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									How You Can Put On Nerd Glasses This Year
Have you obtain the memo? Brainiacs are awesome. Very awesome. Hence it comes down as no
real surprise that increasing numbers of people are angling to appear like them. Some are even going
to date regarding purchase over the counter nerd glasses to accomplish their nerdy ensembles.
Are nerd glasses awesome? Unquestionably. 2012 will probably be an especially large year for nerd
glasses with the entire geek/nerd movement attaining much more momentum. Trendiness aside,
these spiffy specs can definitely enhance your thing or complete a dress-up costume.
Does everybody put on them well? Sadly, no. Never fear - I'll provide you with some modern putting
on tips, as well as take you step-by-step through the main kinds of nerd glasses to think about when
adding accessories.
After reading through this informative guide, you will be ready to allow your inner nerd emerge just
like a large, awkward butterfly.
On my small latest trip to Tokyo, japan, I scoped out as numerous fashionable boutiques when i could
to search for just about any noticeable developments within the nerd glasses trend. I observed two
particular developments which i believe will influence the way in which people put on and display nerd
glasses throughout 2012:
• Individuals are putting on glasses with no contacts inside them: This can be a new degree of
  irony- folks aren't even attempting to pretend they require glasses any longer- they are just opting
  for the enjoyment frames!
• Artists are using nerd glasses frames (without contacts) as keychains and purse add-ons: I
  saw a number of pairs of glasses using the temples removed which were used just to embellish
  handbags and bags. They have become a lot of a symbol that individuals are simply while using
  shape like a decoration.
I additionally observed that vibrant, solids were typically the most popular options, frame-smart, so if
you wish to remain on-trend, be put off by designs.
You will find, surprisingly, right and wrong methods to put on over the counter contacts for
entertainment. If you want to rock the nerd look, you need to keep these issues in mind:
Consistency is essential
Among the best methods to rock vanity glasses frames is to ensure they are a signature a part of
your thing. I have an acquaintance who used vanity frames constantly, and that he really managed to
get work - it had been part of his unique style, that they rocked each day, and also the glasses
assisted to create his ensembles together in an exceedingly pleasing and natural way.
If you're really seriously interested in making the nerd look meet your needs, you need to be
consistent - you cannot choose to put on your nerd glasses only one day per week. You'll desire to
make them a component of your general style.
Dress the Part
Even when you don't want toincorporatevanity frames to your everyday look (or maybe you simply
want to put on them included in an outfit), you ought to be certain to put on them correctly, which
would be to state that your outfit should jam well together with your frames. Nerd glasses look best
with nerd clothes- otherwise compared against another very distinctive style. If you put on all of them
with your normal jeans and t-shrt/sweatshirt, your preferred fashion statement will probably perform a
very unfulfilling belly flop.
You will find four major groups of nerd glasses available: Wayfarer-style, Clark Kent-style, Half frame-
style, and costume style. I'll take you step-by-step through each kind and share some good examples
of models that can easily be bought online.
Ray-Prohibit Wayfarers. Wherefore hast thou absorbed American culture? And how didst thou
capture the hearts of brainiacs and badasses alike?
While Wayfarer-style shades are worn through the "awesome" set, Wayfarer-style glasses frames are
regarded as around the nerd (although hipster-nerd) finish from the continuum. Today, Wayfarer-style
frames are undoubtedly typically the most popular nerd glasses style.
Made legendary by such cultural symbols because this American Life's Ira Glass which obnoxious
"Are You Able To Hear Me Now?" Verizon guy, these frames are generally fun and flattering - and
veryeasy to acquire. They're also handier and is worn with many different variations. The only
disadvantage to Wayfarer-style nerd glasses is the ubiquity. By choosing these, you'll hardly be
setting yourself aside from everyone else.
If you'd like to become a bitmore original together with your nerd glasses choice, consider choosing
Clark Kent-style frames. They're a little less trendy, but they are also not too unusual in order to not
stand out just like a sore thumb around the roads, plus they have got a bit of great popular culture
Another perk to those frames is the fact that they are a little more in keeping with the nerd legacy -
unlike Wayfarer-style frames, Clark Kent-style nerd glasses don't have any tie-inches with bad boys
and hipsters. Nay, they are strengthened with images of nerdy reporters- but, additionally they
suggest awesome hidden forces. Who could request for something more from frames?
If you would like the Wayfarer look (that is of course flattering), but wish to ditch the awesome/hipster
associations and change it with a little of cool vintage spunk, choose half-frame Wayfarer-style
Though you can buy them new online, there are also these through the barrel at flea marketplaces
and in many vintage clothing shops. I recommend obtaining a used pair and only filling all of them
with over the counter contacts or just popping the contacts out altogether. Wearing frames with no
contacts really jumps some quirk to your look and removes any possible suggestion that you're a
strange little glasses poser.
Finally, if you are just attempting to be a nerd for any party, and also you would like your turn to
become more of the charicature than a real replication, you may you will want some coke bottle-style
nerd glasses meant for costume put on.
Though these aren't fun to put on in excess of an hour or so, they pack a punch aesthetically making
everybody laugh. They also alllow for great costume pieces to possess available for funny profile
pictures and visits from bored more youthful relatives.
If you wish to find appropriate nerd glasses without buying costly frames, you've got a handful of
First, I suggest checking flea marketplaces and thrift stores - they often times sell old frames (usually
without contacts) that you could either repair with prescription contacts or leave lens-less. Like a side
note, if you are searching for unique contacts for prescription glasses, flea marketplaces alllow for a
great resource - you have to pay alongside nothing on their behalf and may find some fantastic
You may also take a look at Hot Subject stores - they've been selling nerd glasses for quite a while
now. They presently choose $9.99 and are available in a variety of colors.

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