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What is Little Masterpiece (LMP)?
•   LAI Games’s latest novelty cartoon coloring game
•   An educational game for children to express their creativity
    with colors, shapes and beautify their cartoons with clip arts
•   Easy guide and simple instructions
•   Housed in a compact, durable steel cabinet
•   Comes with interactive touch screen and built-in camera
•   Drawings are printed on high quality 4” x 6” photographic paper
•   Promotional logo/custom message options on each print
•   Suitable for children from aged 2 to 7 years old
What Does LMP Encompass?
                                                       Full operator
                                                    adjustable settings
Hi Resolution Camera
    for photo input
                                                     Available up to 24
17” Interactive Touch                              cartoons selections in
       Screen                                        4 different modes

 Compact & durable                                 Outlet for dispensing
   steel cabinet                                      superb quality
                                                   photographic prints

  Built-in Mitsubishi                              Name personalization
9550 Dye-sublimation                                    function

  Holds up to 600                                   Supports coins, bill
   4” x 6” prints                                  acceptors & debit card

                 Offers free     FREE 600 sheets
                                                       Average print
               printout option    paper/ink roll
                                                      costs only USD
               for promotions      consumable
                                                        0.15 cents
                or event hire        package
Why LMP?
•   LMP is compact, able to fit in any location
•   Sturdy design for durability and ease of maintenance
•   Evergreen concept
•   Great for Owner/Operator, profit sharing and fixed rental arrangements in
    locations like Children Hospitals etc.
•   Low consumable cost , only USD 0.15 cents per vend.
•   Free 600 sheets of 4” x 6” paper/ink roll consumable pack
•   Buy consumables anywhere – no media tie-in
•   Almost no maintenance required, plug and play mode
•   Educationally enriching & rewarding
•   Young Children can play without parental guidance as rules are simple to
•   Personalized artistic game that promotes creativity and lets children keep a
    color copy of their creations including their own photo
How to Play?

Step 1:                         Step 2:                           Step 3a – If Scribble mode is
Begin by selecting one of the   Select any 1 of the 24            selected:
four available modes :-         available cartoons by scrolling
Scribble,                       up or down.                       Scribble on the screen to
Decorate,                                                         reveal the picture beneath.
Colour                                                            The picture comes with colors
Draw                                                              and outline.
How to Play? (Cont’d)

Step 3b – Decorate Mode:           Step 3c – Colour Mode:             Step 3d – Draw Mode:

Similar to Scribble mode. Use      Similar to Scribble &              Similar to Colour mode but
finger to select any of the clip   Decorate. This time, player        outline comes in faint lines. Fill
arts such as fireworks, flower,    can choose to fill colors of       in the outline and cartoon
butterfly etc. on the right side   their choice using color palette   colors of desired choices
of the screen. Then decorate       that appears on the right side     using the color palette that
the picture by adding them to      of the screen.                     appears on the right side of
the desired location.                                                 the screen.
  How to Play? (Cont’d)
                              Step 4:
                              Give a big smile for the
                              Camera! Your photo is
                              printed alongside your
                              little master piece

Step 5:
Type your name and it gets                               Step 6:
printed on the completed                                 While waiting for printout, a puzzle
cartoon for personalization                              game can be played.
     How to Play? (Cont’d)

Step 7:                         Step 8:
Printout ready for collection   Your printout is ready. A lovely memento
                                for framing and remembrance.
Where Can You Place LMP?
•   Family entertainment centers
•   Shopping malls
•   Retail stores
•   Bowling alleys
•   Family restaurants
•   Theme parks / Resorts/Hotels
•   Children hospitals
•   Clinics / Doctors’ waiting rooms
•   Kinder gardens/Daycare centers
•   Other attractions such as museums, childcare centers &
    country clubs
How Much Space is Required?
•    Height – 1455mm (57”)
•    Width – 1166mm (46”)
•    Length – 575mm (23”)
•    Weight – 121kg (267lb)
•    Power Requirements – 440W   1455mm

    (220 -240V @ 2A) or
    (110- 120V @ 1A)
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