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predictive dialer
VentureVoIP’s Predictive Dialer is a feature
rich package for your call centre which:
•   Increases productivity
•   Reduces Costs
•   Is easy to install and use
•   Can be used in any sized call centre
Is available at highly competitive prices
Why choose Our Dialer?

The algorithms in VentureVoIP’s Dialer are
the best in the industry, meaning that you
have more staff working, more of the time.

By using our Dialer your call centre opera-
tions will be streamlined.

For example, using manual dialling with a                             VentureVoIP Limited
20% chance of success and an average call                              - Well Connected -
length of 70 seconds, your staff would be
on the phone 44% of the time. If you
shifted these staff to using the VentureVoIP
Dialer, you could expect between 70% and
80% of your staff on the phone. For a call
centre with 20 staff working 8 hours a day,
5 days a week, this equates to 248 hours
per week of extra time talking to customers.

VentureVoIP’s Dialer uses the most ad-
vanced predictive algorithms in the industry
to make sure that you have as many staff
active on the phone at any given time. It is   VentureVoIP Limited
able to tell the difference between an an-        P O Box 2411
swer machine, an IVR and a human, and            Dunedin 9001
route only the calls which have live custom-      New Zealand                Tel + 64 3 474 2110
ers to your staff.

                                               Phone + 64 3 4742110
                                               Fax + 64 3 4742116
Introducing                                     Conduit3
VentureVoIP                                                                                                    Extended Features
                                                              The ConduIT3 is a flexible VoIP PBX delivered
                                                                                                               ConduIT3 PBX has an extended feature list which
Limited                                                       as a physical or hosted solution. It comes in        includes as standard:
                                                              three versions to suit any size or type of or-   •      VoIP and Analogue Calls
VentureVoIP Limited is a New Zealand owned
                                                              ganisation. The unit can be installed and man-   •      Video & Audio Conferencing
and operated technology company based in
                                                                    aged by the customer and has an ex-        •      EFTPOS & Fax Traffic
                                                    ConduIT3 tended feature set.            The ConduIT3       •      Diagnostic Software
We deliver low cost, maximum quality VoIP
                                                                    product range also includes a selection    •      Video/TV Streaming
calls to business with the world’s first VoIP
                                                              of VoIP Phones.                                  •      See our website for more details
end-to-end telecommunications system.
                                                                                                               Venturevoip exchange
VentureVoIP has a range of telecommunica-       Cost savings
                                                                                                               Venture VoIP Exchange has been built in such a
tion products and services designed to reduce   •      Provides low cost national and international call       way that it can be replicated anywhere in the
                                                       rates                                                   world.
costs and improve operational efficiency.
                                                •      Allows for reduction in the number of fixed lines       •      VentureVoIP has partnered with VoIP
•      ConduIT3 VoIP PBX and Range of                                                                                 carriers in New Zealand and internation-
                                                •      Traditional service costs such as                              ally
                                                       Add/Move/Change are eliminated
                                                                                                               •      Our Exchange selects and monitors each
•      VentureVoIP Exchange                     Scalability                                                           call for quality and cost
                                                •      ConduIT3 PBX fits any size organisation, and            •      VentureVoIP Exchange provides real-
•      VentureVoIP Predictive Dialer                   works across different locations                               time call costs that can be downloaded
                                                                                                                      by the client
                                                •      The unit can be scaled from one to thousands of
                                                       extensions                                              •      VentureVoIP Exchange has its own
                                                                                                                      Phone Directory
                                                Traffic shaping
                                                •       Automatic priority is given to voice traffic, ensur-
                                                       ing optimal voice quality

                                                •      ConduIT3 PBX can be used in conjunction with
                                                       existing analogue or VoIP phones
                                                                                                                             VentureVoIP Limited
                                                •      ConduIT3 Phones are capable of national and                              P O Box 2411
                                                       international roaming                                                   Dunedin 9001
                                                                                                                                New Zealand
                                                                                                                            Phone + 64 3 4742110
                                                                                                                            Fax + 64 3 4742116

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