For Gaming, It's Desktop All The Way by mikevincent11


									For Gaming, It’s Desktop All The Way (Part 1)

I’m home again after my first grueling year of college, and I didn’t realize how much I missed playing video
games until after I set foot in my old room.

See, before school started, I saw fit to sell my computer for cash and use that money to buy alaptop, the logic
being that a laptop’s portability would suit my then-imagined uber-busyness in typing whenever and wherever
inspiration struck.

Needless to say, it didn’t really work out like that. I found that I could focus much better in my dorm room; and if
ideas did cross my mind during class or outside in the school grounds, my dormitory was only a few minutes’ walk

Now, after seeing my old room (i.e. my old lifestyle) again, I am looking to sell my used laptop and switch back to
a desktop again, all in the name of gaming. Not that I didn’t try installing games on my laptop; it’s just that
playing on the thing didn’t really bring the same engaging experience as I had when I used to play on my old PC.
For one thing, the sounds coming from the laptop were too tinny for my tastes; and playing on the laptop’s small
screen really can’t compare to the visual immersion afforded by a reasonably large LCD monitor. Sure, I can just
hook up the laptop to speakers and a separate monitor, but even just imagining that looks clunky, not to mention
superfluous. So, no, desktops are the only way to go for that true gaming experience.

Tune in for the next part of this series tomorrow!

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