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					                                  Andreas Stokas
                         Born: 29/03/1967, nationality: Greek,
                        7 Navarinou Str. Drama, 66100, GREECE
              Mobile: +306946909683, e-mail:
1991-    Ms Mechanical and Reliability Engineering, The University of Arizona.
1993     Specialized in Reliability and Life Testing methods as well as in Statistical
         Quality Control and Computer integrated Manufacturing Systems. May 1993.
         (Grade 3.3/4)
1985-    Bs Production Engineering and Management, Technological University of
1991     Crete. Specialized in Operations Research, Production and Operations
         Management, Production Technology, Marketing and Managerial Finance.
         September 1991. (Grade 7.6/10)
2010-     Freelance Operations engineer with specialization in:
today     Human resources evaluation and development.
          Change implementation and management.
          Marketing and commercial plans.
          The consulting is focused on productivity and effectiveness improvement with
          short and long term results.
2001-     Chief Operating Officer and member of the Executive Board of Directors at
2009      Ioannidis Bros SA. (BMW, Mini, Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Renault, Subaru,
          Dacia dealership in Serres, Drama and Kavala). Responsible for: Personnel and
          operations management.
          During this period the gross annual income of the group has been increased
          from €11million to €30million. Those results achieved with 0% personnel
          Cause of withdrawal: End of contract period and disagreement regarding crisis
1998-     Volvo After Sales Manager at Saracakis S.A. in Thessaloniki. Responsible for:
2001      Organization and management of the After Sales department in Thessaloniki
          and area zone management in Macedonia and Thrace.
          During this period the after sales department was created from scratch and its
          impact in sales was: 36 Volvo cars sold on 1998, 200 sold on the 1st semester
          of 2001.
          Cause of resignation: Better job offer, both position and salary wise.
1997-     After Sales Manager at Ioannidis Bros Car Dealerships (Alfa Romeo, Lancia,
1998      Renault). Responsible for: Organization and management of the after sales
          During this period the department became profitable with respect to heavy
          losses in 1996.
          Cause of resignation: Better job offer, both position and salary wise.
1995-     R&D and Sales Director (share holder with 40% of the shares) of AXION
1997      Clothing Industry. Responsible for: Implementation of TOYOTA sewing
          Cause of withdrawal: The company failed to achieve its goals and closed, due
           to strong disagreements between the shareholders.
1994-      Production Manager at I. PATAKAKIS S.A. Clothing Industry. Responsible for:
1995       Production and operations management.
           During this period the production increased by 35% and the personnel
           decreased by 10%.
           Cause of resignation: The company failed to fulfil its part of the agreement.
1992-     Teaching Assistant at The University of Arizona for the undergraduate and
1993      graduate courses: Reliability Engineering, Reliability and Quality Analysis
1993      Instructor on LOTUS, PW, DBASE seminar for ELKEPA (Greek Productivity
1993      Supervisor and Instructor on Production Automation seminar for ELKEPA,
          teaching Production Organization and Total Quality Management methods for
          small businesses.
1995      Instructor on Maintainability engineering and Quality Assurance seminar for
          the technical supervisors of SOFTEX S.A.
1995      Instructor on Total Quality Management and Quality Assurance seminar for
          the managing personnel of SEKAP S.A.
1995      Instructor on Total Quality Management and Production Organization seminar
          for the employees of MODEL LTD (Clothing Industry).
1993      Reliability and Life Testing Institute, Tucson, Arizona. Awarded for
          achievements in the application of Dynamic and Linear Programming in
          Reliability Engineering.
1997      Sales seminar (New commercial practices), by FIAT AUTO HELLAS
1997      Sales seminar (Promotional activities – Sales practices – Direct mail
          implementation), by FIAT AUTO HELLAS
2001      Project Management (Implementation techniques), by ASQS consulting
        Mostly on PC’s: Microsoft (CRM, Outlook, Project, Access, Excel, Word,
        PowerPoint, Visio), AutoCAD 1987 version, ERP Atlantis.
        Familiarity with mainframes, 2 years on VMS . Knowledge of TeX.
          Secretary of the Reliability Engineering Institute, Tucson Chapter. 1992-93
          Member of the Technical Chamber of Greece. 1995 – Today.
          Member of the McKinsey online executive panel. 2011 – Today.
          History, Classical Philosophy, Basketball, ski, photography.
          Ioannidis Panagiotis. CFO at Ioannidis Bros.
          Koufopoulos Dimitris . Commercial Manager at Fiat Credit Hellas.
          Zisopoulou Maria. General Manager at Zisopoulos group.
          Kesanoglou Savvas. Owner of Virus Promotion.
          Festeri Nadia. Owner of Bimbo kid’s store.
The projects are categorized with respect to area of expertise.

1. Marketing and Sales
Bimbo (kid’s clothing store), 2010-2011. Develop new promotional, pricing and
purchasing policies - methods in order to overcome the crisis that hit the market. The
store managed to increase its sales by 25% and to encounter the opening of a ZARA kid’s
store 20 meters away.
Virus Promotion, 2010. Implemented new pricing and commercial policy focusing on
retaining earnings during heavy recession. The company managed to retain its earnings
during this year where the market dropped by 40%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2004-2009. Integration of the internet in the sales activities focusing on: 1.
Flexible pricing policy, 2. Use of portals as virtual show rooms. Resulted used cars stock
decrease by 25% and new cars sales increase by 10% during heavy recession. The
company’s market share during that period increased by 30%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2006-2009. Presentation and implementation of a new commercial
strategy regarding the used cars buy back and sales operations. Resulted used cars stock
decrease by 20%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2002-2009. Sales and after sales management. The company is operating
in 3 cities (Serres, Drama, Kavala) with 5 stores, 4 of them car dealerships and 1 insurance
and rental store. Resulted, sales increase by 154% and market share increase by 100%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2001-2002. Differentiation of used car sales practices. Resulted, used car
sales increase by 80% and customer satisfaction by more than 200%.

2. Human resources and change management
Virus Promotions, 2010. Evaluation of personnel and company restructuring. Resulted
income / employee increase by 50%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2008-2009. Company restructuring as part of a crisis management plan
during the recession started in mid 2008. The company managed to retain 95% of its sales
during a period where the market dropped by 35%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2006-2008. Training and coaching the sons of the two shareholders in
order to takeover the executive management of the company. The first is now the head of
the After Sales and the second is the head of auditing and reporting department.
Ioannidis Bros, 2005-2007. Extensive personnel appraisal and training with respect to the
forthcoming restructuring.
Ioannidis Bros, 2002-2004. Personnel training with respect to daily scheduling of activities
at the after sales department and implementation of the principles of operations
Ioannidis Bros, 2001-2009. Human resource management (80-100 employees).
Ioannidis Bros, 2001-2002. Company restructuring focusing on the integration of activities
and standardization of procedures according to ISO9000:2000. Resulted income /
employee increase by 10% approximately.
Saracakis Bros, 1998-2001. Human resource management (7 employees).
Ioannidis Bros, 1997-1998. Human resource management (16 employees).
Patakakis Bros, 1994-1995. Human resource management (400 employees).
3.      Quality Assurance and Quality Management
Ioannidis Bros - Patakakis Bros, 1994-2009. Implementation and training of ISO9000
quality management standards.
Ioannidis Bros, 2008-2009. Implementation and training of QMA (BMW’s quality
management standards). The BMW’s QMA standard is more complex and detailed than
Ioannidis Bros, 2005-2007. Application of six sigma techniques (SIPOC, operational
definitions, fishbone diagrams, benchmarking, Pareto analysis). This project was part of
the company’s restructuring program.

4.      Production and operations
Zisopoulos Group, 2011. Implementation of the latest version of the web based
procedural management system.
Virus Promotion, 2010. Implementation of a web based procedural management system.
Ioannidis Bros, 2002-2003. Implementation of MRP and scheduling methods at the Work
- Body shops. Resulted after sales profit increase by 10%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2002. Reduction of spare parts dead stock. From 120.000€ to 15.000€.
Saracakis Bros, 1998-2001. Organization and management of procedures, personnel and
facilities of the new workshop. Resulted to a profitable work shop and new car sales
increase by 450%.
Ioannidis Bros, 1997-1998. Organization and management of procedures and personnel
of the work shop and body shop. Resulted to a profitable department and client
satisfaction increase.
Patakakis Bros, 1994-1995. Organization and management of the production on both
sites of the company. During this period production increased by 35% and the personnel
decreased by 10%.

5. Research and development
1994-today. Research in Database management system which integrates current systems
such as ERP and CRM. The system is focusing on traceability, usability and lower
operational cost. Various versions have been applied throughout these years with
exceptional results.
Ioannidis Bros, Virus Promotion, Zisopoulos Group, 2007 – 2011. Development of Web
based database management systems (in cooperation with web developers) for
procedural management. All systems were installed with less than an hour training and
resulted in faster response to client demands as well as reduced operational cost.
Ioannidis Bros, 2002-2003. Implementation of the ERP Atlantis Auto. Resulted income /
employee increase by 15%.
Ioannidis Bros, 2008-2009. Implementation of Microsoft CRM. The project remains
Ioannidis Bros, 2002-2009. Continuous development of the organization’s knowledge
base. The last 2 years, the knowledge base was integrated in the Microsoft CRM. The
project is not completed as planned.
Saracakis Bros – Ioannidis Bros, 1997-1999. Development and implementation of a
Database management System (based on Access) for the After Sales department, which
covers daily operations (clients, suppliers, works, parts, cash flow, daily scheduling and
appointments) of the work shops. This version implemented a knowledge base for the
service operations.
Patakakis Bros – AXION, 1994-1996. Development and implementation of an ACCESS
based MIS which automates the cost estimation and production setup for new models.
The University of Arizona, 1992-1993. Research assistant for Dr. Dimitri Kececioglu’s
books (Reliability Engineering Handbook, Maintainability Engineering Handbook).
Experience accumulated not only on the reliability subject (reliability growth, reliability
testing, FMEA etc.) but also on MIL-STD’s and ISO standards.

6. Construction
Ioannidis Bros, 2004-2007. Design and supervision at the construction of the first Auto-
Mall (3.600 m2 building with 7 dealerships), integrating all brands into one building which
was an innovation for the car dealerships in Greece. Resulted 48% sales increase during its
first operational year. The project completed on budget.
Ioannidis Bros, 2004-2008. Reduction of the branches from 9 to 5. Renovation
(construction works) on the remaining sites in order to fulfill the dealership’s criteria.
Resulted in better company profile and reduced operational cost. The project completed
on budget.
Saracakis Bros, 1999. Renovation (construction) of a warehouse to the new Volvo work
shop. Responsible for design and supervision of the project according to Volvo’s criteria.
The project completed on budget.