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					TED University @ TED2012
February 28 and March 1, 2012
Program Guide
TED University

                 TED University Session 1                                                                           TED University Session 1
                 February 28, 2012 | 8:30-10:00 am                                                                  February 28, 2012 | 8:30-10:00 am
TED University

                                                                                       PROGRAM CURATOR & HOST:                                                                       NOTES
                                                                                       Bruno Giussani
                                                                                       TED European Director

TED University

                                                                                       Janet McCartney
                                                                                       TED Events Director

                                                                                       TED University takes place
                                                                                       in Center Theatre.
                 “The 100,000-Student               “Measuring the Web’s                                            “The Tech and Soul of            “A Cinematic Journey
TED University

                  Classroom”                         Worldwide Impact”                                               Losing One’s Virginity”          Through Visual Effects”
                 Peter Norvig                        Steve Bratt                       NOTES                        Tor Myhren                        Don Levy
                 Professor, Stanford                 CEO, Web Foundation                                            President/Chief Creative,        Senior VP, Sony Pictures
                 University                          The profound impact of the                                     Grey Advertising                 Imageworks
                 Last fall, with Sebastian           Web on humanity is evident,                                    How does the experience          Working with the Academy
TED University

                 Thrun, Peter Norvig taught a        yet its nature and extent are                                  of a teenage boy losing his      of Motion Picture Arts and
                 class on artificial intelligence    poorly understood. At TED                                      virginity in 2012 compare to     Sciences, Don Levy has
                 at Stanford attended by 175         U, Steve Bratt unveils the                                     the experience of a boy 25       created — exclusively for
                 students in-situ — and over         initial results of a new multi-                                years earlier? Hint: It’s much   TED — a visual journey
                 100,000 via an interactive          dimensional measure that                                       more complicated, even if        through special effects, from
TED University

                 webcast. He shares what he          his team is preparing: the                                     the human motivation is the      the crude and obvious fakery
                 learned about teaching to a         Web Index.                                                     same.                            of early technology to the
                 global classroom.                                                                                                                   seamless marvels of modern
TED University
TED University
TED University

                 “How the Web Is Tracking           “The True Power of Texting”                                     “Emotions and Conference         “New Insights Into Old
                  You”                               Nancy Lublin                                                    Calls”                           Career Paths”
                  Gary Kovacs                        CEO,                                            Gervais Tompkin                  Rick Smith
TED University

                 CEO, Mozilla                        Teenagers know something                                       Principal and Architect,          Author, The Leap
                 Few people realize the extent       adults don’t: Texting is a                                     Gensler                           How do our jobs align with
                 to which the tracking of our        powerful medium. Nancy                                         Gervais Tompkin took a            our strengths and passions?
                 online activities is occurring,     Lublin has a plan to use the                                   closer look and discovered        With new data, Rick Smith
                 and who is doing it. Do you         humble technology to create                                    that in large companies the       discusses how the most sat-
TED University

                 know where your profile is?         a helpline for kids and teens                                  majority of verbal interac-       isfying careers may involve
                 Gary Kovacs will demo a tool       — and, in the process, gather                                   tions an employee has in a        a good deal of change, and
                 that visualizes the entities        essential data for allocating                                  day are on conference calls.      why we have more control
                 that track our behaviour on         resources and confronting                                      He invites us to infuse these     over the direction of our
                 the Web.                            problems.                                                      virtual interactions with a       professional path than we
TED University

                                                                                                                    higher dose of emotion.           think.

                 Program subject to change.                                                                                                                                                  .com
TED University Session 1

                           TED University Session 1                                                 TED University Session 2
                           February 28, 2012 | 8:30-10:00 am                                        March 1, 2012 | 8:30-10:00 am
                                                                                            NOTES                                                                      NOTES
TED University Session 1
TED University Session 1

                           “New Visions of the Middle       “Re-Learning India”                     “What Are They Building           “The New War and Peace”
                            East”                           Vani Kola                                Under Ground Zero?”              Jim Hake
                            Esra’a Al Shafei                Managing director, IUVP                  Steven Rosenbaum                 Founder and CEO, Spirit
                           Founder, Mideast Youth /         Vani Kola grew up in India,             CEO, Magnify; Author,             of America
                           TED Senior Fellow                then spent her adult life in            Curation Nation                   Learn more about the US’
                           Drawing on a series of           the US as a student and tech            In the fall of 2012, the 9/11     new “soft power” approach
                           examples, Esra’a Al Shafei       entrepreneur. Returning to              Memorial Museum will              to preventing conflicts and
                           discusses how some of the        India as a venture capitalist           open in New York. Steven          helping at-risk countries
TED University Session 1

                           untold stories of change in      in 2006, she experienced                Rosenbaum shares never-           achieve stability. Involving
                           the Middle East are stories of   her own version of a culture            seen-before photographs           military-civilian and
                           smart use of technology —        clash — rich in learnings.              and videos of the design,         public-private collabora-
                           and of activists thinking like                                           construction and artifacts        tion, soft power is based on
                           entertainers.                                                            now being prepared for the        decentralization, networks
                                                                                                    public.                           and open systems.
TED University Session 1
TED University Session 1

                           “The Unseen Future of            “The Real Father of Yosemite”           “Saving Faces”                    “Living Sea Sculpture”
                            Exploration”                     Jim Scheinman                          Sharmeen Obaid                     Colleen Flanigan
                            Nathan Wolfe                    Founder and CEO, Maven                  Chinoy                            Artist / TED Senior Fellow
                           Biologist, Founder & CEO,        Ventures                                Filmmaker / TED Senior            Can art play a role in solving
                           Global Viral Forecasting         Everyone knows the mag-                 Fellow                            our ecological problems?
TED University Session 1

                           Is there anything left to        nificent beauty of Yosemite,            Hundreds of women in              Colleen Flanigan has
                           explore on Earth? Well, yes,     but almost no one knows                 Pakistan are victims of           embraced “art as ecol-
                           argues Stanford biologist        the name of the park’s                  acid violence every year.         ogy,” using biorock mineral
                           and National Geographic          founder: Galen Clark. Jim               Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy             accretion (a technology for
                           emerging explorer Nathan         Scheinman discusses how                 has been documenting the          coral reef restoration) in her
                           Wolfe: Everything remains to     Clark epitomized, in his own            case of two women and             sculptures. A creative shift
                           be discovered in the unseen      pioneering way, the Silicon             their fight to, literally, save   with marine life impact.
                           microbial world.                 Valley spirit.                          their faces (and their lives),
TED University Sess

                                                                                                    a story of contractions and

                           Program subject to change.                                                                                                                          .com
TED University Session 2

                           TED University Session 2                                                   TED University Session 2
                           March 1, 2012 | 8:30-10:00 am                                              March 1, 2012 | 8:30-10:00 am
                                                                                              NOTES                                                                     NOTES
TED University Session 2
TED University Session 2

                           “Imaging and Imagining            “Music of Multiplicity” /                “How I Beat a Patent Troll”       “Learning from Sci-Fi
                            Metamorphosis”                    Performance                              Drew Curtis                       Interfaces”
                            Manu Prakash                      Meklit Hadero                           Founder and CEO, Fark.             Nathan Shedroff
                           Asst. professor, Stanford /        Singer and cultural activ-              com                               Program Chair, MBA in
                           TED Senior Fellow                  ist / TED Senior Fellow                 In January 2011,         Design Strategy, CCA
                           By developing new in-vivo          Meklit Hadero’s music is                was sued by a patent troll        Together with a colleague,
                           imaging techniques, Manu           imbued with poetry and                  along with eight other tech       professor Nathan Shedroff
                           Prakash and his colleagues         multiplicity, drawing from              companies. Fark managed to        has just finished a multi-
TED University Session 2

                           are teasing out the mechan-        her Ethiopian heritage, from            settle for $0 and avoid sign-     year project discovering
                           ics of animal metamorpho-          folk, jazz and rock and roll.           ing an NDA — which will           interface lessons from
                           sis. At TED U, he shows the        She will perform with trum-             allow Drew Curtis to decrypt      science-fiction films and TV.
                           first X-ray microscopy video       peter Darren Johnston.                  the absurdities of patent
                           of an insect transforming                                                  lawsuit mechanisms.
                           from a larva into an adult fly.
TED University Session 2
TED University Session 2

                           “Tax the Rich to Support the      “The New Cryptomoney: A                  “404: The Story of a Page         “Transformative
                            Job Creators”                     Bitcoin Primer”                          Not Found”                        Connections”
                            Nick Hanauer                      Bill Barhydt                             Renny Gleeson                    Jeffrey Walker
                             Entrepreneur, venture           Founder and CEO, m-Via                    Director Interactive             Lecturer, social
                            capitalist                       Three years ago, an anony-                Strategy, Wieden +               entrepreneur
TED University Session 2

                            The super-rich are not           mous hacker released the                  Kennedy                          In recent years, the
                           “job creators,” argues Nick       first anonymous, peer-                    It is probably the only page     Jeffersonian Dinner — mod-
                            Hanauer — who’s one of           to-peer, cryptographically                that every Web user has          eled on those hosted by
                            them. Only consumers can         elegant, unstoppable digital              seen: the “Page not found”       Thomas Jefferson 200 years
                            set in motion the ecosys-        currency: Bitcoin. What is                error, known as “404”. It’s a    ago — has spread as a format
                            temic feedback loop that         it? How does it work? Will it             neglected piece of the user      for engaged, connective
                            creates jobs. That’s why tax     become mainstream? And:                   experience. A bunch of           discussion. Jeffrey Walker
                            cuts for the rich don’t stimu-   Who is its creator?                       tech startups wrestled with      has moderated many, and
                             late the economy.                                                         their “404,” and learned a few   will share his insights.
TED University Se

                                                                                                       unexpected things.

                            Program subject to change.                                                                                                                          .com

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