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(API) Guide
Spring 2012
                                                                              Developer's API Guide

The Application Programming Interface (API) is a web service for accessing data from By adding parameters to the base API URL (,
users can request Document Search results or metadata for a specific Docket or Document.
The data is output in XML and JSON formats, which can be used for data analyses, building
custom reports, integrations, and other programmatic access to data.

 Available APIs
 API                           Base URL
 Document Search     
 Get Docket Information
 Get Document Information
 Note: In order to use the API URLs, an API Key is required. See the first section of
 this document for how to obtain an API Key.

Any of the above APIs can be used with JSON output by replacing “.xml’ at the end with
“.json”, will produce JSON output for search.

How do I become authorized to access the API?
In order to use the API, an API Key is needed, which is provided upon request. You can
request an API key through the Contact Us form. In the Subject field, please
enter “API Key Request” and be sure to include your First and Last name, your Email address,
and note your Organization in the body of the comment form.
Please Note: Your key will be associated with this email address, please use one for
organization wide access.

What should I know about data before I get started? contains data and documents from over 300 Federal agencies; because of
differences in agency policy and practice, not all agencies use in the same
way. For example, all Rules and Proposed Rules from agencies should appear on, however some agencies choose not to post their notices on
Many agencies receive comments through, but individual agencies choose
whether to post all, some, or none of the comments received back out on If
an agency received several thousand form letter comments that were identical, they may post
them back out individually, or just post one noting that it’s representative of all the others.

You may find that data quantity and quality varies as the data extends back in time. Agencies
joined the program at different times beginning in 2003, and agencies have been created,
disbanded, or merged during that time period. Some agencies have brought pre-2003 data into Note specifically that common identifiers as Regulatory Identification

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                                                                             Developer's API Guide

Number (RIN) is not present on all rulemaking documents, and that the Federal Register ID is
padded with preceding zeros to ensure a consistent five character field.

Data will change over the course of the day. The latest issue of the Federal Register is
generally posted by 9:30am, and the date dimensions (e.g., posted today, closing today, etc.,)
are generally updated at this time as well. Agencies post public submissions and other
documents throughout the day. For this reason counts may vary and may age quickly,
depending on site activity and time.

The Federal Regulatory community is working together to encourage consistent practices and
improve the utility and quality of data provided by

Formatting your URL
All requests start with the base URL (see details below for each API option) and are followed
by query parameters, which take the form argument=value, where the arguments and values
are URL encoded according to RFC3986.

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                                                                               Developer's API Guide

To request data for a specified Document Type and Federal Agency, use the parameters
“dct” and “a” with the values listed in the table below. To select more than one option, use the
“+” sign.

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                                                                                         Developer's API Guide

Search API (Document Search)
This API allows users to build a query based on any of the parameters below.

Base Request URL (for XML output) (for JSON output)

Note: In order to use the API URLs, an API Key is required. See the first section of this
document for how to obtain an API Key.

Sample Requests
   1. All EPA documents containing the search term ‘tires’:

   2. All FR documents posted today:

Request Parameters

 Parameter   Required    Argument     Value
 API Key     Yes         api_key      Enter your API Key (an alphanumeric key provided upon request)
 Document    No          dct          N (Notice)
 Type                                 PR (Proposed Rule)
                                      FR (Rule)
                                      O (Other)
                                      SR (Supporting & Related Material)
                                      PS (Public Submission)
 Docket ID   No          dktid        Valid Docket ID (ex. SEC-2012-0044)
 Docket      No          dkt          R (Rulemaking)
 Type                                 N (Nonrulemaking)
 Comment     No          cp           O (Open)
 Period                               C (Closed)
 Federal     No          a            Accepted values listed in Appendix A
 Keyword     No          s            Keyword value as entered by user
 Results     No          rpp          10, 25, 100
 Per Page
 Page        No          po           Enter the page offset (always starts with 0). This is used in
 Offset                               conjunction with results per page to fetch large data sets in chunks.
                                      For example, if a search produces 82 results and the result per page
                                      is set to 25, this will generate 4 pages. 3 pages will have 25 results
                                      and the last page will have 7 results. Page offset values for each
                                      page will be
                                      Page 1: po = 0
                                      Page 2: po=25
                                      Page 3: po=50

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                                                                              Developer's API Guide

                           Page 4: po=75

                           So total number of pages is [total results/results per page] and page
                           offset for page X is [X-1 * results per page]
Comment      No   cs       0 (closing today)
Period                     3 (closing within 3 days)
Closing                    15 (closing within 15 days)
Soon                       30 (closing within 30 days)
                           90 (closing within 90 days)
Newly        No   np       0 (posted today)
Posted                     3 (posted within last 3 days)
                           15 (posted within last 15 days)
                           30 (posted within last 30 days)
                           90 (posted within last 90 days)
Comment      No   cmsd     Enter a date in the form of MM%7CDD%7CYY. The date must be
Period                     before the Comment Period End Date, if it is also provided.
Start Date
Comment      No   cmd      Enter a date in the form of MM%7CDD%7CYY. The date must be
Period End                 after the Comment Period Start Date, if it is also provided.
Date                       **Comment Period Start and End Dates are mutually exclusive with
                           the “closing soon” parameter. If both are provided, “closing soon” will
                           be ignored.
Creation     No   crd      Enter a date in the form of MM%7CDD%7CYY.
Received     No   rd       Enter a date in the form of MM%7CDD%7CYY.
Posted       No   pd       Enter a date in the form of MM%7CDD%7CYY.
Document     No   Cat      AD (Aerospace and Transportation)
Category                   AEP (Agriculture, Environment and Public Lands)
                           BFS (Banking and Financial)
                           CT (Commerce and International)
                           LES (Defense, Law Enforcement, and Security)
                           EELS (Education, Labor, Presidential, and Government Services)
                           EUMM (Energy, Natural Resources, and Utilities)
                           HCFP (Food Safety, Health, and Pharmaceutical)
                           PRE (Housing, Development, and Real Estate)
                           ITT (Technology and Telecommunications)
Sort By      No   sb       docketId (Docket ID)
                           docId (Document ID)
                           title (Title)
                           postedDate (Posted Date)
                           agency (Agency)
                           documentType (Document Type)
                           submitterName (Submitter Name)
                           organization (Organization)
Sort Order   No   so       ASC (Ascending)
                           DESC (Descending)
Docket       No   dkst     Accepted values listed in Appendix B
Docket       No   dktst2   Accepted values listed in Appendix C
Document     No   dktst    Accepted values listed in Appendix D

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                                                                                           Developer's API Guide

Counts       No           countsOnly    1 (will return only the document count for a search query)
Only                                    0 (will return documents as well)
Encoded      No           encoded       1 (will accept style encoded parameters)
                                        0 (will not accept such encoded parameters)
                                        Individual parameters and values from search URLs
                                        can be used, but since they are encoded, this flag tells the API
                                        service to decode them first. For example, below is the
                               URL for searching all open FR documents:
                                        In order to use this with the API, user will need to specify ‘encoded=1’
                                        in the URL along with providing one or more encoded parameters.

Sample Output: Document Search

Description of the XML    XML Output
Search result container   <searchresult xmlns:ns2="">
Count of Documents        <recordCount>4</recordCount>
                          - <documents>
                          + <document>
                          - <document>
Federal Agency who        <agency>FAA</agency>
published the
Number of                 <attachmentCount>0</attachmentCount>
Accepting comments        <acceptingComments>true</acceptingComments>
(true, false)
Comment Due Date          <commentsDue>2012-01-17T00:00:00-05:00</commentsDue>
Comment Start Date        <commentsBegin>2012-01-11T00:00:00-05:00</commentsBegin>
Comment Text              <commentText />
Docket ID                 <docketId>FAA_FRDOC_0001</docketId>

Docket Title              <docketTitle>Recently Posted FAA Rules and Notices.</docketTitle>
Docket Type               <docketType>RULEMAKING</docketType>
Document ID               <documentId>FAA_FRDOC_0001-6111</documentId>
Document Status           <documentStatus>Posted</documentStatus>
(Posted, Not Posted)
Document Type (Rule,      <documentType>Rule</documentType>
Proposed Rule, Notice,
Public Submission,
Supporting & Related
Materials, Other)
Content File Location     <fileFormats>

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                                                                                          Developer's API Guide

Participating Agency     <fromParticipatingAgency>true</fromParticipatingAgency>
(True, False)
FR Document (True,       <isFrDoc>false</isFrDoc>
                         - <metadata>
Query for Document       - <entry name="Status">Posted</entry>
Status (Posted,
Query for Date Posted    - <entry name="Date Posted">December 02 2011, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard
(MM/DD/YYYY)             Time</entry>
Query for Comment        - <entry name="Comment Due Date">January 17 2012, at 11:59 PM Eastern
Due Date                 Standard Time</entry>
Object ID
Submitter Organization   <organization />
(only present on Non-
FR documents)
Posted/Published Date    <postedDate>2012-01-11T00:00:00-05:00</postedDate>
RIN (as entered by       <rin>Not Assigned</rin>
agency in RIN format,
or “Not Assigned”)
Submitter Name           <submitterName />
Summary                  <summary />
Title                     <title>Airworthiness Directives: Quest Aircraft Design, LLC Airplanes</title>

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                                                                    Developer's API Guide

Sample Output: JSON
  searchresult: {
     recordCount: 11,
     documents: {
       document: {
         agency: "SEC",
         attachmentCount: 0,
         acceptingComments: false,
         commentsDue: "2012-02-01T00:00:00-05:00",
         commentsBegin: "2012-01-11T00:00:00-05:00",
         commentText: "",
         docketId: "SEC-2012-0044",
         docketTitle: "Self-Regulatory Organizations; Proposed Rule Changes: NYSE
Amex LLC",
         docketType: "RULEMAKING",
         documentId: "SEC-2012-0044-0001",
         documentStatus: "Posted",
         documentType: "Notice",
         fileFormats: [
ttachment&contentType=html"            ],
         fromParticipatingAgency: false,
         isFrDoc: false,
         metadata: {
            entry: [
                 @name: "Date Posted",
                 $: "January 11 2012, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time"
                 @name: "Comment Start Date",
                 $: "January 11 2012, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time"
                 @name: "Comment Due Date",
                 $: "February 01 2012, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time"
         objectId: "0900006480b95b79",
         organization: "",
         postedDate: "2012-01-11T00:00:00-05:00",
         rin: "",
         submitterName: "",
         summary: "",
         title: "Self-Regulatory Organizations; Proposed Rule Changes: NYSE Amex

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                                                                                                    Developer's API Guide

Docket Information API (Get Docket)
This API allows users to request metadata associated with a specific Docket.

Base Request URL (for XML output) (for JSON output)

Note: In order to use the API URLs, an API Key is required. See the first section of this
document for how to obtain an API Key.

Sample Request

Request Parameters
 Parameter                Required      Argument     Value
 Docket ID                Yes           D            FDMS Docket ID

 API Key                  Yes           api_key      Enter your API Key (an alphanumeric key provided upon request)

Sample Output: Docket Information
                                    <?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8” standalone=”yes” ?>
                                    - <docket>
  Federal Agency who published      <agencyId>EPA</agencyId>
                    the Document
  Does this docket belong to Non    <nonParticipatingAgency>false</nonParticipatingAgency>
             Participating Agency
                       Docket ID    <docketId>EPA_FRDOC_0001</docketId>
                                    - <metadata>
  Agency-Defined Field: Location       <entry name="Location">R04-RCRA</entry>
       (Agency Region – Agency
      Docket Type (Rulemaking,        <entry name="Type">Rulemaking</entry>
   Abstract (as entered by user)       <entry name="Abstract">Recently Posted EPA Rules and Notices from FR
                        Object ID   <objectId>0b000064800e4b32</objectId>
 RIN (as entered by agency in RIN   <rin>Not Assigned</rin>
       format, or “Not Assigned”)
                     Docket Title   <title>Recently Posted EPA Rules and Notices from FR Feed.</title>

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                                                                         Developer's API Guide

Sample Output: JSON
    docket: {
      agencyId: "EPA",
      docketId: "EPA_FRDOC_0001",
      metadata: {
         entry: [
              @name: "Location",
              $: "R04-RCRA"
              @name: "Type",
              $: "Rulemaking"
              @name: "Abstract",
              $: "Recently Posted EPA Rules and Notices from FR Feed."
      objectId: "0b000064800e4b32",
      rin: "Not Assigned",
      title: "Recently Posted EPA Rules and Notices from FR Feed."

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                                                                                           Developer's API Guide

Document Information API (Get Document)
This API allows users to request metadata associated with the specific Document.

Base Request URL (for XML output) (for JSON output)

Note: In order to use the API URLs, an API Key is required. See the first section of this
document for how to obtain an API Key.

Sample Requests
       1. Using FR Number:

       2. Using Document ID:

       3. Using JSON output:

Request Parameters
 Parameter                  Required      Argument       Value
 API Key                    Yes           api_key        Enter your API Key (an alphanumeric key provided upon
 One of the following must be present:
 Document ID                No            D              FDMS Document ID
 FR Number                  No            FR             Document FR Number

Sample Output: Document Information
 Description of the   XML Output
 XML Tags
 Federal Agency       <agencyId>EPA</agencyId>
 who published
 the Document
 Late Comments        <allowLateComment>false</allowLateComment>
 accepted for this
 Document (true,
 Document ID          <documentId>EPA_FRDOC_0001-10857</documentId>
 Document Type        <documentType>Rule</documentType>
 Document Title       <title>National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan; National
                      Priorities List: Deletion of Hiteman Leather Superfund Site</title>
 Attachments, if      <attachments>

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                                                                                    Developer's API Guide

Attachment 1         <attachment>
Agency Notes         <agencyNotes></agencyNotes>
Abstract             <abstract></abstract>
Content Files        <fileFormats></fileFormats>
Posting              <postingRestriction>No_restrictions</postingRestriction>
Reason the file is   <reasonRestricted/>
Attachment Title     <title>Test Document</title>
Commenting           <canCommentOnDocument>false</canCommentOnDocument>
enabled for
Document (true,
Comment Text, if     <commentText/>
Docket ID            <docketId>EPA_FRDOC_0001</docketId>
Docket Type          <docketType>RULEMAKING</docketType>
                     < metadata >
Document             <entry name="Status" >Posted</entry>
Statues (Draft,
Pending Post,
Posted, Do Not
Post, Withdrawn)
Document             <entry name="Received Date">December 13 2011, at 11:06 AM Eastern Standard
Received Date        Time</entry>
Date Posted          <entry name="Date Posted">December 13 2011, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard
Agency Defined       <entry name="CFR">40 CFR Part 300</entry>
Field: CFR
Federal Register     <entry name="Federal Register Number">2011-31912</entry>
Starting and         <entry name="Start-End Page">77388 - 77392</entry>
Ending Page
Comment Start        <entry name="Comment Start Date"> December 13 2011, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard
Date                 Time</entry>
Comment Due          <entry name="Comment Due Date">January 12 2012, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard
Date                 Time</entry>
Page Count           <entry name="Page Count"/>5</entry>
File Formats (pdf,   <fileFormats>
html, doc) 
RIN Number           <rin>Not Assigned</rin>

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                                                                    Developer's API Guide

Sample Output: JSON
  document: {
    agencyId: "EPA",
    documentId: "EPA-2011-0002-0024",
    documentType: "Public Submission",
    frDoc: false,
    title: "Comment on EPA-2011-0002-0004",
    attachments: {
       attachment: [
            agencyNotes: "",
            abstract: "",
            postingRestriction: "No_restrictions",
            reasonRestricted: "",
            title: "Test 3"
            agencyNotes: "",
            abstract: "",
            postingRestriction: "No_restrictions",
            reasonRestricted: "",
            title: "Test 2"
    canCommentOnDocument: true,
    commentText: "Testing REGS-1639",
    docketId: "EPA-2011-0002",
    docketType: "NON_RULEMAKING",
    metadata: {
       entry: [
            @name: "Document Subtype",
            $: "Comment Response"
            @name: "Received Date",
            $: "January 09 2012, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time"
            @name: "Date Posted",
            $: "January 09 2012, at 12:00 AM Eastern Standard Time"
            @name: "Comment Start Date",
            $: "June 14 2011, at 12:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time"

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                                                                      Developer's API Guide

               @name: "Comment Due Date",
               $: "June 14 2012, at 11:59 PM Eastern Daylight Time"
               @name: "Tracking Number",
               $: "80b95637"
    rin: ""

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                                                                                          Developer's API Guide

Error Messages
Standard errors and the following service-specific errors may be returned:

 HTTP Status Code      Description                                    Response

 400 or 404         The URL is           <error>
                    malformed or         <message>
                    there is a problem   Could not find resource for relative : /api/documentsearc/v1 of full
                    processing the       path:

 401                The API Key is       <error>
                    missing.             <message>
                                         AN API key is required to access API. You can
                                         request one by emailing <a
                                         href=" Key
                                         Registration&body=Full Name: %0A Organization: %0A Email
                                         Address: .%0A%0A Your key will be associated with this email
                                         address, please use one for organization wide access.%0A">us</a>
 500                Other server         <error>
                    errors.              <message>
                                         Internal Server Error, please try again later.</message>

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                                                                             Developer's API Guide

Linking to
How can I provide a link from my website to a specific document on supports linking to the document details screen by using the Document ID,
which is available from the API as the <documentId> element.


Using the Document ID the URL to is!documentDetail;D=FDIC-2012-0013-0001
Where D= the <documentId>.

You can also use the Document ID to directly link to the Submit a Comment page, for example:!submitComment;D=FDIC-2012-0013-0001

How can I link to using the FR Numbers published by the
Federal Register?
The Document Detail screen supports an alternative FR URL parameter where FR = FR
number. For Example:!documentDetail;FR=2012-02630

Note that linking by FR number is only supported on the Document Details screen. The
Submit a Comment screen will not accept the FR URL parameter.

If you require assistance while using the API, please contact the Help Desk at
1-877-378-5457 (toll free) or 703-412-3083. The Help Desk is available Monday through
Friday, from 9:00 AM until 5:00 PM, ET for assistance.

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                                                                               Developer's API Guide

Appendix A: Federal Agencies
Agency Acronym   Agency Name                                            URL Encoded Value
ABMC             American Battle Monuments Commission                   ABMC
ACF              Administration Of Children And Families                ACF
ACFR             Administrative Committee Of The Federal Register       ACFR
ACUS             Administrative Conference Of The United States         ACUS
ADF              African Development Foundation                         ADF
AFRH             Armed Forces Retirement Home                           AFRH
AHRQ             Agency For Healthcare Research And Quality             AHRQ
AID              Agency For International Development                   AID
AMC              Antitrust Modernization Commission                     AMC
AMS              Agricultural Marketing Service                         AMS
AOA              Administration On Aging                                AOA
APHIS            Animal And Plant Health Inspection Service             APHIS
APPAL            Appalachian States Low-Level Radioactive Waste         APPAL
ARCTIC           Arctic Research Commission                             ARCTIC
ARS              Agricultural Research Service                          ARS
ARTS             National Foundation On The Arts And The Humanities     ARTS
ASC              Appraisal Subcommittee                                 ASC
ATBCB            Architectural And Transportation Barriers Compliance   ATBCB
ATF              Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, And Explosives Bureau      ATF
ATR              Antitrust Division                                     ATR
ATSB             Air Transportation Stabilization Board                 ATSB
ATSDR            Agency For Toxic Substances And Disease Registry       ATSDR
BBG              Broadcasting Board Of Governors                        BBG
BGSEEF           Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship And Excellence In       BGSEEF
                 Education Foundation
BIA              Bureau Of Indian Affairs                               BIA
BIS              Bureau Of Industry And Security                        BIS
BLM              Bureau Of Land Management                              BLM
BLS              Bureau Of Labor Statistics                             BLS
BOEM             Bureau Of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, And     BOEM
BOP              Federal Prisons Bureau                                 BOP
BOR              Bureau Of Reclamation                                  BOR
BPA              Bonneville Power Administration                        BPA
BPD              Bureau Of Public Debt                                  BPD
BSEE             Bureau Of Safety And Environmental Enforcement         BSEE

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                                                                            Developer's API Guide

CCC      Commodity Credit Corporation                               CCC
CCJJDP   Coordinating Council On Juvenile Justice And Delinquency   CCJJDP
CDC      Centers For Disease Control And Prevention                 CDC
CDFI     Community Development Financial Institutions Fund          CDFI
CDFIF    Community Development Financial Institutions Fund Np       CDFIF
CEQ      Council On Environmental Quality                           CEQ
CFPB     Consumer Financial Protection Bureau                       CFPB
CFTC     Commodity Futures Trading Commission                       CFTC
CIA      Central Intelligence Agency                                CIA
CIGIE    Council Of The Inspectors General On Integrity And         CIGIE
CITA     Committee For The Implementation Of Textile Agreements     CITA
CMS      Centers For Medicare & Medicaid Services                   CMS
CNCS     Corporation For National And Community Service             CNCS
COE      Corps Of Engineers                                         COE
COFA     Commission Of Fine Arts                                    COFA
COLC     Copyright Office, Library Of Congress                      COLC
CORP     Corporation For National And Community Service             CORP
CPPBSD   Committee For Purchase From People Who Are Blind Or        CPPBSD
         Severely Disabled
CPSC     Consumer Product Safety Commission                         CPSC
CRB      Copyright Royalty Board, Library Of Congress               CRB
CRC      Civil Rights Commission                                    CRC
CROMFS   Commission On Review Of Overseas Military Facility         CROMFS
         Structure Of The United States
CSB      Chemical Safety And Hazard Investigation Board             CSB
CSEO     Child Support Enforcement Office                           CSEO
CSOSA    Court Services And Offender Supervision Agency For The     CSOSA
         District Of Columbia
CSREES   Cooperative State Research, Education, And Extension       CSREES
DARS     Defense Acquisition Regulations System                     DARS
DBCRC    Defense Base Closure And Realignment Commission            DBCRC
DC       Denali Commission                                          DC
DCAA     Defense Contract Audit Agency                              DCAA
DEA      Drug Enforcement Administration                            DEA
DEPO     Disability Employment Policy Office                        DEPO
DHS      Department Of Homeland Security                            DHS
DIA      Defense Intelligence Agency                                DIA
DISA     Defense Information Systems Agency                         DISA

                                  Page 19 of 56                                      Spring 2012
                                                            Developer's API Guide

DLA     Defense Logistics Agency                        DLA
DNFSB   Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board         DNFSB
DOC     Department Of Commerce                          DOC
DOD     Department Of Defense                           DOD
DOE     Department Of Energy                            DOE
DOI     Department Of The Interior                      DOI
DOJ     Department Of Justice                           DOJ
DOL     Department Of Labor                             DOL
DOS     Department Of State                             DOS
DOT     Department Of Transportation                    DOT
DRBC    Delaware River Basin Commission                 DRBC
EAB     Bureau Of Economic Analysis                     EAB
EAC     Election Assistance Commission                  EAC
EBSA    Employee Benefits Security Administration       EBSA
ECAB    Employees' Compensation Appeals Board           ECAB
ECSA    Economics And Statistics Administration         ECSA
ED      Department Of Education                         ED
EDA     Economic Development Administration             EDA
EEOC    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission         EEOC
EERE    Energy Efficiency And Renewable Energy Office   EERE
EIA     Energy Information Administration               EIA
EIB     Export Import Bank Of The United States         EIB
EOA     Energy Office, Agriculture Department           EOA
EOIR    Executive Office For Immigration Review         EOIR
EOP     Executive Office Of The President               EOP
EPA     Environmental Protection Agency                 EPA
ERS     Economic Research Service                       ERS
ESA     Employment Standards Administration             ESA
ETA     Employment And Training Administration          ETA
FAA     Federal Aviation Administration                 FAA
FAR     Federal Acquisition Regulation                  FAR
FAS     Foreign Agricultural Service                    FAS
FASAB   Federal Accounting Standards Advisory Board     FASAB
FBI     Federal Bureau Of Investigation                 FBI
FCA     Farm Credit Administration                      FCA
FCC     Federal Communications Commission               FCC
FCIC    Federal Crop Insurance Corporation              FCIC
FCSC    Foreign Claims Settlement Commission            FCSC
FCSIC   Farm Credit System Insurance Corporation        FCSIC
FDA     Food And Drug Administration                    FDA

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                                                                          Developer's API Guide

FDIC     Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation                     FDIC
FEC      Federal Election Commission                               FEC
FEMA     Federal Emergency Management Agency                       FEMA
FERC     Federal Energy Regulatory Commission                      FERC
FFIEC    Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council        FFIEC
FHFA     Federal Housing Finance Agency                            FHFA
FHFB     Federal Housing Finance Board                             FHFB
FHWA     Federal Highway Administration                            FHWA
FINCEN   Financial Crimes Enforcement Network                      FINCEN
FINCIC   Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission                       FINCIC
FISCAL   Fiscal Service                                            FISCAL
FLETC    Federal Law Enforcement Training Center                   FLETC
FLRA     Federal Labor Relations Authority                         FLRA
FMC      Federal Maritime Commission                               FMC
FMCS     Federal Mediation And Conciliation Service                FMCS
FMCSA    Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration               FMCSA
FNS      Food And Nutrition Service                                FNS
FPPO     Federal Procurement Policy Office                         FPPO
FR       Office Of The Federal Register                            FR
FRA      Federal Railroad Administration                           FRA
FRS      Federal Reserve System                                    FRS
FRTIB    Federal Retirement Thrift Investment Board                FRTIB
FS       Forest Service                                            FS
FSA      Farm Service Agency                                       FSA
FSIS     Food Safety And Inspection Service                        FSIS
FSOC     Financial Stability Oversight Council                     FSOC
FTA      Federal Transit Administration                            FTA
FTC      Federal Trade Commission                                  FTC
FTZB     Foreign-Trade Zones Board                                 FTZB
FWS      Fish And Wildlife Service                                 FWS
GAO      Government Accountability Office                          GAO
GEO      Government Ethics Office                                  GEO
GIPSA    Grain Inspection, Packers And Stockyards Administration   GIPSA
GPO      Government Printing Office                                GPO
GSA      General Services Administration                           GSA
HHS      Department Of Health And Human Services                   HHS
HHSIG    Inspector General Office, Health And Human Services       HHSIG
HOPE     Board Of Directors Of The Hope For Homeowners Program     HOPE
HPAC     Historic Preservation, Advisory Council                   HPAC

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                                                                        Developer's API Guide

HRSA     Health Resources And Services Administration               HRSA
HST      Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation                     HST
HUD      Department Of Housing And Urban Development                HUD
IACB     Indian Arts And Crafts Board                               IACB
IAF      Inter-American Foundation                                  IAF
ICEB     Immigration And Customs Enforcement Bureau                 ICEB
IHS      Indian Health Service                                      IHS
IIO      International Investment Office                            IIO
IRS      Internal Revenue Service                                   IRS
ISOO     Information Security Oversight Office                      ISOO
ITA      International Trade Administration                         ITA
ITC      International Trade Commission                             ITC
JBEA     Joint Board For Enrollment Of Actuaries                    JBEA
LMSO     Labor-Management Standards Office                          LMSO
LOC      Library Of Congress                                        LOC
LSC      Legal Services Corporation                                 LSC
MARAD    Maritime Administration                                    MARAD
MBDA     Minority Business Development Agency                       MBDA
MCC      Millennium Challenge Corporation                           MCC
MEXICO   U.S. International Boundary And Water Commission           MEXICO
MISS     Mississippi River Commission                               MISS
MKU      Morris K. Udall Scholarship And Excellence In National     MKU
         Environmental Policy Foundation
MMC      Marine Mammal Commission                                   MMC
MMS      Minerals Management Service                                MMS
MPAC     Medicare Payment Advisory Commission                       MPAC
MSHA     Mine Safety And Health Administration                      MSHA
MSHFRC   Federal Mine Safety And Health Review Commission           MSHFRC
MSPB     Merit Systems Protection Board                             MSPB
NAL      National Agricultural Library                              NAL
NARA     National Archives And Records Administration               NARA
NASA     National Aeronautics And Space Administration              NASA
NASS     National Agricultural Statistics Service                   NASS
NCC      National Counterintelligence Center                        NCC
NCD      National Council On Disability                             NCD
NCLIS    National Commission On Libraries And Information Science   NCLIS
NCPC     National Capital Planning Commission                       NCPC
NCPPCC   National Crime Prevention And Privacy Compact Council      NCPPCC
NCRIRS   National Commission On Restructuring The Internal          NCRIRS
         Revenue Service

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                                                                    Developer's API Guide

NCS        National Communications System                       NCS
NCUA       National Credit Union Administration                 NCUA
NEC        National Economic Council                            NEC
NEIGHBOR   Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation                NEIGHBOR
NEO        Nuclear Energy Office                                NEO
NHTSA      National Highway Traffic Safety Administration       NHTSA
NIC        National Institute Of Corrections                    NIC
NIFA       National Institute Of Food And Agriculture           NIFA
NIGC       National Indian Gaming Commission                    NIGC
NIH        National Institutes Of Health                        NIH
NIL        National Institute For Literacy                      NIL
NIST       National Institute Of Standards And Technology       NIST
NLRB       National Labor Relations Board                       NLRB
NMB        National Mediation Board                             NMB
NNCO       National Nanotechnology Coordination Office          NNCO
NNSA       National Nuclear Security Administration             NNSA
NOAA       National Oceanic And Atmospheric Administration      NOAA
NPREC      National Prison Rape Elimination Commission          NPREC
NPS        National Park Service                                NPS
NRC        Nuclear Regulatory Commission                        NRC
NRCS       Natural Resources Conservation Service               NRCS
NSA        National Security Agency/Central Security Service    NSA
NSF        National Science Foundation                          NSF
NTIA       National Telecommunications And Information          NTIA
NTSB       National Transportation Safety Board                 NTSB
NWTRB      Nuclear Waste Technical Review Board                 NWTRB
OCC        Comptroller Of The Currency                          OCC
ODNI       Office Of The Director Of National Intelligence      ODNI
OEPNU      Office Of Energy Policy And New Uses                 OEPNU
OFAC       Office Of Foreign Assets Control                     OFAC
OFCCP      Office Of Federal Contract Compliance Programs       OFCCP
OFHEO      Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight Office          OFHEO
OFPP       Office Of Federal Procurement Policy                 OFPP
OJJDP      Juvenile Justice And Delinquency Prevention Office   OJJDP
OJP        Justice Programs Office                              OJP
OMB        Office Of Management And Budget                      OMB
ONDCP      Office Of National Drug Control Policy               ONDCP
ONHIR      Office Of Navajo And Hopi Indian Relocation          ONHIR
ONRR       Office Of Natural Resources Revenue                  ONRR

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                                                                           Developer's API Guide

OPIC      Overseas Private Investment Corporation                  OPIC
OPM       Office Of Personnel Management                           OPM
OPPM      Office Of Procurement And Property Management            OPPM
OSC       Office Of Special Counsel                                OSC
OSHA      Occupational Safety And Health Administration            OSHA
OSHRC     Occupational Safety And Health Review Commission         OSHRC
OSM       Office Of Surface Mining Reclamation And Enforcement     OSM
OST       Office Of The Special Trustee For American Indians       OST
OSTP      Office Of Science And Technology Policy                  OSTP
OTS       Office Of Thrift Supervision                             OTS
PACIFIC   Pacific Northwest Electric Power And Conservation        PACIFIC
          Planning Council
PBGC      Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation                     PBGC
PC        Peace Corps                                              PC
PHMSA     Pipeline And Hazardous Materials Safety Administration   PHMSA
PHS       Public Health Service                                    PHS
PRC       Postal Regulatory Commission                             PRC
PRES      Presidential Documents                                   PRES
PT        Presidio Trust                                           PT
PTO       Patent And Trademark Office                              PTO
RATB      Recovery Accountability And Transparency Board           RATB
RBS       Rural Business-Cooperative Service                       RBS
RHS       Rural Housing Service                                    RHS
RISC      Regulatory Information Service Center                    RISC
RITA      Research And Innovative Technology Administration        RITA
RMA       Risk Management Agency                                   RMA
RRB       Railroad Retirement Board                                RRB
RSPA      Research And Special Programs Administration (Do Not     RSPA
RTB       Rural Telephone Bank                                     RTB
RUF       Reagan Udall Foundation                                  RUF
RUS       Rural Utilities Service                                  RUS
SAMHSA    Substance Abuse And Mental Health Services               SAMHSA
SBA       Small Business Administration                            SBA
SEC       Securities And Exchange Commission                       SEC
SEPA      Southeastern Power Administration                        SEPA
SIGIR     Special Inspector General For Iraq Reconstruction        SIGIR
SJI       State Justice Institute                                  SJI
SLSDC     Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation            SLSDC

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                                                                    Developer's API Guide

SRBC     Susquehanna River Basin Commission                     SRBC
SS       Secret Service                                         SS
SSA      Social Security Administration                         SSA
SSS      Selective Service System                               SSS
STB      Surface Transportation Board                           STB
SWPA     Southwestern Power Administration                      SWPA
TA       Technology Administration                              TA
TRADE    Trade And Development Agency                           TRADE
TREAS    Department Of The Treasury                             TREAS
TSA      Transportation Security Administration                 TSA
TTB      Alcohol And Tobacco Tax And Trade Bureau               TTB
TVA      Tennessee Valley Authority                             TVA
URMCC    Utah Reclamation Mitigation And Conservation           URMCC
USA      Army Department                                        USA
USAF     Air Force Department                                   USAF
USBC     Bureau Of The Census                                   USBC
USCBP    Customs And Border Protection Bureau                   USCBP
USCC     U.S. China Economic And Security Review Commission     USCC
USCG     Coast Guard                                            USCG
USCIS    U.S. Citizenship And Immigration Services              USCIS
USDA     Department Of Agriculture                              USDA
USDAIG   Inspector General Office, Agriculture Department       USDAIG
USEIB    Export-Import Bank                                     USEIB
USGS     U. S. Geological Survey                                USGS
USIP     United States Institute Of Peace                       USIP
USJC     Judicial Conference Of The United States               USJC
USMINT   United States Mint                                     USMINT
USN      Navy Department                                        USN
USPC     Parole Commission                                      USPC
USPS     Postal Service                                         USPS
USSC     United States Sentencing Commission                    USSC
USTR     Office Of United States Trade Representative           USTR
USUHS    Uniformed Services University Of The Health Sciences   USUHS
VA       Department Of Veterans Affairs                         VA
VCNP     Valles Caldera Trust                                   VCNP
VETS     Veterans Employment And Training Service               VETS
WAPA     Western Area Power Administration                      WAPA
WCPO     Workers Compensation Programs Office                   WCPO
WHD      Wage And Hour Division                                 WHD

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                                                                                  Developer's API Guide

Appendix B: Docket Subtypes
Subtype Name                             URL Encoded value
ABA Compliance                           ABA+Compliance
ANPRM                                    ANPRM
APR                                      APR
Access Fees                              Access+Fees
Accident Reports                         Accident+Reports
Acquisition Regulations                  Acquisition+Regulations
Administrative                           Administrative
Administrative Matters                   Administrative+Matters
Administrative Record                    Administrative+Record
Administrative Stay                      Administrative+Stay
Advisories                               Advisories
Advisory Committee                       Advisory+Committee
Advisory Committee Meeting               Advisory+Committee+Meeting
Advisory Committee on Construction       Advisory+Committee+on+Construction+Safety+and+Health
Safety and Health
Agreements                               Agreements
Aids to Navigation                       Aids+to+Navigation
Air Brakes and Inspection                Air+Brakes+and+Inspection
Air Defense Intercept Zones (ADIZ)       Air+Defense+Intercept+Zones+(ADIZ)
Air Traffic Controller Certification     Air+Traffic+Controller+Certification
Aircraft Certification                   Aircraft+Certification
Aircraft Dispatcher Certification        Aircraft+Dispatcher+Certification
Aircraft Maintenance and Alterations     Aircraft+Maintenance+and+Alterations
Aircraft Operator and Airport Security   Aircraft+Operator+and+Airport+Security
Aircraft Registration                    Aircraft+Registration
Airline Operations                       Airline+Operations
Airplane Operator Security               Airplane+Operator+Security
Airport Certification                    Airport+Certification
Airport Grants                           Airport+Grants
Airport Noise Planning                   Airport+Noise+Planning
Airport Security                         Airport+Security
Airspace Actions                         Airspace+Actions
Airspace Rules                           Airspace+Rules
Airworthiness Directives                 Airworthiness+Directives
Airworthiness Standards                  Airworthiness+Standards
Alcohol and Drugs                        Alcohol+and+Drugs
Amendments                               Amendments

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                                                                                    Developer's API Guide

Announcements                             Announcements
Applications                              Applications
Appointments                              Appointments
Arms Control and International Security   Arms+Control+and+International+Security
Authorization                             Authorization
Authorizations                            Authorizations
Aviation Economic Rules                   Aviation+Economic+Rules
Aviation Rulemaking                       Aviation+Rulemaking
BT-PET (Petition)                         BT-PET+(Petition)
Block Signal Application                  Block+Signal+Application
Blue Signal/Blue Flag                     Blue+Signal%2FBlue+Flag
Board Materials                           Board+Materials
Bridge Act Petitions                      Bridge+Act+Petitions
Bridges                                   Bridges
Bulletins                                 Bulletins
Bumper Standards                          Bumper+Standards
CHAMPVA (VHA)                             CHAMPVA+(VHA)
CWCR                                      CWCR
Cancellations                             Cancellations
Cancer Policy                             Cancer+Policy
Certificate Actions                       Certificate+Actions
Certifications                            Certifications
Civil Penalties                           Civil+Penalties
Civil Rights                              Civil+Rights
Clear Title                               Clear+Title
Commercial Driver's License               Commercial+Driver's+License
Commercial Vessels                        Commercial+Vessels
Committees                                Committees
Complaint                                 Complaint
Complaints                                Complaints
Compliance Activities                     Compliance+Activities
Conforming Products List                  Conforming+Products+List
Consent Agreement, Consent Order          Consent+Agreement,+Consent+Order
Construction                              Construction
Consular Affairs                          Consular+Affairs
Consular Services                         Consular+Services
Consultation and Compliance               Consultation+and+Compliance
Consumer Information                      Consumer+Information
Corrections                               Corrections
Counterterrorism                          Counterterrorism

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                                                                                          Developer's API Guide

Crashworthiness Drawings and Test            Crashworthiness+Drawings+and+Test+Equipment
DOSAR                                        DOSAR
Dangerous Cargoes                            Dangerous+Cargoes
Data Quality                                 Data+Quality
Debarments                                   Debarments
Declarations                                 Declarations
Delegations                                  Delegations
Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor           Democracy,+Human+Rights,+and+Labor
Designations                                 Designations
Determinations                               Determinations
Diplomacy and Public Affairs                 Diplomacy+and+Public+Affairs
Diplomatic Security                          Diplomatic+Security
Dispatching                                  Dispatching
Dispositions                                 Dispositions
Drawing Packages Crashworthiness             Drawing+Packages+Crashworthiness
Driving                                      Driving
EAR                                          EAR
East Asian and Pacific Affairs               East+Asian+and+Pacific+Affairs
Economic, Energy, and Agricultural Affairs   Economic,+Energy,+and+Agricultural+Affairs
Economic, Energy, and Business Affairs       Economic,+Energy,+and+Business+Affairs
Economically Significant; Major              Economically+Significant;+Major
Economically Significant; Not Major          Economically+Significant;+Not+Major
Education and Cultural Affairs               Education+and+Cultural+Affairs
Education and Training                       Education+and+Training
Emergency Order                              Emergency+Order
Employee Safety and Health Standards         Employee+Safety+and+Health+Standards
Enforcement                                  Enforcement
Environment                                  Environment
Environmental                                Environmental
Environmental Assessment                     Environmental+Assessment
Environmental Protection                     Environmental+Protection
Ergo Guidelines                              Ergo+Guidelines
European and Eurasian Affairs                European+and+Eurasian+Affairs
Evaluations                                  Evaluations
Events/Public Meetings                       Events%2FPublic+Meetings
Exercise of Authority                        Exercise+of+Authority
Exchange Visitor Program                     Exchange+Visitor+Program
Executive Order                              Executive+Order
Exemptions/Waivers                           Exemptions%2FWaivers

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                                                                                    Developer's API Guide

Extensions                                 Extensions
External Load Operations                   External+Load+Operations
FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel            FIFRA+Scientific+Advisory+Panel
FINAL                                      FINAL
Facilities                                 Facilities
Failed Safety Audit Review                 Failed+Safety+Audit+Review
Federal Advisory Committee on Safety and   Federal+Advisory+Committee+on+Safety+and+Health
Federal Aid to Airports                    Federal+Aid+to+Airports
Federal Implementation Plan (FIP)          Federal+Implementation+Plan+(FIP)
Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards     Federal+Motor+Vehicle+Safety+Standards
Fees                                       Fees
Final                                      Final
Final Permits                              Final+Permits
Final Rule                                 Final+Rule
Financial Assistance                       Financial+Assistance
Financial Responsibility                   Financial+Responsibility
Findings                                   Findings
Flight Crew-Member Certification           Flight+Crew-Member+Certification
Foreign Air Carriers Operations            Foreign+Air+Carriers+Operations
Foreign Service Institute                  Foreign+Service+Institute
Formal Complaints                          Formal+Complaints
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)          Freedom+of+Information+Act+(FOIA)
Freight Car Safety                         Freight+Car+Safety
Fuel Economy                               Fuel+Economy
Fuel and Engine Emission Standards         Fuel+and+Engine+Emission+Standards
GSP                                        GSP
General                                    General
General Notice                             General+Notice
General Operating and Flight Rules         General+Operating+and+Flight+Rules
General Reference                          General+Reference
General Rulemaking                         General+Rulemaking
Gifts                                      Gifts
Glazing                                    Glazing
Global Aids Coordination                   Global+Aids+Coordination
Grade Crossing Safety                      Grade+Crossing+Safety
Grant Management                           Grant+Management
Grant, Cooperative Agreement               Grant,+Cooperative+Agreement
Guidance                                   Guidance
Guidance, Policy, Procedure                Guidance,+Policy,+Procedure

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                                                                                   Developer's API Guide

Guidelines                                  Guidelines
Hazardous Materials                         Hazardous+Materials
Hazardous Materials Safety                  Hazardous+Materials+Safety
Hazardous Materials Safety Permit Review    Hazardous+Materials+Safety+Permit+Review
Health Guidelines                           Health+Guidelines
Health Rulemaking                           Health+Rulemaking
Health Standards                            Health+Standards
Hearings                                    Hearings
Helicopter Air Carrier Operations           Helicopter+Air+Carrier+Operations
High Speed Rail                             High+Speed+Rail
Highway Engineering                         Highway+Engineering
Highway Planning                            Highway+Planning
Highway Safety                              Highway+Safety
Highway Safety Programs                     Highway+Safety+Programs
Hours of Service                            Hours+of+Service
Hours of Service Record Keeping             Hours+of+Service+Record+Keeping
Human Resources                             Human+Resources
ITAR                                        ITAR
Identification and Registration Marking     Identification+and+Registration+Marking
Immigration                                 Immigration
Inconsequential Noncompliance (Safety)      Inconsequential+Noncompliance+(Safety)
Industry/R&D Meetings and                   Industry%2FR%26D+Meetings+and+Harmonizations
Information Collection                      Information+Collection
Information Collection Request              Information+Collection+Request
Information Collection Request (ICR)        Information+Collection+Request+(ICR)
Information Collection Request (Paperwork   Information+Collection+Request+(Paperwork+Reduction+Act+N
Reduction Act Notices)                      otices)
Information Collections                     Information+Collections
Information Resource Management             Information+Resource+Management
Injunctions                                 Injunctions
Inspection, Repair and Maintenance          Inspection,+Repair+and+Maintenance
Integrated Project Team                     Integrated+Project+Team
Intelligence and Research                   Intelligence+and+Research
Interim                                     Interim
Interim Rule                                Interim+Rule
International Information Programs          International+Information+Programs
International Narcotics and Law             International+Narcotics+and+Law+Enforcement+Affairs
Enforcement Affairs
International Organization Affairs          International+Organization+Affairs

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                                                                                        Developer's API Guide

International Security and Nonproliferation   International+Security+and+Nonproliferation
International Traffic in Arms Regulations     International+Traffic+in+Arms+Regulations
Interpretation                                Interpretation
Interpretations                               Interpretations
Investigative and Enforcement Rules           Investigative+and+Enforcement+Rules
Invitations                                   Invitations
Issuances                                     Issuances
Legislative Affairs                           Legislative+Affairs
License                                       License
Licensing                                     Licensing
Locational Requirement for Dispatching        Locational+Requirement+for+Dispatching
Locomotive Crashworthiness                    Locomotive+Crashworthiness
Locomotive Engineer                           Locomotive+Engineer
Locomotive Engineer Certification             Locomotive+Engineer+Certification
Locomotive Inspection                         Locomotive+Inspection
Locomotive Safety                             Locomotive+Safety
Low Volume (Fuel Economy)                     Low+Volume+(Fuel+Economy)
Maritime Advisory Committee on Safety         Maritime+Advisory+Committee+on+Safety+and+Health
and Health
Maritime Security Program                     Maritime+Security+Program
Medical Services                              Medical+Services
Medical Standards                             Medical+Standards
Medical Standards and Certification           Medical+Standards+and+Certification
Meeting Notice                                Meeting+Notice
Meeting Notices                               Meeting+Notices
Meetings                                      Meetings
Meetings/Workshops                            Meetings%2FWorkshops
Memorandums                                   Memorandums
Merchant Marine Personnel                     Merchant+Marine+Personnel
Miscellaneous                                 Miscellaneous
Model Specifications                          Model+Specifications
Motions/Petitions                             Motions%2FPetitions
Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program       Motor+Carrier+Safety+Assistance+Program
Motor Carrier Safety Regulations              Motor+Carrier+Safety+Regulations
Motor Carriers                                Motor+Carriers
N/A                                           N%2FA
NA                                            NA
NEPA Document                                 NEPA+Document
NPRM                                          NPRM
NSIBR                                         NSIBR

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                                                                                      Developer's API Guide

National Advisory Committee on              National+Advisory+Committee+on+Ergonomics
National Advisory Committee on Safety       National+Advisory+Committee+on+Safety+and+Health
and Health
National Capital Airports                   National+Capital+Airports
National Priorities List (NPL)              National+Priorities+List+(NPL)
National Security                           National+Security
Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory    Nationally+Recognized+Testing+Laboratory
Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory    Nationally+Recognized+Testing+Laboratory+(NRTL)
Near Eastern Affairs                        Near+Eastern+Affairs
Noise Emission                              Noise+Emission
Noise Standards                             Noise+Standards
Nomenclature Changes                        Nomenclature+Changes
Nominations                                 Nominations
Not Significant                             Not+Significant
Notice                                      Notice
Notice of Intent                            Notice+of+Intent
Notice of Policy                            Notice+of+Policy
Notice of Study                             Notice+of+Study
Notices                                     Notices
Notification                                Notification
Notifications                               Notifications
OMB                                         OMB
OMB Review                                  OMB+Review
Occupational Safety and Health Issues for   Occupational+Safety+and+Health+Issues+for+Airline+Employees
Airline Employees
Oceans and International Environmental      Oceans+and+International+Environmental+Scientific+Affairs
Scientific Affairs
Odometers                                   Odometers
Official Agency Delegation                  Official+Agency+Delegation
Operating Practices                         Operating+Practices
Operating Rules                             Operating+Rules
Orders of Compliance                        Orders+of+Compliance
Orders of Denial                            Orders+of+Denial
Organization                                Organization
Other                                       Other
Other Rulemaking                            Other+Rulemaking
Over-Age Freight Car                        Over-Age+Freight+Car
P&SP                                        P%26SP
PRB                                         PRB

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                                                                                   Developer's API Guide

Parachute Jumping                        Parachute+Jumping
Participant List                         Participant+List
Parts List                               Parts+List
Parts and Accessories                    Parts+and+Accessories
Passenger Equipment                      Passenger+Equipment
Passenger Equipment Special Approval     Passenger+Equipment+Special+Approval
Passenger Facility Charges               Passenger+Facility+Charges
Passenger Training Emergency             Passenger+Training+Emergency+Preparedness
Passport                                 Passport
Payment Procedures                       Payment+Procedures
Peer Review                              Peer+Review
Permits                                  Permits
Pesticide Registration Action            Pesticide+Registration+Action
Pesticide Registration Review            Pesticide+Registration+Review
Pesticide Tolerance Actions              Pesticide+Tolerance+Actions
Petition                                 Petition
Petition for Approval or Informational   Petition+for+Approval+or+Informational+Filing
Petition for Rulemaking                  Petition+for+Rulemaking
Petition for Safety Rating Review        Petition+for+Safety+Rating+Review
Petition/Rulemaking                      Petition%2FRulemaking
Petitions                                Petitions
Pilot Certification                      Pilot+Certification
Pipeline Safety                          Pipeline+Safety
Policy                                   Policy
Policy Planning                          Policy+Planning
Policy Statement                         Policy+Statement
Political-Military Affairs               Political-Military+Affairs
Population, Refugees and Migration       Population,+Refugees+and+Migration
Ports and Waterways Management           Ports+and+Waterways+Management
Power Brakes                             Power+Brakes
Preemption Determinations                Preemption+Determinations
Pricing                                  Pricing
Privacy Act - System of Records          Privacy+Act+-+System+of+Records
Procedural                               Procedural
Program Implementation                   Program+Implementation
Property Brokers                         Property+Brokers
Proposals                                Proposals
Proposed                                 Proposed

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                                                                                            Developer's API Guide

Proposed Permits                                 Proposed+Permits
Proposed Rule                                    Proposed+Rule
Protocol                                         Protocol
Public Affairs                                   Public+Affairs
Public Hearings                                  Public+Hearings
Public Meeting                                   Public+Meeting
Qualifications of Drivers                        Qualifications+of+Drivers
Quality Clearinghouse                            Quality+Clearinghouse
Railroad Locomotive Safety Standards             Railroad+Locomotive+Safety+Standards
Railroad Power Brakes and Draw Bars              Railroad+Power+Brakes+and+Draw+Bars
Railroad Safety Advisory Committee (RSAC)        Railroad+Safety+Advisory+Committee+(RSAC)
Re-Delegations                                   Re-Delegations
Re-Designations                                  Re-Designations
Rear-End Marker                                  Rear-End+Marker
Receipts                                         Receipts
Reconstruction and Stabilization                 Reconstruction+and+Stabilization
Recreational Boating                             Recreational+Boating
Reflectorization of Rail Freight Rolling Stock   Reflectorization+of+Rail+Freight+Rolling+Stock
Registrations                                    Registrations
Regulations                                      Regulations
Regulatory Agenda                                Regulatory+Agenda
Reinstatements                                   Reinstatements
Renewals                                         Renewals
Renewals and Amendments                          Renewals+and+Amendments
Repair Stations                                  Repair+Stations
Repairmen Certification                          Repairmen+Certification
Reports                                          Reports
Representatives/Designees                        Representatives%2FDesignees
Request for Comment (RFC)                        Request+for+Comment+(RFC)
Request for Comments                             Request+for+Comments
Requests                                         Requests
Resource Management                              Resource+Management
Reviews                                          Reviews
Revisions                                        Revisions
Right-of-Way                                     Right-of-Way
Rulemaking Committees                            Rulemaking+Committees
Rulemaking and Procedural Rules                  Rulemaking+and+Procedural+Rules
Rules of Practice, Passenger Service             Rules+of+Practice,+Passenger+Service
Safety                                           Safety
Safety Appliance                                 Safety+Appliance

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                                                                               Developer's API Guide

Safety Enforcement Procedures            Safety+Enforcement+Procedures
Safety Fitness Procedures                Safety+Fitness+Procedures
Safety Guidelines                        Safety+Guidelines
Safety Rulemaking                        Safety+Rulemaking
Safety Standard Exemption                Safety+Standard+Exemption
Safety Standards                         Safety+Standards
Safety and Health Management Systems     Safety+and+Health+Management+Systems+Guidelines
Safety and Health Programs               Safety+and+Health+Programs
Sanctions                                Sanctions
Screening                                Screening
Section 111 (NSPS)                       Section+111+(NSPS)
Section 111(d) Plan                      Section+111(d)+Plan
Section 111(i) Plan                      Section+111(i)+Plan
Section 112 (NESHAP)                     Section+112+(NESHAP)
Section 112(k)                           Section+112(k)
Section 129                              Section+129
Section 183                              Section+183
Section 183(e)                           Section+183(e)
Security                                 Security
Settlement Agreements                    Settlement+Agreements
Shipping                                 Shipping
Shipyard Employment Standards Advisory   Shipyard+Employment+Standards+Advisory+Committee
Signal & Train Control                   Signal+%26+Train+Control
Significant Guidance                     Significant+Guidance
Significant; Major                       Significant;+Major
Significant; Not Major                   Significant;+Not+Major
South and Central Asian Affairs          South+and+Central+Asian+Affairs
Special                                  Special
Special Air Traffic Rules                Special+Air+Traffic+Rules
Special Notice                           Special+Notice
Special Use Airspace                     Special+Use+Airspace
Standard Instrument Procedures           Standard+Instrument+Procedures
Standards                                Standards
State Implementation Plan (SIP)          State+Implementation+Plan+(SIP)
State Plan Rulemaking                    State+Plan+Rulemaking
Statements                               Statements
Statistics                               Statistics
Statistics (Recordkeeping)               Statistics+(Recordkeeping)

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                                                                                Developer's API Guide

Submissions                             Submissions
Subpoena                                Subpoena
Subsidy                                 Subsidy
Sunshine Act                            Sunshine+Act
System of Records                       System+of+Records
Technical Assistance                    Technical+Assistance
Terminations                            Terminations
Test Guidelines/Methods                 Test+Guidelines%2FMethods
Test Program                            Test+Program
Theft Data                              Theft+Data
Theft Prevention                        Theft+Prevention
Theft Protection                        Theft+Protection
Tire File                               Tire+File
Title V Operating Permit Program        Title+V+Operating+Permit+Program
Track Safety                            Track+Safety
Trade Controls                          Trade+Controls
Traffic Operations                      Traffic+Operations
Training                                Training
Trainings                               Trainings
Transportation of Hazardous Materials   Transportation+of+Hazardous+Materials
Treaties, Agreements                    Treaties,+Agreements
Tribal Implementation Plan (TIP)        Tribal+Implementation+Plan+(TIP)
Type Certification Standard             Type+Certification+Standard
UNDEFINED                               UNDEFINED
Update and Amend Regulations            Update+and+Amend+Regulations
User Fees                               User+Fees
Variance Rulemaking                     Variance+Rulemaking
Vehicle Import Eligibility              Vehicle+Import+Eligibility
Verification, Compliance and            Verification,+Compliance+and+Implementation
Vessel Documentation and Measurement    Vessel+Documentation+and+Measurement
Vessel Navigation                       Vessel+Navigation
Visa                                    Visa
Visas                                   Visas
Waiver                                  Waiver
Waivers                                 Waivers
War Crimes Issues                       War+Crimes+Issues
Western Hemisphere Affairs              Western+Hemisphere+Affairs
Withdrawals                             Withdrawals
Workplace                               Workplace

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                                              Developer's API Guide

Workplace Rulemaking   Workplace+Rulemaking
Workplace Safety       Workplace+Safety

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                                                                                         Developer's API Guide

Appendix C: Docket Sub-Subtypes
Subtype Name                                          URL Encoded Value
Agricultural Aircraft Operations                      Agricultural+Aircraft+Operations
Air Mail/Other Rates                                  Air+Mail%2FOther+Rates
Air Transport Enforcement                             Air+Transport+Enforcement
Aircraft Maintenance and Alterations                  Aircraft+Maintenance+and+Alterations
Aircraft Registration                                 Aircraft+Registration
Airline Operations                                    Airline+Operations
Airline Passenger/Cargo Tariff                        Airline+Passenger%2FCargo+Tariff
Airline Pricing/Tariff Exemption                      Airline+Pricing%2FTariff+Exemption
Airline Tariff                                        Airline+Tariff
Airplane Operator Security                            Airplane+Operator+Security
Airport Aid Program                                   Airport+Aid+Program
Airport Certification                                 Airport+Certification
Airport Fee Complaint                                 Airport+Fee+Complaint
Airport Security                                      Airport+Security
Airport Surplus Property Disposal Restrictions        Airport+Surplus+Property+Disposal+Restrictions
Airspace Designation; Airways; and Reporting          Airspace+Designation;+Airways;+and+Reporting+Points
Airspace Rules                                        Airspace+Rules
Airworthiness Directives                              Airworthiness+Directives
Airworthiness Standards                               Airworthiness+Standards
Balloons, Kites and Rockets                           Balloons%2C+Kites+and+Rockets
Certification Procedures for Products and Parts       Certification+Procedures+for+Products+and+Parts
Certification and Operations: Part 125                Certification+and+Operations:+Part+125
Certification: Air Carriers and Commercial            Certification:+Air+Carriers+and+Commercial+Operators
Certification: Airmen other than Flight               Certification:+Airmen+other+than+Flight+Crewmembers
Certification: Flight Crewmembers other than          Certification:+Flight+Crewmembers+other+than+Pilots
Commercial Air Tours                                  Commercial+Air+Tours
Commercial Space Launch Licenses                      Commercial+Space+Launch+Licenses
Commuter Air Carrier Fitness                          Commuter+Air+Carrier+Fitness
Commuter and On-Demand Operations Part 135            Commuter+and+On-Demand+Operations+Part+135
Denied Variance                                       Denied+Variance
Denied Variance Application                           Denied+Variance+Application
Essential Air Service General                         Essential+Air+Service+General
Essential Air Service Suspensions                     Essential+Air+Service+Suspensions
Experimental Variance                                 Experimental+Variance

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                                                                                      Developer's API Guide

External Load Operations                            External+Load+Operations
Fees                                                Fees
Flight Crew-Member Certification                    Flight+Crew-Member+Certification
Flight Rules                                        Flight+Rules
Foreign Air Carrier - Other                         Foreign+Air+Carrier+-+Other
Foreign Air Carrier Airport Slot Request            Foreign+Air+Carrier+Airport+Slot+Request
Foreign Air Carrier Exemption                       Agricultural+Aircraft+Operations
Foreign Air Carrier Permit                          Air+Mail%2FOther+Rates
Foreign Air Carrier Statement of Authorization      Air+Transport+Enforcement
Foreign Air Carriers Operations                     Aircraft+Maintenance+and+Alterations
Foreign Air Carriers and other part 129 Operators   Aircraft+Registration
Fuel and Engine Emission Standards                  Airline+Operations
General Operating and Flight Rules                  Airline+Passenger%2FCargo+Tariff
Helicopter Air Carrier Operations                   Airline+Pricing%2FTariff+Exemption
Identification and Registration Marking             Airline+Tariff
Identification and Registration Markings            Airplane+Operator+Security
Information Collection                              Airport+Aid+Program
Instrument Flight Altitudes                         Airport+Certification
Instrument and Equipment Requirements               Airport+Fee+Complaint
Int'l Air Transport Competitive Practices           Airport+Security
Maintenance Technician Schools                      Airport+Surplus+Property+Disposal+Restrictions
Maintenance, Rebuilding, and Alteration             Airspace+Designation;+Airways;+and+Reporting+Points
Medical Standards and Certification                 Airspace+Rules
Miscellaneous                                       Airworthiness+Directives
Motion for Confidential Treatment                   Airworthiness+Standards
Motor Carriers                                      Balloons%2C+Kites+and+Rockets
National Security Variance                          Certification+Procedures+for+Products+and+Parts
Noise Standards                                     Certification+and+Operations:+Part+125
Parachute Jumping                                   Certification:+Air+Carriers+and+Commercial+Operators
Peer Review                                         Certification:+Airmen+other+than+Flight+Crewmembers
Permanent Variance                                  Certification:+Flight+Crewmembers+other+than+Pilots
Petition for Review of Staff Action                 Commercial+Air+Tours
Pilot Certification                                 Commercial+Space+Launch+Licenses
Pilot Schools                                       Commuter+Air+Carrier+Fitness
Pricing Agreement                                   Commuter+and+On-Demand+Operations+Part+135
Quality Clearinghouse                               Denied+Variance
Recording Aircraft Title and Liens                  Denied+Variance+Application
Repair Stations                                     Essential+Air+Service+General
Representatives/Designees                           Essential+Air+Service+Suspensions
Rulemaking                                          Experimental+Variance

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                                                                                       Developer's API Guide

Rulemaking                                          External+Load+Operations
Rulemaking and Procedural Rules                     Fees
Significant Rulemakings                             Flight+Crew-Member+Certification
Special Air Traffic Rules                           Flight+Rules
Special Air Traffic Rules and Airport Traffic       Foreign+Air+Carrier+-+Other
Statistical                                         Foreign+Air+Carrier+Airport+Slot+Request
Temporary Variance                                  Agricultural+Aircraft+Operations
Training Centers                                    Air+Mail%2FOther+Rates
U.S. Air Carrier Authority - Other                  Air+Transport+Enforcement
U.S. Air Carrier Exemption                          Aircraft+Maintenance+and+Alterations
U.S. Air Carrier Foreign Certificate                Aircraft+Registration
U.S. Air Carrier Interstate Certificate             Airline+Operations
U.S. Air Carrier Statement of Authorization         Airline+Passenger%2FCargo+Tariff

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                                                                                   Developer's API Guide

Appendix D: Document Subtypes
Subtype Name                                    URL Encoded Value
30 Day Proposed Information Collection          30+Day+Proposed+Information+Collection
60 Day Notice                                   60+Day+Notice
60 Day Proposed Information Collection          60+Day+Proposed+Information+Collection
ADN-Denial of Application                       ADN-Denial+of+Application
ANTR                                            ANTR
Acknowledgement Letter                          Acknowledgement+Letter
Acknowledgement Letter/Receipt                  Acknowledgement+Letter%2FReceipt
Action Memo or Letter                           Action+Memo+or+Letter
Ad Hoc Committee                                Ad+Hoc+Committee
Additional Information                          Additional+Information
Adjudication                                    Adjudication
Adjudication Notice                             Adjudication+Notice
Adjudication Notice Supplement                  Adjudication+Notice+Supplement
Administrative Adjudication                     Administrative+Adjudication
Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking           Advance+Notice+of+Proposed+Rulemaking+(ANPRM)
Advance Testimony                               Advance+Testimony
Advisory Committee                              Advisory+Committee
Advisory Committee Report                       Advisory+Committee+Report
Advisory Council                                Advisory+Council
Advisory Opinion Petition                       Advisory+Opinion+Petition
Advisory Opinion Petition Answer                Advisory+Opinion+Petition+Answer
Advisory Opinions                               Advisory+Opinions
Affidavit(s)                                    Affidavit(s)
Affirmation of an Interim Rule                  Affirmation+of+an+Interim+Rule
Agency References                               Agency+References
Agency Response                                 Agency+Response
Agenda                                          Agenda
Agreement                                       Agreement
Agreement, Contract                             Agreement%2C+Contract
Airworthiness Concern Sheet                     Airworthiness+Concern+Sheet
Airworthiness Directive Grid                    Airworthiness+Directive+Grid
Airworthiness Directive Proposal Worksheet      Airworthiness+Directive+Proposal+Worksheet
Alternate Means of Compliance                   Alternate+Means+of+Compliance
Amendment                                       Amendment
Amendment of Pleading                           Amendment+of+Pleading
Amendment to Grant Proposals                    Amendment+to+Grant+Proposals

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                                                                                   Developer's API Guide

Amendment                                         Amendment
Analysis                                          Analysis
Announcement                                      Announcement
Answer                                            Answer
Answer to Application for Award of Fees and       Answer+to+Application+for+Award+of+Fees+and+Expense
Expenses (EAJA)                                   s+(EAJA)
Antarctic                                         Antarctic
Appeal                                            Appeal
Appearance Request                                Appearance+Request
Appellate Decision/Action on Appeal               Appellate+Decision%2FAction+on+Appeal
Appendix                                          Appendix
Application                                       Application
Application - Aviation Economic Order Report      Application+-+Aviation+Economic+Order+Report
Application Approval                              Application+Approval
Application for Presidential Permit               Application+for+Presidential+Permit
Application for Variance (VAR)                    Application+for+Variance+(VAR)
Application-IATA                                  Application-IATA
Application-Other                                 Application-Other
Application-SubPartB                              Application-SubPartB
Application/Nomination                            Application%2FNomination
Appointees                                        Appointees
Approval                                          Approval
Approval for Variance (VRA)                       Approval+for+Variance+(VRA)
Approval of Application                           Approval+of+Application
Approval of Variance (VRA)                        Approval+of+Variance+(VRA)
Argument                                          Argument
Assessment Document or Analysis                   Assessment+Document+or+Analysis
Assessment Document or Analysis Comment           Assessment+Document+or+Analysis+Comment
Assessment Document or Analysis Supplement        Assessment+Document+or+Analysis+Supplement
Association/Interest Group/Individual             Association%2FInterest+Group%2FIndividual
Associations                                      Associations
Audit                                             Audit
Availability of Document                          Availability+of+Document
Availability of Environmental Assessment          Availability+of+Environmental+Assessment
Availability of Environmental Impact Study        Availability+of+Environmental+Impact+Study
Background Material                               Background+Material
Brief                                             Brief
Briefing Paper                                    Briefing+Paper
Briefing Schedule                                 Briefing+Schedule
CAAC Transmittals                                 CAAC+Transmittals

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                                                                               Developer's API Guide

Call for Nominations                           Call+for+Nominations
Certificate Extending Patent Term              Certificate+Extending+Patent+Term
Certificate of Compliance                      Certificate+of+Compliance
Certificate of Service                         Certificate+of+Service
Certification                                  Certification
Certifications                                 Certifications
Change in Certification Petition               Change+in+Certification+Petition
Change in Classification Petition              Change+in+Classification+Petition
Charter Renewal                                Charter+Renewal
Circular                                       Circular
Citizen Petition                               Citizen+Petition
Civil Rights Groups                            Civil+Rights+Groups
Civil Rights Impact Analysis                   Civil+Rights+Impact+Analysis
Clarification                                  Clarification
Closing Argument                               Closing+Argument
Comment Resolution                             Comment+Resolution
Comment Response                               Comment+Response
Comment on Hearing                             Comment+on+Hearing
Comment on Hearing (CH)                        Comment+on+Hearing+(CH)
Comment(s)                                     Comment(s)
Commission SECY Paper                          Commission+SECY+Paper
Commission Staff Requirements Memo (SRM)       Commission+Staff+Requirements+Memo+(SRM)
Commissioners Decision                         Commissioners+Decision
Committee Renewal                              Committee+Renewal
Committee Nominations                          Committee+Nominations
Company/Industry                               Company%2FIndustry
Company/Organization Comment                   Company%2FOrganization+Comment
Complainants Calculation of Civil Penalty      Complainants+Calculation+of+Civil+Penalty
Complaint                                      Complaint
Computer Matching Programs                     Computer+Matching+Programs
Concept Paper                                  Concept+Paper
Confirmation of Effective Date                 Confirmation+of+Effective+Date
Consent                                        Consent
Consent Decree                                 Consent+Decree
Consent Order                                  Consent+Order
Consolidated Answer                            Consolidated+Answer
Consolidated Reply                             Consolidated+Reply
Control Sheet                                  Control+Sheet
Correction                                     Correction
Correction(s)                                  Correction(s)

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                                                                                         Developer's API Guide

Correspondence                                       Correspondence
Cost and Benefit Analyses                            Cost+and+Benefit+Analyses
Cost of Living Adjustment                            Cost+of+Living+Adjustment
Court Order - Court Referral                         Court+Order+-+Court+Referral
Critique                                             Critique
Critique of Briefs                                   Critique+of+Briefs
Culturally Significant Objects                       Culturally+Significant+Objects
Curriculum Vitae                                     Curriculum+Vitae
Data                                                 Data
Decision                                             Decision
Declaration(s)                                       Declaration(s)
Decree                                               Decree
Default Judgment                                     Default+Judgment
Delay of Effective Date                              Delay+of+Effective+Date
Delegation                                           Delegation
Delegations                                          Delegations
Denial                                               Denial
Denial for Variance (VRD)                            Denial+for+Variance+(VRD)
Denial of Petition                                   Denial+of+Petition
Designation of a Foreign Terrorist Organization      Designation+of+a+Foreign+Terrorist+Organization
Designations                                         Designations
Destroyed                                            Destroyed
Determination and Certification                      Determination+and+Certification
Determinations                                       Determinations
Direct Exhibit(s)                                    Direct+Exhibit(s)
Direct Final Rule                                    Direct+Final+Rule
Directors Determination                              Directors+Determination
Disclosure of Date and Information                   Disclosure+of+Date+and+Information
Discovery                                            Discovery
Discovery Supplement                                 Discovery+Supplement
Dismissal                                            Dismissal
Dismissal without Prejudice                          Dismissal+without+Prejudice
Draft                                                Draft
Drawings                                             Drawings
E-mail                                               E-mail
E-mail Message                                       E-mail+Message
EA and FONSI                                         EA+and+FONSI
Early Comment                                        Early+Comment
Early Submission                                     Early+Submission
Early Submission Attachment                          Early+Submission+Attachment

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                                                                             Developer's API Guide

Economic Analysis                         Economic+Analysis
Economic Assessment                       Economic+Assessment
Economic Evaluation                       Economic+Evaluation
Educational and Cultural Affairs          Educational+and+Cultural+Affairs
Electronic Comment (EC)                   Electronic+Comment+(EC)
Electronic Letter                         Electronic+Letter
Electronic Regulation from Form           Electronic+Regulation+from+Form
Electronic Request for Appearance         Electronic+Request+for+Appearance
Emergency Airworthiness Directive         Emergency+Airworthiness+Directive
Emergency Plan                            Emergency+Plan
Employer                                  Employer
Enhanced Use Lease Agreement              Enhanced+Use+Lease+Agreement
Entry of Appearance                       Entry+of+Appearance
Entry of Default                          Entry+of+Default
Environmental Assessment                  Environmental+Assessment
Environmental Assessment Report           Environmental+Assessment+Report
Environmental Assessment/FONSI            Environmental+Assessment%2FFONSI
Environmental Categorical Exclusion       Environmental+Categorical+Exclusion+Determination
Environmental Group Comment               Environmental+Group+Comment
Environmental Impact Analysis Report      Environmental+Impact+Analysis+Report
Environmental Impact Statement            Environmental+Impact+Statement
Environmental Report                      Environmental+Report
Environmental assessment                  Environmental+assessment
Erratum                                   Erratum
Evaluation                                Evaluation
Evaluation document                       Evaluation+document
Exception/Waiver                          Exception%2FWaiver
Exemption                                 Exemption
Exemption Evaluation Form                 Exemption+Evaluation+Form
Exemption from Preemption                 Exemption+from+Preemption
Exemption/Waiver                          Exemption%2FWaiver
Exhibit(s)                                Exhibit(s)
Exhibit(s) Supplemental                   Exhibit(s)+Supplemental
Exhibits                                  Exhibits
Expert Witness                            Expert+Witness
Extension of Comment Period               Extension+of+Comment+Period
Extension of Compliance Date              Extension+of+Compliance+Date
Extension of Effective Date               Extension+of+Effective+Date
Extension of Time                         Extension+of+Time

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                                                                                 Developer's API Guide

External attachments                            External+attachments
Fact/Data Sheet                                 Fact%2FData+Sheet
Federal Agency Comment                          Federal+Agency+Comment
Fee Studies                                     Fee+Studies
Final                                           Final
Final Agency Decision                           Final+Agency+Decision
Final Draft Notices                             Final+Draft+Notices
Final Economic Impact Analysis                  Final+Economic+Impact+Analysis
Final Order                                     Final+Order
Final Rule                                      Final+Rule
Final Rule with Request for Comments            Final+Rule+with+Request+for+Comments
Finance                                         Finance
Finding of no Significant Impact                Finding+of+no+Significant+Impact
Findings of Fact                                Findings+of+Fact
Food Label Notification                         Food+Label+Notification
Food Label Notification (FLN)                   Food+Label+Notification+(FLN)
Foreign Airworthiness Directive                 Foreign+Airworthiness+Directive
Form                                            Form
Form Letter                                     Form+Letter
Forms                                           Forms
Framework Documents                             Framework+Documents
Freedom of Information Summary                  Freedom+of+Information+Summary
Freedom of Information Summary (No Federal      Freedom+of+Information+Summary+(No+Federal+Register
Register Publication)                           +Publication)
Freight Issues                                  Freight+Issues
Funding Availability                            Funding+Availability
GDL Guidance                                    GDL+Guidance
General Correspondence                          General+Correspondence
General Notice                                  General+Notice
Gifts to Federal Employees                      Gifts+to+Federal+Employees
Government - Federal                            Government+-+Federal
Government Foreign                              Government+Foreign
Government Local                                Government+Local
Government Owned Invention Available for        Government+Owned+Invention+Available+for+Licensing
Government State                                Government+State
Government Tribal                               Government+Tribal
Grant Announcement                              Grant+Announcement
Grant of Petition                               Grant+of+Petition
Grids                                           Grids

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                                                                                      Developer's API Guide

Guidance                                            Guidance
Health Claim Notification                           Health+Claim+Notification
Hearing Exhibits                                    Hearing+Exhibits
Hearing Testimony                                   Hearing+Testimony
Hearing Transcript                                  Hearing+Transcript
Hearing/Meeting Summary                             Hearing%2FMeeting+Summary
Hearing/Meeting Transcript                          Hearing%2FMeeting+Transcript
Hearings                                            Hearings
Historical Information (HIST)                       Historical+Information+(HIST)
ICR Form 83-I                                       ICR+Form+83-I
ICR Supporting Statement                            ICR+Supporting+Statement
Impact Analysis Report                              Impact+Analysis+Report
Imposition of Nonproliferation Measures             Imposition+of+Nonproliferation+Measures
Imposition of Sanctions                             Imposition+of+Sanctions
Incorporation By Reference                          Incorporation+By+Reference
Incorporation by Reference                          Incorporation+by+Reference
Index                                               Index
Industry Advisory Panel                             Industry+Advisory+Panel
Industry Circular                                   Industry+Circular
Industry Guidance                                   Industry+Guidance
Inflationary Assessment Report                      Inflationary+Assessment+Report
Information Collection Documentation                Information+Collection+Documentation
Information Collection Request (ICR)                Information+Collection+Request+(ICR)
Information Collection Request - ICR Form 83-I      Information+Collection+Request+-+ICR+Form+83-I
Initial Decision                                    Initial+Decision
Initial Decision by Admin Law Judge                 Initial+Decision+by+Admin+Law+Judge
Initial Economic Impact Analysis                    Initial+Economic+Impact+Analysis
Intelligent Transportation Systems                  Intelligent+Transportation+Systems
Interagency Review                                  Interagency+Review
Interim                                             Interim
Interim Final Rule                                  Interim+Final+Rule
Internal references                                 Internal+references
International Security Advisory Board               International+Security+Advisory+Board
International standard                              International+standard
Interpretations                                     Interpretations
Interrogatories                                     Interrogatories
Invitation for Recommendations                      Invitation+for+Recommendations
Issuance of Presidential Permit                     Issuance+of+Presidential+Permit
Joint Application                                   Joint+Application
Judgement                                           Judgement

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                                                                         Developer's API Guide

Labor Group                               Labor+Group
Late Comment                              Late+Comment
Late Mass Mail Campaign                   Late+Mass+Mail+Campaign
Late Public Comment                       Late+Public+Comment
Legal Papers                              Legal+Papers
Letter                                    Letter
Letter(s)                                 Letter(s)
Letter(s) in Opposition                   Letter(s)+in+Opposition
Letter(s) in Support                      Letter(s)+in+Support
License Applications                      License+Applications
Lifting Nonproliferation Measures         Lifting+Nonproliferation+Measures
Lifting of Policy                         Lifting+of+Policy
List                                      List
List (LST)                                List+(LST)
Litigation on the Merits of the Rule      Litigation+on+the+Merits+of+the+Rule
MCAI Information Sheet                    MCAI+Information+Sheet
MI-Minutes of Meeting                     MI-Minutes+of+Meeting
Management Directive                      Management+Directive
Manufacturer Info.                        Manufacturer+Info.
Map                                       Map
Mass Mail Campaign                        Mass+Mail+Campaign
Master Index                              Master+Index
Matching                                  Matching
Meeting                                   Meeting
Meeting Exhibits                          Meeting+Exhibits
Meeting Materials                         Meeting+Materials
Meeting Postponement                      Meeting+Postponement
Meeting Summary                           Meeting+Summary
Meeting Transcripts                       Meeting+Transcripts
Meeting/Teleconference Materials          Meeting%2FTeleconference+Materials
Member of Congress                        Member+of+Congress
Memo                                      Memo
Memorandum                                Memorandum
Memorandum in Support                     Memorandum+in+Support
Memorandum of Law                         Memorandum+of+Law
Memorandum of Support                     Memorandum+of+Support
Memorandum of Telephone Conversation      Memorandum+of+Telephone+Conversation
Memorandum to Open a Docket               Memorandum+to+Open+a+Docket
Minutes                                   Minutes
Motion                                    Motion

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                                                                                        Developer's API Guide

Motion/Answer                                        Motion%2FAnswer
Motion/Reply                                         Motion%2FReply
Motion/Surreply                                      Motion%2FSurreply
NA                                                   NA
NADA/ANADA-New Animal Drug                           NADA%2FANADA-
Application/Abbreviated New Animal Drug              New+Animal+Drug+Application%2FAbbreviated+New+Ani
Application                                          mal+Drug+Application
NEPA Documentation                                   NEPA+Documentation
NIOSH                                                NIOSH
NOM-Nomination                                       NOM-Nomination
NVR Notice of Variance                               NVR+Notice+of+Variance
Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)      Nationally+Recognized+Testing+Laboratory+(NRTL)
Negotiated Rulemaking (NEG REG)                      Negotiated+Rulemaking+(NEG+REG)
News Releases                                        News+Releases
Nomination                                           Nomination
Non Comment                                          Non+Comment
Notice of Action Taken                               Notice+of+Action+Taken
Notice of Adequacy                                   Notice+of+Adequacy
Notice of Advanced Hearing                           Notice+of+Advanced+Hearing
Notice of Advisory Committee Hearing                 Notice+of+Advisory+Committee+Hearing
Notice of Appeal                                     Notice+of+Appeal
Notice of Approval                                   Notice+of+Approval
Notice of Assignment of Proceeding                   Notice+of+Assignment+of+Proceeding
Notice of Availability                               Notice+of+Availability
Notice of Bulletins                                  Notice+of+Bulletins
Notice of Change                                     Notice+of+Change
Notice of Claim                                      Notice+of+Claim
Notice of Conference                                 Notice+of+Conference
Notice of Confirmation of Effective Date             Notice+of+Confirmation+of+Effective+Date
Notice of Data Availability                          Notice+of+Data+Availability
Notice of Declaration                                Notice+of+Declaration
Notice of Denial                                     Notice+of+Denial
Notice of Docketing                                  Notice+of+Docketing
Notice of Extension                                  Notice+of+Extension
Notice of Filing                                     Notice+of+Filing
Notice of Final Interpretation                       Notice+of+Final+Interpretation
Notice of Final Priorities, Requirements,            Notice+of+Final+Priorities%2C+Requirements%2C+Definiti
Definitions, or Selection Criteria                   ons%2C+or+Selection+Criteria
Notice of Final Rule                                 Notice+of+Final+Rule
Notice of Formal Evidentiary Hearing                 Notice+of+Formal+Evidentiary+Hearing

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                                                                                   Developer's API Guide

Notice of Funding Availability (NOFA)             Notice+of+Funding+Availability+(NOFA)
Notice of Hearing                                 Notice+of+Hearing
Notice of Intent                                  Notice+of+Intent
Notice of Intent to Appear (NOITA)/Advance        Notice+of+Intent+to+Appear+(NOITA)%2FAdvance+Testim
Testimony                                         ony
Notice of Interim Rule                            Notice+of+Interim+Rule
Notice of Listening Session                       Notice+of+Listening+Session
Notice of Meeting                                 Notice+of+Meeting
Notice of Meeting (NM)                            Notice+of+Meeting+(NM)
Notice of Membership                              Notice+of+Membership
Notice of Opportunity of Hearing                  Notice+of+Opportunity+of+Hearing
Notice of Pre-Hearing Conference                  Notice+of+Pre-Hearing+Conference
Notice of Preparation                             Notice+of+Preparation
Notice of Probable Violation                      Notice+of+Probable+Violation
Notice of Proposed Interpretation                 Notice+of+Proposed+Interpretation
Notice of Proposed Priorities, Requirements,      Notice+of+Proposed+Priorities%2C+Requirements%2C+De
Definitions, or Selection Criteria                finitions%2C+or+Selection+Criteria
Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM)              Notice+of+Proposed+Rulemaking+(NPRM)
Notice of Public Meeting                          Notice+of+Public+Meeting
Notice of Publication                             Notice+of+Publication
Notice of Receipt of Petition                     Notice+of+Receipt+of+Petition
Notice of Renewal                                 Notice+of+Renewal
Notice of Requesting Data, Info, & Views          Notice+of+Requesting+Data%2C+Info%2C+%26+Views
Notice of Significant Guidance                    Notice+of+Significant+Guidance
Notice of Solicitation                            Notice+of+Solicitation
Notice of Stay of Action                          Notice+of+Stay+of+Action
Notice of Temporary Permit                        Notice+of+Temporary+Permit
Notice of Tentative Final Order                   Notice+of+Tentative+Final+Order
Notice of Termination                             Notice+of+Termination
Notice of Variance                                Notice+of+Variance
Notice with Comment Period                        Notice+with+Comment+Period
Notice/Hearing/Meeting                            Notice%2FHearing%2FMeeting
Notification of Mail Award                        Notification+of+Mail+Award
Notification of Settlement                        Notification+of+Settlement
Notification to Congress                          Notification+to+Congress
OMB Clearance Material                            OMB+Clearance+Material
OMB Review                                        OMB+Review
Objection                                         Objection
Objection(s)                                      Objection(s)
Offer                                             Offer

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                                                                                   Developer's API Guide

Office of Management and Budget (OMB)              Office+of+Management+and+Budget+(OMB)
Opposition                                         Opposition
Order                                              Order
Other Entity Comment                               Other+Entity+Comment
Panel Meeting                                      Panel+Meeting
Panel Report                                       Panel+Report
Paperwork Packages                                 Paperwork+Packages
Peer Review Agenda                                 Peer+Review+Agenda
Peer Review Charge                                 Peer+Review+Charge
Permit, Registration                               Permit%2C+Registration
Petition                                           Petition
Petition for Reconsideration                       Petition+for+Reconsideration
Petition for Rulemaking                            Petition+for+Rulemaking
Petition for Stay of Action                        Petition+for+Stay+of+Action
Petition(s)                                        Petition(s)
Petitions for Exemption                            Petitions+for+Exemption
Petitions for Modification                         Petitions+for+Modification
Physical Item                                      Physical+Item
Planning                                           Planning
Pleading                                           Pleading
Policy                                             Policy
Policy Guidance                                    Policy+Guidance
Policy Statement                                   Policy+Statement
Policy of Denial                                   Policy+of+Denial
Post Hearing Order                                 Post+Hearing+Order
Post-Hearing Brief                                 Post-Hearing+Brief
Post-Hearing Guidelines                            Post-Hearing+Guidelines
Post-Hearing Order                                 Post-Hearing+Order
Post-Trial Brief                                   Post-Trial+Brief
Pre-Hearing Guidelines                             Pre-Hearing+Guidelines
Pre-Publication Display                            Pre-Publication+Display
PrePublication Display                             PrePublication+Display
Preliminary                                        Preliminary
Preliminary Regulatory Impact Analysis (PRIA)      Preliminary+Regulatory+Impact+Analysis+(PRIA)
Premarket Approval                                 Premarket+Approval
Prepublication Display                             Prepublication+Display
Presentation                                       Presentation
Presidential Permit                                Presidential+Permit
Press Release, Public Announcement/Notice          Press+Release%2C+Public+Announcement%2FNotice
Privacy Act                                        Privacy+Act

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                                                                                        Developer's API Guide

Privacy Act System of Records                         Privacy+Act+System+of+Records
Private Citizen Comment                               Private+Citizen+Comment
Procedural Schedule                                   Procedural+Schedule
Procedure                                             Procedure
Product Data Sheets                                   Product+Data+Sheets
Production of Documents                               Production+of+Documents
Proposal                                              Proposal
Proposal(s)                                           Proposal(s)
Proposed Guidelines                                   Proposed+Guidelines
Proposed Notice                                       Proposed+Notice
Proposed Schedule                                     Proposed+Schedule
Protocol Review                                       Protocol+Review
Provision of Law                                      Provision+of+Law
Public Comment                                        Public+Comment
Public Hearing                                        Public+Hearing
Public Hearing Transcript, Deposition, Testimony      Public+Hearing+Transcript%2C+Deposition%2C+Testimony
Public Hearing/Meeting                                Public+Hearing%2FMeeting
Public Hearings                                       Public+Hearings
Public Meeting                                        Public+Meeting
Public Meetings                                       Public+Meetings
Public Participation                                  Public+Participation
Public Submissions Rule                               Public+Submissions+Rule
Public Testimony                                      Public+Testimony
Public Transportation                                 Public+Transportation
Publication                                           Publication
Publication; Copyrighted Materials                    Publication;+Copyrighted+Materials
Publication; Other Governmental                       Publication;+Other+Governmental
Publication; Previous/Related FR Notice               Publication;+Previous%2FRelated+FR+Notice
Publication; USEPA                                    Publication;+USEPA
Published Study                                       Published+Study
Qualified Health Claim                                Qualified+Health+Claim
Qualified Health Claims                               Qualified+Health+Claims
Rate notice                                           Rate+notice
Rebuttal                                              Rebuttal
Rebuttal Exhibit                                      Rebuttal+Exhibit
Recommendations                                       Recommendations
Recommended Decision                                  Recommended+Decision
Record of Meeting/Phone Conversation                  Record+of+Meeting%2FPhone+Conversation
Redelegation of Authorities                           Redelegation+of+Authorities
Reference (external attachments)                      Reference+(external+attachments)

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                                                                                        Developer's API Guide

Reference (internal unless indicated)                 Reference+(internal+unless+indicated)
Reference Materials                                   Reference+Materials
References                                            References
References (External) (REF)                           References+(External)+(REF)
References (internal) (REF)                           References+(internal)+(REF)
References by submitter                               References+by+submitter
RegSec Transmittals                                   RegSec+Transmittals
Regulatory Analysis                                   Regulatory+Analysis
Regulatory Guide                                      Regulatory+Guide
Regulatory Guide, Draft                               Regulatory+Guide%2C+Draft
Regulatory Issue Summary                              Regulatory+Issue+Summary
Regulatory Review (REG Flex Section 610)              Regulatory+Review+(REG+Flex+Section+610)
Reimbursement for Expenses Approval                   Reimbursement+for+Expenses+Approval
Reinstatement                                         Reinstatement
Renewal of Charter                                    Renewal+of+Charter
Renewals                                              Renewals
Reopening of Comment Period                           Reopening+of+Comment+Period
Reply                                                 Reply
Reply Comment                                         Reply+Comment
Reply Comment (RC)                                    Reply+Comment+(RC)
Reply Comments                                        Reply+Comments
Reply to Objection                                    Reply+to+Objection
Report                                                Report
Report Submissions                                    Report+Submissions
Report/Survey                                         Report%2FSurvey
Request                                               Request
Request Extension Comment Due Date (EXT)              Request+Extension+Comment+Due+Date+(EXT)
Request for Appearance                                Request+for+Appearance
Request for Applications                              Request+for+Applications
Request for Comment                                   Request+for+Comment
Request for Comments                                  Request+for+Comments
Request for Correction of Information                 Request+for+Correction+of+Information
Request for Extension                                 Request+for+Extension
Request for Extension Compliance Date (EXP)           Request+for+Extension+Compliance+Date+(EXP)
Request for Extension of Comment Due Date             Request+for+Extension+of+Comment+Due+Date
Request for Extension of Time in which to file a      Request+for+Extension+of+Time+in+which+to+file+a+docu
document                                              ment
Request for Grant Proposals                           Request+for+Grant+Proposals
Request for Hearing                                   Request+for+Hearing
Request for Information                               Request+for+Information

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                                                                                      Developer's API Guide

Request for Nominations                             Request+for+Nominations
Request for Reconsideration                         Request+for+Reconsideration
Request for Submissions                             Request+for+Submissions
Requests for Information (RFI)                      Requests+for+Information+(RFI)
Research, Technology, Education                     Research%2C+Technology%2C+Education
Resolution                                          Resolution
Response Extension                                  Response+Extension
Response to Petitions for Reconsideration           Response+to+Petitions+for+Reconsideration
Response(s)                                         Response(s)
Resume, Curriculum Vitae                            Resume%2C+Curriculum+Vitae
Retired (RET)                                       Retired+(RET)
Review of Designation                               Review+of+Designation
Revision to State/Tribe Amendment                   Revision+to+State%2FTribe+Amendment
Revision(s)                                         Revision(s)
Revisions to Requests for Grant Proposals           Revisions+to+Requests+for+Grant+Proposals
Risk Assessment                                     Risk+Assessment
Risk Management Document                            Risk+Management+Document
Routine Use                                         Routine+Use
Rulemaking Plan                                     Rulemaking+Plan
Ruling                                              Ruling
SBREFA Materials                                    SBREFA+Materials
SER Letters                                         SER+Letters
SER Letters/Supporting Documents                    SER+Letters%2FSupporting+Documents
SPE-No Docket ID                                    SPE-No+Docket+ID
Safety                                              Safety
Safety Evaluation Report                            Safety+Evaluation+Report
Secretary of State Determination                    Secretary+of+State+Determination
Security                                            Security
Separation of Functions                             Separation+of+Functions
Service Information                                 Service+Information
Settlement                                          Settlement
Settlement Agreement                                Settlement+Agreement
Shipping Coordinating Committee                     Shipping+Coordinating+Committee
Show Cause Order                                    Show+Cause+Order
Signed Federal Register Document                    Signed+Federal+Register+Document
Significant Guidance                                Significant+Guidance
Small Business Regulatory Enforcement Fairness      Small+Business+Regulatory+Enforcement+Fairness+Act+(S
Act (SBREFA)                                        BREFA)
Solicitor (SOL)                                     Solicitor+(SOL)
Special Permit                                      Special+Permit

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Speech                                           Speech
Spreadsheets                                     Spreadsheets
Stakeholder Meeting                              Stakeholder+Meeting
Standard and Optional Forms                      Standard+and+Optional+Forms
State Agency Comment                             State+Agency+Comment
State Submittal                                  State+Submittal
State and Federal Government                     State+and+Federal+Government
State/Tribal Submittal                           State%2FTribal+Submittal
State/Tribe Amendment                            State%2FTribe+Amendment
Statement                                        Statement
Statement (Supporting and Related Material)      Statement+(Supporting+and+Related+Material)
Statement of Policy                              Statement+of+Policy
Statement of Position                            Statement+of+Position
Statement of Work                                Statement+of+Work
Status                                           Status
Statutory Debarment                              Statutory+Debarment
Stipulation(s)                                   Stipulation(s)
Studies                                          Studies
Studies and Reports                              Studies+and+Reports
Studies/Government/Public                        Studies%2FGovernment%2FPublic
Study                                            Study
Submission of Evidence                           Submission+of+Evidence
Submission of Information                        Submission+of+Information
Submission of Information (INFO)                 Submission+of+Information+(INFO)
Subpoena                                         Subpoena
Summary (SUM)                                    Summary+(SUM)
Summary Decision                                 Summary+Decision
Summary of Changes                               Summary+of+Changes
Supplement                                       Supplement
Supplement (SUP)                                 Supplement+(SUP)
Supplemental Comment                             Supplemental+Comment
Supplemental Notice of Proposed Rulemaking       Supplemental+Notice+of+Proposed+Rulemaking+(SNPRM)
Surname & Signature Page                         Surname+%26+Signature+Page
Surreply                                         Surreply
System of Records                                System+of+Records
Technical Specifications                         Technical+Specifications
Technical Support Document                       Technical+Support+Document
Temporary Rule                                   Temporary+Rule
Termination of Measures                          Termination+of+Measures

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Termination of Sanctions                 Termination+of+Sanctions
Termination of Statutory Disbarment      Termination+of+Statutory+Disbarment
Test Data                                Test+Data
Testimony                                Testimony
Threshold Assessment                     Threshold+Assessment
Town Hall Meeting                        Town+Hall+Meeting
Trade Secret Information                 Trade+Secret+Information
Transcript                               Transcript
Transcript(s)                            Transcript(s)
Transcripts                              Transcripts
Transmittals                             Transmittals
Transportation Data                      Transportation+Data
Tribal Impact Statement                  Tribal+Impact+Statement
Unions                                   Unions
Variance                                 Variance
Venue                                    Venue
Waiver                                   Waiver
Waivers                                  Waivers
Warsaw Agreement                         Warsaw+Agreement
Withdrawal                               Withdrawal
Witness List                             Witness+List
Work Plan                                Work+Plan
Writ                                     Writ
Written Testimony                        Written+Testimony

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