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					                                        Sample Letter to Legislator

City, State,

Dear Senator/Representative,

I am writing to ask you to support marriage, as currently defined, if you have the opportunity to vote for
it. I believe the purpose of marriage should be to promote and encourage relationships that are the
most likely to provide a child with the opportunity to be raised by its mother and father. Washington
currently offers legal protections for children, as well as parents, who are in different situations.

While people should be free to form other relationships or living situations, I do not believe the public
will benefit by including all such arrangements within the definition of the word marriage. They are
simply different, and that’s ok.

Also, I am very concerned with the harm to religious liberty that would result if marriage were
redefined. There is growing evidence from jurisdictions that have redefined marriage that such a
decision has severe consequences for freedom of conscience, freedom of religion.

While there will always be differences of opinion over this issue, I believe the law should be respectful of
those differences and never do anything that would punish someone for their sincerely held beliefs on
this issue. It has been consistently shown that redefining marriage would do just that.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this issue. And thank you for serving the state of
Washington as you do.


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