Understanding Mental Abuse

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					                              Understanding Mental Abuse

                     If you would like to learn more about mental abuse, please visit:
                                      Overcoming Emotional Abuse

Did you know that mental abuse can be even more life-damaging than physical abuse, because victims
tend to blame themselves instead of their abusers? Mental abuse is a toxic and insidious form of abuse
that affects many women at home and other social places. Understanding the faces of mental abuse
requires a special magnifying glass, so that the covert nature of the abuse can be bypassed.

In a recent article from Overcoming Emotional Abuse, the “seven faces of mental abuse” are discussed in
detail. You can understand there what the most common effects and aspects of mental abuse are, in order
to identify it in your own life or that of a friend. You can arm yourself with knowledge about your abuser
and the ways in which he goes after your self-esteem and self-image, making you into the type of person
who willingly follows him.

Stop mental abuse today! Visit the blog to learn more about this article.