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					Creative                                     Literacy, Language & Communication          Knowledge & Understanding of the
 use a range of water based art              learn weather related rhymes, chants      World
   techniques                                    and poems                                collect umbrellas and break up to
 look at other paintings by Renoir           write a diary entry as a character from     examine parts and materials
 compare and contrast with other                the painting                             test the efficiency of using a range of
   paintings of umbrellas by other artists    create mood umbrellas – poems,              materials to make umbrellas
 design and make an umbrella                    stories, illustrations                   learn French vocabulary for types of
 reproduce the painting using a range        make a multilingual weather/umbrella        weather
   of materials and techniques                   word book (English /French)              look at hoops and other toys children
 creating and photographing a tableau        make a collection of words for              played with in the past
   of the picture – digital portraits            umbrellas, e.g. brolly, parasol, etc.    look at past fashions – clothes a shoes
 experiment with using a variety of          hot seating and written                    learn the history of the umbrella and
   materials to make umbrellas                   characterizations from painting           how it’s use has developed
                                                                                          Where does rain come from? – the
Personal, Social and Emotional                                                             weather cycle
 work cooperatively with a partner or as     Regent’s Park Learning Journey              Where does rain go?
   part of a group                                                                        Learn the “Umbrella Man’ song
 learn about our moods and emotions
   and how to control them
                                             Les Parapluies                               make cocktail smoothies with cocktail
                                                        Autumn Term 1
Global / Citizenship
 use Google Earth to find Paris and
   locations in Paris where the painting     Mathematical                                                Home Learning
   might be set                               record and present weather data in a         monitor the weather at the weekend
 explore extremes of weather in the           variety of ways, including the use of        visit local library and find books about
   world, e.g. effects of flooding             ICT                                           Renoir
                                              use the octagonal element of                 gather information about Paris
Physical                                       umbrellas (8 panels) to make                 collect weather forecasts from
 learn a dance to Rihanna singing             tessellating shape pictures                   newspapers
  “Umbrella’                                  make rain catchers to monitor the            watch the weather forecast on
 experiment with making movements to          weather                                       television
  represent different types of rainfall
 learn a rain dance

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