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					         Gulf Shores High School Graduation Contract
                                           Class of 2012
        The administration, faculty, and seniors of Gulf Shores High School are working hard to
make this year’s graduation ceremony a dignified and memorable experience. Because we are
determined that this occasion will be a pleasant and memorable experience, we have
established the following rules for participation in the graduation ceremony.

       Seniors are required to attend a mandatory graduation practice session on May 18th at 8:00
        a.m. for breakfast, cap and gown distribution. We will meet in the cafeteria at Gulf Shores High
        School at 8:00 a.m. for breakfast and then move to the gym for cap and gown distribution. We
        will then proceed to The Amphitheatre at the Wharf which is where the ceremony will be held.
        Expect to be involved until 12:00 noon.

       Any senior who has consumed alcohol or drugs prior to the graduation will NOT be allowed to
        participate in the ceremony. Tobacco use by students at the amphitheater is also prohibited.

       Disruptive or uncooperative behavior such as jeering or shouting will result in removal from the
        graduation ceremony.

       Inappropriate dress will result in removal from the graduation ceremony.

       Boy’s dress code: Dress slacks, white dress shirt, dress shoes and tie.
        Girl’s dress code: If your dress is longer than your gown, it must be white or light in color.
        No tennis shoes, flip-flops, canvas shoes or other inappropriate footwear will be allowed.

       All students must remove mortarboards during prayer, Pledge of Allegiance, and National

       Tassels go on the left side of mortarboard; move to right side after receiving diploma.

       Seniors must be at The Wharf at 6:30 PROMPTLY to line up.

       You must turn in your gown immediately after the end of the ceremony to the station set up and
        staffed by senior teachers. You will receive your actual diploma in return for the gown. During
        the ceremony, you are only handed the diploma cover.

Please make sure you read this material carefully. This letter must be
signed by a parent/guardian and student. All financial obligations must be
paid before or on the morning of May 18, 2012 in order to receive a cap and

  Dr. Ernie Rosado, Principal                         Karen Randolph, Senior Sponsor

Sarah Rienzi, Class President                   Kelly Corcoran, Student Government President

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