Meeting Effectiveness Survey Process by u0m9yC


									                 Meeting Effectiveness Survey Process
                                  Team Yala! Ptolemy

Table 1: Meeting Effectiveness Survey Script

Name                 Script
Purpose              To enhance team meetings, reduce meeting time, improve efficiency,
                     identify problematic trends, provide opportunity to improve.
Summary              A process for evaluating the effectiveness of meetings.
Work Products        Inputs:
                     Meeting agenda, meeting minutes documents.

                     Analysis survey document, suggested improvement to meeting
                     process and meeting effectiveness survey
Entry Criteria       The following criteria should be met before the process begins.
                        -   Meeting was completed
                        -   Meeting minutes document was produced.
Base Course of       1. The team lead will send a reminder to the team members to
                        complete the meeting effectiveness survey providing the
                        meeting name and date.
                     2. Each team member will access the survey in sharepoint and
                        complete at least all the mandatory questions and submit the
                     3. At the end of each iteration, the quality manager will gather the
                        data from all the survey and analyze them.
                     4. The quality manager will produce a document of the survey
                        results that includes the survey index (a weight given to each
                        question and answer in the survey) to which the survey will be
                        evaluated against and share it with the team members.
                     5. At the re-planning meeting, the quality manager will share the
                        results and briefly highlight the outcome of the survey.
                     6. In case of the survey showing unsatisfactory results with respect
                Meeting Effectiveness Survey Process
                                Team Yala! Ptolemy
                       to the index, the team led by the process manager will discuss
                       how the meeting process can be improved.
                    7. The meeting process will be updated according to the
                       improvement suggested and agreed upon in the meeting.
                    8. The quality manager will lead a small discussion on any
                       improvements in the meeting effectiveness survey and will
                       document and update the survey accordingly.
Alternative Paths      None
Exit Criteria       The script ends when the meeting effectiveness survey is discussed
                    and improvements are made to both the meeting process and
                    meeting survey are made as needed.

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