Unit Guide-Ancient Israelites

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					                         Unit Guide-Ancient Israelites
Lesson Focus:
I. Geography of Canaan
II. Early Hebrews
    A. Abraham
    B. Moses and the Exodus
III. Rise and Fall of the Kingdom of Israel
IV. Jewish beliefs and texts
V. Maintaining Jewish beliefs through the centuries

Enduring Understandings:
1. Religious beliefs affect the daily lives of people.
2. Conflict arises over land and religious beliefs.
3. One person can change a society.

Essential Questions:
1. What are the basic beliefs of Judaism?
2. Why did conflict arise over control of Canaan?
3. How did the early Israelite leaders affect the lives and history of the Jewish

Canaan-Homeland of Hebrews, located northeast of Egypt and west of

Judaism-the religion of the Hebrews

monotheism-belief in one god

covenant-special agreement binding the Israelites to God
Exodus- the journey of the Hebrews out of Egypt

Ten Commandments-a code of moral laws

Passover – holiday remembering the Exodus

High Holy Days – the two most sacred of all Jewish holy days – Yom Kippur,
Rosh Hashanah

Torah-the most sacred text of Judaism, contains the basic laws of Judaism
and traces the history of the Israelites through 1200 BCE.

Talmud-set of commentaries (which explain laws that are hard to understand)
and lessons for everyday life. Created between AD 200 and AD 600.
Seder-meal eaten by Jews during Passover

prophet-people who are said to receive messages from God to be taught to

menorah-branched candlestick holder located in the front of a synagogue,
symbolizes spiritual light and guidance in the Jewish faith

diaspora-scattering of Jews outside of Israel and Judah

rabbi-religious teachers and leaders

synagogue-Jewish house of worship

Zealots-the most rebellious group of Jews in ancient Judea

Abraham-founder of monotheism
Moses-leader of the Exodus

David–Israelite king – defeated the Philistines, united the Israelites,
established the capital of Israel in Jerusalem.

Solomon–Israelite king – built the great temple in Jerusalem

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