Business Economics Syllabus

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					Business Economics Syllabus
Ms. Soseh Sardarian
Room 207

Course Description:
This course is organized into chapters and lessons according to key concepts. The work
will be given through:
      1. In-class assignments: You will be asked to solve problems referring to the
          ideas and strategies discussed in the lesson.
      2. Homework: You will be asked to define terms, calculate problems and explain
          scenarios relating to the lesson discussed in class.
      3. Projects: You will be asked to write papers ranging between 1-3 pages, where
          you need to research a series of ideas and topics discussed in the text and
          lecture, and apply it to a real-life scenario of your choice.
      4. Quizzes: Weekly quizzes are given to evaluate your progress and understanding
          of the lesson and the skills needed to solve the problems in the chapter.
      5. Exams: Monthly exams are given to evaluate the understanding of the
          information from the chapter, and the higher level thinking needed to solve real-
          life scenarios associated with that unit.

All the in-class assignments are collected, graded, and returned to you the following day.
Homework is given everyday. All In-class assignments and homework assignments are
graded on a 10-point scale.

Grading Policy:
Homework and class-work will be assigned everyday and will be due at the beginning of
the class period the next day. The very last chance to turn in your homework will be by
Friday each week. Late assignments will automatically lose 50% of the total grade.
The student will receive a grade of “0” if he/she does not turn the homework assignment.
Turning homework after an absence is allowed; the student will receive two days after
returning to complete and return the assignment without penalty. For long absences a
sufficient time will be given based on the circumstances.

Each quarter’s grade will be determined as follows:
       Tests                                 30%
       Quizzes                               20%
       Homework                              20%
       Classwork                             10%
       Projects                              15%
       Notebook/ Participation               5%
Course Outline and Key Assignments:

I. Gross Pay
     Calculating Hourly Pay and Salary
     Finding Average Pay
     Regular and Overtime Pay
     Calculating Commission
     Other Wage Plans

Key Assignment/Quarter Project:
    Starting a small business: Develop a business plan template formatted as a
      professional document on a business of your choice. Members of a team will be
      assigned to develop the mission of the business. Students must write an 3 page
      summary for their projected business plan, including graphs and data charts
      displaying information involved in creating their business objectives.

II.Net Pay
     Deductions from Gross Pay
     Benefits and Job Expenses
     Federal Income Taxes
     State and City Income Taxes
     Cash Receipts and Payments Records
     Budgets

Key Assignment/Quarter Project:
    Analyze celebrities’ salaries with policemen’s’ salaries in a 3 page paper in terms
      of risk-taking behavior. Include at least three celebrities’ salaries and three
      different region’s policemen. The paper should include a chart clearly indicating
      their salary comparisons.

III. Banking Services
     Checking Accounts
     Electronic Banking
     Online Banking
     Check Register Reconciliation
     Other Reconciliation Problems
     Savings Accounts
     Money Market and CD Accounts

Key Assignment:
    Describe the basic economics available for each individual, business and society.
      Make references to various types of accounts members of society utilize, and the
      reason why they choose between bank accounts and other financial entities.
IV. Loans and Credit Cards
     Promissory Notes
     Discounted Promissory Notes
     Interest Tables
     Installment Loans
     Early Loan Repayments
     Annual Percentage Rates
     Credit Card Costs
     Credit Card Finance Charges

Key Assignment:
    Compare the APR of ten credit cards and determine which credit cards’ members
      appear to be better or worse off: use Internet resources for information on Annual
      Percentage Rates: Complete an evidence report that’s 3 pages long.

V. Wise Spending
    Sales Tax
    Sales Receipts
    Unit Prices
    Comparative Shopping
    Personal Internet Access

Key Assignment:

      Discuss three ways business affects your life. Include calculations and theories
       you have build and learned about, in a 5 page paper.

VI. Own a Home or Car
     Borrowing to Buy a Home
     Renting or Owning a Home
     Property Taxes
     Property Insurance
     Buying a Car
     Depreciating a Car
     Car Insurance
     Car Purchases and Leases

Key Assignment:
    Select an industry in the U.S. and research and analyze the history up to present
      day: identify business practices, legal problems, employee issues, e.g. labor
      disputes, strikes, discrimination, environmental issues, outsourcing, and overseas
      competition. 3 page paper.
VII. Insurance
     Life Insurance
     Health Insurance
     Disability Insurance
     Buying Bonds
     Bond Interest
     Stocks
     Mutual Funds
     Real Estate
     Retirement Investments

Key Assignments:
    What groups benefit the most from people being unemployed? How do they
    Analyze the research data to ascertain reasons given by federal, state, and local
      government for changes in the tax assessment and use of tax revenue. Complete
      an evidence chart with change in tax, evidence presented by government agencies
      for change, and expenditure of tax revenue. Prepare a multimedia presentation
      incorporating results from analysis of research data.

VIII. Investments
     Business Data Analysis
     Probability
     Bar and Line Graphs
     Circle and Rectangle Graphs
     Economic Statistics
     Business Technologies
     Computer Hardware and Storage

Key Assignments:

       List all the people who might be interested in your business plan and how they
        can help you be successful.
        Research the question, “Does technology increase the profitability of small
        business?” Use a variety of media, e.g. Internet, business magazines, newspaper.
        Write an expository essay on the role of technology in small business.