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  Accounts, Email, Citrix

        EZ Proxy E-Resource Remote Access
        Citrix Basics
        Citrix Installation
        Citrix for Mac Users
        Citrix Saving & Printing
        Printable Citrix QuickGuide


  Computer accounts grant access to systems based on role and function so students, residents, faculty, and staff
  may only access systems appropriate to their responsibilities.

  Usernames and passwords are application-specific; however, Network account username and password are used to
  access Sakai, Citrix, e-mail and Medlists. Please contact the IS Help Desk at 262-5000 with account questions.

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  A generic password is issued when each new account is established. It should be changed immediately to a
  password that conforms to the established criteria and to something easy to remember!

  AMC Password Policy
  Information Services Policy requires the following:
        Minimum of 8 characters and a maximum length of 254 characters.
        Must contain 3 out of 4 character types. (For example: AmcR0cks! )

  Character Types:
        Upper Case Letter
        Lower Case Letter
        Special Characters (#, @, $,! Etc)

  To change your Network account password:
        Go to
        Register with the site, then change the password.
        Register with the site and change the password. To change other account passwords refer to the application

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6/30/2010                                Accounts, Email, Citrix - Schaffer Libra…
        instructions or call the Help Desk at 262-5000.

  Password Expiration:
  Network passwords expire every 90 days. Warnings are not always displayed. For example, warnings do not appear
  in Sakai or Citrix. Five grace logons are granted post-expiration, decreasing by one with every subsequent logon,
  whether successful or unsuccessful. Passwords can be proactively changed as per the instructions above.

  Multiple attempts to login with an expired password will result in system lockout. Contact the Help Desk at 262-5000
  to restore account privileges.
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  Use Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) to access your e-mail from home, on a laptop, or on the road through
  any Internet web browser. Click here for detailed information about using Microsoft Outlook 2007. AMC owned-
  devices have the full Microsoft Outlook desktop client installed for faculty and staff use.

         Go to: from any web browser. Please use Internet Explorer for the best
         Click the Go button underneath "Outlook Web Access."
         Enter AMC network username and password to login (see below):

         In order to permit sending of attachments, please use Internet Explorer and check "This is a private computer"
         when logging in.
         Checking mailbox size: hover mouse over your name after logging into OWA, and the amount of mailbox
         space being used will appear (see below):

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  Email Address:
  AMC email addresses use the following format:

  Please contact the IS HelpDesk at 262-5000 with questions about email accounts.

  File Attachment Size Limit:
  There is a 15 MB limit on file attachments.

  Tips for Controlling Mailbox File Size:
        Sent Items and items in Trash count towards the limit so be sure to delete or archive these items as well as
        those from the Mailbox
        AMC Messenger e-mails and all e-mails sent to large groups (i.e. All College) are notoriously large - read,
        delete, or archive them.

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  EZ Proxy E-Resource Remote Access

  Convenient remote access to the Library's e-resources, whether off-campus, off the AMC Network, using a PC,
  Laptop, Mac or Mobile Device.

  EZ Proxy works with any web browser and uses your AMC network username and password.
        Go to:

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  Citrix Basics

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   Citrix is a software program used to access various Albany Medical Center applications (AMC Intranet, library
   resources, clinical applications) from off-campus.

  1. Go To:
  2. Log in with your Network Username and Password

  3.   First time users will have to install the Citrix application!
  4.   Once logged in, available applications (programs) will be listed.
  5.   Use "AMC Intranet" to access the Intranet and library resources.
  6.   NOTE: AMC Intranet opens in Internet Explorer 6; this is the browser that must be used. Even if you have IE 7 or
  8,   or another browser, on your machine, Citrix opens the application in IE 6.

  7. If no icons are listed, please call the IS Help Desk.
  8. Contact Information Services Help Desk if there are any questions or problems, at 262-5000.

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  Citrix Installation for First-Time Users

  1. After logging in for the first time, you should see the screen below. Click on the Detect Clients button.

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  2. Click the Download button.

  3. Click the Run button in the File Download window.

  4. A popup window will appear to indicate Citrix was successfully installed. Click Close. Next, click the
  Successful button.

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  Citrix for Macs

  1. Mac users need to download and install the Citrix Online Plugin for Mac from the Citrix website at the following

  Click Here to Visit Citrix Download page

  2. Once the plugin has been installed on the Mac, open up a web browser and go to the AMC Citrix webpage:

  3. Login to Citrix using your AMC Network username and password. Once logged in, available applications
  (programs) will be listed.
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  Save files from Citrix:

  1. The first time this is attempted, a file security pop-up box will appear. Select Full Access and Never Ask Me
  Again, and then click the OK button. This box should not appear again.

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  2.To ensure files are saved to your computer's hard drive, chose the C$ on 'Client' V: drive. You MUST drill down to
  the desktop level (see image below) to save! Otherwise, the file will not save to the hard drive. (Ex. C$ on 'Client'
  V:>Documents and Settings>Username>Desktop)

  3. Keep the file open until double-checking the desktop to make sure it saved correctly.

  Printing from Citrix:

  1. Select your local printer from print dialog box - it might not be the default one listed (see image below).
  2. Then print as normal.

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