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1. Purpose

a. To provide opportunities for Soldiers and Family members and other authorized Family and
MWR patrons to participate in Garrison Community Entertainment Recreation Programs that
promote skill development, participation in the fine arts, performing arts.These opportunities
will include possible recognition of talents and achievements at the Army level. Such events
may also offer an inherent entertainment value to the community. The focus will be on
providing venues for personal growth, increased renewal and resiliency through recreation,
and the strengthening of the sense of community on our Army Garrisons.

b. These events will challenge Community Recreation Staff to expand program offerings and
leverage these opportunities by conducting introductory programs, preliminary events and
competitions leading up to Festival Events. As an alternative, Festival Events can be used as a
springboard to kick off future programs and to stimulate and increase participation in Garrisons
through Army level General Recreation, Entertainment and Skill Development activities.

c. Entry in The Festival is voluntary and should require recreation staff to develop new skills,
sharpen their existing skills, and foster efforts to forge partnerships across recreation, MWR,
and throughout their communities. Emphasis will be on the development of new programs,
expanding programs, and expanding opportunities for community involvement.

d. The Festival serves as a feeder program for eligible potential candidates to the Army level
entertainment program. i.e. Soldier Show and USA Express.

2. Responsibilities
Participating Garrisons will adhere to all the elements outlined in the Rules section, and
provide a POC for the events.

FMWRC Talent Coordinator will serve as the Executive Producer and conduct overall
management and coordination efforts. This will include serving as the conduit for information
between Garrison POC's, and Family Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Command (FMWRC)
staff. These responsibilities will also include ensuring an appropriate panel of judges is
selected for events at each participating Garrison, providing judges’ itineraries, coordinating
dates of Garrison events, arranging for awards, and completing any after action reports.
Technical assistance and coordination with FMWRC staff will be essential for a quality entry to
The Festival. Cooperation from REGION FST and Garrison MWR staff with the Executive
Producer will be the key to maximizing the experience for the participants and MWR staff
involved. The need for FMWRC staff to serve as judges will be identified by Executive Producer
based on Garrison submissions and final scheduling of site visits.

3. General Information
The 2011 Army Festival of The Arts & Recreation Program Events Competition will be
conducted 27 March-18 Sept 2011.

This Festival is designed to promote morale and contribute to the quality of life and cultural
awareness in the Military community, as well as helping individuals develop or continue the
development of their talents in a professionally administered atmosphere. Program serves as a
feeder program for potential Army level Entertainers.

The Festival of the Arts program expanded to the web, resulting in the web site As a requirement for participating in the 2011 Festival
competition, garrisons will be responsible for maintaining their event profile page on this web
site. More details can be found under the ‘rules’ section of this guidance.

4. Participation

All authorized Family and MWR patrons are invited to participate in The Festival; however,
Soldier and other Military personnel participation is a primary objective of the Festival and
therefore highly encouraged. This includes participation as individual, units or especially
through the Better Opportunities for Single Soldier (BOSS) Program. Involvement may be as an
individual participant or in a variety of leadership and supporting roles. BOSS participation may
be particularly important as lead agents or as staff multipliers for Community Recreation Staff

Participating Garrisons may enter:

       -   One dramatic, comedic, or musical production
       -   One variety show, talent show, or thematic revue ( BOSS, Community or Family
           Basis )

Garrisons may submit a maximum of two entries outlined above; one per category. Talent
shows and Theatre productions can be entered in consecutive years, but themes, format or
other changes must be made to demonstrate current year entries will not simply be a
duplication of the prior year’s efforts. Evaluations by the judges will reward new, different and
creative efforts. Quality will always be a key consideration in recognizing the very best events,
but taking risks to expand overall programming horizons and program originality, creativity,
and diversity in program will become a key area of emphasis for judging in 2011.
 Youth Theatre or Youth Talent Shows may also be produced and presented as an entry in
competition if the Garrison chooses however there is no provision for standalone awards for
Youth Talent category only individual awards. Coordination for these events should be
established with the CYS partnership. Family Shows inclusive of all ages is highly recommended
in order to access full involvement of Adult and youth where feasible. The youth participants
will be in final competition categories with all other Garrison youth talent participants.
Parents/legal guardians of youth participants must provide their permission for participation in
these Garrison-wide events. Garrisons willing to participate and enter in this category must
produce their shows in-house.

Categories of Theatrical Competitions for Awards are as follows:

  (1)    Producer
  (2)    Director
  (3)    Musical Director
  (4)    Set Design
  (5)    Sound Design
  (6)    Lighting Design
  (7)    Costume Design
  (8)    Choreography
  (9)    Actress, Leading
  (10)   Actress, Supporting
  (11)   Actor, Leading
  (12)   Actor, Supporting
  (13)   Actress, Leading in a Musical
  (14)   Actress, Supporting in a Musical
  (15)   Actor, Leading in a Musical
  (16)   Actor, Supporting in a Musical
  (17)   Ensemble/Cast, if appropriate
  (18)   Garrison Award
  (19)   Others, as identified by the judges

Categories of Variety Showcases, Talent Shows and Thematic Revues are as follows:

 (1)     Vocal Soloist, Male
 (2)     Vocal Soloist, Female
 (3)     Vocal Instrumental Soloist
 (4)     Instrumental Soloist
 (5)     RAP / Male or Female
 (6)     Spoken Word / Male or Female
 (7)     Vocal Duet
 (8)     Vocal Group
 (9)     Instrumental Group
 (10)    Vocal Instrumental Group
 (11)    Dance Individual
 (12)    Dance Group
 (13)    Praise Dance, Solo or Group
 (14)    Comedian
 (15)    Individual Specialty (single acts that are nonmusical except for accompaniment), such
         as novelty act
 (16)    Group Specialty
 (17)    Master(s) Of Ceremonies
 (18)    Artistic Director
 (19)    Producer

 (20)    Other (i.e. awards for set design, lighting design, sound design, videography,
         choreography, hair, make- up, and costume design, and others will be made where
 (21)    NEW! A new award has been added to the Festival of the Arts competition this year
         for best use of marketing, promotion and strategic communications. See publicity
         and promotion section for award details.


Garrisons may enter more than one event. If multiple events are entered, only one per
category can be entered for consideration of judging. The categories are as follows:
     Theatre – Musical or Play
     Variety Show

 Garrisons entering more than one event will have to combine the scheduling of their events to
conduct them during one site visit. Requests requiring more than one visit will be considered,
but as an "exception only" basis. For Garrisons with multiple events, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
scheduling is encouraged. If multiple site visits are required, the Garrison must explain the
circumstances justifying more than one visit. Submissions must include the specific
requirements that preclude conducting the events over the period for one site visit.

Once a production guide is submitted and approved as a judging date(s) by the Festival
Executive Producer the host Garrison agrees to comply and conduct the event on the proposed
selected date(s). If there are any cancellations or schedule changes that are made after
submission, the host Garrison may be responsible for judge’s contractual fees and travel
adjustments associated with cancellation or rebooking. Any cancellations must be submitted
in writing via email from/thru the DFMWR with explanation for cancellation.

All cast/participants in the program must be volunteers. Monetary remuneration is prohibited.
(This rule does not apply to musical, technical personnel or staff recreation professionals
supporting productions or events.)

The BOSS program can be utilized and is encouraged as a supporting element for
Variety/Talent Shows to provide talent and direction for artistic development of the program

Individuals who participate in any individual or variety talent production will be in competition
with all other similar Festival talent categories, no matter where or how it is produced or
presented. Therefore, these individuals will be eligible and judged in like individual categories
on the Army level (i.e. male vocal, dance, instrumentalist, specialty act, etc.) MWR Support will
be provided to assist and provide resources for these productions if the Garrison supports
entry in The Festival. Additional training opportunities (such as Festival Workshops) may be
available to the Garrison upon request.

Web Site Information and Passwords

Instead of submitting an AAR and scrapbook for 2011, all post-event information will be
submitted via the Festival web site at Each garrison will be
responsible for uploading their event’s marketing materials, commercials, and other
promotional efforts to their event profile BEFORE their event. Upon conclusion of the event,
each garrison will be responsible for uploading photos, news stories, videos and cast/event
information onto the web site and onto social media. Judges will be viewing all event profiles
before determining winners.

Please remember to be cautious of Personal Identification Information (PII) while submitting
data to the web site. Personal information of our patrons should be left off the web site. Also,
please get permission by parents/guardians before uploading photos or information about cast
members under18 years of age.

(To upload photos, news, videos)
Select 2011 Competing Event Profiles, find your Garrison name
Enter USER ID and Password (provided below)
ID: festivaloftheArts
Password: eventprofile

Last year, many garrisons had difficulty uploading photos because they were too large. A blank
white screen means you are trying to submit photos which are too large for the web site's
server. Photos must no larger than 72 dpi (resolution), 600 x 900 (dimension) or 8 x 11 (inch

If your photos are too large, you can use Microsoft Picture Manager to compress photos for the
web. Open your pictures in Microsoft Office Picture manager. Select 'Edit Picture' along the top
of the screen. Select 'Compress picture' along the right side of your screen under change picture
size. Select 'web pages' under Compress Picture Settings. Resave your picture and it will be the
correct size to upload onto

(To upload your description of event and cast information)
Go to
Enter ID and Password (provided below):
ID: casts
Password: eventprofile
In the available form, enter a description of your event, important cast names and credits, and
any other text you would like to display on your event profile and select ‘submit.’ There will be
a 24-48 hour turnaround for these submissions, in order for FMWRC to approve submissions
and ensure only appropriate content is uploaded.

*Reminder, once this text is submitted it is final. Content will be approved before it is
displayed on the screen but it will not be edited. Submission form will not be seen by the
general public until you select ‘submit’.

(To upload videos)
Login with this info:
       Login: armyfestivalofarts
       Password: eventprofile
In order to upload your videos, you must log-in directly to the Festival account with the
account information below and upload your video.

Also for assistance on the web site, please check out the FAQs from 2010

Publicity and Promotion Award for All Garrison Entries

This year a new award will be given to the top three garrisons who showcase excellence in
marketing, promotion and strategic communications for this event. All promotional materials,
commercials, social and traditional media should be showcased on and the Army Festival Facebook page. Judges will be
monitoring web site and social media for the examples of the events marketing and promotion.
A panel of four (4) judges selected from the Marketing and Public Affairs Offices will look for
the following criteria:
        - A creative, thorough, well-defined campaign promoting the Festival of Arts Event
        - A campaign that encompasses at a minimum three types of media (print, social,
            traditional/news, advertising, web, video etc.). Examples of the three media types
            should be evident on the Festival web site.
        - Consistency with Festival of the Arts branded material made available on

Awards will be announced for the top three promotional campaigns and funds will be made
available for the winning garrison’s marketing office.

(1) First Place $ 2,000
(2) Second Place $ 1,500
(3) Third Place $ 1,000

Competition Entry Submissions and documents

All Production guides must be submitted online via Submissions with this form will
be sent directly to Executive Producer, Mr. Joe Leavell, for consideration as an entry in The
Festival. A courtesy copy email with your submission information will be sent immediately to
the DFMWR. You can also download the fillable form which is available at the link above and
send it to and

Garrisons will receive the additional supporting document requirements upon notice of intent
to enter, and submission of completed production guide(s). For those Garrisons who will enter
and host an event one POC from each Garrison will be invited to attend a Festival buying
opportunity be held in conjunction with the Association for the Promotion and Campus
Activities, (APCA) National Conference 26-30 Mar in Atlanta Ga. This will be a “buying
opportunity” to enhance the Festival , provide recommendations for Club strategy
programming and develop FMWRC Entertainment packages. Recommendation is to have a
POC there who has buying/ decision making power to be involved in the Block Booking Co-op
buying process. Europe , Pacific and Korea will only be authorized to send one person to
represent if centrally funded. Once the garrison POC submits event application they can go
online to download APCA application; for
submission of designee to attend. Designee must be approved by FMWRC Talent Coordinator.
Additional information will be sent for APCA.

Judges must be provided the following information on all Military participants:

 (1)     Category in which they are participating (i.e. a variety, thematic production, Youth, or
         Theatre, vocal, instrumentalist, specialty, dance, etc.)
 (2)     Complete Full Name and rank
 (3)     Unit assignment and Garrison
 (4)     Email and Phone numbers, home and/or cell
 (5)     ETS (if less than one year remaining in service) or PCS date if applicable
 (6)     Gender

Youth Participant (18 under) information must include:
  (1)    Complete Name
  (2)    Gender
  (3)    Age
  (4)    Parent or Guardian complete name
  (5)    Contact phone number and email of Parent/Guardian

Judges will be provided production or program event details before the performance. Judges
will also be provided a separate fact sheet that includes correct information on all participants
in the program as stated above. Information fact sheet on program participants will list

applicable categories of participants (i.e. active duty, family member, retired military, DOD
civilian, or contractor)

Garrison will provide the judges with a suitable viewing area within a proper site line
independent of the general audience. This does not have to provide total isolation. However,
the judges should have adequate privacy to observe and discuss the event or activity while it is
being presented. Refreshments for the judges are to be provided by the host Garrison event
producer (i.e. water, coffee, tea, fruit, etc.)

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based upon innovative, artistic and technical excellence. Judges are required to
participate in regularly scheduled discussions conducted by the Festival Coordinating
Producer/representative to compare considerations and priorities of awards. The judges'
decisions are final.


If critiques are desired, the Festival Coordinating Producer or designee should be notified prior
to the presentation. Critiques will be made directly following the presentation. Judges will be
on hand to meet the cast and crew and provide positive points of interest in regards to the

These funds are to be utilized for continual program support and enhancements.

 (1) First Place       $ 2,000
 (2) Second Place      $ 1,500
 (3) Third Place       $ 1,000

Garrisons who wish to enter into the competition will receive a $1,000 incentive for the
program. Garrisons who wish to enter into multiple events will only receive one incentive. It is
up to the Garrison to decide where incentive dollars are applied, once funds are transferred to
Garrison accounts.

Festival Coordinating Producer will procure individual and Garrison awards and ensure
shipment to the Garrisons for presentation. Garrisons must include a POC, mailing address, to
include street address, where awards should be shipped. Contact information must also
include a commercial phone number where the POC can be reached.

Accounting Procedures

Locally earned income and all expenses for the event must be recorded under appropriate
program code of the activity producing the event(s).

The award money for the Garrison winners, to include the $1,000 incentive, will be paid by
FMWRC. Funds will be transferred to the Garrison account within the Army Banking and

Investment Fund. The FMWRC will notify the IMCOM Regions’ MWR financial management
officers (FMO) and program managers of the funds transfer along with accounting instructions.
The Region’s MWR FMO will forward notification to the Garrison MWR FMO. It is the
responsibility of the Garrison MWR FMO to provide the account location codes to NAF
Financial Services (NFS). The NFS accountants may record transaction to location code of
program RP – Fund Administration, should the FMO fail to provide account code of the activity
that earned the money. As the money is used, be sure to charge the proper expense account.

It is the responsibility of the Garrison MWR program manager to track usage of funds, money
and reconcile transactions with the help of their respective FMO. The program winners funds
and incentive money may be used to offset operating expenses incurred in producing the
event(s) at the discretion of the program manager.

Points of Contact
The FMWRC POC is Mr. Joe Leavell, FMWRC Talent Coordinator and Executive Coordinating
Producer for The Army Festival of The Arts & Recreation Program Events Competition, email

Marketing and web site support:
Primary POC is Carrie Poore, Marketing Account Manager, email:,
phone: 210-808-0281
Back-up POC is Edward Griffin, Chief, Creative Services, email:


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