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									SafeGuard Easy®
Utimaco Safeware Inc.

           An e-commerce website has been designed in order to help the Mutual of Omaha
           financial professionals purchase and download the appropriate software and
           predefined configuration. Once you click on “Buy SafeGuard Easy”, you will be
           walked through the purchase and download procedure.


Utimaco Safeware Inc.

       Download & Installation
            Once your purchase is completed, you will download a self-extracting executable,
            which will include the SafeGuard Easy software, configuration file and
            installation script. The following steps need to be completed.
                              STEPS ARE COMPLETED

       Pre-installation steps
            1. Complete backup of your disk drive.
            2. Run a check on the hard drive. During the installation, you will be asked
               whether you would like to complete a Check Disk. It is strongly
               recommended you answer Yes and allow the Check Disk to complete upon
               the next reboot

            1. Once downloaded, Double-Click on the SGEasyInstall_MoO.exe.
            2. Please read the presented dialog box and choose “Yes” if you would like to
               proceed with the installation of SafeGuard Easy 4.30.1

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

           3. WinZip Self-Extractor will proceed with placing the installation files and
              scripts on your hard drive. Please do not attempt to change the location or
              your installation will fail.

           4. It is strongly recommended that a Check Disk be preformed before you
              proceed with the installation.
              YES - Your system will restart and a check disk will be preformed. Once the
              check disk has completed, the SafeGuard Easy installation will continue
              NO - A check disk will not be scheduled and the installation will proceed

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

           5. If YES is chosen, you will be required to answer yes when the CMD window
              is displayed

           6. Installation will proceed

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

           7. Once the installation has completed, your system will reboot

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

       Kernel Backup – Floppy Drive
           SafeGuard Easy installs a new kernel onto your machine in order for your
           Windows operating system to read the newly encrypted hard drive. Each kernel is
           unique to each installation and needs to be backed up in case emergency tools are
           needed at a future time.

           The following instructions are for computers with available floppy drives. If
           you do not have a floppy drive available, skip to instructions for “No Floppy
           Drive”, page 10.
              1. When prompted, select “Yes, I want to create a kernel backup now.

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

              2. It is recommended that you create a bootable rescue disk, select “Create
                 bootable rescue disk, including SafeGuard Easy emergency tools and
                 kernel backup”, click “Next >”

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

              3. Insert formatted diskette into drive, click “Next >”. Note: All data on the
                 floppy drive will be lost as the bootable floppy is created.

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

              4. It is also recommended that a new backup be created every 30 days.
                 When prompted again in 30 days, the above procedure should be

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

       Kernel Backup – No Floppy Drive Available
           Nowadays, some mobile devices like notebooks no longer have floppy drives.
           For this reason we have also made it possible for you to start SafeGuard Easy
           from a CD in an emergency.
              1. Select “Create kernel backup only.” Click “Next >”.

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

              2. Choose a location to store the backup kernel, click “Next >”.
                 NOTE: If you choose to store the initial backup on your local hard drive,
                 make sure you later move it to a secure location, such as a USB thumb
                 drive or burn on to a CD.

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

              3. It is also recommended that a new backup be created every 30 days.
                 When prompted again in 30 days, the above procedure should be

              4. Please refer to appendix A to create a rescue CD for emergency recovery.
                 The instructions for this are on 358 of your support manual. It's referred
                 to as 26.3.

Utimaco Safeware Inc.

       Appendix A
       PublicKnowledge item (SGI-No): 107115

       How to create a bootable rescue disk incl. a kernel backup
       How to create a bootable SafeGuard Easy Emergency Disk incl. kernel backup on one

       To create a bootable Emergency Disk with a kernel backup on one bootable CD, please
       adhere following steps:
       - Download the boot.iso from the Knowledge Article (search the Knowledge Database
       for the keywords "Bootable Rescue Image") and copy the file into your SafeGuard Easy
       Note: This step can be omitted from version SafeGuard Easy 4.20 -> please start with the
       next step.

       - Start the SafeGuard Easy Emergency Disk Wizard

       - Select the option "Create bootable rescue disk, including SafeGuard Easy
       emergency tools and kernel backup"

       - The Emergency Disk Wizard creates a bootable Emergency Disk with kernel backup
       and Emergency Tools.

       - Start your burn programm and select (corresponding) "Create Bootable CD"

       - Choose the created SafeGuard Easy Emergency Disk as source for the CD

       As a result of this, the CD will be bootable, contain the SafeGuardEasy Emergency Tools
       and a kernel backup.

       Note: All files will be written in the bootable area of the CD and therefore are not visible
       in the explorer.

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