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									flexible working
IncreaSIng effIcIency Through SmarTer workIng

                                          Public sEcTOR
                                          The governmenT
                                          workplace of The fuTure

                                          RAPiD EXcHANGE
                                          The IrreSISTIBle rISe of
                                          moBIle emaIl devIceS

                                          FATHER FiGuREs
                                          why SupporTIng famIlIeS
                                          IS good for BuSIneSS

                                                                                                    Flexibility Seminar

2010 – the year of flexible working
                                                                                                    Total Smart Working
2010 will be the year when organisations seriously embrace flexible working. The recession has
focused minds on the need to do more with less – and that is what flexible work is all about.       – the integrated
    Doing more means being more effective. Flexible working can get you closer to customers.
This can be by overcoming the boundaries of distance by using new technologies, by having
                                                                                                    approach to Flexible
a more location-independent workforce, and by working at times that are better for your
    Flexible working also enables your employees to be more effective, helping them to achieve
                                                                                                    February 24th 2010
a better work-life balance. It enables companies to align working practices with both business
need and employee aspirations. It can help to reduce absenteeism, and improve recruitment and
retention. And it’s about being more effective while using fewer resources.
    The smart and flexible organisation has lower property and facilities costs, as staff work
                                                                                                    the seminar covers:
more effectively from a range of locations. It uses less paper, moving processes online. And it
                                                                                                    • The future of work in government
reduces the amount of travel, both business travel and commute travel for staff. This means
                                                                                                    • Setting up flexible working environments
reducing the carbon footprint of the organisation, and doing more for the environment.
                                                                                                    • How to bring together HR, IT and property
    The articles in the following pages provide examples of flexible working in practice, and the
                                                                                                      to maximise the benefits
benefits that the smart and flexible organisation can achieve.
                                                                                                    • Employee benefits
                                                                                                    • Case studies
                                                                                                    • Flexible working solutions on show in
                                                                                                      exhibition area

contents                                                                                            Cost: £150. early bird price £120 before January

PG03 Public sector: how will government workplaces look in 2020?                                    Further details on www.flexibility.co.uk

PG04 Technology: the diverse business benefits of mobile email devices

PG06 Small is profitable: using a variety of workplaces will                                                         PARtNERS:

increase productivity

PG10 Father figures: why helping families is good for business

PG12 The green view: flexible working solutions that will cut your energy use

PG14 Integrated approach: flexibility means working together

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 How will flexible work make a difference to government workplaces?
 By Bridget Hardy, Head of High Performing Property Strategy and
 Implementation, Office of Government Commerce

            he year is 2020: the landscape of             energy it uses. The challenge is to do that while      social interaction shows how strong relationships
            government work is transformed.               delivering citizens the public services they need      can be built with few if any ‘real life’ meetings.
            Traditional associations between work and     now and in the future.                                 In the future ‘going to work’ will not just mean
            place have gone. The link between person           Responding to this challenge will need            turning up at an office but also ‘tuning in’ to the
 and desk has been broken, and in so doing many           a radical new approach to integration across           network.
 people in the public sector across the regions now       government departments and between central                  By 2020 we will be used to working in virtual
 have access to better quality space and resources.       and local government. It means breaking down           places with hosts of people we may or may not
      A flexible and sustainable estate has evolved       barriers and working, literally, ‘beyond walls’. It    have met. I can see a time where the virtual
 saving money and giving employees more freedom           won’t always be easy for individuals and leaders       place becomes the constant - ‘the office’. It will
 of choice over where and how they work and live.         to understand, adopt and manage these changes.         be the place we go to meet our colleagues and
 Flexible distributed working is commonplace.             It will need open mindedness and a visionary           customers, where we know and are known by
      Public sector workplaces are strategically placed   approach to flexibility. But the process of change     others, where we have our work and identity.
 within an integrated network of large campuses,          has started.                                                Meanwhile the physical places we choose
 small on-demand spaces plus transient public and              In the UK and US there is great government        to work in will become more diverse, more
 private places – all interconnected via ubiquitous       enthusiasm for so-called ‘Gov2.0’ – using the web      distributed and our occupation of them more
 wireless connectivity, mobile devices, and real-time     to conduct the business of government. Solutions       transient. This combination of virtual and
 interactive networks.                                    are also emerging to facilitate flexible distributed   radically transformed physical workplaces makes
      This vision of the future of government             working, to connect people, promote a sense of         up the government office of the future.
 workplaces is from Working beyond Walls,                 belonging and enable collaboration.                         These changes will be hugely challenging but,
 the Office of Government Commerce’s 2008                      The best work almost always comes out             I believe, essential and inevitable. Government
 guidebook to transforming government                     of teamwork and the excitement of working              must reduce its use of resources, it must reduce
 workplaces and modernising the way the public            with others to a common goal. Excellent public         costs, it must continue to recruit the best people,
 sector works.                                            services will more and more rely on cross-sector       it must modernise the way it delivers services.
      The pressure to modernise, economise and            collaboration and engaging diverse opinion and         The next 10 years will see the public sector
 become more sustainable has never been more              expertise. But meeting people ‘in real life’ is no     needing to be more innovative and flexible than
 urgent. It is essential for the public sector to cut     longer so essential, especially for routine tasks.     ever.
 back significantly on the amount of space and            The growing popularity of real-time multi-media

 Working with organisations as diverse as barclays, balfour beatty,
 Wrigley, Glenmorangie and the public sector we have:
 • changed the culture                             • increased performance and efficiency
 • saved accommodation costs                       • improved Work-life balance

Benefits to customer service and the bottom line are outcomes for the well-managed, flexible organisation.

contact us for a FREE consultation to assess the benefits you can achieve
E: lynette@swiftwork.com T: 01580 201661 W: www.swiftwork.com
      on the move
      The explosion of mobile email devices has
      generated a diverse range of business benefits,
      writes Jessica Twentyman.

                                                                                 The West Yorkshire Police
                                                                                 access the national crime
                                                                                 database while on patrol

            or many people, mobile       users, despite difficult economic       Blackberries while they’re patrolling    are too small and ‘fiddly’ to write
            email is a habit they        conditions worldwide.                   the streets of Bradford, Leeds or        long emails or successfully navigate
            couldn’t give up if they          But today’s customers - whether    Huddersfield.                            browser screens, a company called
            tried. And why would         they’re companies or consumers               In fact, it’s fair to say that      Celio believes it has an answer. Its
 they want to? After all, the ability    - don’t buy the device simply for       access to email while on the             RedFly product is essentially an
 to send and receive emails from         email, insists Rory O’Neill, RIM’s      move has done much to whet               integrated keyboard-and-screen that
 their mobile device means that          director of solutions and alliances     appetites for access to other kinds      plugs into a smartphone, enabling
 they can stay productive and in         marketing. They’re using it as a        of collaboration tool, says Andrew       the user to circumvent usability
 touch with colleagues, friends and      platform for accessing a whole          Millard, UK marketing director of        issues and offering eight hours of
 family, whether they’re standing in a   world of different applications he      Citrix Online. “There’s a whole new      battery life in a lightweight format.
 queue at the supermarket, downing       says - whether that’s ‘poking’ their    way of working that has opened                “Sometimes, you just don’t
 a quick cup of coffee between           friends on Facebook or submitting       up in recent years and, as a result,     want to carry a laptop with you
 conference sessions or waiting for      travel expenses directly to their       there’s a general expectation that       on a business trip. You don’t need
 their flight to be called.              company’s back-office financial         efficiency and productivity doesn’t      the horsepower and you don’t
      In 2009, the number of people      accounting systems. “Email may          necessarily take place within the        need the excess weight, but you do
 who access email from a mobile          be where corporate users start,”        four walls of an organisation’s          want better ease of use,” explains
 device hit 139 million worldwide,       he says. “But where they go from        physical offices,” he says.              Chretien Minke, Celio’s general
 according to figures from US-           there is simply a matter of business         That’s the thinking that has        manager and vice president for
 based market research company,          need - there’s a staggering diversity   guided Citrix Online’s development       EMEA.
 the Radicati Group. By the end of       of applications out there that you      of GoToMyPC, which allows                     In November, Celio announced
 2013, they expect that figure to        can access with a Blackberry.”          employees to access their office-        a partnership with RIM, so that
 have topped 1 billion.                       Take Warburtons, one of the        based PC - including all email, files,   the RedFly device now plugs into
      Canadian company Research          UK’s top five grocery brands, where     programs and network resources           Blackberries as well as Windows
 in Motion, manufacturer of the          managers can approve purchase           - from any other Internet-connected      Mobile devices. For those who
 Blackberry, has done much to fuel       orders for raw materials used in the    computer, in any location. The           can’t or won’t master the art of
 that growth. In the last decade,        company’s bakery products even          GoToMyPC PocketView feature,             cranking out emails at lightening-
 it has shipped over 75 million          when they’re not at their desks. Or     meanwhile, enables desktop access        fast speed on their Blackberry
 devices to a subscriber base of         West Yorkshire Police, where officers   via mobile devices.                      Bold, the RedFly could provide a
 some 36 million people worldwide.       can access data held on the national         And for those users who             welcome gateway to more pervasive
 Last quarter alone, RIM signed          crime database, the Police National     complain that the screen and             productivity.
 up 4.4 million new Blackberry           Computer (PNC), via their               keyboard on their mobile device

004   flexible working                                                             An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group
 Clocking off
 Productivity, not presence, is the best way to
 measure the contribution employees make to
 their organisation, writes Jessica Twentyman.

               K business leaders are utilising        including their own homes. Using GoToMyPC
               remote working technologies to          from Citrix Online, they can view, access and
               tackle head-on the increasingly         use all their files, applications and email as if
               old-fashioned notion that the most      they were sitting at their desk, while avoiding
 valuable contributions come from employees            the rigours of a daily commute across London at
 who sit at their desks in corporate offices for       peak times.
 40 strictly-scheduled hours per week. In fact,             The technology has been instrumental in
 bosses who continue to insist that people go to       ensuring the company can maintain a highly
 work at the same time and stick to a set routine      flexible, talented workforce, says Rob Chew,
 may actually weaken morale and business               RadioWorks’ media director. “Flexibility is
 performance, according to Graham Jones,               essential to business success for us, and through
 Internet Psychologist. “People generally don’t like   GoToMyPC, we can provide our employees with
 being told how to run their life,” he says. “They     the work-life balance they are demanding, while
 feel their boss is controlling them and therefore     operating a competitive business that instills
 are actually less motivated.” By contrast, he says,   loyalty from our staff, boosts productivity and
 bosses who equip staff with the technological         promotes client satisfaction,” he says.
 means to work flexibly and remotely reap the               But remote access to a corporate PC is only
 benefits of a more committed, goal-oriented           one part of the picture for employees working
 workforce.                                            from home, on the road, or at a customer or
      That view tallies with recent findings           partner site. Citrix also offers a web conferencing
 from a November 2009 survey conducted by
 Citrix Online, a leading provider of remote
 work technologies, to coincide with National
 Commute Smart Week. Almost two-thirds of
                                                           “Flexible working can cut churn
 respondents (62 per cent) reported that they are          rates for employers, allowing
 sick of the daily commute and want to reduce
 the time they spend travelling to and from work.          them to retain the best talent”
 The most popular solutions proposed by those
 polled include home working (34 per cent),            and collaboration suite, so that these employees
 varying start and finish times (22 per cent) and      can still attend online meetings (GoToMeeting),
 using technology to enable flexible and remote        view webinars (GoToWebinar), participate
 working (32 per cent).                                in high-definition audio conferences (HiDef
      Smart bosses are listening - and for sound       Conferencing) and create and share recorded
 commercial reasons, says Andrew Millard,              content with their colleagues (GoView). And if
 director of e-commerce for EMEA at Citrix             they run up against a technical problem while
 Online. “Flexible working can cut churn rates         working remotely, GoToAssist provides an easy
 for employers, allowing them to retain the best       way for them to reach out to skilled helpdesk
 talent, maximise their productivity and ensure        staff to fix it.
                                                                                                                    THE sTRicT 40
 a motivated workforce as we come out of the                These are affordable, easy-to-use                       HOuRs PER
 recession,” he says. In 2009, economic upheaval       technologies that help businesses of all sizes               WEEk ROlE is
 and concerns over business continuity in the face     provide flexible working options to their                    bEcOMiNG OlD
 of a global swine flu pandemic conspired to give      workforces quickly and easily,” Millard says.                FAsHiONED
 the UK PLC’s ‘culture of presenteeism’ a sound        They will be ideal solutions for the many
 beating. In 2010, he predicts, forward-looking        businesses interested in embracing new and more
 companies will continue to invest in remote           flexible ways of working in 2010, while keeping
 working technologies as a means to navigate the       a sharp eye on cost and complexity.
      Radio advertising company RadioWorks is          For further information:
 set to be one of them. It’s already placed flexible   Call: 0800 011 2120
 working at the heart of its company culture,          Visit: www.gotomeeting.co.uk or
 by giving employees the flexibility to connect        www.workshifting.com
 to their office PC and work from any location,

An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group                                                  flexible working   005
      Smaller spaces,
      bigger business
      To achieve the best productivity, businesses
      should operate from an increasing variety of
      workplaces, writes Andy Lake

                                                                                   Organisations can now
                                                                                   expand into smaller
                                                                                   space. Growing the
                                                                                   company does not mean
                                                                                   growing your premises

                   ith the increased     commuting distances and the               expanding into                          and using work hubs – either
                   mobility of work      desire to work from home or a local       leSS SpaCe                              government-owned or third party
                   comes some key        office.*                                  Organisations can now expand            – will be one of the big stories of the
                   questions. What            According to Mark Dixon,             into smaller space. Growing             next 10 years.
 are offices for? Why are they located   Chief Executive of Regus, “Work           the company does not mean                     The advantages of shrinking
 where they are? And what is the         is becoming something you do              growing your premises. In the           and outsourcing offices are clear.
 point of having offices that are half   from anywhere, from the most              worlds of planning and economic         It’s a harder task to set the wheels in
 empty all the time?                     appropriate place, wherever you can       development, they are starting to       motion. It requires understanding
      After salaries, offices are the    be most productive”.                      refer to this as ‘spaceless growth’.    where, when and how people work,
 biggest cost for organisations. In a         The most appropriate place           As we emerge from recession this        and how this can be changed.
 traditional office with an assigned     could be in a central office. But         will be an increasingly important       It involves changes not only to
 desk for each employee, space audits    today it is just as likely to be at a     concept.                                property and facilities, but also to
 typically find average occupancy        local office, at home, on the move,            Small businesses as well as        technologies and – perhaps most
 rates of 45 per cent or less. A staff   at the nearest touch-down centre,         corporates can benefit from this        tricky of all – the assumptions and
 survey will typically show that over    in cafés, hotels or at client sites. In   flexibility of place. 41 per cent of    workplace culture that underpin
 80 per cent of staff want more          this context the role of the office       businesses are home based. 60 per       traditional working practices.
 flexibility in where and when they      changes. It becomes more a centre         cent of new businesses start up at            The organisations that take an
 work. And around 60 per cent are        for collaboration, and for access         home. But home is not the ideal         integrated approach to workplace
 keen to work from home 1-2 days         to specialist resources. The days         place for business meetings. A local    change will be able to maximise the
 per week, or in an office closer to     when offices consisted mainly of          work hub is the most appropriate        benefits on all fronts – cutting costs,
 home.                                   ranks of fixed desks is fading away.      place for meetings in a professional    increasing effectiveness, increasing
      Research by Regus plc,             Smaller offices that are hubs for         setting, accessing facilities such as   employee loyalty and improving
 the leading provider of flexible        larger groups of people are the way       printing, or tapping into ‘virtual      environmental performance.
 workspace solutions, has found          forward.                                  office’ services. Being able to
 that the length of employees’                Key to making this happen is         use a network of hubs has many          * For more on this research, visit
 commute journeys is closely linked      that organisations do not own all         advantages for both small businesses    www.flexibility.co.uk.
 with company loyalty. The further       the spaces in which employees work.       and corporate employees on the
 someone lives from the office,          Some are personal (the home, or           move.
 the more likely they are to think       car) some are public (cafés, or public         These ideas are also finding a
 seriously about changing their          transport) and some are shared (the       hearing in the government sector.
 job. And analysis of workplace          local work hub).                          Reducing the cost of government
 surveys shows a strong link between                                               offices by having flexible working

006   flexible working                                                               An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group
Celio Corp
Companion for
BlackBerry and
Windows Mobile
The REDFLY Mobile Companion is not a                 According to IDC, shipments of Converged               smartphone’s shortcomings. REDFLY delivers to
computer; it’s simply a large screen and full        Mobile Devices (smartphones and wireless               the mobile workforce a solution that unleashes
keyboard for a smartphone. With the REDFLY,          handhelds) will grow from 124.6 million in             the power of the mobile device by providing users
smartphone customers now have the ability to         2007 to 376.2 million in 2012 (3/08). These            expanded visibility and access to their device.
increase their productivity typing long emails,      powerful devices bring a capable computing
editing documents, browsing web content,             experience to sleek pocket-size designs with access    For more information, visit: www.celiocorp.eu
accessing existing smartphone applications as well   to applications on the Internet and corporate          or email: info@celiocorp.eu
as SaaS based applications at a lower cost and       networks. The smartphone continues to evolve
better user experience.                              into the primary mobile computing platform,
    REDFLY will assist you in extending the          providing access to all of a user’s applications and
use of your BlackBerry or Windows Mobile             data, but it lacks three fundamental aspects — a
infrastructure whilst realising the benefits of      large screen, touch-type keyboard and all-day
mobile and agile working.                            battery life. REDFLY addresses all three of the
      Flexibility to support
      the growing business
      A case study in flexible office space
                                                                                                                  “You also
                                                                                                                  need an
                                                                                                                  provider that
                                                                                                                  can partner
                                                                                                                  you in being
                                                                                                                  fast-moving and

                   ore than ever in the current              “If you think about a business in its infancy,      The flexibility to grow was Scott Beckson and
                   economy, companies need to           it needs flexible accommodation, not long leases         Simon Smith’s first reason for using Regus
                   focus their energies on their core   that tie it into the same place for years. You           serviced offices. The second was their desire to
                   business. The way they use space     also need an accommodation provider that can             focus on managing the business, rather than
 and organise their working practices should be         partner you in being fast-moving and forward-            managing property.
 an enabler of business success, rather than being      looking,” emphasises David McDowell.
 a drain on resources or a factor that limits their          Vital to Investigo’s growth has been the
 reach.                                                 availability of offices that fit its current scale and
      One fast-growing company that has taken the       future ambitions. When Investigo has wanted
 flexible approach to office space is Investigo. It     to increase headcount, Regus has provided more
 specialises in recruitment in the fields of finance    space. When it has wanted to expand into new
 and change management, working with leading            areas, Regus has provided high-quality bases
 blue-chip companies. Between 2003 and 2009             close to clients and candidates. Had Investigo
 Investigo’s turnover rose from £600,000 to over        been locked into an inflexible five-year lease for
 £28 million, putting it in the ‘Virgin Fast Track      an office for just 15 people, the story and rate of
 100’ list for the past three years. And it has grown   the company’s growth might have looked very
 from 15 to over 60 staff.                              different.
      Several elements account for Investigo’s               Initially, Investigo based 15 people in the         Part of Investigo’s formula for success is that
 success, says Managing Director David                  Cannon Street offices. Then, as the company              as many staff as possible are fee-generating. It
 McDowell. With a background in recruitment,            continued to expand, it moved to another Regus           follows that the company should outsource or
 founders Simon Smith and Scott Beckson saw             office – New Broad Street House – in the heart           minimise non-fee-earning activities.
 there was potential for a recruitment company          of the City. When Investigo expanded into the                 “No more than a handful of staff do
 where experienced staff could work in a more           Home Counties, Regus provided new bases in               back-office work. The great majority, even the
 creative and autonomous environment than               Guildford and St Albans and Reading.                     directors, are fee-generating. They’re focused
 many were used to. The flexible work culture is             Investigo uses other facilities at New Broad        externally – on clients and candidates – not on
 supported by a flexible approach to space use.         Street House as and when it needs them. These            running an office,” explains McDowell.
                                                        include a videoconferencing studio, and extra                 Using Regus offices means that Regus
 Flexible aCCommodation                                 meeting and conference rooms.                            manages everything from front of house and
 In August 2003, Scott Beckson and Simon Smith                                                                   audiovisual technology to maintenance and
 moved their young company into Regus serviced          managing the buSineSS, not the                           security – leaving Investigo’s own staff to focus on
 offices in Cannon Street, London, and they have        property                                                 their own areas of expertise.
 stayed with Regus ever since. Their reasons were       To add further flexibility, Investigo has started
 twofold: they wanted office accommodation that         to use the Regus’ Businessworld solution. This is
 could expand in line with their own growth. And        a smart card that offers walk-in access to Regus
 they wanted to focus on managing and expanding         business lounges and offices all over the UK,
 the business, rather than managing property.           supporting mobile working.

008   flexible working                                                                  An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group
     Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A Q&A

   tim dwelly                                                                   mark dixon
   director of live/Work network                                                global Ceo of regus

   Q: iS Flexible Working good For buSineSS?                                    Q: What trendS are you Seeing in global
   A: Few people realise that over 40 per cent of all UK businesses are now     WorkplaCeS?
   home-based: that was revealed in a DTI survey in 2005, well before           A: The way people work has changed enormously in recent years, and as
   the downturn. And in fact two thirds of all UK homeworkers are               the survivors emerge from this latest global recession, new patterns are
   self employed. So arguably it isn’t employees but those who work for         emerging. At Regus, we observe these changes at first hand. Two thirds of
   themselves who are the flexible working pioneers. They have lower costs      our 500,000 customers don’t have a physical office. This is probably the
   and waste less time and carbon commuting.                                    single biggest recent change to have happened to the world of work. New
                                                                                technology has made it possible for millions of people to work wherever
   Q: iS home an appropriate plaCe to run a buSineSS?                           they want, and naturally enough, most of them choose to work where they
   A: Self-employed people must think so as most make this choice. But          are be that home, traditional office or in an alternative workspace such as a
   you can also run a somewhat bigger business from home by using               business lounge or café.
   subcontractors or freelancers rather than staff. This is flexible working
   at its purest - in hard times there is no need to make anyone redundant      Q: What are the real beneFitS to Flexible Working?
   or close offices. And when times are good, it’s easier to expand a website   A: Flexible working has many real benefits; property costs can be reduced
   than a warehouse. However, homes aren’t designed for work. That’s            by up to 60 per cent, carbon footprints can be reduced through decreased
   why live/work property is so important for those who want to expand          commuting and improving office occupancy efficiency, productivity can
   or professionalise. Live/work is designed for both working and living.       be increased whilst employee stress levels can be reduced, and importantly
   Our UK live/work property finder website is free to use and will tell you    individuals work life balance can be improved.
   more: www.liveworkhomes.co.uk.
                                                                                Q: What do you belieVe to be the
   Q: What about the doWnSideS                                                  Future oF the oFFiCe?
   oF home-baSed buSineSS?                                                      A: I believe the traditional model of the office is dead. In a few years’
   A: Two main challenges are isolation and low visibility. Home-based          time many companies are going to look radically different as they rethink
   businesses can be ‘under the radar’, hidden from business support and        the way they recruit, train, motivate and deploy their workforces. Take
   from each other. For this reason they need places like workhubs (the         commuting for example: In the future our children will reminisce about
   business equivalent of a gym) - a facility they can use to network and       our daily commute to the office in much the same way as we recall life
   collaborate with others, book meeting space and perhaps used shared          without the telephone. The new flexible workplace will be at the heart of
   equipment. We are currently doing research for the government on             that change, it will be a better, more rewarding world of work, reflecting
   workhubs, with a survey of hub users on our website www.workhubs.com.        the way people want to live their lives.
   In the new low carbon economy, I expect to see live/work properties and
   workhubs become a common part of the landscape.

   www.liveworknet.com                                                          tel: 0800 142 2342
                                                                                Web: www.regus.co.uk

An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group                                                                       flexible working        009
      Good for families,
      good for business
      The government’s measures to support families
      at work are encouraging more comprehensive
      flexibility policies.

                                                                                     The majority of fathers say
                                                                                     that taking time off leads
                                                                                     to them playing a greater
                                                                                     role in caring for their

                                                                                     flexible working open to them –         maternity leave outstanding. Some
                                                                                     though only 30 per cent are actually    of the leave may be paid if taken

                                                                                     using it. The most common forms         during the mother’s maternity pay
                ver the past few years,   There’s a growing awareness that           are flexitime and working from          period.
                the government            enabling staff to have a better work-      home but options could also include
                has taken a leading       life balance is good for business, as      different start and finish times,       parental leaVe
                role in supporting        it encourages loyalty and increases        part-time working and compressed        Parents also have the right to up to
 parents and carers at work. The          job satisfaction. With the average         hours. The overwhelming majority        13 weeks unpaid Parental Leave.
 ‘right to request’ flexible working,     cost of recruiting a new member            (96 per cent) of fathers who were       The new Parental Leave Directive
 and new paternity, maternity and         of staff around £6k, it makes              working flexibly value their working    agreed last November will increase
 parental leave options have been         sense to accommodate employees’            arrangements. Two thirds of all         parental leave to four months.
 introduced to support parents            aspirations for a manageable               fathers consider the availability of    Member States will have two years
 at work - including fathers. It’s        balance.                                   flexible working to be important        to make the changes. Also if there
 good for families, good for equality          The most forward-looking              when looking for a new job.             is an unexpected family emergency,
 – and good for business too, says        employers go beyond the minimum.                The vast majority (91 per cent)    eg a child falling ill, employees
 the Department for Business,             Rather than have a reactive policy         of dads now take time off around        can take a reasonable amount of
 Innovation and Skills.                   of responding to requests, they            the birth of their child and the        (unpaid) time off to deal with
      Working fathers and mothers         have developed comprehensive               majority of fathers say that taking     the emergency and put other care
 with children aged 16 and under          flexible working policies for all staff,   time off leads to them playing          arrangements in place.
 have the right to request flexible       not only parents. Taking a more            a greater role in caring for their            The combination of these
 working. This right is also              strategic approach enables them            children. Currently fathers can take    leave options and flexible working
 available to parents of disabled         to maximise the benefits, such as          2 weeks paid paternity leave at a       provide employees with a range of
 children under 18, and to carers of      reducing property and travel costs.        standard rate of £123.06 per week.      options to balance work and family
 dependent adults. More than 10                                                      Many also benefit from contractual      life.
 million employees are eligible.          Father FigureS                             paternity leave or may also take
      This ‘right to request’ enables     Flexible working is sometimes              annual leave.                           For further information
 parents and carers to propose            portrayed as a women’s issue, and               Now extensions to paternity        visit www.direct.gov.
 flexible working arrangements.           indeed it is contributing to women         leave are on the horizon. The           uk/workandfamilies or
 Employers must seriously consider        achieving greater equality. But men        government plans to introduce a         www.businesslink.gov.uk/
 the request and can only refuse if       are also seeking a better balance and      new right to Additional Paternity       workandfamilies
 they have valid business reasons.        looking to play a more significant         Leave and Pay for fathers of children
 According to the 2008 CBI                role in caring for their children.         due from 3 April 2011. This would
 Employment Trends Survey, 95 per              According to the Equalities and       give fathers a right to up to six
 cent of all requests from working        Human Rights Commission, almost            months’ leave which can be taken
 parents are agreed.                      half of fathers have some kind of          if the mother returns to work with

010   flexible working                                                                 An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group
Flexible Business Technology

We know flexible working can work for the      PepperIT, specialist flexible working technology   objectively review all the options and provide
employer and the employee, reducing costs      consultants, dispute this. Managing Director,      the most appropriate solution.
and increasing business potential. Yet only    Rob Pearson says “It’s a fallacy. Five minutes
                                                                                                  Pearson says “Flexible working is about
40% of small and medium sized businesses       searching the web proves there’s an abundant
                                                                                                  working anytime, anywhere. If SMBs don’t
(SMBs) allow employees to work from home,      range of cost effective solutions enabling
                                                                                                  adopt the technology they will lose out to
compared with 76% of large companies.          businesses to collaborate from remote
                                                                                                  their larger competitors.”
So why are SMBs missing out on this            locations.”
opportunity?                                                                                      You can find how PepperIT has helped
                                               PepperIT has an impressive track record
                                                                                                  other businesses on their website,
A major reason is the perception that the      deploying cost effective flexible working
technology to enable effective flexible        technologies in SMBs. PepperIT use a simple
working is too expensive. According to a new   methodology. First, identify what the business
independent survey commissioned by Citrix      could gain from flexible working. Then identify
Online only 43% of SMBs have the technology    the technology that best fits the bill. Because
in place to allow flexible working.            PepperIT are completely independent, they can
      The green view
      Flexible work enables companies to be more
      effective while being less resource-intensive.
      Andy Lake outlines the key factors for making
      working practices more sustainable.

                                                                                  The typical office desk is
                                                                                  occupied for less than 50
                                                                                  per cent of the working

                                                                                  Other studies have found that           green initiatives, and the imperative
                                                                                  this greater awareness in the home      to ‘reduce, recycle, reuse’.
                                                                                  environment translates to home
                                                                                  offices. The carbon footprint of the    Counting the Carbon
 “Doing more with less” has always       Department for Transport’s Smarter       homeworker is generally lower than      Implementing flexible work
 been a mantra for business. Today       Choices study concluded that             that of the office worker.              enables companies to improve
 we should think of this as meaning      “teleconferencing typically reduces                                              their environmental performance.
 being more effective while reducing     business travel in organisations that    moVing proCeSSeS online                 Sustainability should not be an
 environmental costs, as well as         promote its use by 10 per cent - 30      Nothing tethers people to the office    afterthought, but should be counted
 financial costs.                        per cent”.                               like archaic paper processes. For       in from the outset.
     Flexible work is central to                                                  staff to be able to work from a              Each change to working
 reducing the environmental              oFFiCe CoStS                             range of locations and at different     practices has an environmental
 footprint of work. The three main       Offices are hungry consumers of          times, it is essential that their       impact. Taking a strategic approach
 areas to look at are travel, the        energy and physical resources. As        information and systems can be          to integrate business efficiency and
 environmental costs of offices and      the typical office desk is occupied      accessed anytime, anywhere. The         environmental performance is the
 putting services and processes online   for less than 50 per cent of the         network is the office for the truly     way to maximise the benefits.
 to cut down the use of resources.       working day, flexible working            flexible worker and for the smart
                                         solutions, such as desk-sharing          organisation.                           For more information, visit:
 reduCing traVel                         solutions can reduce the carbon               There are many companies now       www.flexibility.co.uk/
 When introducing flexible work,         footprint per worker considerably.       that can conduct storage audits         savetheplanet
 companies should set targets for             The redesign of offices to create   and convert paper to electronic
 travel reduction. A Smith Institute     flexible working environments also       files, indexed within a document        www.greenofficeweek.eu
 report last year, Can Homeworking       provides a chance to introduce           management system. Moving all
 Save the Planet? (see table), shows     energy-saving features and practices.    that filing off the office floor will
 what savings can be achieved.           Green Office Week, an initiative         reduce office costs too.
     As more than 12 per cent of         launched by Avery, gives advice          Measures like this support existing
 the workforce already work from         on how to mobilise the workforce
 home, they are already making a         to improve the environmental
 substantial contribution to ‘saving     performance of offices. A YouGov
 the planet’. Three quarters of          poll commissioned by Avery
 the carbon footprint of working         found that 75 per cent of office
 practices is made up of the transport   workers thought that they were
 energy used by individual workers,      less environmentally friendly in
 most of which is consumed during        the office than at home. A lack of
 commuting.                              empowerment, facilities, education,
     Business travel can be              communication and company
 replaced by video, audio and web        apathy were all cited as major
 conferencing, and through online        reasons for this.
 collaboration techniques. The

012   flexible working                                                              An independent supplement produced by Lyonsdown Media Group
The New Way of Working
Do more with less • Transform your organisation • Be greener
In challenging times, finding ways to work more efficiently is simply
good business - that is what video-enabling your organisation
means. Face-to-face rather than place to place.

Make decisions at the speed of thought. See customers as soon as
a need arises. Keep employees happy working from home.
Get everybody on the same page.

Please visit: www.tandberg.com
or call +44 (0)1784 274 600
                                                                                   approach to
                                                                                   flexible work
                                                                                   Implementing flexible work means
                                                                                   getting everyone working together,
                                               Collaborative Working area
                                                   national army museum            reports Andy Lake. Challenging, but
                                           (image supplied by peoplespace)
                                                                                   the results are worth it.

                 nce persuaded of the benefits of       to a 10 per cent reduction in accommodation        According to Halbyn Rich, of flexible work
                 flexible working, organisations need   running costs. According to Paul Savage, Smart     specialists Peoplespace, “A truly integrated
                 to set about the practical task of     Programme Manager at Islington, “In an             approach saves so much time and money.
                 implementing it. To achieve the full   organisation like a Council, there is no one-      The return on investment period is cut
 range of benefits means working across several         size-fits-all solution. So, while building up an   dramatically, and the ability to create better
 disciplines – HR, Property, Facilities , IT and        integrated framework for delivery, the roll-out    working environments and flexibility for staff is
 environmental policy.                                  of Smart Working in each service has to take       increased”.
      It means developing a strategy, setting           account of the particular needs of that service,   Further case studies on the integrated approach
 up a project team, and project managing an             and where they are starting from.”                 are at www.flexibility.co.uk/cases
 implementation that may incorporate audits                  Paul feels that
 of current working practices, consultations,           Smart Working
 developing the business case, moving or                is more relevant
 refurbishing property, workplace design,               than ever in the
 deploying new technologies, training, culture          current economic
 change and developing new policies and                 climate. “After
 protocols.                                             salaries, property
      That can be challenging. But partial              and facilities are
 approaches can be costly without delivering the        the biggest costs to
 benefits. For example, an implementation that          councils. We need
 introduces flexible working time options but not       the people much
 flexible place options may have work-life benefits,    more than we need
 but not deliver cost savings or environmental          desks, and the more
 benefits. Introducing home working and desk-           we can cut our
 sharing without addressing workplace culture           overheads, the better
 would probably be a disaster.                          we can maintain
      One organisation that has adopted an              services.”
 integrated approach is Islington Council. Like              Because of the
 many councils, Islington has been under pressure       need for integration,
 to increase efficiency over a number of years          flexible work, or
 – delivering better services, more sustainably,        ‘smart working’,
 and with fewer resources. The Smart Working            implementation
 programme began there in 2005, and has ramped          is now perhaps
 up from departmental initiatives to have an            emerging as a
 integrated framework that guides Smart Working         discipline in itself,
 throughout the Council. 2,400 staff are now set        with experts who can
 up to work more flexibly, working on a desk-           combine managing
 sharing basis.                                         multi-faceted
      Starting from a portfolio of around 40 office     projects with a
 buildings, the Council has now released 12 of          strong understanding
 them, and refurbished 13 as Smart Working              of the emerging new
 environments, where the focus is on collaboration      ways of working.
 rather than working at fixed desks. This has led

014   flexible working
More and more companies these days are looking to maximise           based, the interface is more “Windows-like” than most others.
the time that their sales and technical staff are “in front of       Whoever you are in the organisation, you have access to
the customer”. On the face of it, this makes perfect sense as        information that you need and for managers, Workbooks
it improves customer relations and increases sales. However          provides a powerful reporting engine to ensure your business
whilst it makes economic sense, the reality is that these            is on track. More importantly, for the health of your business,
individuals become disconnected from the information in the          all the information is retained centrally and not in the heads of
business and soon become islands of information on their own.        your employees, thus increasing the knowledge management
                                                                     that so many small businesses lack. Whilst this will never do
Email, Blackberries and other mobile devices go some way             away with all those emails, it will mean that everyone can
to re-connect them, but the central information pool, the            access the same information, and that has got to be good for
Customer Relationship Management system (CRM), is rarely             business of all sizes.
updated and business processes suffer as a result. Many
corporates throw large amounts of It resources to resolve            In short it’s not just the sales and technical people who can
this problem, but for the small to medium sized business they        now be more customer-facing, the Marketing Manager, Sales
have neither the expertise nor the cash to easily overcome the       Director and the MD can get out there too.

A technology that delivers a way forward for smaller
companies is the software as a service model (SaaS) or cloud
computing- the software provider delivers their solution
through a web browser. there is no hardware, no software
and more importantly no hassle.

A UK based CRM company that offers one of the best solutions
is Workbooks. With extensive SMB experience, they understand
the frustrations of trying to make applications work together
and to centralise important information to make it accessible
to everyone.

Workbooks offers a comprehensive CRM system that can be
accessed anywhere with an internet connection- you can even
use it out on the road with a 3G card!

What is surprising about their offering is that unlike many
other solutions, Workbooks CRM is no lightweight – it delivers
incredible insight into what’s going on in your business – from
creating and delivering effective marketing campaigns,
tracking customers, appointments, prospects, opportunities,
competitors, and managing post sales support. the user
interface feels familiar and is very easy to use, whilst it is web

Workbooks cRM and Workbook business are available from
Workbooks.com                                                                                                     UK Provider to UK SMB’s

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