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									How to Promote Your Website with Social

One of the things that have brought about an unprecedented explosion in the use of the
internet nowadays is the use of social media. Most of these social media and networking
sites normally receive a lot of traffic all the time. Therefore devising a way of putting your
website in front of the users of these sites or attracting some of the traffic to your website
can be a very good and efficient way of promoting your website. Some of the simple
strategies to use for this include -:

Creating a Fans Page

This is a way of trying to enhance or increase your website readers’ participation or
interactions among themselves and of course you the webmaster. It involves creating a page
on any of the various social networking sites available. The most popular ones today include,,, etc. Several things can be done on
a fans page. Besides posting of new content regularly, one can also create and provide free
stuff and resources to your fans. All these things are important in getting and retaining new
readers or subscribers for your website.

Create an Opt-in Box on Your Fans Page

It is important to also create an opt-in box on your fans page for new people who may come
in contact with your fans page first before visiting your website. This is essential because
for your website’s followership to increase, you will need to get and retain new subscribers.
With people signing in to your mailing list, contact can be establish with them on a regular
basis through newsletters and other mails that should be sent regularly.

Post Useful Video (Audio Visual) Content Regularly

Another thing that features very prominently on many social media sites that people can
take advantage of to promote their website is the presence of audio-visual content. A lot of
people prefer this, especially people who do not like reading much. And it has been
observed that when they like a particular video or podcast, they are likely to visit the source
of that material to subscribe for it. All that needs to be done here is just to create simple nice
videos on issues in your niche or value content that is in high demand and post it on these
social media or networking sites with links back to your website. There can never be a limit
to the amount of traffic a website can receive with this strategy.

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