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        Reboot at the Beach
         GIAA Conference on Oct. 21 – 23 at Sea Palms Golf Resort on St. Simons Island, GA

Table of Contents                                                                                Accu-Auto will host its 2010
                                                                                             Users Boot Camp on Friday
REBOOT AT THE BEACH .................. 1                                                     afternoon, Oct. 22nd. Accu-Auto is
                                                                                             inviting all of its Users to attend
GET RICH IN YOUR NICHE (3 HOURS                                                              their 3 hour Boot Camp for free.
P&C CE) ....................................... 2                                            GA agents can earn 3 hours CE.
PROVE IT! UNLEASHED! (3 HOURS                                                                    Eddie Emmett & Duke Williams
ETHICS CE) ................................... 4                                             will host an “Ethical Internet
ACCU-AUTO AGENCY AUTOMATION                                                                  Marketing for Insurance Agencies”
USER CONFERENCE (3 HOURS CE) . 6                                                             CE seminar on Saturday morning,
                                                        Meet Senator Ralph Hudgens,
                                                                                             Oct. 23rd. Unitrin Specialty is
AN UNFAIR ADVANTAGE ................. 8              Republican candidate for GA
                                                                                             inviting all of its GA producers to
                                                     Insurance Commissioner, at GIAA
ETHICAL INTERNET MARKETING FOR                                                               attend for free and earn 3 hours
INSURANCE AGENCIES.................... 8                                                     CE.
                                                        Earn up to 15 hours CE                   Contact your Marketing Rep at
CONFERENCE 2010 ...................... 12                GIAA is bringing many of the        those companies to get the free
                                                     “Insurance Expo 2010” CE Boot           attendee registration code for their
ASK EDDIE ................................... 14     Camps to South Georgia!                 CE seminar.
INTERNET LEAD CALL SCRIPT ....... 19                     Insurance House will present            Then use it when you register
                                                     its high-energy “Get Rich in Your       at
                                                     Niche!” workshop on Thursday            50% off Attendee Registrations
                                                     morning, Oct. 21st. Insurance
                                                     House is inviting all of its GA            Some of our companies are
                                                     agents to attend their 3 hour CE        sponsoring discount codes that
                                                     seminar for free.                       knock 50% Attendee Registrations.
                                                         Infinity Insurance will present        That’s right! You can attend
Ready for a “Working Vacation?
                                                     its nationally-renowned “Prove It!      GIAA Conference; earn 15 hours
    GIAA Conference 2010                             Unleashed!” CE seminar on               CE plus 2 breakfasts, 1 luncheon,
                                                     Thursday afternoon, Oct. 21st.          2 Trade Fairs and 2 “Tiki Bar”
            Up to 15 hrs CE                          Infinity Insurance is inviting all of   Happy Hours for only $50.00 if you
             Free Trade Fair                         its GA agents to attend their 3 hour    use the special discount codes.
                                                     CE seminar for free.                      Contact your favorite Company
 October 21 - 23 at Sea Palms
Resort on St. Simons Island, GA                          Agency Advantage will host its      Marketing Rep to see if their
                                                     2010 Users Conference on Friday         company is sponsoring the special
          Rooms only $89.00                          morning, Oct. 22nd. Agency              50% off discount code.
            Golf only $59.00                         Advantage is inviting all of its            Complete info and Sea Palms’
                                                     clients to attend this 3 hour “Power    special $89.00 room reservation                           Users” for free. GA agents can          link at
                                                     earn 3 hours CE.
                     FYI EXPRESS                                   Page 1                            October, 2010
                      T XS R IE
                       A  E VC S

 l sa tx eun ae
 m   l
A ot l a rtrs r
 rp rd y o o e
pe ae b sme n
js l e o .
uti yu

 o ’e o w a itkso e o r l ns nua c a d a a v o.n e s cs
Y uv gt h ttae t b yu c e t isrne n tx di rI rae utme lyl a d
                         i ’                s   c           t
                                                       o roa y n
 ul t ne rl o sis y rv n h m i at n f d be eu d pi s h t h y
   d r       t           d        h         o           o
b i s o gr eainhp b poiigte wt fs a dafra l rfn o t n ta te
 e d Y u cso r ae l a y ui timuhn e e ev e w y o f
                   r       n                c         o o?
n e . o r utmes r a e d b y g hs c-e d dsri ; h n t rm yu

 o a e eae r no n h i t u r ta vr eoe a t o ot o o !n rs
                         r    e              l             s
Y ucngn rt moeicmei tefs q atr h nee b fr, la n cs t yu I Tut
 a Srcs rv e yu aec wt h to o ne t cm ee i ai wd r ci s
     i    d           h    s              h o e a s
Tx ev e poi s or gny i te olyu ed o o pt wt nt n i f nh e.

 re ri n
     n g upr    re ot r & e-
Fe Ta i &Sp ot Fe Sf ae St p
                           u                  re akt g ol
                                             Fe M rei T os

 al o a .
C lT d y                  w . onTut m/ nol
                         w w G Isrs.o e rl
 .6 .6 .4 0
18 66 72 1                             rei @ ont t m
                                          n      u c
                                     mak t g g isrs.o
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RSThomas Training Associates, Inc.
   Let us help you prepare for an exciting career in
the Insurance and Financial Services Industry, as we
have for thousands of others for 26 years in Georgia,
Alabama and across the nation.                          

   We prepare you to pass the Insurance Agents Exam               Get Rich in Your Niche (3 hours P&C CE)
for Property & Casualty as well as Life, Accident and             Thursday morning at GIAA Conference 2010
Sickness, Claims Adjusters, Excess Surplus Lines
Broker, Georgia P&C Counselor, and the Limited Sub                Diversify or Die 
Agent Qualification
                                                                  In my crystal ball I foresee auto-only agencies
  We Offer the 20/40 Hour Pre-Licensing Classroom              continuing to lose marketshare. You must “Diversify or
and Online School for                                          Die” by adding other insurance & non-insurance
                                                               products to your agency’s portfolio.
       Property & Casualty Agents/Claims Adjusters
                                                                  Auto-only is easy when you have comparative raters
       Life, Accident and Sickness Agent
                                                               and real-time companies to do the work we used to do
       20 Hour Limited Sub-Agent                               manually back in the good old days.
       Excess Surplus Lines Broker                                What you may not know is how easy our other-than-
                                                               auto insurance companies have made the quoting
       Georgia P&C Counselor Exam                              process.
       8 Hour Variable Products                                    I suspect the main reason your agency is not
       8 Hour Long Term Care Partnership                       effectively offering other insurance products is because
                                                               no one has taken the time to teach you the whole
       Series 6 & 63                                           process. GIAA conference 2010 Commandos will have
       Continuing Education                                    no such fear.
     (Training Materials Also Available In Spanish)                At GIAA Conference 2010 you have at least two
                                                               chances to learn how to effectively market Commercial
            Class Schedule                                     Lines. Insurance House wants you to discover the
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                   ATLANTA SITE                                “niches”.

  Weekday: P&C / LAS Oct 11-15 & Oct 25-29                        You’ll learn how to specifically target niches such as
                                                               Commercial Vacant Property, Commercial Auto (Auto
  Weekday: P&C / LAS Nov 8-12 & Nov 29 - Dec 3                 Haulers, Towing Risks), Restaurants (with Liquor
           Weekend Classes for 2 Weekends                      Exposure), Personal High Value Homes and Vacant
  Weekend: P&C / LAS Oct 8-10 + 16-17
                                                                 Want to see just how easy it is to do “niche”
  Weekend: P&C / LAS Nov 10-12 + 18-19                         marketing?
           EXCESS SURPLUS LINES BROKER                             Type “Vacant Property in Your City, State” in your
                                                               Internet browser and see what comes up.
                 OCT 19-20, NOV 16-17
                                                                 That could have been your agency if you properly
       VARIABLE PRODUCT: 8 HOUR CLASSES                        marketed this niche.
                 OCT 15, NOV 12, DEC 17                          Insurance House will show you how to “Get Rich in
                       SERIES 6 / 63                           Your Niche” at GIAA Conference 2010.
            OCT 16-17, NOV 13-14, DEC 18-19                        Insurance House will present its high-energy “Get
                                                               Rich in Your Niche!” workshop on Thursday morning,
                                                               Oct. 21st. Insurance House is inviting all of its GA agents
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              FYI EXPRESS                             Page 2                                  October, 2010
Join us at the 2010 GIAA Conference
and attend our CE Class for free!
Insurance House is proud to be participating in
the 2010 GIAA Conference!
Please join us at our CE Class on October 21st at 9:00AM to learn “How
to Get Rich in Your Niche” The class is FREE for Insurance House agents!

Our seminar will include:
•	How to utilize market research to diversify your product portfolio!
•	Review and Reinforcement of key low cost advertising ideas!
•	The importance of Search Engine Optimization!
•	Essential tips for getting higher ranking in search engine listings!

Please go to and use discount code InsuranceHouse
(one word) to attend our CE class for free. You can also attend the rest of the
seminars for a 50% discount off the attendee registration fees by using discount
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Register for the GIAA Conference Today! Please contact
Butch Hayes at 770.952.0080 for more information.
Exceptional products for a better experience.
That’s Insurance House.
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                                                                         Referrals, and a 7 point plan to work them
                                                                         Optimized email campaigns to connect you with
                                                                      customers and prospects

                                                                         Valuable insight into your marketing investments
                                                                      with a break-even calculation template                                        Easy campaign analysis tools including a cost per
                                                                      lead calculation template
   Prove It! Unleashed! (3 hours Ethics CE)
   Thursday afternoon at GIAA Conference 2010                            Insight and guidance into community marketing
    Tom Freeland of Infinity Insurance presents the latest
in their series of seminars aimed at “Investing in Your                  Targeted growth opportunities through business to
Success”. It is Tom’s privilege to Unleash a Proven                   business marketing
Process that can guide you step-by-step in your quest to
compete more effectively. It’s a challenging “dog eat                     Infinity Insurance will present its nationally-
dog” market! Don’t you wish you could snap your fingers               renowned “Prove It! Unleashed!” CE seminar on
and make the economy instantly better for you and the                 Thursday afternoon, Oct. 21st. Infinity Insurance is
consumers you serve?                                                  inviting all of its GA agents to attend their 3 hour CE
                                                                      seminar for free.
   Wouldn’t it be nice to put a “choke collar” on the
Direct Writers and reign in their clever mascots?                        Contact your Infinity Insurance Marketing Rep to
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   Arm yourself with:                                                 seminar.

   Phone scripts that build relationships during the                      Then     use     it    when   you     register   at
quote process                                               

               FYI EXPRESS                                   Page 4                                 October, 2010
• We are specialists in insurance agents
  professional liability/E&O
• All E&O policies are not the same. Let us
  explain the differences.
• There is no one E&O insurance carrier that
  meets every agency’s needs. Are you an
  experienced personal lines agency? A
  start up agency? Have you had E&O
  claims? Do you sell high hazard
  insurance? Let us find the carrier that
  meets your needs.
• We will estimate using any carriers completed
• We will respond quickly
• Carriers all enjoy A.M.Best ratings of
• Limits up to $5,000,000. Excess policies
  if needed
• Our volume of business and expertise in
  E&O allows us to offer superior service.
  We understand your responsibilities and
  can meet your insurance needs quickly and

       AGENCY, INC.
              Robert Hansen, CPCU
               Executive Vice President
     3950 Cobb Pkwy, Suite 707, Acworth,GA 30101

         Tel 770-974-5502
              Fax 770-974-5359
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                                                                                                   “Power User” Chris Beeler of
                                                                                               Beeler Insurance in Cedartown
                                                                                               will be on hand to show y’all
                                                                                               how he has grown his agencies
                                                                                               using Agency Advantage.
                                                                                                   Topics to be discussed:
                                                                                                    Five ways to               save
                                                                                               Documents & Images
                                                                                                        Import Online Raters
                                                                                                   Two of our rating partners,
                                                                                               AccuAuto and ITC,          have
                                                                                               introduced web based rating
                                                                                               programs.       The      Agency
                                                                                               Advantage has added quote
                                                                                               import capability for these two
                                                                                               online rating systems.
                                                                                                      How to use the
                                                                                               Reports – For example, the
                                                                                               Renewal Premium Analysis
                                                                                               Report   lists  polices with
                                                                                               premium increases.
                                                                                                        Enhanced Web Merge
                                                                                               with more direct access to
                                                                                               specific pages on company web
                                                                                               sites    and     unique    login
                                                                                               credentials for each user.
                                                                                                     Improved                  Email
                                                                                               Address Book
                                                                                                        Emails Marketing
                                                                                               The      email  function    now
                                                                                               provides the ability to email to
                                                                                               multiple     addresses     from
                                                                                               different areas of the program
                                                                                               such      as   CSRs/Producers,
                                                                                               customers, companies or third
                                                                                                      How to Use the
                                                                                 Improved X-Date and Note Entry
                                                                        Agency Advantage will host its 2010 Users                                    Conference on Friday morning, Oct. 22nd. Agency
                                                                     Advantage is inviting all of its clients to attend this 3 hour
                                                                     “Power Users” for free. GA agents can earn 3 hours CE.
   Friday morning at GIAA Conference                                    Contact your Agency Advantage Marketing Rep to
    Agency Advantage User Conference will roll out its               get the free attendee registration code for their CE
latest innovations and reveal new programs that fit every            seminar.
agency’s budget and agency management needs.                             Then     use     it    when       you      register      at
  The theme of this year’s User Conference is              
“Managing Your Agency for Maximum Profit”.                              Non-users are welcome to attend and learn how the
  Come learn the “Tips ‘n Tricks” from fellow Agency                 Agency Advantage can help you “Manage Your Agency
Advantage Users.                                                     for Maximum Profit!”

               FYI EXPRESS                                  Page 5                                    October, 2010
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                                                                         You will be amazed at how much business you are
                                                                     losing because you are not quoting correctly.
   Agency Automation                                                     And you get to see first hand the brand-new complete
                                                                     web-based solution for your agency: a fully integrated
                                    rating and management software created specifically for
    Accu-Auto Agency Automation User Conference                      Accu-Auto Users.
                  (3 hours CE)                                          Accu-Auto will be showing off their brand-new “24 / 7
   Friday afternoon at GIAA Conference 2010                          Quote Generator” at GIAA Conference 2010. You are
                                                                     notified instantly whenever a visitor to your website
   Attendees to Accu-Auto Agency Automation User                     quotes themselves.
Conference will learn how to give the “Ultimate Quote”
and generate reports that pinpoint exactly how & where                  Accu-Auto will host its 2010 Users Boot Camp on
your CSRs are quoting, how to track their Closing Ratios             Friday afternoon, Oct. 22nd. Accu-Auto is inviting all of its
and how to follow up on the Undecided.                               Users to attend their 3 hour Boot Camp for free. GA
                                                                     agents can earn 3 hours CE.
   You can even contact the folks to whom you gave a
quote at any time in the past to see if they are ready to               Contact your Accu-Auto Marketing Rep to get the
transfer to your agency. I call it “Guerilla Marketing”.             free attendee registration code for their CE seminar.

   Tips ‘n Tweaks                                                        Then     use     it    when      you      register    at
   Accu-Auto will demonstrate the best ways to “seal the
deal” with additional discounts.                                       You can also get a special discount code that knocks
                                                                     50% off “All Events” Attendee registration.

     Take Online Card and E-Check Payments
                   For Free!
    Your Customers want to pay online anytime. When they pay at your carrier's site you lose the
ability to stay in front of them, build an email list and cross sell.
  Our service lets you take online payments, send electronic invoices with a link to pay online, take
card payments over the phone and take card payments in your office All at no cost to you.
   As more of your customers pay online and with credit and debit cards, we give you the tools to
provide the service they expect.

                             To get started call Calvin or Strickland at 800-768-0907

               FYI EXPRESS                                  Page 6                                   October, 2010
access from anywhere      Your integrated rating,
                          agency management, and
                          online document storage
                          system is just a mouse-click
                          away. Wherever you have
                          internet access, you can:

                          ¡ personal auto quickly
                          and accurately.
                          manage multiple lines of
                          securely store photos,
                          scans, and documents.
                          ¡ receipts, ACORD
                          forms, detailed reports.
                          email documents to
ü Rating
Comparative               companies or clients
Agency Management         keep
                          ¡ notes and set
Online Document Storage   manage everything with

24/7 Consumer Rating      easy-to-use Dashboard.
  and Website Services

                          Celebrating 25 years in
                          business! No up-front fees,
                          no contracts, affordable
                          pricing, and the best
   1-800-229-2009         customer service around!        Call now for a FREE TRIAL!
         More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

      An Unfair Advantage                                                     The Invisible Agency
                     (3 hours Ethics CE)                                We help fix "Ugly" Insurance Agency Websites!
   Ethical Internet Marketing for Insurance Agencies                    GIAA members can learn how to find their niches,
   Saturday morning at GIAA Conference                                  optimize, promote and maintain a FREE Insurance
                                                                        Agency Website in less than an hour.
    Eddie Emmett & Duke Williams will host an “Ethical
                                                                        "How To" Links & Booklets in the Members Only section
Internet Marketing for Insurance Agencies” CE seminar                   at
on Saturday morning, Oct. 23rd. Unitrin Specialty is
inviting all of its GA producers to attend for free and earn            New: I just added more to GIAA Members Only Section
3 hours CE.                                                             GIAA Members can check out this free software to make your
   Contact your Unitrin Specialty Marketing Rep to get                  agency more visible to prospective customers:
the free attendee registration code for their CE seminar.               Domain Name Creator (Search available domains and
                                                                        suggested domains for your agency's niche websites)
    Then     use     it    when      you     register    at                                            Website Grader (See just how good are you & your
                                                                        competitor's websites)
  After all, GIAA Membership Does Have Its Unfair
Advantages!                                                             Who’s Surfing? (Check out the demographics attracted to
                                                                        you and your competitors' websites)

                FYI EXPRESS                                    Page 8                                   October, 2010
“, n. changing into a
  new and better form.”
 We are pleased to introduce eVo, an all new agency management
 system that we can all understand, use, and afford.
 Combining the best of the old with today’s most innovative
 trends, eVo provides your agency with not only the traditional tools
 that have come to be expected — forms, download, T-Filing,
 full General Ledger — but also the most modern of innovations —
 Outlook style calendaring, integrated e-mail, robust document
 management, and real time company integration.
 Every piece of information, every scrap of paper — your
 total client and policy information base — are now only
 a mouse click away.
 Built on the most modern technologies, eVo is perfect for
 the small office as well as a large agency with hundreds of
 users. All for $200 a month for the entire agency.
                                      —Ken Butler, Founder

                                                                                 Partial Feature List
                                                                                    • Diary • Notes • History
                                                                                       • Policy Download
                                                                                    • Contact Management
                                                                                 • Document Management
                                                                             • Full General Ledger System
                                                                        • Real Time Company Interface
                                                                   • Direct Bill Commissions Download
                                                                  • Searchable User Defined Fields
                                               • Word Processing/Mail Merge • E-Mail with Diary Integration
                                                  • Hot Links to other Systems • Calendaring/Scheduling
                                                        • Claims Management • Transactional Filing
                                                            • Rating Integration • Expiration List

                    For more information, please visit our web site at
                              or contact us directly at:
                      Evolution Agency Management, LLC
                          5696 Peachtree Parkway, Suite A, Norcross, Georgia 30092
                            678-992-2616 •
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   Heard on the Street                                                LOL
   Is this the start of a new trend?                                   A nice, calm and respectable lady went into the
                                                                   pharmacy, walked up to the pharmacist, looked straight
   Explorer Insurance Company knows how to exit a                  into his eyes, and said, "I would like to buy some
state. They gave 4 days notice to their agents that                cyanide."
commissions were being reduced to zero.
                                                                      The pharmacist asked, "Why in the world do you              need cyanide?"
                                                                      The lady replied, "I need it to poison my husband."
   Adios, SCIC
                                                                      The pharmacist's eyes got big and he explained,
   On September 22nd Wes Sivley resigned his position              "Lord have mercy! I can't give you cyanide to kill your
as President and COO of Southern Casualty                          husband, that's against the law? I'll lose my licence!
                                                                   They'll throw both of us in jail! All kinds of bad things will
   Ground Zero                                                     happen. Absolutely not! You CANNOT have any
    I'm appalled at my friends who are opposed to the              cyanide!"
Mosque near Ground Zero in New York City. To show                      The lady reached into her purse and pulled out a
tolerance we should let them built it. Then across the             picture of her husband in bed with the pharmacist's wife.
street we should put a topless bar called "You Mecca Me
Hot" next to that should be a gay bar "The Turban                     The pharmacist looked at the picture and replied,
Cowboy" & next door to the mosque should be a pork rib             "You didn't tell me you had a prescription."
restaurant "Iraq O'Ribs" and the "Allah You Can Eat
Buffet". Then we'll see how tolerant they are.
              FYI EXPRESS                                 Page 9                                    October, 2010
                               A.D. Banker of Atlanta
                                        Owner: Gary A Bobo
                                        Tel: (678) 838-6507

   A.D. Banker of Atlanta is pleased to provide this special CE credit offer to the subscribers of FYI.

If you purchase any additional course of 5 hours or more, we will give you the 3-hour Ethics course free!
 That’s 8 hours for $12.50. Keep in mind that this 3 hours counts for all credits so even if you have met
    your ethics requirement, this 3-hour course will be credited towards your 10-15 mandated hours.
  Ethics for the Insurance Professional (Online)

                       Surviving as an insurance producer is a challenge in these times of increasing
                       industry compliance requirements. This course leads students through difficult ethical
                       and compliance issues. There is a discussion of these issues at each stage of the
                       insurance transaction, including prospecting, recommending a policy to the client,
                       rebating and replacement, and self-disclosure.

                       Fundamental 3-hour Ethics course. Popular nationwide as the go-to-book to meet the
                       mandated State requirements. Fast and easy reading, yet informative.

  Regular Price: $7.50 - Free with purchase of any 5 hour or more course – call Gary Bobo for code

If you purchase the 15-hour Business Ethics course, we will give you a $5 discount. Any CE credit hours
                     you receive in 2010 can carry over to your 2011 requirement.
  Business Ethics (Online)

                       General Ethics common to all insurance agents. Satisfies both Life and Health
                       and Property and Casualty requirements. This is a full 15-hour course dedicated
                       to Ethics as it applies to the agent dealing with business owners. Course
                       concludes with a study of duties of agents to insurers and the ethics of our
                       corporate culture today.

                       The 15 hours includes the mandated 3 hours of ethics as well as additional
                       information providing the balance of 12 hours. Hardcopy book is available.

  Regular Price: $25 - $20 with FYI special promo code – call Gary Bobo at (678) 838-6507

Note: The Georgia Department of Insurance allows a student to repeat any ethics course every year!
        More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                   For years, the Office of Insurance Commissioner has
                                                               been slow to address the concerns of citizens and
                                                               businesses, and a drag on the state’s economy. This is
                                                               not acceptable, and, if elected, I plan on improving the
                                                               way the office treats Georgia citizens and businesses. I
                                                                   ·Bring integrity back to the Insurance Commissioner’s
                                                               office. On day one, I will institute a department-wide gift
   A Watchdog as Our Next Insurance Commissioner.              ban, including meals, tickets to sporting events.
   "I am a wife and mother and protecting Georgia                  ·Make Georgia an Insurance Hub. Right now Georgia
families is my top priority.                                   is losing insurance companies to other states because of
    The Office of Insurance Commissioner affects the           our high premium tax, the second highest in the nation.
lives and businesses of all Georgians by regulating            By lowering the premium tax, we can bring in new
insurance, fire safety and small loan institutions.            business, increase competition, create new jobs and
                                                               expand opportunity in the state.
   As a young woman, I enlisted in our Armed Forces. I
worked hard, became an officer, and after 10 years of              ·Modernize the Insurance Department. The insurance
service was honorably discharged as a Captain in               industry is a very modern and technologically advanced
Nuclear, Biological and Chemical warfare.                      industry, and the Insurance Department should be as
                                                               well. I want to streamline many of the functions of the
   I served in both the Georgia House and the Georgia          office to better serve citizens and industry. This will save
Senate where I successfully fought for expanded health         money, save time, and make the office more efficient
benefits and for your right to quality, low-cost health        and responsive to changing business world.
care. I've been fighting for fair insurance practices most
of my life.                                                       I hope to earn your support, your prayers and your
                                                               vote on Tuesday, November 2nd."
   It's time Georgia families had their own watchdog for
Insurance Commissioner.                                            Mary Squires

               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 10                               October, 2010
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                          Ralph Hudgens Standing                     One of the most enjoyable aspects of my campaign
                              Up for Georgia                      has been travelling Georgia, meeting agents and visiting
                                                                  their agencies. Many of Georgia’s insurance agencies
                           My campaign has taken me               are family businesses sometimes a second or third
                       all over this state; I can tell you        generation business, dedicated to serving their
                       Georgia families are struggling            customers and their community. I have often wondered
                       and so is Georgia business,                how many little league team uniforms would not be
                       particularly       our        small        purchased or how many school programs would be
                       businesses. The nation and our             unfunded if it were not for local insurance agents and
                       state will rebound from these              their agencies giving back to the communities they
                       troubles, but I am not looking to          serve. I admire agent entrepreneurs, I have been
                       Washington for answers. Our                blessed to start and lead four small businesses. I know
                       hope for job creation is                   what it is like to put personal capital at risk, serve
homegrown. However, Georgia’s family businesses                   customers, make payroll and when all of the other
cannot grow and cannot add jobs without a strong                  commitments are honored, hopefully declare a profit.
insurance market. As a matter of fact, nothing of
economic significance can be built, manufactured, or                  I am confident that Georgia’s dedicated and
opened for business without insurance. The Office of              professional agents want to serve consumers and they
Insurance Commissioner plays a major role in                      also know the importance of identifying unethical agents,
encouraging a competitive insurance marketplace while             driving them out of the profession as soon as possible.
working to create a level playing field for both buyers           As Commissioner, I particularly look forward to working
and sellers.                                                      closely with agents, consumers and local law
                                                                  enforcement to fulfill my duty to investigate and
   Informed insurance consumers evaluating products,              prosecute insurance fraud. As you may recall, a few
who are free to choose policies that meet their needs,            years ago the legislature authorized the creation of a unit
keep both insured and agents working to provide better            within the Department of Insurance made up of certified
service and affordable products. As for agents, they are          law enforcement officers to investigate incidents of fraud.
the very backbone of the system of informing and                  The Special Fraud Unit, which is paid for by an
educating consumers. In the debate over Obama Care,               assessment of insurers, was even expanded to allow
I witnessed the fact that agents were often the voice             both financial and market conduct examiners to be paid
Georgians’ trusted most to provide them information on            for out of the fund. The money can even be used to
what was happening in Washington and the potential                assist local prosecutors in paying for expert witnesses to
impact. I suspect you agree with me that the debate on            help make a case of insurance fraud. There is no doubt
Obama Care made it clear, Democrats do not believe in             that local prosecutors are being asked to do more with
the power of marketplace, they view more government               less. With your help, we can remind the local District
as the answer to any question- it is that simple. I               Attorneys across Georgia that insurance fraud is not a
commend Governor Sonny Perdue in challenging the                  victimless crime. Lives are shattered and dreams are
constitutionality of the Obama Care scheme. You may               destroyed when we fail to aggressively pursue insurance
be interested to know that this past legislative session I        fraud.
sponsored, SB 411, which states that no Georgia citizen
can be forced to purchase a healthcare insurance                      As I write this article the Atlanta Braves are nearing
product nor can they be fined for the refusal to purchase         the playoffs and their hunt for the pennant reminded me
healthcare insurance.        The battle against an                of an appropriate analogy to describe my vision of the
expansionist federal government is far from over. I look          proper role of an effective Insurance Commissioner. A
forward to working alongside Governor Nathan Deal and             good Commissioner is like a home plate umpire calling
Attorney General Sam Olens to battle Obama Care and               balls and strikes and staying out of the players’ way so
the myriad of other schemes that will come out of                 they can give the fans in the stands their monies worth.
Washington in the next few years.                                 If the voters of Georgia honor me with the job of
                                                                  Insurance Commissioner they have my commitment to
    I mention the Obama Care issue as a case study in             serve as an umpire with integrity.
the power that agents have to educate and empower
insurance consumers. Good agents, most of them                        Meet Ralph Hudgens at GIAA Conference 2010
entrepreneurs and small business people, are partners                Richard Asprey & David Emmett are hosting a
in the greatest economic system on earth, the free                cocktail reception in support of Senator Hudgens’
enterprise system. Politicians like to cite statistics on the     campaign on Thursday, Oct. 21 at 5:30 p.m. at GIAA
importance of small business but I often question if they         Conference 2010. Bring your personal contributions
truly understand the vital role that small businesses like        payable to “Friends of Ralph Hudgens” and enjoy a few
insurance agencies play in job creation and a healthy             minutes of private conversation with Senator Hudgens.

                FYI EXPRESS                                 Page 12                              October, 2010

                     Thank you for your Business !!
                       We take Great Pride in the service we Provide.

                                        Our Priority is YOU.
                  Come see us at GIAA Conference 2010 – October 21 – 23 on St. Simons Island, GA
                                    Prize drawings for Aggressive Producers at Exhibit Booth

                     Our Average Hold Time is only 30 Seconds!
                                        Benefits of doing business with Aggressive

   •   Commission paid Twice Monthly - Direct Deposit to your account
   •   Down-Payments with Credit Card or E-Check
   •   Multiple payment options for customers including recurring EFT
   •   Roadside Assistance Coverage - 80% commission
   •   Web enabled Point-of-Sale and Policy Administration System
   •   Quote, Bind and Issue directly from our Live System
   •   Rates on AccuAuto - Bridge to our Live System for policy issue
   •   Real Time Agency Reporting
   •   Real Time Endorsements
   •   POS Endorsement Issuance
   •   Competitive Rating Structure
   •   Fast and Friendly Customer Service
   •   Reliable In-Office Claim Service
   •   KnightBrook Insurance Company - A- A.M. Best Rated Company
   •   Our commitment is to provide quality products with a State-of-The Art processing and claims service

Helpful Hints
Rewrite your policies up to 30 days with NO additional paperwork NO new signatures!!
You have 2 options once a policy is in cancellation status:

   •   Day 1-10 No Loss
   •   Day 1-30 you can elect to rewrite. Located in the "Status" tab of the Insured's policy you will find a "rewrite"
       button. At this time you can leave the policy as is or make any necessary changes.

       Janice Cantrell, CPIW                           H. David Emmett                           Jill Contarino
        Marketing Representative                  SouthEast Director of Operations            Marketing Representative
          Office: (972) 827-3651                       Office: (972) 827-3668                  Office: (972) 827-3651
          Cell:    (912) 398-5295                     Cell:   (770) 490-7861                   Cell:   (404) 625-4505   
        More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                                              Good morning,        Georgia
                                                                                            Agency Owner.
                                                                                               Glad to be of service.
                                                                                               50% is too much. Many
                                                                                            agency owners pay 25% and
                                                                                            deduct the appropriate taxes.
                                                                                                And even more are
                                                                                            thinking of hiring folks at
                                                                                            minimum wage with bonus
                                                                                            commission on sales.
                                                                                               Some agency owners try
                                                                                            to classify employees as
                                                                                            independent contractors.
                                                                                               IRS is checking folks who
                                                                                            go that path and penalizing
                                                                                            them big-time.
                                                                                               It will be tough to track the
                                                                                            production of a part-time
                                                                                               Who gets credit if a quote
                                                                                            is given but sold by another
                                                                                               BTW ... many agency
                                                                                            owners also deduct for
                                                                                               Their paycheck is 25% of
                                                                                            the net commissions from the
                                                                                            monthly company statement.
                                                                                                Plan to come to the GIAA
                                                                                            Convention at St. Simons
                                                                                            Island, GA on October 21 –
                                                                                                It is your best bet to
                                                                                            personally tap into GIAA’s
                                                                                            collective expertise under one
   Letters to the Editor                                           Complete info at
   Hi Eddie                                                        Best of luck to y'all,
    I am working with a new part-time producer in                  eke
establishing a workable commission schedule for new
business that she produces. She will be good and I’m
excited to have her. I don’t really have anyone locally to                           Ask Eddie
call on and I was hoping you could shed some light on             Contrary to the rumor I’ve been trying to spread, I
the subject. For example, do most agents pay a lot at          don’t have all the answers.
new business and less or none at renewal or less at new
business and more at the next renewal or two?                     But I do have the combined expertise of our
                                                               industry’s “Movers & Shakers” at my fingertips.
    She is suggesting 50% at new business and 30% at
first and second renewal and 50% on life.                          Feel free to send your questions to me at
                                                      and I’ll see what I can
   Can you help? ……….. Georgia Agency Owner                    find for you.
               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 14                               October, 2010
  T H E F R O N T- R U N N E R I N P E R S O N A L A U T O I N S U R A N C E I S


Are you ready to join the championship team?

Hundreds of Georgia agents have taken the green flag with us.          To learn more and apply for agent
Should you join them?                                                          appointment, visit
Since driving into Georgia in 2009, GAINSCO Auto Insurance has
established a strong presence in the Peach State. Our Georgia agent
partners say what they appreciate about GAINSCO is our competitive
product, ease of doing business, and commitment to long-term growth.
Established in 1978, GAINSCO offers:
    „ NO CREDIT SCORING                „ Competitive rates
    „ Non-U.S. licenses accepted       „ Low downpayments
    „ Bilingual customer service       „ Credit cards accepted
    „ SR-22s

Apply now for agent appointment at
         More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

   Did You Know?
    In Georgia, the use of a business name including any
of the following seven words requires a letter of approval
from the Office of Commissioner of Insurance.
   1. Insurance
   2. Surety                                                       Eddie,

   3. Fidelity                                                     Our local tag office will not overwrite suspensions
                                                               when a customer presents MV18J (with check-mark by
   4. Assurance                                                inoperable) unless it is accompanied by written
                                                               documentation proving that the vehicle is inoperable.
   5. Reinsurance
                                                               They want wrecker or mechanic bills. (I had a young lady
   6. Indemnity                                                in the office yesterday who had not been to the tag office
                                                               properly when her car broke down and she removed
   7. Reassurance
                                                               insurance in June. Her dad towed and parked the
   To request name approval, please submit a letter            vehicle in his yard - so there is no paper trail for the
providing the proposed name and the nature of the              vehicle being inoperable.)
                                                                  When the Carroll County Tag Office receives MV18J
    The fee for name approval is $50; check or money           form without documents, they are forwarding to Atlanta.
order must be made payable to Georgia Commissioner
                                                                 When a customer objects, they are told to call Andria
of Insurance.
                                                               Smith Callaway at 404-968-3800.
   A letter of approval will be issued by mail once name
                                                                   The folks in Atlanta have "hammered" our local tag
approval has been granted.
                                                               office for excessive overwrites of fines.
                                                                   Neil Weathington of Bryan Insurance
                 FYI EXPRESS                             Page 16                             October, 2010

                                    Insurance Company

      Become an Agency Partner Now!
 No Credit Scoring! Great Commissions!
• Low Down and                                          • Automated Phone
  Monthly Payments                                        and Postcard Payment
                                                          Reminders for
• Agent-Friendly                                          Retention
  Website for Policy
  Management and                                        • Earn Additional
  Agency Download                                         Commission with
  Available                                               Smart Choice Auto
                                                          Club Program and
• Superior Customer                                       Accidental Death
  Service and 24-Hour                                     Coverage
  Claims Service
                                                        • Free Agency Website
• Bridge to MaxRater                                      and Weblink to Write
  and Issue the                                           Business 24/7 365
  Policy, Print Dec                                       Days a Year!
  Pages, ID Cards and
  Application, All at
  Point of Sale

               Gary Ardoin       Contact
                                           Judy Alderson
          1-770-312-8628 (cell) or  or    1-877-810-9942
         1-877-858-4100 ext. 2100
                          To become a producer, visit
                                  and click on

        More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                                                I took my wife to a
                                                                                            restaurant. The waiter, for
                                                                                            some reason, took my order
                                                                                            first. "I'll have the rump steak,
                                                                                            rare, please." He said, "Aren't
                                                                                            you worried about the mad
                                                                                            cow?" "Nah, she can order for
                                                                                            herself." And that's when the
                                                                                            fight started.....
                                                                                                My wife and I were sitting
                                                                                            at a table at her high school
                                                                                            reunion, and she kept staring
                                                                                            at a drunken man swigging his
                                                                                            drink as he sat alone at a
                                                                                            nearby table. I asked her, "Do
                                                                                            you know him?" "Yes", she
                                                                                            sighed,     "He's     my     old
                                                                                            boyfriend.... I understand he
                                                                                            took to drinking right after we
                                                                                            split up those many years
                                                                                            ago, and I hear he hasn't
                                                                                            been sober since." "My God!"
                                                                                            I said, "Who would think a
                                                                                            person      could      go    on
                                                                                            celebrating that long?" And
                                                                                            then the fight started...
                                                                                                  When our lawn mower
                                                                                              broke and wouldn't run, my
                                                                                              wife kept hinting to me
                                                                                              that I should get it fixed. But,
                                                                                              somehow I always had
                                                                                              something else to take care of
                                                                                              first, the shed, the boat,
                                                                                              making       beer..      Always
                                                                                              something more important to
                                                                                              me. Finally she thought of a
                                                                                              clever way to make her point.
                                                                                              When I arrived home one day,
                                                                                              I found her seated in the tall
                                                                                              grass, busily snipping away
                                                                                              with a tiny pair of sewing
                                                                                              scissors. I watched silently for
                                                                                              a short time and then went
                                                                                              into the house.. I was gone
   HOW TO START A FIGHT                                        only a minute, and when I came out again I handed her
                                                               a toothbrush. I said, "When you finish cutting the grass,
   One year, I decided to buy my mother-in-law a               you might as well sweep the driveway." The doctors say
cemetery plot as a Christmas gift. The next year, I didn't     I will walk again, but I will always have a limp.
buy her a gift. When she asked me why, I replied, "Well,
you still haven't used the gift I bought you last year!"          My wife sat down next to me as I was flipping
And that's how the fight started.....                          channels. She asked, "What's on TV?" I said, "Dust."
                                                               And then the fight started...
    My wife and I were watching Who Wants To Be A
Millionaire while we were in bed. I turned to her and             My wife was hinting about what she wanted for our
said, 'Do you want to make love' 'No,' she answered. I         upcoming anniversary. She said, "I want something
then said, 'Is that your final answer?' She didn't even        shiny that goes from 0 to 150 in about 3 seconds." I
look at me this time, simply saying, 'Yes..' So I said,        bought her a bathroom scale.
"Then I'd like to phone a friend." And that's when the             And then the fight started......
fight started...
               FYI EXPRESS                               Page 18                                October, 2010
                        n r ta Src mae pr f ia y
                         su      ve         t h r mi
                        I T sTx e i s d me a ote f l
                           n hl d mae rmo e ite s
                           ad e e me k moe nynh r   t
                                     ur r n eeepc d
                                       t h         e
                                    q a eta Ivrxet !

                                           — C al tKly
                                                oe l
                                              hr t ee
                                        n pn et sr e gn
                                         d     n n
                                        I eednI uac A et

        R E ot r & e-
              w      U
       F E S f ae S t p
          R E ri n & u p r
         F E Ta ig S p ot
              R E rei T os
             F E Makt g o l

 l o ne ia e o acmp t, t nto nco ad r t,
 l          s        rn r      i
A yu eds p r nlo ue ie ecn et n n pienr
n yu a e t e r wt u s e cua ss m.
            x t   h    mp      t
ad o cn laa r un i o ri l&acr e yte

   o r ra Ep rne ees y
      o      i     a
  N Pi Tx xeec N cs r
  f u a l tn nn fr yu a e t
   y      o      i
  I o cn l u a o leom,o cn laa x
  e r wt u sf r A dw ’ j a h n
   t    h      w e      r s
  r un i o rot a .n , eeut p o e
   a o cc a a wt u L e hte e nav
  cl rlk w y i o ri C ar r et i s
    l i
     tn    i
   ai t asto !
  w i g o ssyu
               h    v     p s te
                                    no Tdy
                                    Erl o a!
   o e u Rq id
      -     r
  N St p eue!
        d e   w e
  We rv er sf a &sp otUe o r
     poi f e ot r u p r s yu
                        .               nr T c
                                     w .sut x o
                                    w wI t s a. m
   x t gn r to n co & o ue .
    sn t n        i
  eii i e ecn et n cmp t sr
                                      - 667 40
                                       8    2
                                     1 6-6- 1
   s Yu C r n S ff
           e a
  Ue o r ur tt
    t iyu e l eso FE &
     a        o
  Wern o rmp ye frRE
   rv e u p rtru h u te esn
  poi sp otho g o th sao .
         More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                  •  19.5 % AVERAGE COMMISION
                                  •  COMMISIONS WILL BE PAID AS WRITTEN
                                  OR AS EARNED – YOU GET THE CHOICE!
                                  •  NO CREDIT CHECK!
                                  •  INTERNATIONAL LICENSING – 0 POINTS
                                  •  OUT- OF - STATE LICENSE ACCEPTED!
                                  •  5 VERSATILE PAYMENT PLANS TO FIT
                                  EVERY BUDGET!
                                  •  24-HOUR CLAIM REPORTING
                                  •  NO CLUE REPORTS
                                  •  BILINGUAL STAFF!
                                   Help your agency increase its bottom line!
                                          Contact our Marketing Reps
                Hilleri Brown (678) 559-7987 & Heather Konitshek (678) 559-4342
               Please don't hesitate to call to get your producer code today!
   Internet Lead Call Script                                       Once the lead confirms the details of their quote
                                                                request, congratulate them on their decision to research
    Should agents give someone who stopped by the
                                                                their insurance options while moving them forward:
office the exact same pitch as someone who is cold
called? Of course not.                                             "Good - it's important to research your insurance
                                                                options, and I'm happy to help you. I've got several plans
   The same goes for internet leads. To get the best
                                                                that are very popular in [their state] and might be a good
closing ratio on internet leads, try a unique pitch
                                                                match for you. Do you have any questions about
designed specifically for online insurance shoppers.
                                                                insurance, or would you like to hear about the costs and
   Tailor pitches for internet prospects. This sample call      benefits of these plans now?"
script for auto insurance will help you get started.
                                                                    If the person needs more time, request another time
   First, make sure to let the lead know how you got            to call and follow up.
their information, and why you're contacting them. They'll
                                                                   “I think it's important to take time to think about your
warm up to the rest of the pitch if they associate you with
                                                                options. Is there a best time for me to call and touch
a request they made online.
                                                                base with you? Is next [same day, same time] OK? Do
   If the lead came off of your own website, you can            you prefer a call or an email?”
                                                                     If the person is not looking to buy for some time, ask
   "Hello, may I speak to Scott Johnson? Hi Scott, this is      if you have their permission to contact them down the
Ima Agent from Werethebest Agency. You requested                road. They may be more open to hearing from you again
insurance     information      from     my      website,        if they're offered information they may find helpful: this morning, and I have some
                                                                   “I like to help people keep up to date with the latest
quotes to go over with you quickly. I see you're looking
                                                                ways to save on insurance in my monthly email
for [add the details the lead has provided]? Is that
                                                                newsletter - would you be interested in getting those tips
                                                                too?”                           Continued on page 20
                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 19                              October, 2010
         More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

                                                                    “Based on your situation, I've created a proposal that
                                                                lets you compare a few of the plans I think will work best
                                                                for you. I've emailed the rates and information over to
                                                                you to compare. If you'd like, I'll walk you through each
                                                                one now, or you can go over them later at your own
                                                                    Remember to keep adjusting your call script until you
                                                                hit the right combination.
                                                                  Want more online marketing and insurance lead
                                                                mangement tips?
Internet Lead Call Script                                           Make plans to attend Accu-Auto Boot Camp on
                                                                Friday afternoon, October 22nd at Sea Palms Resort on
   Continued from page 19
                                                                St. Simons Island, GA.
     After confirming a time to follow up with a lead, make
                                                                   Georgia agents earn 3 hours CE for free. Register
sure to enter the appointment in your lead management
                                                                online at and use discount
software. Many agency management systems have this
                                                                code AccuAuto.
little-used feature. Some of them will give you a pop-up
reminder, so you don't miss the opportunity to contact            Need more CE or want to attend more of the GIAA
the lead again.                                                 Conference at 50% discount? Use discount code
    And using Accu-Auto’s revolutionary comparative
rating engine, you're able to say:                                  More information at

                FYI EXPRESS                               Page 20                             October, 2010
More “News, Satire & Opinions for Independent Agents from Independent Agents” at

      FYI EXPRESS                             Page 21                              October, 2010
                              “INSURANCE COMMANDO
                                   BOOT CAMP”
                                      GIAA Conference of Champions 2010
                                  October 21st – 23rd on St. Simons Island, GA

                           Where:        Sea Palms Golf & Tennis Resort (
                           When:         October 21 - 23, 2010
       Cost:   GIAA Member:             1 day (up to 9 hours CE) = $35.00       2 ½ days (up to 15 hours CE) = $50.00
               Non-GIAA Member:         1 day (up to 6 hours CE) = $69.00       2 ½ days (up to 15 hours CE) = $99.00
       Attendee Package includes unmatched CE, Trade Fair, and Luncheons.

  Register Online at
                                          It’s a Beautiful Day at Sea Palms
                                          Come relax in the lush oasis that is Sea Palms Resort. Take a walk under
                                       ancient live oaks, where the ocean air mixes with a soft marsh breeze. Bike on the
                                       beach, play golf, tennis or just relax on your balcony overlooking the island’s
                                       natural beauty.
                                          Deluxe Guestrooms as low as $89.00! Golf only $59.00!
  GIAA has arranged a special room rate at Sea Palms Golf & Tennis Resort (
  Online Room Registration Information at

                          GIAA Conference of Champions 2010 Agenda
                                                                   Friday, October 22nd
  Thursday, October 21st
                                                                   7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.        Breakfast w / Reps
  9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.: 3 hours P&C CE
                                                                   8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
  “Get Rich in Your Niche!” by Insurance House
                                                                   Agency Advantage Boot Camp: 3 hours P&C CE

  1:00 p.m – 2:30 p.m. : (Part 1 of 3 hrs Ethics CE)
                                                                   11:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.: Luncheon & Trade Fair
  Infinity Insurance presents 3 hours Ethics CE
  “Prove It! Unleashed!
                                                                   1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.
  2:30 p.m. – 4:00 p.m.         Free Trade Fair
                                                                   Accu-Auto Boot Camp: 3 hours P&C CE
  4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: (Part 2 of 3 hrs Ethics CE)
                                                                   4:00 p.m. – 5:30 p.m.: Poolside Tiki Bar
                                                                   First round compliments of Accu-Auto!
  5:30 p.m. – 7:00 p.m.: Poolside Tiki Bar
                                                                   Enjoy St. Simons Island …    Dinner on your own
  First round compliments of Aggressive Insurance!
   Meet Senator Ralph Hudgens,               Republican
candidate for GA Insurance Commissioner                          Saturday, October 23rd
  Enjoy St. Simons Island …     Dinner on your own                 7:30 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.        Breakfast w / Reps
                                                                   8:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.: 3 hours Ethics CE
    Come Coast Awhile amid all the delights and
discoveries of Brunswick & The Golden Isles of Georgia.            “The Invisible Agency”                                  An Internet Marketing Boot Camp
  Much more information at

                            GIAA Membership has its advantages!
                   GIAA members who have paid their 2010 membership dues may attend at 50% discount off non-
                 members Registration Fees. Please check the one that applies to you.

                ___ Non-GIAA /members pay $99.00 per person for 2 ½ days (up to 15 hours CE).
                ___ GIAA members pay only $50.00 for 2 ½ days (up to 15 hours CE).
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  Please make check payable to Georgia Insurance Agents Alliance & mail with completed form to:
  Eddie K. Emmett, GIAA Membership Chairman, 200 Russell Court, Canton, GA 30114
  Questions? Contact me @ (770) 312-2342; FAX (770) 783-8226; or
  Register Online at or complete the following and mail with your check

                 GIAA ATTENDEE REGISTRATION FORM: (Please Type or Print … Feel free to copy)
                        (Feel free to attach business card if it has all of the required information)
  Name: _________________________________________                Agency: ___________________________________

  Address: ________________________________________ (City) ______________________(St) ___ (Zip) ______

  E-mail: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ _

  Phone: (______) __________________________________ Fax: (______) _________________________________
  The BEST BARGAIN will be $50.00 for GIAA members. That fee includes all activities for both days: “Boot Camp”
seminars, Trade Fairs, and Luncheons!
  Everybody can’t leave the office at the same time? Don’t want to close it completely down?
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  Please make check payable to GIAA & mail it with completed form(s) to:
  GIAA Conference 2010 c/o Eddie K. Emmett, 200 Russell Court, Canton, GA 30114
                                                                         Total check attached =         $ _______
  Questions? Contact me at (770) 312-2342; Fax (770) 783-8226 or e-mail to:

  Much more information at
       Sea Palms Resort

Would like to invite all the 2010 GIAA
Boot-Camp Exhibitors & Attendees to
     take advantage of our new
    Local Negotiated Room Rates !
             Contact– Angela Adams
             Ph:912-638-3351 ext 631
                 Sea Palms Resort
              5445 Frederica Road
          Saint Simons Island, GA 31522
       Ph:912-638-3351 Fax#: 912-638-5416
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Free Online Training Software: A fun & easy personal      for a sample pay period.
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Free Customizable Business Forms: These                   Finding the right information on running a small business
documents are free to download and customize for your     is not always easy. Check out these interactive
own professional use.                                     workshops, planning guides, calculators, worksheets,
                                                          business plans and more. You'll have all the tools you
Free Small Business Handbook: Everything you need         need to manage your successful business.
to know to run your business, from equity to employees.   After all, your small business is anything but small to
Free Marketing Templates: Sets of templates with a
coordinated design including letterhead, envelopes,       Planning Guides: Step-by-step instructions to the
business cards, brochures, etc.                           situations your business may face.
                                                          Calculators: Helpful calculators for starting and running
Free Office Poster Software: Templates to create your     your small business.
own custom office posters, all without any knowledge of
design or graphical skills needed.                        Business Tutorials
Free Online Translator: It’s used mostly to translate
documents from English to Spanish or Spanish to               •   Building Your Brand
English but it has over 50 different languages that you       •   Analyze Your Competition
may use.                                                      •   Advertising
                                                              •   Promoting Your Business
Free Satellite Office Techniques:                             •   Business Plan
   Prints over the Internet … send quotes and                 •   Profitability
applications to remote locations.                             •   Profit and Loss
   Find, Access, Share... your files anywhere. Keep
important files at your fingertips - anywhere. All file   How To Tips ‘n Tools Booklets:
changes are automatically synchronized between linked     Give the Ultimate Auto Quote
computers, so you are always accessing the latest         Sell & Service Commercial Lines & Commercial Auto
documents, photos, and files.                             Going Paperless
                                                          Employee Overtime Guide
Free Anti-Virus Software                                  EFT – the Silent Killer
                                                          Insurance Agent’s Super Sales & Management Tips
Free Disaster Planning Toolkit: At least one in four      Buy / Sell / Evaluate “Mom & Pop” Insurance Agencies
small businesses that close because of a major disaster   Marketing to Hispanic Population
never reopen. Here’s a new tool for your agency (& your   500 + Learning / Mistake List
commercial policyholders).                                Employment Background Check Guideline

Free Customer Service Programs:                           Membership information at
Home Inventory Software
Test Your Driving IQ: Take a simple quiz to see if your
driving skills need sharpening.
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