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Paul Denchfield


									                       Paul Denchfield
                                 Producer/ Director
                                     +447958 922 311

I am a very experienced shooting producer/ director having built up a wealth of work shooting
on XD CAM, DSR 570 & Z1 as well as editing to a very high standard on FCP & Avid Xpress
  Pro systems. Numerous productions have been award-winning programmes and to date I
                         have filmed in over 25 different countries.

Work History
Producer/ Director      Paul Denchfield Productions Ltd
2007                    Became a company due to repeat clients. The Royal Bank of Scotland –
                        Immediately commissioned five films, one for the RBS National Conference
                        and four films for their Awards Ceremony in Boston. A Place in the Sun LIVE!
                        Re-commissioned an advert, Brooklands Publishing commissioned three
                        short adverts. I am also leading an ARG / viral marketing campaign for BBC
                        Radio 1’s ‘The Big Weekend’.

                        Award Winner - CiB - Best Corporate Film 2006 – For film that I Directed,
                        Scripted and Edited for The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Edit Producer           This Morning / I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here                      ITV1
2006                    Editing I/Vs, Behind the Scenes and highlight packages for the live show as
                        well as preparing VTs for the shows live reports for Australia.

Producer/ Director      Royal Bank of Scotland                                           Corporate
2006                    Produce and Directed five films, the longest of which has a running time of
                        25mins. Presented by Craig Doyle to showcase the destination for the RBS
                        awards ceremony in ’07, namely Boston, Massachusetts. Shot on HD 900R
                        & subsequently edited by me on my FCP system.

Producer/ Director      A Place in the Sun LIVE!                      Commercial Presentation
2006                    Pitched, won and produced a 30” advert for ‘A Place in the Sun LIVE!’
                        exhibition held at the NEC.

Producer/ Director      Royal Bank of Scotland (Global)                                    Corporate
2006                    Produce and Directed a film to explain their multi-billion pound restructuring
                        of their entire Global Operations – Filming in New York, Singapore & London.
                        Edited by me on my FCP system.

Series Producer         London’s Hollywood (6 x 30)                      Lab Broadcast for ITV1
2006                    Series produced a six-part documentary on making of feature films at
                        Pinewood and Shepperton Studios. Edited by me on my FCP system.

Producer/ Director      Royal Bank of Scotland                                            Corporate
2006                    Produced and directed three films for their £2.5 million Awards Ceremony in
                        Monte Carlo. Alan Dickenson CEO RBS was so taken with the films I
                        received a cash bonus. Edited by me on FCP system

Producer/ Director      Gene Genie                              Freeform Productions Pilot of BBC 1
2006                    Produced and directed three films focusing on bringing a family together that
                        had been separated at birth. Dealing with very emotionally charged
                        contributors was especially rewarding. This has now been commissioned.

Producer/ Director      Royal Bank of Scotland                                       Corporate
2005                    Three films shot on HDC & HDV hosted by Craig Doyle covering a range of
                        events in Monte Carlo including Catamarans, Helicopters and Powerboats
                        amongst others. Edited by me on my on FCP system.
Producer/ Director    South African Airways (4 x 60 seconds)                Commercial Presentation
2005                  Personally shooting in Brazil, Angola, India, Hong Kong, Tanzania and South
                      Africa as well at editing two of the films myself on FCP system.

Producer/ Director    Britain’s Worst Teenager (1 x 60)                    Mentorn TV for Five
2005                  Directing two units for Five’s prime-time flagship hour-long programme
                      hosted by Quentin Wilson.

Producer / Director   Royal Bank of Scotland                                          Corporate
2005                  Two short films for RBS Awards, both shot in a James Bond style. Edited by
                      me on FCP system.

Director              Short Film: Wish You Were…
2005                  Produced, directed, shot and edited a short film for ‘Quick Flick’ a showcase
                      for Advertising Directors based in London, Buenos Aries, Sao Paulo, Berlin
                      and Barcelona. Edited on my FCP system.

Director              20 Best Places to Buy in The Sun (1 x 60)       Freeform Productions for C4
2004                  Selected to direct the one-hour prime time special to celebrate 5 years of ‘A
                      Place in the Sun’. Personally shooting in 7 different countries including
                      Dubai, Morocco and South Africa as well as European locations. Hosted by
                      Amanda Lamb - Rating: 3 million. Personally edited a rough cut on Avid.

Producer/ Director    Moving Day (2 x 60 & 13 x 30)                                RDF for ITV1
2004                  Directing two units, two presenters in an ITV1 daytime production with tight
                      deadlines. I also personally shot footage.

Producer/ Director    K9 Boot Camp (3 x 60)                     Granada Bristol for Discovery USA
2003                  An observational documentary following, from the first day to the last, 16
                      Military recruits from across America attending Lackland Air Force Base
                      Texas Canine Training programme. Directing a crew over 4 months
                      developing unfolding storylines of the characters; focusing on the trust that
                      builds between handler & dog facing life-threatening missions.

Producer/ Director    A Place in the Sun (12 x 30)                  Freeform Productions for C4
2003                  Produced and directed this award winning life style programme around the
                      globe: France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, USA and the Caribbean.
                      Shooting with a Beta crew.

Series Producer       Street Crime (15 x 30)                                           LWT for Bravo
2002                  This commission was a direct result from the phenomenal success of
                      Crimefighters. Having filmed with the police over the previous two years I
                      was given a team of eight to re-establish contacts, clear all the legal
                      requirements and personally contact next of kin of fatalities filmed. Bravo has
                      since re-commissioned the series.

Producer/ Director    The London Programme – Spend, spend, SPEND! (1 x 30)                  LWT
2002                  LWT’s premier current affairs programme to investigate the alarming rise in
                      house prices, posing the question ‘Are we returning to a boom bust
                      economy?’ I shot, edited and produced the programme.

Producer/ Director    The London Programme – Is London Safe? (1 x 60)                           LWT
2001                  After the events of September 11 this hour special examined if London was
                      safe? Part of a two man team that filmed and edited the entire programme
                      including interviews with Ken Livingston & Richard Rogers amongst others to
                      discuss London’s ability to respond to the new dimension of terrorist attacks.

Series Producer       Crimefighters (6 x 30)                                                LWT
2001                  Lead a team of seven continuing the success of the previous series of this
                      police actuality programme – given greater access to more crime hotspots
                      having established good working relationships with police forces across the
                      Capital and Home Counties. Shot and edited across the series.
Series Producer         This London (6 x 30)                                                LWT
2001                    My own concept commissioned and nominated for an RTS award.
                        Concentrating the diversity of life through unifying moments be it: Love,
                        sleep, ambition etc... Shot and edited two programmes, as well being in
                        charge of a team of six to complete the series.

Producer                Autosport International (1 x 60)                                         LWT
2001                    Filming Formula One Drivers: Button, Montoya, Raikkonen and host of other
                        autosport stars from Super bikes, World Rally Championship and Formula
                        3000. In charge of a team of 12, running five edit suits simultaneously to turn
                        the programme round in six days. Picked up by ITV regional broadcasters
                        and aired on 62% of the network.

Series Producer         Crimefighters Casebook (6 x 30)                                        LWT
2001                    Having transformed ‘Crimefighters’ from an archive programme LWT decided
                        to re-open their archive to capitalize on its success. Heading up a team of
                        four, ‘Crimefighters Casebook’ cherry picked and re-edited past footage to
                        make a new hard hitting police actuality brand.

Series Producer         Beyond Boiling Point (6 x 30)                                              LWT
2000                    ‘A year in the life’ of the notorious chef Gordon Ramsey, following his
                        relentless mission to obtain the elusive three Michelin stars for his restaurant
                        in Royal Hospital Road. I was part of a team of three that shot and edited the
                        whole series.

Series Producer         Crimefighters (6 x 30)                                              LWT
2000                    Having viewed disappointing archive I pushed to establish fresh police
                        contacts and make the entire series from new material. This resulted in a
                        42.5% audience share one of the highest viewing figures ever achieved by
                        LWT. I shot and edited the series with a team of three.

Series Producer         Dinner Dates (6 x 30)                                                  LWT
1999                    In charge of a team of ten to repackage and update the successful restaurant
                        review programme, as well as being the main cameraman and editor.

Series Producer         The Borough (6 x 30)                                               LWT
1999                    Researching new strands, shooting and editing a documentary based on the
                        Borough district in London as it underwent massive transformation both
                        culturally and environmentally.

Associate Producer      Churchill & SOE (2 x 30)                     Arts & Entertainment Channel - USA
1999                    Carried out research and shot interviews looking at how Churchill was a man
                        waiting for his call to office, as well as interviews with SOE operatives.

Director                The East meets The East End (1 x 30)                          Heartfelt Films
1999                    Directed a pilot for Channel 4 looking at Kosavan that had escaped the war
                        but found an ever-growing hostility to them in London’s East end.

Producer                TV Travel Shop (24 X 120)                            Pearson Television
1998                    Producing between four and eight hours of live studio television a week
                        linking in and out of holiday VT packages.

Associate Producer      The Young, Talented and Paid                      Disney Channel - USA
1998                    Setting up a shopping trip in a chauffer driven Bentley for Dani Behr to
                        interview Victoria Beckham whilst shopping for baby items, as Brooklyn
                        Beckham was due in two months.

VT Producer/ Director   The End of the Week Show (6 x 60)           Hewland International for LWT
1998                    Shooting and producing four minute VTs for a Friday night LIVE LE show
                        based on the Classic: The Six O’clock Show.

Presenter/ Director     Dot TV/ Master Class           Hewland International for Computer Channel
1998                    Produced, directed and presented 3 min VTs called ‘Money No Object’. Also
                        the main presenter on a twice-weekly studio show called Master class.
Consultant/ Presenter     Catch Me if you Can (1 x 60)                 Bunim –Murry – USA for ABC
1997                      Singled out from the UK production of ‘Wanted’ to work in LA making a pilot
                          with a new format for ABC prime time. I was also selected to be a presenter
                          on the programme.

Associate Producer        The Big Breakfast (Every weekday on alternate weeks)         Planet 24 for C4
1997                      Produced and directed daily fifteen-minute news            reactive Outside

Presenter                 WANTED (8X60)                                    Hewland International for C4
1997                      Directing, presenting and tracking contestants across the UK on this prime
                          time action reality series. Also presenting a Live OB once a week. 4 million

Presenter                 Global Village(1x30)           Hewland International for Computer Channel
1997                      Presented a review on a Robotics Exhibition in Glasgow.

Presenter                 WANTED (8X 60)                               Hewland International for C4
1996                      The first series won The Montreux Silver Rose in LE category.

Development               Race Around the World - (1996)                        Hewland International

Celebrity Booker          The Geeks - (1996)                                    Hewland International

Development/ Pres.        WANTED - (1996)                                       Hewland International

Senior Researcher         Watch This Space - (1995)                             Hewland International

Researcher                Games World III - (1995)                              Hewland International

Researcher                Games Master - (1994)                                 Hewland International

      Trained editor in Sony ES3 and very competent in FCP 5 & Avid Xpress Pro.
      Trained DV/ HDV/ XD CAM camera operator, including DSR 500, 570, Z1 and also
       proficient with Digibeta cameras.
      LWT course, Legal and Compliance issues in programme making.
      Full Driving License.


Further Qualifications:   Shorebased Yachtmasters – Royal Yachting Association.
                          Sports Leadership Award.

Sailing:                  Seychelles to South Africa via Kenya & Comoros Islands.
                          (Nationally selected for Operation Raleigh Expedition)
                          Two Trans-Atlantic crossings.
                          Caribbean Sea crossing.
                          Mediterranean and English Channel crossings.
                          Over 14,000 nautical miles by sail of which over 8,000 on Square Riggers.

Rowing:                   Rowed 125 nautical miles in a reconstructed Long boat from Seattle to
                          Vancouver and back.

Overland:                 Raised sponsorship and Co-Lead expedition to the Western Sahara.
                          Recently travelled around Cambodia but extensively travelled around South
                          America for a year including Chile, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and
                          Venezuela and spent 3 months in Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala & Costa

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