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     Part I Reading Comprehension (30%)
     Directions: There are three passages in this part. Each passage is followed by
some questions or unfinished statements. For each of them there are four choices
marked A, B, C and D. You should decide on the best choice and blacken the
corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

     Passage 1
     Questions 1 to 5 are based on the following passage:
     One study shows that Americans prefer to answer with a brief "Yes", "No", "Sure",
or the very popular "Yeah" rather than with a longer reply. (76)But brief replies do not
mean Americans are impolite or unfriendly to some extent. Very often, Americans are
in a hurry and may greet you with a single word "Hi", indeed; this is a greeting you
will hear again and again during your stay in the United States. It is used by everyone,
regardless of rank, agent occupation. However,-those who are accustomed to lo nger
greetings'may require a little more time before they feel comfortable with American
simple talk.
     Americans sometimes use plain talk when they are uncomfortable. (77)If people
praise them or thank them in an especially polite way, they may become uncomfortable
and not know what to say in reply. They don't want to be impolite or rude, you can be
sure that they liked what was said about them. Except for certain holidays, such as
Christmas, Americans don't usually give gifts. Thus, you will find Americans
embarrassed as they accept gifts, especially if they have nothing to give in return. They
are generally a warm but informal people.
     1. The fact that Americans like shorter answers tells us__________.
     A. they reply very quickly in a hurry
     B. they choose words too carefully
     C. they like replying briefly
     D. they want to be as polite as they can
     2. Those who like using beautiful or formal words __________.
     A. need more time to get used to American simple greeting
     B. need no time to get familiar with American greeting
     C. do not very much like American way of greeting
     D. think Americans are not polite whatever
     3. Which of the following is NOT true?
     A. Americans often answer with the words like "sure","yeah".
     B. They are not impolite with brief replies.
     C. Americans in high ranks must use formal words in greeting:
     D. Americans are a warm but informal people.
     4. The Americans like others' praise but if in a polite way__________.
     A. they don't know what to say in reply

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     B. they feel somewhat uneasy
     C. they don't want to reply
     D. both A and B
     5. The passage indicates that __________.
     A. Americans exchange gifts the first time they meet.
     B. Americans seldom give gifts except for some holidays.
     C. Americans often bring some gifts to their friends.
     D. Americans only want to get gifts from others.
     Passage 2
     Questions 6 to 10 are based on the following passage:

     (78)The advantages and disadvantages of a large population have long been a
subject of discussion among economists(经济学家). It has been argued that the supply
of good land is limited. To feed a large population,: inferior land must be cultivated
and the good land worked intensively, Thus, each person produces less and this means
a lower average income than could be obtained with a smaller population. Other
economists have argued that a large population gives more scope for specialization and
the development of facilities such as ports, roads and railways, which are not likely to
be built unlessthere is a big demand to justify them.
     One of the difficulties in carrying out a world-wide birth control program lies in
the fact that official attitudes to population growth vary from country to country
depending on the level of industrial developmentand the availability of food and raw
materials. In the developing country where a vastly expanded population is pressing
hard upon the limits of food, space and natural resources, it will be the first concern of
government to place a limit on the birthrate, whatever the consequences may be. In the
highly industrialized society the problem may be more complex. A decreasing birthrate
may lead to unemployment because it results in a declining market for manufactured
goods. (79)When the pressure of population on housing declines, prices also decline
and the building industry is weakened. Faced with considerations such as these, the
government of a developed country may well prefer to see a slowly increasing
population, rather than one which is stable or itt decline.
     6. A smaller population may mean__________.
     A. higher productivity, but a lower average income
     B. lower productivity, but a higher average income
     C. lower productivity, and a lower average income
     D. higher productivity, and a higher average income
     7. According to the passage, a large population will provide a chance for
     A. agriculture              B. transport system
     C. industry                  D. national economy
     8. In a developed country, people will perhaps go out of work if the
     A. goes up                 B. is decreasing
     C. remains stable,          D. is out of control

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     9. According to the passage slowly rising birthrate perhaps is good
     A. a developed nation
     B. a developing nation.
     C. every nation with a big population
     D. every nation with a small population
     10. It is no easy job to carry out a general plan for birth control throughout the
world because__________.
     A. there are too many underdeveloped countries in the world
     B.underdeveloped countries have low level of industrial development.
     C. different governments have different views about the problem
     D. even developed countries may have complex problems

     Passage 3
     Questions 11 to 15 are based on the following passage:
     To us it seems so natural to put up an umbrella to keep the water off when it rains.
But actually the umbrella was not invented as protection against rain. It was first
usedas a shade against the sun.
     Nobody knows who first invented it, but the umbrella Was used in very ancient
times. Probably the first to use it were the Chinese, way back in the eleventh century
     We know that the umbrella was also used in ancient Egypt and Babylon as a
sunshade. And there was a strange thing connected with its use; it became a symbol of
honor and authority. In the Far East in ancient times, the umbrella was allowed to be
used only by royal people or by those in high office..
     In Europe, the Greeks were the first to use the umbrella as a sunshade. And the
umbrella was in common use in ancient Greece. But it is believed that the first persons
in Europe to use the umbrellas as protection against the rain were the ancient Romans.
     During the Middle Ages, the use of the umbrella practically disappeared. Then it
appeared again in Italy in the 16th century. And again it became asymbol of power and
     Umbrellas have not changed much in style during all this time, though they have
become much lighter in weight. (80)It wasn't until the twentieth century that women's
umbrellas began to be made in a variety of colors.
     11. The first use of umbrellas was as__________.
     A. protection against rain         B. a shade against the sun
     C. a symbol of power                D. a symbol of honor
     12. __________were regarded as the people who first used mbrellas.
     A. Romans                           B. Greeks
     C. Chinese                          D. Europeans
     13. The umbrella was used only by royal people or those in high
     A. in Europe in the eighteenth century
     B. in ancient Egypt and Babylon

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     C. in the Far East in ancient times
     D. during the Middle Ages
     14. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT true?
     A. Women enjoy using umbrellas with various kinds of colors.
     B. The inventor of the umbrella is unknown.
     C. Once ordinary people had no right to use umbrellas.
     D. Umbrellas were popular and cheap in the ancient times.
     15. Which of the following may be the best title for the passage?
     A. When Was the Umbrella Invented
     B.The Role of Umbrellas in History
     C. The Colors and Shapes of Umbrella
     D. Who Needed Umbrellas First

     Part II Vocabulary and Structure (30%)
     Directions: In this part there are 30 incomplete sentences. For each sentence
there are four choices marked A, B, C and D. Choose the ONE answer that best
completes the sentence. Then blacken the corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

      16. The news quickly spread through the village __________ the war had ended.
      A. which                         B. what
      C. that                          D. where
      17. We hurried to the station __________ find ourselves three hours earlier for the
      A. only to                        B. in order to
      C. so as to                      D. such as to
      18. I meant __________ you, bu I'm afraid I forgot.
      A. ringing                       B. being ringing
      C. to ringing                    D. to ring
      19. We live in a time__________, more than ever before in history, people are
moving about.
      A. what                          B. when
      C. which                         D. where
      20. Is there any possibility Of getting the price __________ further?
      A. reduced                       B. reduce
      C. reducing                      D. be reduced
      21. __________you feel too ill to go out, I would rather not stay at home tonight.
      A. Because                       B. Although
      C. Unless                         D. If
      22. Because of many mistakes, she was made __________ these letters again.
      A. type                        B. to typing
      C. typed            type
      23. It is hot and dry; the flowers need__________.
      A. being watered                  B. be watered
      C. to water                       D. to be watered

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     24. He began by showing us where the country was and went on__________us
about its climate.
     A. telling B. to tell
     C. to telling                    D. to be told
     25. Our failure __________ourselves to modem life often causes us trouble in our
     A. to adopt                     B. to apply
     C. to adapt                      D. to act
     26. Once __________ of the necessity of a move, he worked hard to find a new
     A. convinced                      B. be convinced
     B. convincing                     D. having convinced
     27. So many representatives__________, the conference had to be put off.
     A. were absent                    B. to be absent
     C. being absent                   D. had been absent
     28. In no case __________ the students from exploring new ideas.
     A. we should prevent             B. we could prevent
     C. should we prevent             D. shouldn't we prevent
     29. I don't think it advisable that Tom __________to the jOb since hei has no
     A. be assigned                    B. is assigned
     C. will be assigned               D. has been assigned
     30. With all this work on hand, she __________ to the dance party last night.
     A. oughtn't to go B. hadn't gone
     C. shouldn't have gone            D. mustn't have gone
     31. As Christmas was coming, the town began a __________ clearing on a large
     A. through                        B. thorough
     C. though                       D. thought
     32. E-mail writing .has became the usual means of communication __________
people some distance away.
     A. for                           B. on
     C. to                         D. with
     33. It is a good idea for parents to monitor the __________ as well as the kind of
television that their children watch.
     A. number                        B. size
     C. amount D. screen
     34. I'm afraid that there isn't __________ for youin my car.
     A. place               B. seat
     C. comer.                        D. room
     35. It suddenly __________ to me that we could use a computer to do the job.
     A. happened                      B. occurred
     C. agreed                         D. presented
     36. The old people often raise __________ for the, sake ofgompanionship.

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     A. pets                        B. pipes
     C. pills                     D. pies
     37. The river here is very wide but__________, so you can walk across it.
     A. narrow                       B. arrow
     C. shallow                    D. hollow
     38. The streets were empty __________ the policemen on duty.
     A. besides                     B. except
     C. excepting                  D. except for
     39. Don't leave matches or cigarettes on the table within the __________of little
     A. hand                         B. reach
     C. space                      D. distance
     40. - How did you pay the workers?
     -As a rule, they were paid by
     A. the hour                   B. an hour
     C. hour                         D. the time
     41. __________ of the students in our class are from the north.
     A. Two nineth                  B. Second ninth
     C. Second nines                 D. Two ninths
     42. My father has classes __________ day: Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.
     A. each other                 B. every other
     C. this and the other          D. all other
     43. This morning Jack came to school late
     A. than usual                  B. as usual
     C. like usual                   D. like usually
     44. I'm putting on weight. The doctor has warned me to__________, Sugar.
     A. keep up     B. keep back
     C. keep off                     D. keep away
     45. We were__________for half an hour in the traffic and so we arrived late.
     A. kept up                     B. held up
     C. cut up                      D. brought up,

      Part III Identification (10%)
      Directions: Each of the following sentences has four underlined parts marked A,
B, C and D. Identify the one? hat is not correct. Then blacken the corresponding
letter on the Answer Sheet.

    46. He didn't dare to leave the house for fear someone would
                 A          B                C
    recognize him soon.
    47. You can see the whole city for miles from here in a clear day.
                 A                     B         C        D
    48. He wished he didn't tell her the truth that brought her so much

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                  A           B                  C                    D
     49. The room, which window faces the south, is the nicest one of all
                         A              B                  C
     on this floor.
     50. He is a true friend of mine, whom I can always depend whenever
                     A           B                            C
     I get into trouble.
     51. Let's go and watch that new movie at eight tonight, won't we?
              A            B                               C      D
     52. It is very important that the students' voice is heard by the
           A                                            B
     authorities of all our schools.
           C          D
     53. This is such a beautiful day that everyone around us feel like
                     A                                    B        C
     going out for a walk.
     54. We saw a big dog that was fierce and felt frightened in
                 A                                   B           C
     our way home.
     55. You will feel inconvenient in Japan if you can either speak
               A                                B           C      D
     Japanese nor English.

     Part IV Cloze (10%)
     Directions: There are 20 blanks in the following passage, and for each blank
there are 4 choices marked A, B, C and D at the end of the passage. You should
choose ONE answer that best fits into the passage. Then blacken the
corresponding letter on the Answer Sheet.

     In most cultures, when you meet acquaintances for the first time during a day, it is
normal to greet them. The main purpose of this greeting is to 56 a good relationship
between the people 57 , and each language usually has 58 set phrases which can
be used for this purpose. Sometimes, though, there can be 59 differences in the
type of phrases which can be used, and cultural misunderstandings can easily
60 . The following is a true example.
     A young British woman went to Hong Kong to work, and at the time of her 61
she knew nothing about the Chinese culture or language. 62 her way to school one
day, she went to the bank to get some money. 63 , the bank clerk asked her if she
had had her lunch. She was extremely surprised     64 such a question because in the

                     成人高考资讯网 收集整理

British culture it would be 65 an indirect invitation to lunch. Between unmarried
young people it can also 66 the young man's interest in dating the girl. 67 this
bank clerk was a complete stranger 68 the British girl, she was very much taken
aback (生气), and hastily commented that she had eaten 69 .After this she 70 to
school and was even more surprised when one of the teachers asked the same question.
By now she 71 that it could not be an invitation, but was puzzled 72 why they
asked it. 73 the following days she was asked the same question again and again.
Only much later 74 that the question had no real meaning 75 - it was merely a
     56. A. build on                  B. build up
     C. build into                D. build out
     57. A. concerned                    B. concem
     C. concerning                  D. to concern
     58. A. a number of,                B. the number of
     C. the amount of              D. an amount of
     59. A. considered                   B. considering
     C. considerable               D. considerate
     60. A. raise                      B. arise
     C. arouse                     D. lead
     61. A. arrive                       B. arrived
     C. arrives                    D. arrival
     62. A. In                           B. To
     C. By                         D. On
     63. A. To her disappointment       B. In her disappointment
     C.To her surprise             D. In her surprise
     64. A. on                          B. at
     C. to                        D. with
     65. A. regarded as                  B. defined as
     C. looked as                  D. thought as
     66. A. reflect                     B. intend
     C. release                   D. indicate
     67. A. Since                       B. That
     C. Far                       D. With
     68. A. with                   B. by                         D. at
     69. A. yet                         B. already
     C. too                        D. at all
     70. A. processed                    B. produced
     C. provided                   D. proceeded
     71. A. released                    B. relieved
     C. realized                     D. regretted
     72. A. with regards                 B. as to
     C. as if                     D. as far as
     73. A. In                               B. On

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      C. At                            D. For
      74. A. she discovered               B. she did discover
      C. did she discover                D. does she discover
      75. A. above all                    B. after all
      C. in all                       D. at all
      Part V Translation (20%)
      Section A
      Directions: In this part there are five sentences which you should translate into
Chinese. These sentences are all taken from the 3 passages you have just read in the
part of Reading Comprehension. You can refer back to the passages so as to identify
their meanings in the context.
      76. But brief replies do not mean Americans are impolite or unfriendly to some
      77. If people praise them or thank them in an especially polite way, they may
become uncomfortable and not know what to say in reply.
      78. The advantages and disadvantages of a large population have long been a
subject of discussion among economists(经济学家).
      79. When the pressure of population on housing declines, prices also decline and
the building industry is weakened.
      80. It wasn't until the twentieth century that women's umbrellas began to be made
in a variety of colors.

    Section B
    Directions: In this part there are five sentences in Chinese. You should translate
them into English. Be sure to write clearly.
    82. 学生应该在上课之前完成家庭作业。


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