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									How to Use Telecoil Technology in
Hearing Aids
                                       Although most types of hearing aids work
                                       quite well for small settings when the
                                       person talking is nearby, it can be harder to
                                       hear when sound comes through a speaker,
                                       into the hearing aid, and then comes out
                                       the other speaker in the wearer’s ear. This is
                                       why many hearing aids have a telecoil,
                                       which is a small piece of technology that
                                    allows the wearer to piggyback on a speaker’s
system to get the sounds directly in the hearing aid. By bypassing one set of
speakers and microphones, it makes speech much clearer, especially in large and
noisy environments.

Hearing aids with telecoil technology are equipped with a switch that the wearer
needs to activate to start receiving the electromagnetic signal from the nearby
device. The switch turns off the hearing aid’s microphone and switches to
amplifying the signal received from the telephone, sound system, or other device
emitting an electromagnetic signal. By law, all telephones work with telecoils, so
this is a quick way to reduce the amount of feedback hearing aid wearers get by
using the hearing aid on its normal setting while on the phone.

Telecoils also pick up FM broadcast signals, and many assistive listening devices
operate through telecoils. These work by giving the wearer a small device that
broadcasts the signal so they can have it with them and hear easily through the
hearing aid. Most televisions can also work with a telecoil, which makes it easier
to watch television with a group of people without turning up the volume so loud
that it’s uncomfortable for everybody else. If you aren’t sure whether your
hearing aid has a telecoil or don’t know how to use it, talk to your hearing aid
provider or audiologist for more information.

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