Authors� Frequently Asked Questions by HC120615092017


									           Authors’ Frequently Asked Questions

Q. When do I receive a contract from the Publisher, Kluwer Law International?

A. You will receive a contract from the Publisher including all the conditions as soon as
you send your personal data to

Q. How many pages am I supposed to write?

A. There is no a precise amount of pages, the length of a Monograph depends on the
subject and on the relevant country. For national monographs the length is about 200
pages. It can be more of course, up to 250 pages. If an author needs more space, he/she
should contact the general editor at

Q. How much time do I get in order to write a Monograph?

A. As a general rule, the Author receives one year to write his/her Monograph. This period
could be extended for a maximum of 6 months in exceptional and justified cases.

Q. What happens if I am not able to respect the deadline?

A. First of all, inform us and propose a new reasonable deadline.
The editors will send you several reminders.
1. As a general rule, after 4 unanswered reminders, the editors will look for a new
author. Exceptions will be made on a case-by-case basis, with the agreement of the
relevant editor.
2. A first reminder will be sent about 3 months before the monograph’s deadline.
If you are no longer able to write the monograph, tell us and, if possible, suggest someone
who can take over.

Q. Is there a model monograph that I can use as a reference?

A. Yes, there is. Each IEL has a model monograph available at

Q. When I am supposed to update my monograph?

A. You should update your monograph when it is necessary and at least every four years.
You should only update the relevant chapters.

Q. Should I add an Index at the end of the monograph?

A. Yes, you should. A good Index is an added value to the monograph. The index should
make reference to the paragraph numbers.
Q. Should I add my picture and my cv when I send the monograph?

A. Yes, you should. The picture may be a digital version in jpg, tif or gif format. The CV
should be written in 3rd person singular.

Q. To whom should I send the complete documentation (cv, picture, text, index)
related to the monograph?

A. Please send everything to Mr. Joeri Lauwers at

Q. How long does it take to have my monograph published?

A. After the final ok from the Editor, it takes about 4 months to complete the Monograph’s

Q. How many copies of my Monograph do I receive?

A. You will receive 10 copies of your Monograph and an author’s discount for additional

Q. Do I receive a username and a password to access the “Authors reserved Area”
on ?

A. Yes, you do! In the “Authors Reserved Area” you will find the IEL Authors Directory and
any other relevant information


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