Deploying Advanced Risk Management Solutions

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					                       Deploying Advanced Risk Management Solutions

Every business big or small must lay a strong foundation for risk management if it aims at sustained growth.
However, organizations can choose to initiate risk management processes from a number of risk assessment
programs that are made available to them. These programs are beneficial and can be implemented to guide
business managers who devise policies for their businesses.

Opting in for Secure Compliance Risk Management Solutions
Today most companies are aiming to secure efforts and enhance the risk visibility all through their business.
So, in order to integrate and centralize processes, policies, controls and procedures an efficient governance,
risk and compliance (GRC) strategy can be of great help.

Eminent brands excelling in compliance management solutions have introduced innovative risk management
software that can operate on various control and process frameworks. One of the biggest advantages of this
software is its capability to bridge with multiple IT Governance frameworks as well.

Risk management solutions can:

        Provide a comprehensive automated and integrated solution with in-built assistance for RBI
        Compliance, NSE, BSE, MCX, COBiT, SOX, BASEL II, HIPAA, FISMA, NCDEX, PCI, ISO and other country
        specific ready-to-use frameworks.
        Offer complete risk management support for IT operations, cyber security and efficient compliance
        Significantly brings down the ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ (TCO) almost up to 10X cost savings.
        Be implemented as a SaaS service. The Cloud based “pay – as – you – grow” delivery option helps in
        ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) model with on-premises deployment of tools for security posture
        assessment. This needs less investment initially with high returns, which makes it ideal for small and
        medium scale organizations.
        Help combat cyber-security issues through proactive assessment and IT compliance and security.
        Offer centralized repositories for compliance related organizational data.
        Provide compliance status with drill down options across departments, territories and so on. Auto
        reminders can be set for addressing all the compliance related tasks in an optimal way and manage
        any exceptions and activities related to compliance.
        Provide in-depth audit trail for all compliance related actions throughout the whole process.

It must be noted that innovative compliance risk management solutions with their Meta framework can help
organizations to efficiently manage risk compliance with ease and flexibility. This can help organizations to
keep up with the needs of multiple regulations, assess controls and store evidence as well.

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Description: Every business big or small must lay a strong foundation for risk management if it aims at sustained growth.