Power SFH OB 5 03 by HC120615154116


									Letter From April 2003

On behalf of Power Construction Company, LLC and specifically our management team for St.
Francis Hospital, I would like to extend our thanks and offer herewith a letter of appreciation in
acknowledgement of the efforts by you and your team towards the successful completion of the
O/B Renovation project and the associated HVAC Code Compliance and Wood Framing
Resolution projects at St. Francis Hospital.

We recognize the importance of all those who work with us to meet the needs and expectations
of St. Francis Hospital and Resurrection Health Care Corp. From preliminary budgeting to
execution of the work to close-out and commissioning, our subcontractors and vendors are a key
participant in every step of the process. The achievement of the successful completion of this
project should also be shared with every member of the team, as it is based on the cooperative
and dedicated effort by each team member.

We hope you are proud to be a part of this success. We look forward to your continued
participation with us as we work towards offering Resurrection Health Care Corp. the premier
construction team in health care in Chicago.

Thank you to Bill McGing and his crew for a job well done.

Calvin Blunt
Dan Boshold
Brian Cerny
Gene Hickman
John McDonagh
Matt Monger
Kevin Noble
Jim Strege
Jim Turk
Dean Weickert
Greg Zaitoon

Joseph Aiu,
Senior Project Manager,
Power Construction Company, LLC

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