Uploading Files to Server

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					Uploading Files to Server

In chapter 4 of this material you must master include:

 Upload understanding

 Renting web hosting

 Steps to upload

   Upload understanding

Upload? Rather than download. Wait, there are no download upload. Then what is the upload

it. Not differ from the actual upload download the file transfer. But if the

download is the process of sending files from the server to our computer. While the upload

is the process of sending files from your computer to the server.

Servers are computers that handle the request (demand) from the client computers in this

internet users. For example, when visiting our google example, the computer will

Make requests to the server and the server responded by sending a number of data

who asked to be shown by browsers on the monitor screen.

  Hiring Web Hosting

Server peyedia a space (space) or a hard drive to store files that we upload.
Term cool in the world of the Internet is Web Hosting. Web Hosting can also be divided

into two Web Hosting Web Hosting free and paid.

Because our goal is "for testing only" then just use a free web hosting sort

From Yahoo! Geocities. You should not use its web hosting geocities Yahoo!

Because there are thousands of other free web hosting on the Internet. Just type "Free Web

Hosting "in google it will show thousands of links. I want to emphasize here is that

you know how to upload files and put up a website on web hosting.

However, due to the popularity of Geocities is not wrong when we tried it. But his name is

there must be a free-frills ads later on our website. Never mind than not

has a website at all!.


Before you can upload files at geocities you must have an account first.

Here's how:

A. Open browser (IE or Firefox) navigate to http://geocities.yahoo.com.

2. Click Sign Up

3. Fill out all required fields.

4. After selelai you are prompted to select your website category, how do you

find Geocities and code. (Figure 4.0)
The steps above you only need if you do not have a Yahoo!

Account. But if you already have an email account in yahoo you can skip

steps 1-3. You just login page of Geocities login using your email account

you. Then you will be taken straight to number 4 (see figure 4.0).

Picture 4.0: Registration page Yahoo! Geocities

After filling in some of the questions above then you will go to the main page

Geocities. On the main page there are a wide range of options such as Yahoo! PageWizard

to make a website step by step. Website Add-on to add some

elements such as headlines to your site, counters and so forth. See figure 4.1.
   Uploading Steps

              Because our website is so then, we just upload it. no need to

              made on Geocities, saving the cost of internet man!. Now to go to

Easy upload page click the Upload link on the Advanced Toolbox. See figure 4.1.

Once inside the Easy Upload page you will see five field entries. Those fields

is the location of the file on your computer that you want to upload to geocities server. each field

represents a single file only.

Remember the server is always looking for the file named index.html in each directory. If the file is not

found and no other files in that directory, the server will display a message ERROR. If the file index.html
was not found in the directory but there is one

or more files, the server will display a list or a list of file names.
Figure 4.1: Geocities member page.

Step by Step menupload file:

 A. Click the Browse button, a dialog box will appear

2. Navigate to C: \ HT ML \ Chapter 3

3. Select the file index.html and click select

4. After returning to Easy Upload page, click Upload Files

See figure 4.3

For the fourth step as just another file in step three different file name.

After clicking the upload files then upload process is underway. Wait a while

upload the information to appear. If the upload is successful it will appear

Upload a statement on the result Uploaded successfully. Means that we file uploaded successfully and
now exist on the server.

                Now it's time to test our website on the actual server. Open Internet Explorer

then navigate to http://www.geocities.com/account_anda_di_yahoo/ or simply click the link

in the upper right corner you.

After that the page will appear David Ricardo. The server reads the file index.html, still

Notify explanation. But the picture where?, Oops almost forgot we have yet to upload

the pictures.

Figure 4.2: The process of uploading files

The process of uploading the picture a bit more complicated and longer. Since we are not able to upload

folder along with its contents at once to the server. So we have to create them manually.
             First we must create a folder / directory named the same as the folder that is in

             our computer is a picture. After that we have to go into the new image

can upload image files in your computer.

create subdirectories

 A. Click the New button. See Figure 4.4

2. Type in the picture for our new directory name. See figure 4.4

3. and then click Create a subdirectory

Once the image has been created directory. Go to the directory by clicking on the link

images that have yellow folder image. Once entered click the upload file is located

in the lower right corner. Upload all the pictures, the steps are the same as

the previous upload. So I do not need to explain it again.

After all files have been uploaded to your server. Open again your site by clicking on the link

at the top right corner to see if everything is going well.
Figure 4.3: Creating Subdirectories

Figure 4.4: create a subdirectory name

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