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									WEB DESIGN                GRAPHIC DESIGN             ARTWORK
o   Site Design           o   Corporate Identity     o   Catalogues
o   Site Build            o   Brochures              o   Diagrams
o   XHTML                 o   Exhibition Graphics    o   Datasheets
o   CSS                   o   Adverts                o   Newsletters
o   W3C Standards         o   Leaflets and flyers    o   Packaging

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                        Web Design

Before you start
o   What purpose is your website going to have?
o   Who are your target audience?
o   What do you offer that your competition don’t?
o   Where is the content for your website coming from?
o   What functionality do you desire/need?
o   What is your budget?

    Tel: 07814 390702           info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                        Web Design

Other Important Considerations
o   Search engine optimisation (SEO) and copywriting
     o   Do you need to be found on search engines?
     o   Do you need a certified SEO copywriter?
o   Accessibility and DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliance
     o   Pass at least level 1 of accessibility guidelines
     o   Do not discriminate against anyone
     o   Site works cross platform and across major browsers
o   W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) Standards
     o   HTML or XHTML and CSS pass validation                 cont…
    Tel: 07814 390702                  info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                        Web Design
o   How are going to market your site?
    o   Do you need marketing services?
    o   Do you want customers to keep coming back to your site?
o   How will you measure the success of your site?
    o   Host statistics or Google analytics?
    o   Who is responsible for analysing the statistics and acting
        on them?
o   How often will you need to update your site?
    o   Do you need content management?
    o   Do you need a database?
    Tel: 07814 390702                info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                        Web Design

What is Accessibility?
o   The act of making a site available to the widest audience
    possible. This includes different browsers and platforms. As
    well as considering those with disabilities, from colour
    blindness to the severely handicapped. This must always be
    done without discrimination.

o   Windows based PC’s will run Internet Explorer, Firefox,
    Chrome & Safari. Apple Mac’s will run Firefox and Safari. Its
    also worth checking others such as Opera.
o   W3C statistics of browser use

    Tel: 07814 390702               info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                        Web Design

o   Common Minor Disabilities
       The most common visual disability is colour blindness.
       Long-sightedness is extremely common and many users
        will want to increase the font size.

o   Major Disabilities
       Its difficult to cover requirement for every disability,
        stick closely to W3C guidelines.
       The main disability thought of is blindness, there are tools
        for this such as screen readers and Braille readers that
        work based on W3C guidelines.

    Tel: 07814 390702                info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                       Web Design

Fixed Width
  Most sites are now build centralised at around 960px wide. This
  allows for the vast majority of screen sizes and resolutions to be
  accommodated. For statistics go to the following link:

Flexible Width?
  For a while flexible width sites were tried, but it was found that users
  didn’t like them. If you wanted to increase the width, but this becomes
  a problem with images as they are a set size. The latest browsers
  allow the site to be scaled with the magnifying glass, this is very
  helpful to those with sight problems as they can increase to suit.
  Tel: 07814 390702                   info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                         Web Design

Branding and Layout
o   Keep the corporate identity and design consistent
    with existing guidelines and any current marketing
    campaign if applicable
o   Make the most of the space you have
    o   A Teaser or Call to action is a great way to retain interest and get
        customers coming back to your site
    o   Special offers
    o   News items
    o   Testimonials
    o   Other content that is regularly updated is for your site, Google
        likes sites that are changing, as do your clients
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                         Web Design

o   Navigation can be styled, horizontally or vertically, to
    follow virtually any design using style sheets
    o   Static Menus
         o   Ideal for small sites that require minimal navigation
    o   Expanding Menus
         o   This is a popular, fully accessible menu style and expands or
             contracts vertically depending on the page you are on.
    o   Dropdown / Fly-out Menus
         o   These are very popular, but can cause problems for the user
             and become frustrating and for some users impossible to use.
             Stick to one level and allow an alternative route pages.

    Tel: 07814 390702                    info@dizzy-webdesign.co.uk
                      Web Design

What is the difference between a designer
& a developer/programmer?

                       XHTML & CSS                    Scripting &
 Look and Feel         (cascasding style sheets)      Databases

  DESIGNER                                           DEVELOPER

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