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									                                           Jankit Shah
            A/52, Nandanvan II, Near Lotus School; Jodhpur gam; Satellite; Ahmadabad – 380015

                    M: 94276 16986; ( R ) 98799 63431 Email:

Experienced project manager with more than 4 years of experience in MANAGING web site
development and its related project execution, helping team technically. Having vision for building
strategy, design and suggesting architecture. Innovative professional with ability to identify, analyze
and solve problems to increase client satisfaction and control cost.

                                         CORE COMPETENCIES

     LAMP with wide range of its open sources solutions like WP, Joomla, Magento, Drupal,
      phpBB, vBulletin, Custom development with MVC and core PHP.
     Creating Project ownership                  Budget planning and cost planning
     Client relations                            Strategic planning
     Requirement analysis and good written       Resource and team management
      skills                                         including supporting them technically.

                                     PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Inheritx Solutions Pvt Ltd
                                                                                 Oct 2011 – April 2012
Project Manager / Technical and System Analyst

Plan, execute, and finalize projects according to deadlines and within budget. Also taking care of
company’s further growth in terms of making department profitable and giving best of estimation
for all incoming inquires / new business i.e. other than project success. Familiar with projectpier,
aceproject, mantis, basecamp and other internet based PMS to manage project and its related

Project Undertaken – here is a summary of some of projects (not all) which are executed and
managed under my management methodologies.

    Title                   Solid PHP Business Automated Solution – a kind of automated
                            business licensing and CRM kind of solution to be integrated.

                            MVC based code / 1 developer

    Description                Client’s original source code was in WHMCS and we migrated it
                                into SPBAS for licensing and all automated business related

    Title                   Spot An Artist – artist directory kind of portal with lots of social
                            networking features.

                            Yii, MySQL, FB, AJAX, openeinviter / 2 developer + QA + Designer

    Description                Artists can build their own network and profile for public’s view.

                               Their network includes their own dashboard, basic profile, DNA
                                (detailed profile), inspirations, gallery, resumes, hobbies,
                                inspirations, demo reel, my crew and option to communicate with
                            message and invitation as well as few other rich features.

                           Advanced Privacy settings are there as per facebook’s concept for
                            each and every possible field.

                           Notifications like facebook for crew request, unread message,

Title                   Deal Hopping – basically a deal site with facebook & twitter kind of
                        social concept and heavily rich features for seller/venue owners,

                        Yii, MySQL, FB, AJAX, openeinviter / 3 developer + QA + Designer

Description                Venue owners can create their 3 different types of deal, they can
                            start ‘campaign’ to do marketing of this deal, view detailed
                            statistics of each campaign as well as deal, assign managers and
                            team to any deal, generated embed code to publish this deal on
                            other sites and few other complex as well as rich features in terms
                            of B2B.

                           Buyers come to site and see their friend’s activity on gmap, follow
                            any venue, can see similar other site users who has same interest
                            like his, search/advanced search, suggestive search, event
                            spotter, wallet covering credits, points and virtual money,
                            purchase deal, communicate with other site members and few
                            other rich features in terms of B2C and social community.

                        Directory portal for advertisers related to construction/civil
                        engineering industry.

                        Joomla with its few other plugin / 1 Developer + QA + Designer

                           Advertiser can create their account on site and upload his all
Description                 required information about his services, equipments he has and
                            visitors can submit his contact information, jobs/career section etc

Title                   Author’s collaborative and book publishing site

                        .NET V3 and MSSQL, Silverlight / 2 Developer + QA + Designer

Description                Authors can come to site and create their book, they can invite
                            their other author friend’s for writing a book, keeping all version
                            track, sell their books etc and other related features + social
                            community features.

Apart from there are few small / medium size projects in wordpress, magento and web
service/admin development for iPhone projects as well as maintenance in fantasy game etc are
also part of these.
HiddenBrains Infotech Pvt Ltd
                                                                                Feb-2010 – Oct 2011
Team Leader

Main responsibilities are related to project management and client management to get a
successful project delivery and client’s satisfaction. Closely following SDLC phases for success of
project. Project monitoring and resource planning was not in my role and was mainly focused on
how to improve ‘scope of work’ and how to get 100% clear understanding on all project.

Project Undertaken – here is a summary of some of projects (not all) which are executed and
managed under my management methodologies.

 Title                    Rent and buy – a portal to bring buyer and seller closer by providing
                          them respective features.

                          Custom MVC / 1 Developer + 1 QA + 1 Designer

 Description                 Buyers, sellers and agents can come to site and get/upload
                              property information. Payment is done with credit assignment by
                              admin to agent and sellers.

                             Buyer can search with map, address, region. Also can see
                              property detail page, add to favorite, contact seller, agent profile
                              pages etc and their related features.

 Title                    Mobi site – it was for publishing advertising.

                          jQuery Mobi + custom MVC / 1 Developer + 1 QA + 1 Designer

 Description                 Entire front end was in jQuery mobi and advertisers are able to
                              create their free account and can publish their ads on site.

                             Visitors can do search based on GeoIP filtering and find required
                              information as per his need.

 Title                    Decorate doll – a kind of fun application for teenagers or kids to
                          decorate virtual figures of their favorite stars, buy cloths, sell cloths
                          and earn points

                          Drupal / 1 developer + 1 QA + 1 Designer

 Description                 Admin can create doll by uploading image files, their default
                              cloths/accessories, paid cloths/accessories etc

                             Users on front end can decorate their doll with default / free cloths
                              and for any paid items, they have to purchase it virtually. They
                              can save their decorated dolls too for future edit + social
                              community features were also there.

                             Main game type of area to decorate doll was developed in Flash.

                             Payment was done with mobile payment as well as paypal too.

 Apart from there are few small / medium size projects in wordpress, zencart, oscommerce and
 custom development as well as few maintenance projects too.
Pronix Technologies Pvt Ltd
(formerly known as ‘Avileax Solutions Pvt Ltd.’)                            26th July 2007 – Jan-2010
Project Leader

Responsible for project monitoring, its execution within given resources and getting client’s
requirement fulfilled. Also responsible for preparing SOP/SOW for the team and client.
Build a strong reusable kind of applications which can directly deliver to the client with their
suggested a few modifications. Ensuring a good and healthy environment for my team by guiding
them in their technical and soft skill related queries. Encourage them and work with them on
different platforms/solutions. A few of them are mentioned below:

        Open source solutions/integrations: Joomla, Wordpress, dotProjects, PHPIzabi, PHPMotion,
         osCommerce, IMSCart, Userplane, Magento, Typo3, MediaWiki, ALSASOFT Desktop
         Builder, Emailbrain, CakeMail, Streamsend, Laterooms’s Feed integration, RateTiger,
         vBulletin, phpBB, Dolphin, Google FriendsConnect and few other.

        Payment Gateways: Paypal, Worldpay,, Protx, ePDQ, Cybersource

        Other APP/tools: Facebook, MySpace, FFMPEG, Id3V2, developed plugin for TinyMCE

Project Undertaken – here is a summary of some of projects (not all) which are executed and
managed under my management methodologies.

 Title                       MingleCity – a social city for peoples to interact with each other.

                             Custome PHP, userplane, social plugin / 1 Developer + 1 Designer

 Description                    It is a maintenance project in which we enhance its features,
                                 performance continuously for a year.

 Title                       DrStor – a kind of CRM integration tool with auto download software

                             1 JAVA developer, 1 PHP developer + 1 Designer + 1 QA

 Description                    Integrate NetSuite solution with one online antivirus tool and
                                 automated download of respective version of tool as per payment
                                 received from customer.

 Title                       TinyMCE Plugin for Image Uploader.

                             PHP, JavaScript / 1 developer

 Description                    Developed a solution for client in which he can browse any upload,
                                 organize it in directories and utilize in editor itself.

 Title                       Facebook App – face morphing to predict phase of any couple’s child.

                             PHP, MorPh lib / 1 developer + 1 designer
 Description                Allow FB user to upload his photo as well as his opposite spouse’s
                             photo and based on that generate a run time image which can
                             predict face of their any expected child.

                            Client has purchased some library which can do morph of images
                             and we integrated those in our development.

 Title                   Ecommerce solution which can be utilized as a product

                         Custom MVC / 1 developer + 1 designer + 1 QA

 Description                It has all those basic features which a medium complex
                             ecommerce site has i.e. product bulk upload, newsletter,
                             categories, add to cart, see related items, zoom in/out feature,
                             payment gateways, shipping method integrations etc

 Apart from there are few small / medium size projects in custom development for blog, forum
 chat, message system, ecommerce as well as wordpress, zencart, oscommerce related
 projects too.

i-Serve Systems Pvt Ltd
                                                                  2nd Mach 2006 – 24th July 2007
Software Engineer

They are mainly in the call center industry so managed their intranet applications for their
monthly       bill     (BTBill)     generation     for      leads      and        revenues.
Managed their PD (Predictive Dialer) for every JOB and its various types of reports.
Later on managed their activity on bidding portal by bidding on open projects, discussing
requirement, preparing SOP/SOW, winning project, client communication, final delivery of
requirement and accepting payment.

Project Undertaken – here is a summary of some of projects (not all) which are developed by

 Title                   Dating site

                         Custom PHP / 1 Developer

 Description                Users can be registered users of site and find other related match
                             in his area. They can contact each other on site and book a date
                             with all venue etc information.

                            Members of site can upload their photo, video etc and make their
                             profile very rich.

 Title                   Hotels 2 go – hotel booking site with all database driven content.

                         Custom PHP / 1 developer + 1 designer

 Description                Admin can create any hotel account and then, hotel manager as
                             well admin can define rate in admin rate for each date, default
                             rate, special rate for any specific days or date range etc
                            Users on front end can find his required hotel, see his detail page
                             with images etc and book this hotel by doing full payment in

 Apart from there are few small / medium size projects in custom development and dot net
 projects. I was doing development for PHP only.

ACE Infoway Pvt Ltd
                                                           21st October 2003 – 28th February 2006
Web Developer

Responsible for developing sites (around 60 sites) and completing tasks assigned by PM.
It included database design, development, basic testing, finally launching the site on the server
Started    with   basic ASP      skills and later on        get   expertise in     PHP,   MySQL.
Also     got     a     chance     to    work     on      .NET     1    for    a     few     days.
Later on started analyzing requirement and giving its timeline to my PM.

Project Undertaken – here is a summary of some of projects (not all) which are developed by

 Title                   Up 4 the cup for tennis sport.

                         PHP, MySQL / 1 Developer + 1 Designer

 Description                It was a fantasy game with heavy logic into points related
                             calculations etc and my role was to develop features and build
                             complex SQL queries.

 Title                   Blog

                         PHP / 1 Developer

 Description                Develop several sites for blog and these were having features for
                             post a new title, send message to it, rating, login/register, report
                             content etc

 Title                   Wicked figures and other similar ecommerce solution

                         PHP / 1 Developer + 1 Designer

 Description                Admin can upload products, its detailed information and

                            Admin and customer can see their reports for their purchase.

                            User can find his required item on site and do purchase of it.

 Apart from there are few small / medium size projects in custom development and dot net
 projects. I was doing development for PHP only.
                                     EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION

  Year           Institute/School           Degree/Examination         Percentage

  2001               NIIT Ltd.                        GNIIT             83.3 (A)

  2000            S.P. University              B.Sc (Chemistry)          58.51

  1997               G.S.E.B                    HSC (Science)            53.23

  1995               G.S.E.B                    SSC (Technical)          77.43

                                            Technical Expertise

Web Scripting / Development      :    PHP, HTML, AJAX, CSS, Open sources, ASP, Payment Gateways

Languages                        :    MySQL, Access, MSSQL

                                          PERSONAL PROFILE

Date of birth                         :     14th November, 1980

Languages                             :     English, Hindi, Gujarati

Marital Status                        :     Married

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