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Announcing Wine Food Festival OO


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									                                   Ticket sales are Monday through Friday
Announcing                         8am to 5pm beginning Monday, April 13.
Wine & Food                        To purchase tickets for any Wine & Food Festival event, please call the

 Festival                          MSU Billings Foundation at 406.657.2244 or toll-free 1.888.430.6782
                                   between 8 am and 5 pm Mountain time, Monday through Friday. You may
  2OO9!                            also visit our offices at 2615 Virginia Lane in Billings.

Please join us for Montana State
   University Billings’ all-star
                                   On April 13, from 8 am to 12 noon, a maximum of four (4) tickets per cooking
  celebration of fine wines and    school may be purchased by an individual. After 12 noon, more than four (4)
foods with winemaster Gordon       tickets may be purchased if available.
 Hill of Milbrandt Vineyards in
   Mattawa, Washington and         Master Card, VISA, American Express and Discover are accepted. The value received for each event
 winemaster Bob Masyczek of        exceeds the price of tickets. Therefore, ticket cost is not tax deductible. You must be 21 or older to
                                   purchase tickets to Wine & Food Festival events.
 Diageo Chateau and Estates in
     Rutherford, California.
                                   Briggs Distributing Company
                                   Wells Fargo
                                   Computers Unlimited                                                           A benefit for
                                   Billings Gazette Communications
                                   MSU Billings Foundation

                                                                                                               The MSU Billings
                                   Fortin Enterprises                                                          Foundation asks that you
                                                                                                               remember that a designated
                                   Underriner Motors – Bill and Mary Underriner                                driver is the most responsible
                                                                                                               action you can take to ensure
                                   Heins Creative                                                              your safety and the safety of
                                                                                                               those around you. We
                                   Party Time Plus                                                             strongly advocate sober
                                                                                                               driving, and ask that you
                                   Travel Café                                                                 please plan ahead and
                                                                                                               designate a non-drinking
                                   Gainan’s Flowers and Garden Center                                          driver in your group.

                               A Banner Week of Events!
Monday, May 11                                Executive Chef David Maplethorpe of
                                              The Rex. Braiden Rex-Johnson,
                                                                                          Sponsors: Montana Beef Council,
                                                                                          Cricket Clothing Company, High Tech
                                                                                                                                      Taste exquisite wines with the guidance of
                                                                                                                                      the experts who crafted them: Gordon
                                              Northwest wine and food expert,             Construction                                Hill and Bob Masyczek. Expand your
                                              cookbook author and columnist joins                                                     knowledge of wine while enjoying superb
Wine & Food Festival                          with wine commentary.                                                                   wine and food in a relaxed setting.
Iron Chef Competition                                                                     Cooking School:
                                              The Rex                                                                                 The Carlin
6:00 pm                                       2401 Montana Avenue                         Taste as Big as Texas                       2501 Montana Avenue
In cooperation with the NEW                   Billings, MT 5901
                                                                                          1:00 pm                                     Billings, MT 59101
Food Network, the legend                      $150.00 PER PERSON                          A Culinary Demonstration Class by           $100.00 PER PERSON
of the Kitchen Stadium and                    Sponsors: The Rex and Sysco Food            Executive Chef Richard Chamberlain.         Sponsors: The Carlin, Dr. Kathy Ryan
the famed “secret ingredient” will come to    Services of Montana, High Tech                                                          and Dr. Jim McMeekin, Jane and Joe
life at this year’s festival!                                                             MSU Billings Student Union Ballroom
                                              Construction, Seafoods of the World         1500 University Drive                       Howell, NorthWestern Energy, Bottles
Battling at the Wine & Food Festival’s Iron                                               Billings, MT 59101                          & Shots Heights and West
Chef Competition are:
CHEFS TEAM: Jim Carlson, Highgate
                                              Cooking School:                             $75.00 PER PERSON
House; Marcella Tatarka, Beyond Basil
Catering and Art Beyond the Palette;
                                              Flavors of the Rhone Valley                 Sponsors: Montana Beef Council,
                                                                                          Sysco Food Services of Montana,
                                                                                                                                      Friday, May 15
Lewis Lux, Juhl Brokerage; Mike               6:00 pm                                     Joan and Mike Matz
Sammartino, Bruno’s.                          Featuring Tom Atkins, Director of                                                       Wine and Food Pairings
                                              Food and Beverage at the Boise
                                              Convention Center in Boise, Idaho           The World of                                Under the “Grande” Tent
Chef Mentor: Michael Callaghan, Food          and Chef Consultant.                        SauvignonBlanc               NEW            6:00 pm
Services of America; Sara Chevalier,          Laurie and Lynn Paris residence             Presented by John                           Wine and Food Tasting, Silent Auction
Skyview High; Sammi Fuhrman, West             4707 Gros Ventre Trail                      Buechsenstein, Educator,                    and Wine Store*
                                              Billings, MT 59106                          Winemaker and General Manager of
High; Nicole Nash, West High;                                                             Sauvignon Republic Cellars.                 In the tent on the campus of
Greg Summers, West High                       $75.00 PER PERSON                                                                       MSU Billings
Following the Iron Chef format, our panel     Sponsors: Montana Beef Council, ISU
                                                                                          7:00 pm
                                                                                                                                      $100.00 PER PERSON
of judges will choose the winning dishes      Streeter Brothers Insurance, Susan and      This seminar examines the “chameleon of
and crown the first MSU Billings Iron         Gary Carlson                                the wine world – an underrated star that
Chef team.                                                                                can display multiple personalities.” John
Event Moderators: David Maplethorpe                                                       Buechsenstein is also a noted educator      Saturday, May 16
from The Rex and Carl Kurokawa
from Juliano’s
                                              Wednesday,May 13                            and teaches regularly at The Culinary
                                                                                          Institute of America at Greystone and the
                                                                                          Extension Program at University             Light and Fresh
Food samples will be provided by the
Chefs and Cooks of Montana with               A Hands-On Culinary                         of California, Davis.                       Beginnings…The NEW
assistance of Sysco Food Services of          Experience
                                                                                          MSU Billings Student Union Ballroom         Perfect Brunch
Montana and Montana Beef Council.                                                         1500 University Drive                       Presented by Stephen Sutton,
                                              Presented by Executive
                                              Chef Richard Chamberlain NEW
                                                                                          Billings, MT 59101                          Vice President, Client Relations, Sodexo,
MSU Billings Student Union Ballroom
1500 University Drive                                                                     $75.00 PER PERSON                           Long Beach, CA. Featuring Gail Babcock,
                                              from Chamberlain’s Steak                                                                Executive Chef and General Manager,
Billings, MT 59101                            and Chop House in Dallas,                   Sponsors: Simply Wine,                      Sodexo, Carroll College, Helena, MT.
                                              TX and ENVY The Steakhouse in               Van Rensselaer Jewelers, Stella Fong
$45 PER PERSON                                Las Vegas, NV.                              and Dr. Joseph Dillard, Cara Schaer         10:30 am
Sponsor: Bresnan Communications
                                              8:30 - 11:30 am                             and Evelyn Noennig                          Experience a fabulous brunch and learn to
                                              As you work in the kitchen with Executive                                               create one of equal perfection for your
                                                                                                                                      friends and family. Stephen Sutton
Tuesday, May 12                               Chef Richard Chamberlain, this
                                              hands-on class will allow you to explore    Thursday, May 14                            incorporates his passion for wine and
                                              new foods, techniques, recipes and                                                      food into an exploration of Pacific
                                              develop new skills to use in your                                                       Northwest wines paired
Cooking School:                               kitchen everyday.                           Cooking School:                             with cuisine from the region.
Sizzling Summer Nights                        This class is limited to 20.                Southern Rockies Meets                      Sandy and Dane Bradford residence
                                                                                                                                      3118 Comyn Coulee
11:00 am                                      MSU Billings Student Union Building         Northern Rockies                            Billings, MT 59101
Featuring Executive Chef Amy Smith of         1500 University Drive
The Grand Hotel in Big Timber, Montana.       Billings, MT 59101                          11:00 am                                    $75.00 PER PERSON
                                              $125.00 PER PERSON                          Featuring Executive Chef Jeff Tappero, of   Sponsor: Joan and Bob Carr
Darla and John Jones residence
                                                                                          The 320 Guest Ranch, Big Sky, Montana.
3010 Snowcrest Drive                          Sponsors: Montana Beef Council,
Billings, MT 59102                            Sysco Food Services of Montana,             Pam and Tracey Willet residence             The “Fine Finish”
                                              Joan and Mike Matz                          4297 Long Rider Trail
$75.00 PER PERSON                                                                         Billings, MT 59106                          5:30 pm
Sponsors: Montana Beef Council,                                                                                                       Champagne Reception, Gourmet Dinner
                                                                                          $75.00 PER PERSON
Stacey Suydam of Fortune                      Cooking School:                                                                         presented by Sodexo Western Regional
Hi-Tech Marketing                                                                         Sponsors: Montana Beef Council,             Executive Chef Barry Smith, Live &
                                              When Fruits and Meats                       Holland & Hart LLP                          Silent Auctions and Wine Store*
Guest Chef Dinner:                                                                                                                    In the tent on the campus of
                                              11:00 am                                    Winemaster Symposium                        MSU Billings
Steelhead Diner and The                       Featuring Executive Chef Andy Fulton of     Presented by our 2009 winemasters           $125.00 PER PERSON
Rex present “Flavors from                     the Hilands Golf Club, Billings, Montana.   Gordon Hill of Milbrandt Vineyards in
                                                                                          Mattawa, WA and Bob Masyczek from
the Pacific Northwest”                        Andrea and Shaun Cox residence              Diageo Chateau and Estates in               *Wine Store
                                              4225 Cedarwood Lane                         Rutherford, CA.                             Located in the Tent on the Normal Avenue
6:00 pm                                       Billings, MT 59106                                                                      Lot, the Wine Store is open Friday, May 15
Featuring Kevin Davis, Executive Chef/                                                    7:00 pm                                     and Saturday, May 16 from 10:00 am to
Partner of the Steelhead Diner in Seattle,    $75.00 PER PERSON                                                                       5:00 pm and 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm.
Washington in collaboration with

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