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									Visit to your nearest Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center if you are
addicted to Alcohol and Drugs

Information/Statistics about drugs and alcohol abuse-

Consumption of drugs and alcohol is now reaching alarming proportions in the United States
of America. Last year more than 20,000 people died from the overdose of drugs as per the
reports of U.S. Food and Drugs Administration. Alcohol and drug addiction is a major health
problem and is an emotional burden on the families of those addicted to drugs and alcohol.

Addiction to alcohol means excessive alcohol usage that includes underage drinking and
binge drinking (drinking 5 or more drinks during a single session or occasion for men and
for women it is about 4 or more drinks during a single occasion.) Alcohol addiction can lead
to an increased risk of health problems such as injuries, liver diseases, cancer and violence.

As per the latest data available with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC
there are about 50.9% of adults over 18 years of age or over who are regular alcohol
drinkers that means they are consuming at least 12 drinks in a year. The total cost of drugs
and alcohol abuse including the use of tobacco is estimated to be around $524 billion a
year. Further the illicit drug abuse alone accounts for about $181 billion of expenditure to
the exchequer in the form of health care, productivity loss, crime, drug enforcement and

Role of Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers-

The role of drug and alcohol treatment centers is quite important in brining back the
person addicted to drugs and alcohol to his/her daily or routine life functions. The main
purpose of these centers is to break the cycle of addiction and in helping the addict for a
successful recovery through various drug and alcohol treatment procedures. These drug
and alcohol treatment centers offer both inpatient and out patient services in the form of
detoxification, intervention and substance abuse rehab programs based on research and
development methods under the supervision of psychiatrists, physicians, and other health
care professionals.

Some of these centers provide both in-patient program that involves the patient being
admitted to the center and living there until his or her addiction is completely under control.
The out-patient treatment program involves living in his/her own house while attending to
the doctor’s appointment and counseling sessions at the centre for a number of days each

These centers differ widely in their functioning. Some of these resemble like hospitals with a
24/7 medical care and are beneficial for those who have complex drug and alcohol
addictions. The other types are like resort ones with recreational facilities, spa rooms, gym,
private rooms etc. The role of these types of centers is to offer a stress free environment for
breaking from alcohol and drug addiction. There more than 13,000 drug and alcohol
treatment centers in the United States that are providing counseling, behavioral therapy,
medication, case management and other types of services.

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