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									Positive Cash Flow Investment Property
I had a property which was about 100 kms. Away from my work place and
therefore, I decided to purchase a property near my work place as the distance
was more. I searched for many properties nearby but was not able to get one
near the work place. Then I heard of Paul and Karen who help in buying / selling
properties. I contacted them and they helped me to get property near my work
place at suitable rate and as per my choice.

During our discussion I informed them of having property, which is lying idle and
asked them if there is any chance to generate positive cash flow from it. I was not
able to take proper care of the property as being away, it was a day’s job to go
there and get it cleaned.

They told me that surely there can be positive cash flow from it and I gave them
the details. Now, the property is in use and amount is transferred to my account
every month. I never had to follow up with them for it.

I have got this positive cash flow without much search and am very glad with it.

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