, Mount Arenal
national Park andTamarindo. These are all gorgeous places, but are effectively marked onevery
single tourist brochure.
It is still simple to find places incosta rica where there are few tourists and very beautiful along with
natural settings.the particular southern pacific zone of Costa Rica remains largely undiscovered.
Previously , the road south is at poorcondition following leaving the shoreline town of Quepos/Manuel
Antonio. Manuel Antonio is actually Costa Rica's most visited National Park. To visit south beyond
this point required a four wheel drive car or truck. Formost tourists , they may as well have put up a
sign, “Only DragonsBeyond this Point”. Now it is possible to travel south all the way up to Panama
with a good paved highway. In the spring of the year 2010 the longlooked forward to construction of
the seaside highway was last but not least completed,one month prior to the end of the time period of
President Oscar Arias.
President Arias was estimated as saying“we are a country regarding 5 star hotels and 1 superstar
highways”. Duringsome years he is at office, he has been responsible for manychanges to Costa
Rica's infrastructure. In a region whereneighboring countries have been in the news because of their
violence,political coups and quasi dictatorships, he was silently keeping CostaRica on the right songs.
Traveling to the southern pacific zone of Costa Rica is simple now, thanks to the brand-new highway.
Near the seashore town of Dominical, you will discover five places which make for
Diamante Waterfalls – Las Tumbas, Costa Rica
The Diamante Waterfalls are an event you will not forget. From the 3 ,300 foot peak , the crystal clear
marine environments of the Baru riv drop 1,500-feet down a large canyon to the Catedral de Piedra,
before you take the 600-foot plunge off Diamante drops to the valley floor below. An incredible
function of the falls is the fact that located on one side from the mountain next to the particular falls is
a natural cave dwelling complete with a kitchen and the power to accommodate up to twenty five
guests overnight. From the cave you get a clear view to the hawaiian Coast, 2500 toes below. It is a a
couple of hour hike to the falls, if you are in an average fitness level you're able to do the hike. There
are many of rustic measures (didn't count 'em but it's well over hundreds of I'm sure) built into the
particular trail, so if you have bad knee's you will need to pass on this one. We did the particular hike
with our 10 year old son also it wasn't a problem proper , but you will be sweating by the top. I believe
the hike keeps the falls particular because it isn't easy to get to and keeps the particular fanny pack
toting , pot-bellied tourists throughout white socks apart. Getting there helps to make the experience
that much much more special.
Hacienda Baru – 3 km's north ofDominical
Oh, the over-used and abused phrase “eco-tourism”. How about the jet-ski eco-tour or a sunset
boozesail eco-tour? No cheers. Well if there is one place in the worldsuitable the ability to use the
time period eco-tourism in their advertising it is the Hacienda Baru. Since 1978 jack Ewing and his
spouse Dianehave committed their lives to be able to Hacienda Baru. The exact property has
beendeclared the National Wildlife refuge by the President regarding Costa Rica. It is through the
devotion of jack and his family until this hashappened.
Hacienda Baru offers 800+ acres regarding wetland, secondary along with primary rainforest. 3
kilometers ofgorgeous sand beach without having development and more effective kilometers
ofstrolling trails. There is a butterfly garden as well as a great orchidgarden.
They have bilingual guides who havebeen along with Hacienda Baru for years. They offer
birdwatching as well as other guided walking tours. There is also a very well completed zip line cover
If you are into surfing , DominicalBeach is only 3 kilometers south. There are surf shops to rent the
surfboard or to obtain lessons. The surf at Dominical can be heavy atoccasions , so if it's a special
day , the surf shops will arrangetravel to the more mellow Dominicalito Beach just 4 kilometers further
Ballena Marine national Park – Uvita,Costa Rica
In Spanish the word Ballena meanswhale. Coffee pods of humpback whales pass through between
the a few months ofAugust to be able to October, and again from December to be able to April. Now,
would it be because of the whales how the park was given it really is name, or can you think it was
because of the distinctive feature within thepark? glance at the aerial photo to the correct of the
beach and you may see why its called Whales Tale seashore , foundwithin the car park. The whales
are not the only reasonto come to this park. Between the a few months of May along with October
OliveRidley and Hawksbill turtles come ashore to be able to nest. This is also the wonderful spot to
see a variety of animal types. The park offers stunning beaches that are practically deserted. The
largest coralreef on the Pacific Coast regarding Central America is located in the particular park.This
makes pertaining to excellent snorkelling in low-tide.
When you are at theseashore looking back from the waters edge in the direction of shore it is easy
tothat is amazing this would be the same view from one hundred years ago. Development is very
reduced key here which is easy to forget which you are only a few miles from the highway.
One thing to keep yourself updated of when going swimming at the beaches inside park, there are
noguards , which is the case in almost every beach throughout Costa Rica.Please be aware and turn
into safe, whenever you are at any of Costa Rica'sbeaches. Many of the seashores have strong
ocean and there are rip tides. If you know what to do in the event of finding yourself in the rip tide, you
will get out of them safely. For more information on riptides you can check out How to get out of a rip
Nauyaca waterfalls – Between Baru andPlatanillo, Costa Rica
Only the 10 minute increase the road fromDominical Beach you will find the turn-off to the Nauyaca
waterfalls.You can walk to the waterfalls on your own from the road, it's aboutone hour and a half
hike, or else you can take Don Lulo's Horseback Nauyacadrops Tour. The visit starts with a breakfast
every day and then a horseback ride with knowledgeable guides to the a couple of lovely waterfalls
which make up the Nauyaca waterfalls. The main waterfall is often a 140 foot decline intoa pool
regarding water with clear clean water that you can frolic in the water in. Myloved ones and I often
frolic in the water in the river on the way to thedrops , where you cross over the particular river by link.
Visitors we've had that come to the area list the waterfalls as one of their favoriteexperiences.
Boruca Indigenous hold – Near theRio Grande de Terraba
The four some other locations in thesoutheast pacific zone were all located in close area toDominical
seashore. Getting to the Boruca Indigenous Reserve is going to take a little more hard work , but the
unique encounter is worth it. It's about one hour and a half drive to the reserve. Although almost all of
the Borucans village for a living, many carry on and practice theirtraditonal arts of face mask carving
and weaving. Ornate masks designed outof balsa or cedar timber can be found natural or even
brightly painted.
Weavings include colorful organic cotton placemats, handbags as well as other textiles. Make
arrangements beforehand for a day trip which could include a mask making demonstration, cotton
rotating and dying from local native plant life and shellfish accompanied by a further
demonstrationregarding weaving using a pre-Colonial style back-strap loom. A deliciousvery hot
lunch will round out a great day.
The Borucans hold a yearly festival called the Fiesta de los Diablitos between December 31
andJanuary 2. Make arrangements well in advance if you would like toattend this fascinating festival
which includes music, dance along with costumes.
This is often a beautiful video from the hand carved along with painted masks produced in Costa Rica
at the Boruca Indigenous Reserve. The particular Borucans also create lovely weavings employing
natural dyes.
I'd love to hear from you for those who have a "Hidden prize " of your own to share regarding Costa
Rica. Leave me a comment and i'll get right back to you. Have you been to any of the places
suggested in this post ? Share your views in the comment area at the bottom of the article.
Pura Vida
Costa Rica is a fantastic place to learn to surf. It is known as one of the best areas in the world to
surf. Whether you are an advanced surfer or beginning surfer , there is a beach simply waiting for
you. The particular Pacific Coast offers great locations like Santa Teresa or even Playa Tamarindo
pertaining to beginning surfers. How To Surf. The surf holiday here's sure to be a life span memory.

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