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									Board of Directors:
Myron Kimball 1/2012        FRANCISCO BAY                        Officers:
                                                                 Myron Kimball, President
Wally Palma 1/2012         PROPERTY OWNER’S ASSOCIATION          Wally Palma, V.P.
Hunter Stansbury 1/2013                                          Hunter Stansbury, 2nd V.P.
                                      P.O. BOX 39                Betty Kimball, Treasurer
                                    KERENS, TX 75144             Pam Edwards, Secretary
Architectural Control                      Or
Committee:                         Francisco Bay POA
Hunter Stansbury (2011)
                              c/o Myron Kimball, Atty at Law
David Thomas (2011)
Judy Kilgore (2011)          Kimball Law Firm (Arlington) P.C.
                                     P.O. Box 150746
                                   Arlington, TX 76015

                               Telephone: (817) 472-8727
                                Facsimile: (817) 472-8773

                               October 25, 2011


     The HEAT is gone; except for those TEXAS RANGERS - GO
you receive this!

     Believe it or not there is still water in the lake; you just
have to walk a while to get to it. Enjoy the sandy beaches once
the rain starts, they will be gone in a flash.

     Speaking of those beaches – great time to pickup glass
bottles, metals and other trash, the receding waters have
disclosed. What we do not pickup now our feet will find when the
water rises.

    The 2011 3rd QUARTER FBPOA FINANCIALS are posted on
the FBPOA website, as well as the calendar of upcoming
events and other information.
          Website logon:
          Logon: richlandchambers password: fish

If you do not have access to a computer – no problem – just let
us know and we will mail the 3rd Quarter Financials to you.

     In addition to our two new property owners, Rob & Susan
Eisenlohr and Dorothy Nell Barrington, we have two new homes
approved for construction by our Architectural Control Committee,
Royce & Jeanne Hammer and Chad Hammer Family.

          In July, we reported the front gate landscaping was
completed (see attached pictures) and we were ready to start the
road/bridge repair/replacement on Bay Hill Lane (first road on
left after entering gate – see attached pictures). Before the
end of November the retainer wall (on the road side of the pool)
will be replaced, as the existing wall has moved as a result of
the weight of the pool and dry weather. This will complete the
major repairs for the year, 2011.

     Many of FBPOA Property Owners have inquired about the
improvements and expenses over the last two years (January 2010
thru October/December 2011). They are as follows:

     2010 Fiscal year (January – December 2010):
          1.   Pay $8,000.00 attorney bill incurred in 2009;
          2.   Complete hog wire fence;
          3.   Repair/replace gate motor and electronics;
          4.   Install bug spray system at Pavilion/pool;
          5.   Re-gravel pavilion/pool drive;
          6.   Rewrite CCR’s & notice all property owners - Voted
on and passed Phase 1 and 2 at the January 2011 annual meeting;
          7.   CD with $40,000.00 reserve for future major road
          8.   Pool furniture, umbrellas and picnic table;
          9.   Reinstated lapsed corporate status with TX
Secretary of State and TX Comptroller in 2009; and
          10. NO legal/attorney charges incurred in 2010 for
rewrite of CCR’s or other legal representation provided 2010

    Other improvements were delayed until, 2011.

     2011 Fiscal year (January – December 2011):
          11. Septic System and sink repair (Pavilion/pool);
          12. Landscape Entry and install temporary watering
          13. NEW bridge on Bay Hill Lane and improve drainage
          14. Pavilion/Pool new retainer wall (to be completed
in November 2011);
          15. Re-gravel pavilion/pool area (to be completed in
November, 2011); and
          16. Re-dredge boat ramp (to be completed in November

     Other general maintenance was completed annually such as,
mowing, tree removal, weed spraying, etc. Seeing is believing,
FBPOA looks Great!

    Furthermore, improvements and enhancements will require more
funds so we have many opportunities in 2012 that will be
presented at our annual meeting January 2012!

     YOU make the difference and we your Board cannot “THANK-YOU”
enough for your HELP and SUPPORT!

     We all wish you a Great THANKSGIVING with your Family and

FBPOA Board of Directors,

Myron Kimball               Wally Palma   Hunter Stansbury

Myron E. Kimball            Wally Palma   Hunter Stansbury

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