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									New Hampshire Church Sound Renovation Project – Pro Sound for Worship

The audio visual needs of churches are unique to the worship experience. Power Sound of New England
recently installed a new custom church sound system at a parish that for far too long had struggled with
poor audio intelligibility from an old PA sound system. The system design was part of an extensive AV
installation designed give the New Hampshire church improved sound quality in the sanctuary, and a
new pro sound and video projection system in their conference room.

The company, specializing in professional AV installation and custom sound systems for worship, was
chosen by Sacred Heart Church in Laconia New Hampshire for the design and installation of the state-of-
the-art PA sound system renovation.

The Project:One of the primary goals was to ensure that older parishioners and those hard of hearing
would be able to enjoy the quality of pro sound components which were integrated into the sound
system installation.The system also has a design feature to amplify the music ministry with special care
of the unique characteristics of singing and instrumentation. Another phase of the AV project was to
design a new PA sound system for the parish’s conference room. Both the church audio and the audio
for the meeting space are now performing beautifully. A second facet of the AV installation project was
the design and integration of a video projection system in the conference room.
Features & Benefits: During sound system installation projects, PSNE integrates the audio in each space
into a master system. In this church the architecture features gorgeous high ceilings and stately
columns. Power Sound of New England affixed the professional speakers, which are designed for the
church environment, to columns which allows for the speaker drivers to transmit sound evenly
throughout the worship space.

The church pastor, when asked about the new sound and video projection systems, was decidedly
pleased and said,” I love them both!”

An important feature of the AV systems Power Sound of New England designs is the visual impact. The
aesthetics of parish worship spaces need be maintained, so the company matched speakers and other
components to the surfaces on which they were mounted. This ensures the visual integrity of the church
is maintained.

For more than four decades Power Sound of New England has designed custom sound systems to
address the unique needs of church sound. They are the only New England Company that understands
the AV needs of worship and specializes in Church Audio and video solutions.


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