Social Studies 8 Chapter 1 Study Guide by 4ibl3Fk


									Social Studies 8 Chapter 1 Study Guide

  1. In what century did the Renaissance flourish in Italy?
  2. Does the Renaissance worldview have an influence on
     our lives today?
  3. What two Christian empires existed in the 4th century?
  4. Explain what the Silk Road was all about.
  5. Who utilized the knowledge of Islamic astronomers?
  6. How would you describe faith in terms of the Middle
     Age’s citizens?
  7. What religious history did Christianity, Judaism and
     Islam grow out of? Are they connected?
  8. Describe the Feudal system of government and social
  9. What did urbanization have to do with the bubonic
  10. What is a republic?
  11. Explain the result of the Treaty of Lodi.
  12. Explain the relationship between the Pope and the
     wealthy bankers.
  13. What was the florin?
  14. What were the social classes in Venice?
  15. What was Scuola?
  16. Define the Renaissance period.
  17. What empire had the most impact on moving Europe
     from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance?
  18. Two of the most important contributions, transferred
     to bring cultures together by the Silk Road were..
  19. What factors contributed to the Islamic Empire
     becoming the center of learning in the Middle Ages?
  20. What was the purpose of the Crusades?
  21. What was the Feudal System of Government?
  22. Explain the life of a serf.
  23. Cities in Europe in the 14th century became more
     powerful because..
  24. The largest city in 14th century Europe was?
  25. What were the results of the bubonic plague?
  26. Why did Florence become the center of Renaissance
     in Italy?
  27. How did Genoa shape the Renaissance worldview?
28. Which city state was best known for its daring art and
29. Define: astrolabe, Renaissance, pilgrim, century,
  alliance, crusades, and Black Death.

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