Land Leasing Contract by U5qYtuGp


									                                     Land Leasing Contract
This contract refers and addresses to the terms and conditions agreed between landlord Mrs.
Landlord and lessee M/S Company Nepal Udhyog Pvt. Ltd. regarding the leasing of land
(1-11-0-0), 14716.75 Sq.ft of land, plot no: 24,34, 964, 84 located at Harisiddhi, Lalitpur Ward
No. Ward no: 5 Ka respectively.

                                       Terms and Conditions

1. As per the final negotiation between both parties i.e. landowner and lessee; the rent has
   been fixed Rs. 16,000 (Sixteen Thousand Only) per month for 4 years from the date of
   signing this contract paper.

2. Lessee will be allowed to use the land as per his business requirement and there will not be
   any objection from landlord during the period of contract.

3. Rent will be paid on monthly basis at the beginning of each month.

4. After completing deadline of leasing period a new agreement subject to new terms and
   conditions can be signed or lessee need to vacate the land provided if landlord wishes to do

5. Lessee is not allowed to build concrete cemented multi storied building inside the
   land against the land and property law.

6. Signing this contract confirms the legal leasing agreement of land between both parties and
   it will remain in force for next four years from the date Feb 01, 2002 to Jan 30, 2010.

7.    In case of unforeseen circumstance, all shortcomings in between will be tackled in
     accordance with the standard exiting property-leasing laws of the country.

     -------------------------           ------------------------                  ------------------------
     Land Owner Lessee                      Lessee                                 Witness:
     Mrs. Landlord                     Mr. Shiva Raj Upreti                         Mr. Laxman Malasi
     Bagdol-9 ka,                M/S Company Nepal Udhyog Pvt. Ltd.                Advocate
     Lalitpur                                                                       Supreme Court
                                                                                    License no

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