Briarcrest Sixth Grade by u0m9yC


									                             Briarcrest Sixth Grade
                          Behavior Expectation Contract
                            January 2012-June 2012

There are many exciting, fun sixth grade activities planned for the students where
there are clear expectations for behavior. The purpose of this contract is to
define these expectations and the consequences if these expectations are not met.
Specific activities include the 5th and 6th grade musical performance (the three
performances have been scheduled for mid-February), 6th grade camp at Camp
Seymour, and the End-of-the-Year Sixth Grade Activities.

Please read the entire contract and discuss it with your parents. Then sign at
the bottom of the back page and return it to your teacher.



   Be respectful to all Briarcrest staff, guests, and students.

   Follow all Briarcrest rules and guidelines.

   Cooperate in class and in group activities

   Help out by:
        volunteering
        respecting yourself and others
        keeping Briarcrest a safe and healthy place to learn

Consequences for Misbehavior: In the event, a sixth grader should receive a Rule
Reminder Report or other disciplinary action, the following actions will occur:

    1. First Behavior Report (Probation):
        The student will discuss his/her behavior with his/her teacher
        The teacher and the student will determine specific details of the
          probation, but another violation may result in the student not being
          allowed to participate in the next 6th grade activity.
    2. Second Rule Reminder Report:
        The student will have to meet with his/her parents, the teacher(s) and
          Mr. Nessan to decide about the status of participating in Camp Seymour
          and/or the next 6th grade activities. If it is decided that the student
         will not attend camp, there WILL NOT be a refund of the money the
         student has raised/earned for Camp.
    3. Any Suspension, or a Third Rule Reminder Report, from school:
        The student will not attend Camp Seymour, and there will not be a
         refund of the money the student has raised/earned for Camp.
        Attendance and participation in other upcoming 6th grade activities will
         most likely be at risk as well.


 Behavior Expectations for the 5th & 6th Grade Schoolhouse Rock Performances
 Be an active and appropriate participant in all practices and performances
 Be respectful to teachers, staff and volunteers involved in the performance


                      Behavior Expectations at Camp Seymour
   Be respectful to the counselors, teachers, and Camp Seymour staff and
   Be safe and obey all Camp Seymour rules and guidelines.
   Pay attention to your teacher, counselor, and Camp Seymour staff members.
   HAVE FUN!!!!


             Behavior Expectations for the End of the Year Activities
               Field Trips, 6th Grade Party and Intermediate Field Day

In order to attend these events in May and June, all of the behavior expectations
will remain in effect. If a student should receive a Rule Reminder (after camp),
there will be a parent/teacher/student conference to determine whether the
student will be allowed to attend these activities.


I have read the Behavior Expectation Contract. I understand the
expectations clearly as well as the consequences that will result if
I do not follow these expectations.

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Parent signature   Date

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