The zombie Lesson

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					The Zombie Lesson
In pairs, discuss these zombie questions
1. How do you kill a zombie?
2. How do you become a zombie?
3. Where do zombies come from?
4. Tell each other the names of some zombie films
or TV programmes.
Where do zombies come from?
The idea of a ‘zombie’ comes from the Voodoo religion from West Africa and
Haiti. People thought that witch-doctors or sorcerers could bring dead
people back to life using magic or special drugs. Modern zombies in films
and computer games have often caught a virus that has turned them into
dead monsters.

What are they like?
A zombie is a person who is dead but can still move around. They look
really horrible with cuts and blood all over their bodies and move really
slowly. Because they’ve got no working brain, zombies are very stupid and
they only thing they want to do is eat people who are living.

Zombie films
Zombie films aren’t really about zombies, they are about the living people
trying to escape from them. In most movies the world has suffered ‘an
apocalypse’, meaning that something terrible has happened and there are
no governments or police. The survivors have to work together to get away
from the zombies.

Make a zombie apocalypse plan.

      You’re now going to make your own plan to
      survive the zombie apocalypse.
        You wake up at home one morning to find
          that everyone in the world apart from you
          and the person you are talking to now has
          turned into a zombie.

Write a plan of ten points saying what you would do and where you would
go. For example-
   1. We would …
   2. We wouldn’t…
   3. We might …
   4. We definitely wouldn’t…

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