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					                                                                                                 June 2012

                                                           Growing together in Christ transforms lives.

        Our Mission:
               We embody                                     Wizards and Wonders—
          Christ's presence
           by reaching out                                        A Harry Potter
                  to receive
          with open hands
              and to share
                                                               Vacation Bible School
           with open heart
         the Word of God,                                          An intergenerational VBS
         the Bread of Life.
                                                                     Everyone Welcome
                                                             Spend the week with Harry Potter and
                                                              his friends at Hogwarts as we explore
                                                          the wonders of God.
                               Where:          St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
In This Issue:                                 200 Oyster Creek Drive
                                               Lake Jackson, TX 77566
Bulletin board news       2
                                               (979) 297-6003
Ministry of the Month:    3
                               When: June 18-22
Summer Happenings         4    The adventure starts at 6:00 PM each evening and
From the Rector’s desk:   5
                               will end at 8:00 PM.
                               (Light snacks will be served, no dinner provided.)
News from The Well        8
                               Cost: $5 per person with a $20 family limit
Congrats to Grads         9

Summer Lunch/Movie        10   Registration: Please stop by the M&M table or church office for a
                               registration form. A registration is on the inside back cover of this issue
A Big Thank You           11   of Sticks & Stones. For more information, call 979-297-6003.
                               Registration deadline is June 11th.
Spiritual Health          12

Treasurer’s Report        13           This is an intergenerational VBS. We encourage mom and/or
                                        dad to come along and enjoy the experience. Ages 3 & 4 can
July Master Schedule      14
                                        attend with parent participation. Parent participation encouraged,
VBS Registration Form     15            but not required for ages 5 and up.

Service Schedule Back Cover            Nursery will be provided for parents participating in VBS who
                                        have children under age 3, nursery pre-registration will be
                                        required! (The $5 registration fee also applies to children in the

                           If you can give or loan
                           us any of the
                           following items for
                           Vacation Bible
                           School, please bring
                           them to the church
office by June 10th. If you want the item                   St. Timothy’s chefs, Frances and Pedro
returned, please be sure to write your name on              Mireles will be serving breakfast each Sunday
it. Thank you!                                              morning between the services at 9:00 AM
                                                            during the summer. Please place a donation in
       Baby Name Books that include the                    the basket to help defray the cost.
        meaning of the names
                                                            St. Timothy’s people never want to miss out on
      A World Map (won’t be returned)
                                                            fun, food and fellowship. Let’s get together on
      Brooms                                               summer Sunday mornings and share
      Flashlights                                          breakfast!
      Outdoor Torches (or other lights to
        illuminate the labyrinth at night)
      Strobe Light                                           Hats off to the EYC!! They had a successful
                                                             Silent Auction and raised approximately $2000
      Old mirrors that can hang on a wall any
                                                              toward the expenses for their mission trips!
                                                                               Great Job!!!
If you have any questions, email Liz Parker at

                There are currently no plans to publish a July 2012 issue of STICKS &
                 STONES. We will, however, try to keep information flowing through
                website, Facebook notices, emails, or perhaps even a “mini” newsletter.
                    The deadline for submissions to the August 2012 issue of the
                                     STICKS & STONES will be
                                       Tuesday, July 17, 2012.

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Now that the Feast of Pentecost is past, we will no longer by offering Morning     Lake Jackson, TX 77566
  or Evening Prayer each weekday, but we will continue to pray Evening             (979) 297-6003
                Prayer on Fridays at 5:15 PM in the Chapel
                                                                                   The Rev. Andrew D. Parker,
.                                                                                  Rector

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                                                                                   Associate Rector
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                              Ministry of the Month
                                The Ministry of the Business of Church
                What is your first reaction when you think about the idea of serving on the Vestry of St.
                Timothy’s? Do you get a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach? Do you yawn? Are you
                overwhelmed at the responsibility?

                  I would venture to guess that most people are reluctant either because they think they
don’t have enough time, or they don’t feel equipped. And to be honest, it’s not a glitzy ministry to serve
on a Vestry. As a Vestry, we meet monthly to look at budgets, make financial decisions, and deal with
building maintenance and personnel issues. Many times the choices and options we face are very
difficult. And, then there’s Vestry duty . That’s locking up the building each evening on a given week. It
may seem a bit “corporate” for those looking for ministries that will feed them and support their spiritual

But I’d like to offer an alternative view based on my experiences. I’m in the final year of my second 3-
year term on the Vestry. I first served from 2000 – 2003, and had the pleasure of being on the Vestry that
called the Parkers to St. Timothy’s. Both times the call and the actual experience have been deeply
spiritual and profoundly fulfilling. I have both broadened and deepened my relationships in the St.
Timothy’s community. I have felt the presence of the Holy Spirit tangibly at times. In short, God has used
the business of the church to strengthen my faith. Those challenging times, the financial uncertainties,
and the differing priorities forces me to a place of knowing that I’m not in control. I’m reminded at the
beginning of every meeting, as we study scripture and pray together, that this diversity of gifts and
experiences is God’s design. Your Vestry are called to be disciples, leaders with vision, stewards,
equippers, servants, missioners, healers, and welcomers. Now that sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

Despite the fact that Vestry has been listed as a Ministry of the Month for a number of years now, we
haven’t always done a very good job of describing it in those terms. It is really evident when we are
recruiting each fall prior to the annual meeting. This year we are going to approach this process a little
differently: we are designing a Vestry discernment process. In August, we will offer discernment sessions
for those people interested in learning more about Vestry service and hearing first hand from Andy,
myself and other Vestry members about roles, expectations, and responsibilities. While it will be
announced to the parish as a whole and anyone is welcome to attend, the nominating committee will,
through prayer and discussion, identify specific leaders they feel may be called to serve, and invite them
to attend one of the sessions. At the conclusion of each session, all in attendance will be asked to pray
for discernment regarding Vestry service. The nominating committee will then follow-up with everyone
who attended to see if they are willing to put themselves forward to the parish at the October elections.
Any answer, if arrived at through the process of prayer, is fine. I ask you to do two things now:

       1) Begin praying for the future leaders that will be raised in St. Timothy’s, and

       2) Mark your calendars for one of the Vestry Discernment Sessions
              * Sunday, August 26, 2012 from 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM, or
              * Tuesday, August 28, 2012 from 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM.

I thank you for your prayers and support – I am blessed by you all and honored to serve you and our
Lord on the Vestry of St. Timothy’s.

                                                                        --Beth Mathis, Senior Warden 2012

                                                                               Invited to
8:00 a.m.
9:00 a.m.
                Holy Eucharist, Rite One
                Breakfast at Timothy's                                         Storytime
9:30 a.m.       Story Time (in a corner of the
                Parish Hall)                        When: 9:30 AM Sunday mornings,
10:00 a.m.      Holy Eucharist, Rite Two                      starting May 27th
                 ~with the Senior Choir in June
                 ~with the organ only in July
                                                    Where: The Parish Hall
                 ~with the Joiful Noyse in August
                                                    Who: You!

                                                    What: A good book read by an adult or
OTHER SUMMER EVENTS                                 teenager.

                                                    You’re invited to bring something soft with you –
June 2 - 9 AM to Noon – Safeguarding God’s
                                                    to sit on or hold during the story.
              Children (Blue Room)
                                                    Parents can listen along or continue enjoying
            9 AM – Election of Suffragan Bishop,    Breakfast at Timothy’s which will be offered
                  At Christ Cathedral, Houston      starting at 9:00 AM.
June 10-15 – Senior High Mission Trip to

June 11-15      Junior High Mission Trip            Tuesday Bible Study Group
                To Houston
                                                              Begins a New Study
June 18-22      Vacation Bible School—
                Harry Potter Returns                                  “Daniel: Lives of Integrity;
                                                                      Words of Prophecy”
June 24         9 AM Catechesis Atria
                Open House                                            This study will begin on June
                                                                      12 from 2 PM – 4 PM in the
June 27         7:30 PM - Holy Eucharis and                           Blue Room and continue for
                Confirmation with Bishop Doyle                        11 weeks. Yet another of the
                                                    outstanding studies created by Beth Moore.
July 23-29      Catechesis of the Good
                Shepherd Training                   As Beth puts it, “The book of Daniel shows God
                                                    in control, absolutely sovereign, never shaken,
                                                    and nothing can detour His plan for the ages.”

                                                    Please consider joining this loving and growing
                                                    group of Bible ‘study-ers’ on Tuesdays. Contact
                                                    Catherine Nagle ( for

                                                       UNITY IN MISSION
                                   Regarding Bishop Doyle’s Paper on Common Mission
                                           and the Challenge Posed by Division

                                                     by the Rev. Andrew Parker

                               More than a year ago, Bishop Andy Doyle announced to the Council of
                               the Diocese of Texas that he was writing a treatise on the sacrament of
                               marriage. Given the controversy in all the mainline denominations
                               regarding the blessing of same sex unions, this project to me seemed
both timely and courageous, but I wondered how the Bishop of this big complex diocese could find time
to do this. The Bishop also occasionally mentioned his “Plan” at the Council, but I couldn’t make out just
what this Plan was for.

Last month Bishop Doyle convened all the diocesan clergy at Camp Allen to present and discuss his
Paper and Plan, which he published on the diocesan website. In fact, you can read it at

The Plan is basically his response to the likely approval of the rite for blessing same sex covenants (not
“same sex marriage”) at this summer’s General Convention in Indianapolis. In the words of a press

       Bishop Doyle began working with former Secretary of State James Baker in 2010 to develop the
       outline of his plan. He has since received support for his leadership from people in the diocese
       who represent the broad diversity of opinion on the blessing of same-gender covenants.

       “My plan does not ask for further debate or require approval,” Bishop Doyle told the clergy
       gathered at Camp Allen. “I have not asked people to change their positions or even to like the
       plan that I am setting before us,” he explained. “It is my deepest desire to offer a generous
       breadth of pastoral care for our members throughout the diocese.”

If you open the Bishop’s paper online, be warned: it’s one hundred and twenty pages long! And I think
it’s masterful. He covers all the ground that must be covered in addressing a complex issue like this. Let
me give you just a summary:

The Foreword by former Secretary of State James Baker III describes his concern about the
divisiveness this issue has caused our Church. Secretary Baker believes that the Episcopal Church
need not prescribe a uniform policy but should adopt an “all-are-welcome” approach, allowing decisions
to be made on the local, parish level. He believes that “we Episcopalians in Texas have an opportunity
here to lead by example on this issue” within the Church nationally.

Introduction: The Future We Create addresses the decline in numbers in the Episcopal Church since
the mid-1970’s which have resulted from our internal conflicts. Bishop Doyle challenges us to move past
our surrounding culture of indictment which demands that “you are either with us or against us.” He then
traces historically how each Bishop of the Diocese of Texas has pursued both Christ’s mission and
church unity.

Chapter 1: The Responsibility of the Bishop as Leader expresses his commitment to catholicity,
meaning “the fullness of the one faith expressed through myriad local forms.” He wishes to draw our
diocese, and the larger church, into deeper communion (or, koinonia) through the wise handling and
harnessing of conflicts.

Chapter 2: Unity: Effective Instrument of Mission thoughtfully surveys the common marks of the
Anglican tradition one-by-one: scripture, worship, an ordered ministry (bishops, priests, deacons), and
our mission, chiefly to proclaim the good news in Christ Jesus. The Bishop urges greater unity and
interdependence among all the provinces of the Anglican Communion.

Chapter 3: Common Themes & Essential Foundations in Traditional Marriage A fresh and rich
exposition of marriage, affirming the traditional understanding that marriage is the lifelong union between
one man and one woman. Bishop Doyle explores theologically the “nuptial mystery” and comments on
the passages on marriage found in the Epistles. Historically, he notes that the sacrament of Christian
marriage grew out of the civil ceremony and not the other way around. Then he observes that, although
Jesus forbade divorce and remarriage, the Church has over time has decided to allow it, as a way of
mirroring God’s own unconditional love.

Chapter 4: Opposing Views examines an ancient theological principle, recently revived by the Windsor
Report, called adiaphora; that is, those matters regarded as non-essential, issues about which one can
disagree without dividing the Church. (The Windsor Report notes that some adiaphora nevertheless may
be found scandalous or offensive by a good number of Christians.) When combined with the principle of
subsidiarity we can say that “the clearer it is that something is ‘indifferent’ in terms of the Church’s
central doctrine, the closer to the local level it can be decided.” Bishop Doyle then summarizes both the
traditional and the liberal arguments, observing that since these two views seem to “run almost on
different rails,” they will not meet in the middle.

Chapter 5: Our Response draws upon the “Conversation Covenant” developed by our own Seminary
of the Southwest. This covenant offers the people of the diocese a way to be in conversation together as
a community and embody the nuptial mystery as a diocese, even in the midst of our most passionate

Chapter 6: A Strategy for Unity in Mission is the Plan itself. As Bishop of a predominately traditional
diocese, he will vote against the General Convention resolution to approve rites for blessing a same-
gender partnership. He will abstain from voting on the election of bishops living in a same-gender
partnership. Additionally he will not bless any same-gender covenant. Furthermore, the Bishop wishes
to allow each rector and parish to faithfully respond to General Convention on a local level. So he will
allow each congregation to take one of three options:

1.   To take no action, one way or the other. With this option, no same sex relationships would be
   blessed at that church.
2.   Traditional congregations may change their by-laws to state that they will not conduct or participate
   in rites for blessing persons of the same gender, sponsor for ordination anyone or employ any clergy
   who are in a non-celibate relationship outside holy matrimony.
3.   Following General Convention, one congregation in Houston and one congregation in Austin will
   be granted permission to bless same-gender covenants. Both the rector and the congregation must
   support such a liturgy and must complete the congregational education portion of the process.
   Additional congregations may request permission in the future. Current Texas law does not
   recognize unions of same-gender couples. Therefore no representation may be made that the
   blessing liturgy either creates or solemnizes any marriage, civil union or other legal relationship.

Last Tuesday evening, I told the Vestry that I believe the first option is the appropriate one for St.
Timothy’s. I don’t sense a pastoral need here for the blessing of same sex relationships and I know that
such a blessing would be offensive, or at least morally problematic, to many members. At the same

time, I don’t advise changing our by-laws, a path sure to be divisive. Please, let’s not define St.
Timothy’s by what we’re against. Rather let’s state clearly what we are for—“embodying the presence
of Christ…inviting all…serving our neighbor…building relationships with children and youth,” as our
mission and vision statements say. The Vestry, I’m grateful to say, agreed with taking this approach.

If any of you would like to talk with me about my position, Bishop Doyle’s paper, or the issue generally,
please know I would be happy to do that.

Finally, I’ll say that I am deeply grateful to be a part of this diocese and to benefit from the clear foresight
and strong leadership Bishop Doyle is demonstrating on this flammable issue. Like Secretary Baker, I
believe that the Diocese of Texas has an opening at this time in history to be a wholesome example to
the entire Episcopal Church in this country. The Bishop himself gives us the best note to end on:

       “I hold our work for the Lord Jesus Christ to be paramount in everything we do. Our mission and
       ministry have been dogged by our disagreements and conflict over the blessing of same-gender
       couples for too long at the expense of the mission of the gospel. I pray that this plan will help to
       guide us beyond conflict and give us the ability to refocus our attention on the hurting world
       around us.”

May your prayer, Bishop Doyle, be fulfilled in this diocese and in us!

                               Commit for Life
                                             June 24 at St. Timothy’s

Your blood type matters.

Whether you are an A, B, O or AB, you have the opportunity to help save lives in a way that is special for
your blood type. Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center must meet the specific component needs of area
patients, and to do that they encourage donors to make the type of donation - platelets, plasma, double
red cells or whole blood - that will have the greatest impact.

Every donation can help save as many as three lives.
For more information, visit

The mobile unit will be in the Parish Hall on Sunday, June 24 from
8 AM to 12:30 PM. Please consider donating. St. Timothy’s needs
at least 25 donors per drive!

                                      Tom Boone, Coordinator
                                      St. Timothy’s Blood Drive

                                  News from THE WELL
                                         Located in Room 240

                                  Join us for our JUNE       event
              When?           Saturday, June 30th
              Time?           9:30 AM – 1:00 PM
              Where?          The Well
              What?           Consider “cycles”. What images do you “see”?
              Art Activity?   COLLAGE
Ripping, tearing, cutting, pasting, painting – moving old images around until you “see” something new.
Collage is a picture/symbol of the journeys our souls takes through life. Come spend some time at The
Well and image the word “cycles”, using the collage method.

  o Whatever you might want to use for backing: watercolor paper, heavy drawing paper, old canvas,
     if you have questions, call me.
  o Any art supplies you might enjoy, including gel medium and gesso: paint, crayons, markers,
     stickers, photos of yourself or any other subject you like, any “found” objects that remind you of
     “cycles” – whatever! We’ll gesso over surfaces to strengthen our background, then use gel
     medium as “glue”.
  o I’ll bring my personal stash and we’ll raid the art supply closet so that we have plenty to create

Cost? Love offering, or supplies for The Well

Please call Sheila Conner (373-0776) to reserve your spot or to answer any questions (limited to 10).

                                                                    St. Timothy’s is blessed to have the
                                                                      following graduates this spring:

                   Dylan Fox                               Grace Kaus

                   Plans to attend UT-Austin              Will be attending Baylor
                   this fall. Hasn’t yet decided          University in the fall to
                   on a major.                            Begin her studies in

                    Caleb Parker                          Emily Kaus

                    Will be attending UT-Austin,          Will be heading off to
                    in the Liberal Arts Honors            Denton, to attend UNT
                    College, majoring in English          (University of North Texas)

                   Bryan Socha
                                                        Earning Degrees this Spring are:
                   It’s off to Texas A&M for him.       Kathryn Haskin – University of Chicago
                   He plans to major in Chemical        Jessica Hargrove – Culinary Institute of America
                   Engineering                          Leslie Mayberry – University of Texas at San Antonio
                                                        Will Parker – Trinity University, San Antonio

                                         A Prayer for Graduating Seniors
                    O God, you led your servants Abraham and Sarah from their home and guarded them
in all their wanderings. Guide these servants of yours. Be a refuge on the journey, shade in the heat,
shelter in the storm, rest in weariness, protection in trouble, and a strong staff in danger. For all our days
together, we give you thanks; bind us together now, even though we may be apart, through Christ our
Lord. Amen.

                    Adult Christian Formation presents:

June 3     The Way starring Martin Sheen – 2010 (PG-13)
           Genre: Drama         Length: 121 minutes

                  Quick Plot: An irascible American doctor comes to France to deal with
                  the tragic loss of his son and embarks on El Camino de Santiago to
                  honor his son's desire to finish the journey.

           Menu: tapas and sangria
           For Fun: Martin Sheen Trivia

July 1     (500) Days of Summer starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel-
                  2009 (PG-13)
           Genre: Romantic Comedy     Length: 95 minutes

                  Quick Plot: From the narrator's beginning words "This is a story of boy
                  meets girl," the film takes off at breakneck speed into a funny, true-to-
                  life and unique dissection of the unruly and unpredictable year-and-a-
                  half of one young man's no-holds-barred love affair.

           Menu: Southern California sandwich and salad, beverage
           For Fun: Spot the LA Movie Location

August 5   Amazing Grace starring Ioan Gruffudd – 2006 (PG)
           Genre: Drama        Length: 118 minutes

                  Quick Plot: Based on the true story of William Wilberforce, the film
                  follows his courageous quest to end the British slave trade.

           Menu: Pub Grub
           For Fun: A Game of Wigs and Hats

                       Meal at 11:30 AM Feature begins at Noon
                                St. Timothy’s Youth Hall

            Activities for youngsters will be available so parents can enjoy the movie.
                                Get your tickets at the M&M Table.
                     Contact Lela Seay (979-480-0604,

                                      - 10 -
                               The ‘Souper’ gathering….
Wednesday, May 2nd, brought panic. Only 54 tickets sold!

Thurs, May 3rd, wasn’t much better- 64 tickets sold.

That’s when extra prayer seemed in order.

Sunday, May 6th, day of the’ Souper Supper’ : Gross tickets sold – 137!

This “Thank you”, for all the hard work, hardly seems enough to acknowledge the time and energy the
family of St.Timothy’s puts in, to make these events happen.

To :   Our wonderful cooks Gayle Pitts (Chicken Tortilla soup), Kathie Jinks (Chicken corn chowder),
Karen Laird (Tomato Basil), Kim Lehnhoff (Weight Watchers Garden Vegetable Medley), Kay McKneely
(Desserts), Fran Hammond & Jackie Kaus (salad) and Nikhil Verghese (bread) have done it
again…produced a fabulous meal we could share fellowship over.

      Our V.I.P.s of interest – John & Gayle Pitts; Fran Hammond; Roy & Kay McKneely; Nikhil,
Johanna & Rebekah Verghese; Christopher, Sara & Hannah Eddy; Gricelda & John Kichefski; Kenric &
Simone Marshall; Tom Boone; Monica & Ben Laurel; Mary Young; Tom Boone & Karen Laird ; Fran
Hammond & Phil Koury – set-up & clean-up would have been a nightmare without all of you!

       Keith Frank, who always gets the tickets printed and ready for every event.

       All those that moved the tickets along– Irene Moore (we loved the sales pitch!), Phil Koury, Ken
Box, Kim Lehnhoff, Adrian Zabala, Andy Parker, Sharon Mckey, Sara Eddy, Sondra Griner, John Pitts,
Lee Massoletti , Christopher Weis, Nikhil Verghese.

        Those that bought the tickets and brought friends and family – you do know, it’s because you did
so, that we have reason to be thankful?

       And, if I have left out a name/s, I apologize. It is not intentional.

       Until next time…….

Nayantara Verghese.

                         This age-old refrain of young travelers is followed by a second question: “How
                         much longer?” How similar those queries are to the psalmist’s oft-repeated cry,
                         “How long, O LORD, how long?” (Psalm 6:3b, NIV).

                         Patience is an uncommon virtue these days. We’re anxious to get where we’re
                         going or to get what we want. But think how much we miss while wishing we
                         were elsewhere! In our rush to reach a destination, we fail to grasp lessons that
                         can be learned only along the way. What blessings might you be overlooking in
                         the here-and-now and the right-where-you-are?                       —Kari Myers

                                            - 11 -
                             SPIRITUAL & FINANCIAL HEALTH

        There are a lot of measures of the health of a church. The most important is the Spiritual Health.
This tells us where our members are relative to our collective and individual mission of living our lives
according to the teachings of Jesus Christ. The comments below somewhat reflect my journey.

        Our spiritual walk determines what we each decide to share with the church for the mission of the
church. We share our time, talents and treasures. There are times when it is difficult to share what we
really want to share, however, that is often a result of our priorities. Let’s look at each of these three

         First, our time. In Jesus’s time, the synagogue was the center of most of the activities of those in
a village. A lot of time was spent making a living and growing food or tending animals. There were no
TV’s or many of the things we do to occupy our time so people tended to interact with one another in the
remaining time that a person had available. The synagogue was one of the primary places they
congregated. Today, we have to make choices and with all that goes on, the church often is last on the
list, which may or may not include going to church on a regular basis. Is our time basically attending
church or are we involved in other areas of the church and the mission to which each of us is called?

        Second, our talents. In today’s world, we are surrounded by people with unbelievably diverse
talents, that when utilized can make unbelievable things happen. One of the biggest problems is the
discovery of each other’s talents because we are not around each other that much as an extended family
or church community. We also don’t want to get involved because it affects our time. So what talents do
you have that would make a difference in our mission?

         And third, our treasure. It gets divided between many things and often the church is the last to be
budgeted. But making church last is not in keeping with the mission to which we are called. We tend to
rationalize our giving due to the other pressures we have. But if we give God the left-overs, rather than
our first-offerings, then what does that say about our spiritual health?

         We may rationalize by giving one or two of the three—time, or talent, or treasure--but not all

        Financial health can partly be measured by our spiritual health in the support of the church to
carry out the mission of the church. If the church is not adequately funded then one needs to look inward
to determine if the membership understands the costs of delivery of the things associated with the
mission. So our financial health in the church says a lot about our priorities and how we feel about our

         If some might feel this is a lecture, I would say that each point is one that I used at one time or
another in my walk. I found reasons for why not. In looking back I have but one regret: not being
engaged at a much earlier age. I look back and say to myself, I floundered for years before I saw the
light. I wasted time. I did not use my talents in the mission of the church. I did not share my treasure as
the first offering instead of the last.

        I can only account for my spiritual health in the long run. I have become committed to using my
time, talents and treasures as my first offerings instead of my last. I hope that you will become committed
for your own individual spiritual health. We collectively can make a difference in our church, our
community, our state, our country and our world.

Jim Cutshall, Treasurer

                                            - 12 -
                                        TREASURER’S REPORT
                                             By Jim Cutshall, Treasurer

                                            April, 2012 unaudited
                Current period              YTD         YTD Budget                Annual Budget

Income            $47,017.95          $161,128.85            $145,370.04              $434,110.00
Spending          $40,381.37          $148,537.73            $146,243.68              $433,987.00
Excess            $ 6,636.58          $ 12,591.12            $   -873.64              $    123.00

Income/Expenses: YTD Spending Difference                         $2,294.05 over spent
                 YTD Income Difference                          $15,758.81 positive income

                                                  CASH FLOW
Income To Date is 110.8% of plan with spending at 101.6% leaving a positive difference of 9.3% Our budgets are
very tight and our Capital Campaign is behind which means we most likely will have to use some of the Operating
Budget to pay the mortgage. We need to watch our accounts closely to make sure all spending is per the budget
and necessary. We are doing better because of increases in Regular Gifts.

                                              Operating Pledges
Income from pledges are $209.07 behind what they should be so this is very good compared to last month. Thanks
for keeping your pledge up to date.

                                                  Regular Gifts

Regular Gifts are those that are given but not pledged. We are doing well in ths area. It is making a real difference
in the income to the church. Thanks for sharing your bounty.

                                                Capital Pledges

Currently we have 29 families who have made
a pledge for the 2012-2014 pledge cycle vs. 66
for the previous cycle. They have pledged
$142,147 for the new three-year cycle. This
represents 69.1% of the $205,728 that is
needed to pay the minimum mortgage payment
of $5,714.67 per month over that 3 year period.

We have a beautiful facility that allows us to do
so much as a Christian community and family.

Based upon the current situation, we will have
to take money from the operating budget to pay
our capital note. This will further cut our

Please prayerfully consider making a pledge for
our capital campaign.

                                              - 13 -
Wizards and Wonders
                       Intergenerational Vacation Bible School
                        based on the first Harry Potter book!
     St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church, 200 Oyster Creek Drive, Lake Jackson
          June 18-22, 6:00-8:00 PM Cost: $5.00/per child, max. $20.00/family

                            Registration Form
Name(s) and age(s):    __________________            __________________
                       __________________            __________________
                       __________________            __________________
Street Address:   __________________________________________________
City: __________________________________ State: ______ ZIP: ________
Home telephone: ____________________ Cell phone: ___________________
Number of family members participating in Wizards & Wonders:_________
For children ages 3-4, a parent or guardian must stay with the child throughout
the evening. If your child is that age, what is the name of the person who will be
staying with him/her?_____________________________
Relationship of that person to child?__________________________________
Will parents be helping at Hogwarts? ________________ Where? _______
Will you need a nursery for children 3 and under? ______________________
In case of emergency, contact:
     Phone Number: ____________________________

Allergies or other medical conditions: _________________________________
Anything you’d like us to know about your child? _______________________

                                 - 14 -
St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church
200 Oyster Creek Drive
Lake Jackson, TX 77566


   Wizards and Wonders
      A Harry Potter
   Vacation Bible School
June 18-22 6:00 – 8:00 PM

                         Summer Service Schedule

                Sundays                                    Wednesdays (W.E.S.T
                                                    4:15 - 5:00 PM – Children’s Choir
 8:00 AM – Holy Eucharist, Rite One
                                                    4:15 – 5:00 PM – Mom’s Bible Study
 9:00 AM – Breakfast in Parish Hall
                                                    5:00 – 5:30 PM – Centering Prayer Group
 9:30 AM – Storytime in Parish Hall
                                                    5:15 – 6:00 PM – Parish Supper
10:00 AM – Holy Eucharist, Rite Two
                                                    6:00 – 7:00 PM – Joiful Noyse Rehearsal
           With Shared Choirs
                                                    7:15 – 9:00 PM – Senior Choir Rehearsal

                                 Other Notable Events
                June 18-22 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM – VBS – Wizards and Wonders
                June 24    9:00 AM – Catechesis Atria Open House
                June 27    7:30 PM – Holy Eucharist and Confirmation with Bishop Doyle

                                      - 15 -