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									Catherine Corrie has worked with children of all ages: as playgroup leader for the
under-fives; as a teacher and senior manager in primary and middle schools; and as
a youth worker with adolescents. She has also worked as a tutor for a teacher
training college and as a support teacher for travellers.

In addition to this experience and that gained as a mother and grandmother, she
draws on her background in Counselling; NLP and Personal Development Coaching;
and training in Accelerated Learning, Anger Management, Emotional Intelligence and
Spiritual Development.

She is the author of “Becoming Emotionally Intelligent” and she delivers a variety of
training, both nationally and internationally, most recently in the USA, Dubai and
Holland, under the umbrella title of ‘Developing an Emotionally Intelligent School.’
Over the past nine years Catherine’s courses have inspired and enlightened
hundreds of people who work with, or live with children.

Catherine offers courses for: Head teachers, senior managers, teachers, trainee
teachers, NQTs, support staff, lunchtime supervisors, parents, youth workers, care
workers and any other interested parties. She has worked with staff from early years
to high school and special needs.
Courses range from one-day’ tasters’-- to the six-day lead learner courses, for those
who wish to lead this area in school
Courses focus on the key areas relevant to the LEA or individual schools, such as:
     Preparing for change, where schools are amalgamating or closing.
     Preparing staff for Primary strategy for Emotional Literacy.
     Becoming an Emotionally Intelligent school – which takes schools from the
        point they are now and looks at where they want to be and how to get there.
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A few of the many comments written by participants on the courses:
Two parents
I have really enjoyed these two days as it has made me            I found this course very interesting, learning things about
think about my life and the direction it has been heading in      myself which I can improve in the future, also seeing
– i.e. ‘downhill’, and how I can do something positive            things from a child’s point of view, what they are thinking,
about It for myself and my child. And that my child is just       why they say certain things, and why we should give them
that, a child, and I don’t want to crush his joy or freewill as   that loving, caring atmosphere in every environment.
mine had been. Thank you very much                                Thank you.

Two teachers
I have been quite cruel in the past and I have vowed not to       Wow what a meaningful course! I am tingling as I reflect
be. I will find something nice about every kid I meet from        upon it’s impact. It has reconfirmed the basics i.e. that
now on.                                                           children need to know that we love them and that the most
I have a better relationship with my boyfriend and my             important thing is to provide opportunities for them to
family because of this course.                                    grow in self esteem, resilience and joie de vivre.
I looked into the void that is me and I didn’t die. It wasn’t     The 6 days have provided a powerful model to
anywhere near as bad as I thought it would be.                    demonstrate the efficacy of Emotional Intelligence. I can’t
The most powerful thing you said for me professionally            believe how I had become caught up in the system and not
was that to disapprove of children is enough, you don’t           prioritised EI as much as I should have done. I now have
have to crush them.                                               the resolve, motivation and disposition to move this model
My child crushing days are over.                                  forward and to encourage colleagues who have been
I have learned that I am a rescuer and I’m not sure I will        indifferent towards our Investment in the Intensive
ever quit but at least I’ll stop moaning about it.                training. An inspirational and empowering course.
If I want to change something I’ll change it, if not I’ll shut
up about it. Thank you for changing my life.

                                                                                                       Catherine Corrie

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