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               Company gives incentives to the employee to keep them remain in the organization.

               Company facilitates their employees from best point.

          Mentally Satisfy :-

               Employee should be mentally satisfied with his/her job. Employee should work in an
               organization with full of happiness . This is part of motivation of employee , if employee doesn’t
               feel any sort of mental satisfaction so the employee might switch of his/her job.

          Educational Match:-

               Organization should give the work to the employee with his/her education matching.

               E.g:- If organization gives the electrical engineering work to any management manager , so it
               would create the difficulty for management manager to achieve its target , and it’s also create
               dissatisfaction from the organization to the employees.

          Job as aptitudes :-

               Organization provides job to the employee with the policy of job as per aptitude. If the
               organization give the job to his employees on job as per aptitude so the employee will satisfy
               with his job and can achieve the given target easily.

          Competitive Salary:-

               Organization should give a competitive salary to his/her employee and with the reason of
               competitive salary employee wants to remain in the organization .Organization should give the
               salary to employee according to the market value. E.g if the market value of any mechanical
               engineer is Rs 27000 , so company is bound to pay at least the market value to that engineer and
               it’s also create a motivational sensation in the employee.

          Working Environment :-

               Motivation plays a vital role in achieving the desired target to the organization. There are many
               ways of motivation to the employees . Working environment is one of the main ways of
               motivating the employee . Organization should provide such an environment which employees
               wants for them , so that they can work easily. Because they want a satisfy environment (
               Specially female employees )and friendly communication with the management . In this type of
               environment , employees can show their efficiencies .

          Medical Facilities :-

               If organization wants that employees should complete their task in minimum or given time , so
               definitely they will work hard and work a lot to achieve the given target , so in these case
           organization should also cares about the medical points of employees . Organization should care
           about the medical facilities to their employees in case of any emergency or usual treatment , but
           organization should cares of their employees regarding motivational awareness in the employees.

        Convince Facility :-

           Bigger organization has the bigger task to achieve and need a lot of employees and labor to work
           in an organization and people comes from the different parts of the city to the organization and
           many of them face the convince facility to their employees and labor . Either the organization
           provides a personal convince or the organization provides a bus for the employees and labor so
           they can easily reached to the organization .

        Subsidized Food :-

           As we have already discuss that employee and labor comes from the different parts of the city to
           the organization and they face the problem of convince also they have to face the problem of
           lunch and dinner (for night shift employees and labor )then organization provides them a
           subsidized food .

        Increment :-

           All of the multinational companies provide or give the increment to their employees . They give
           increment in such a way that the owner of the company show its yearly profit to the government
           , for suppose : company will announce the shares in the 5% of $10 billion and then the company
           will give increment to each employee according to his salary.

 Motivation (With incentives):--
           It means to motivate the employees and labors by giving some kind of incentives .

 e.g: The daily production of soap is 5000 packet 9 to 5 (Thus , except lunch break) after receiving the
  incentives , the employee and labor will work more and more hard and produced 6000 packet of soap in
  same duty time by reducing their lunch break time. The organization gives incentives that the overtime
  should be paid to the employees in the same duty time or organization gives the incentives to the
  employees and labor that who will ever manufactured more and more packet so the more earning will
  get . Motivation (With incentives) will also increase the job satisfaction in the employee and the labor.

 Motivation (Without incentives):--

           It means to motivate the employees without any kinds of incentives . Motivation (Without
           incentives) is much more difficult than motivation (with incentives) , because the manager has to
           motivate the employee and labor by his communication skills power only, otherwise there is no
           incentives which employees and labor can get.
       Manager has to get his work done by others by not giving any sort of incentives to their
       employees and labor . Manager has to motivate the employees and labor by using his
       communication power only , that they have to achieve this target in a given time.

 Provident Fund :-
       The technical name of retirement fund is provident fund . All the multinational companies and
       other bigger organization provides their employees a facility of provident fund .

       e.g : - The salary Of a manager is 50+ , so the organization will take few amount of money from
       his salary at every month and save this money in the organization with title account of Provident
       Fund (P.F) . So if the manager is working in the org for last 20 to 25 years and according to PF
       facility the fund of that manager will reach into lacs of amount .

       This is also a facility which is providing by the organization to the employees by motivating
       them and to keep them in an organization .

 Yearly Increment :-
       Yearly increment means the organization increase the amount of the employee’s salary at every
       next year and provide yearly increment bonuses . e.g : Some of the organization has the policy
       that if the salary of the manager is Rs 50,000 so every six months , company will give bonuses
       half of his salary (25000) . So in this way the employee will receive the bonus 2 times in a year .

 Local Thinking vs Actual Thinking :--
       Local thinking means the thinking of small organization or cheap organization . They follow the
       process of production in a way that they give priority to only and only on production , they don’t
       bother themselves to do work on some safety point of views for the employees and labor they
       follow the trend ;

                                     First Priority            =     Production
                                     Second Priority           =     Quality
                                     Third Priority            =     Safety

       If any of organization follows this trend so this will create dissatisfaction among the employees
       and labor about their safety. So , regarding motivational point of view this trend is completely
       failure to the organization ‘s success .

       Whereas ; the actual thinking for the production is ;

                                     First Priority            =     Safety
                                     Second Priority           =     Quality
                                     Third Priority            =     Production

       Where organization follow this actual thinking trend so it will create a satisfaction among the
       employees and labor about their safety .
       So , these are the points or policies which organization follows by which they are capable of
       keeping the employees and labor in the organization for their employees and labor which create
       dramatically change in the success of an organization.

 Cost To Company (CTC):--
       When any organization or company provides these all kinds of facilities to their employees and
       labor , so they make a cost sheet of each employees .

       e.g : If company in giving 1 Lac to a manger (including ; salary , convince , medical facilities
       etc ) . So that manager must give the organization 9 to 10 Lacs in return .

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