Minutes of the Newbegun Land Home Owners Association Board of Dirctors by NRacfNy


									Minutes of the Newbegun Land Home Owners Association Board of Directors
January 8, 2008
Directors Present: Marian Helleu, President; John McLaughlin, Treasurer; Dave
Cianciulli; William Small; and Bill Krimmel. Also present was a visitor Jules
Helleu. A quorum of directors was present.
Since the Secretary was absent, the directors determined that John McLaughlin
would take minutes.
The treasurer’s report was given. There is currently $15,849.12 in the account.
All known bills have been paid. The report was approved as read. John reported
on the potential for transferring money to a savings account or CD. The interest
rate on a savings account was not a great deal more than the checking account.
On the CD, the potential interest rate was approximately 4.8%, but would depend
on the rate in effect on the date of purchase. William Small moved that the
treasurer be authorized to purchase a $10,000 CD. The motion was seconded
by Dave Cianciulli, and approved by the board.
The board discussed mail merging the dues statements for CY2008. There was
a brief discussion on getting members to pay. The board approved the mail
merge concept and directed the treasurer to proceed. Additionally, the board
authorized expenditures for the mailing, stationary, printer cartridge, and mailing
processing through UPS store or similar contractor.
Insurance was briefly discussed in the context of the HOA taking over some or all
of the potential common property. The board requested William Small confirm
the insurance costs associated with the various components of the common
property. Area signs were briefly discussed. At this point members are not in
agreement about the HOA’s role in maintaining signs into the neighborhood.
New Business: The board will work on a new form for voting.
Members were polled about their willingness to remain on the HOA BOD.
Current officers agreed to remain with the exception of Margo Liggett who was
absent. Marian agreed to contact her. Additionally, Bill Krimmel agreed to serve
as the Vice President. There was agreement that additional members are
needed on the HOA BOD.
Bill Krimmel reported that plans had been received from Chad Swimme (601
Small). However, full plans were needed before the evaluation could be
accomplished. Additionally, plans were received from Dan Terryberry.
William Small reported that acquisition of the remainder of Small Drive by the
state is on track. Additionally, he reported that the developers could consider the
boat storage area as a candidate area to transfer to the HOA. There was no
discussion on the subject.
The next meeting of the HOA BOD will be March 18, 2008 at Bill Krimmel’s
Dave moved to adjourn the meeting. Bill seconded it. The meeting was
Respectfully submitted:
John J. McLaughlin

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