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 A Hug is really a romantic and without words method to say Adore You. Hug is the best way to
say that you could consult with your lover. It may express our emotion and feeling.

Hug around the hands - I enjoy you.

Hug around the neck - I really want you.

Hug around the oral cavity - Among the finest to become buddies.

Hug around the ears - Let us have a great time

Hug around the lips - I really like you.

Hug around the nose - Let us get silly.

Hug elsewhere - You are the very best.

Where would u would rather hug your companion, which signifies your character?

Eyes- Sincere Stomach- Innovative

Cheekbones- Boring Back- Secure

Lips- Romantic Hands- Cute

Neck- Sexy Legs- Ruling

Temple ?Caring Everywhere- Desperate

Kissing should made entertaining game with different types. It wouldn't become boring act of
romance. Same hug same romance, Bring number of romance inside your existence with various
kind of kisses.

Aggressive Hug- Whenever you hug your lover, just bite lower their lower lip and suck the low lip.

Butterfly hug ?Bring the face nearer to partners face and open and shut your eyelids like butterfly.

Oral cavity Hug- This really is first date hug, around the cheekbones to state like you alone?
Feet Hug ?Hug for your partner foot, and suck it very lightly. Slightly massage the feet, this can
generate sensation.

Temple Hug ?This really is hug to state which i Take Care Of You. This could say like Mama hug.

French hug ?Within this kissing you ought to be careful, this requires tongue. Pass the breath with
the exchange across tongue.

Ice Hug ?Put a ice cube inside your mouth and have a hug of the partner and pass the ice cube in
the mouth the like until ice cube melt.

Neck Hug ?Come behind your lover and begin kissing on neck, that will generate sensation.

Open Eye Hug ?See love, passion inside your partner eyes, lightly hug and find out inside your
partner eyes.

Wave Hug ?Roll your tongue up, lower, like wave while kissing.

Wet Hug- Rub your wet lips up and lower in your partners lips.

Sweet Hug ?Put any sweet chocolate inside your mouth. Pass the chocolate inside your partner
mouth together with your tongue. Until that chocolate melt then have a French hug. This can tasty
sweet hug.

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